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2016 Buick Regal GS Gets $3,320 Price Cut | Edmunds.com

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited August 2015 in Buick
image2016 Buick Regal GS Gets $3,320 Price Cut| Edmunds.com

The top-of-the-line 2016 Buick Regal GS sedan is priced at $34,990, reflecting a $3,320 price cut over the 2015 Regal GS.

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    subatomicsubatomic Member Posts: 140
    The performance-oriented Regal GS is a very nice car. I hope that Buick can sell more of them with the lower purchase price.
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    kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150
    They are just to small and puggy. The ads say it right "It doesn't look like a Buick" Buick had style to them until Roger Smith got hold of GM. Then in the 90's regained that style now they are just a car and not one you notice. Buick was you choice because Cadillac was to expensive now Buicks and nothing more than a rebadger Opel or Chevy. Not much of a competitor to anything
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    csubowtiecsubowtie Member Posts: 143
    I really like the looks of the Regal GS (though I like the previous gen even better). I think it IS a stylish car, one that I notice on the road. It wouldn't fit into my life anywhere, though, and I inherently dislike the idea of a sporty, midsize, fwd car. This thing has the good looks, but not the performance to go with them. And the non-GS versions don't look as sharp.
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    lawrencetylelawrencetyle Member Posts: 6
    Regal Turbo model, but it’s also the engine for the sporty GS,
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