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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, its a better deal. Check in
  • 2006 does not contain side curtain airbags buy 2007
  • Hey Car_Man: Do you know if Toyota is offering any incentives on the 2010 RAV4 limited edition in TX. Thanks for your help!!
  • will give you current incentive information by ZIP code.
  • What did you pay for the "car" itself? or, the amount that dealer pockets.

    For comparison, you have to strip out such 3rd party cost as tax, title fee, etc.
  • I wound up purchasing an 2010 Rav4 Base 4WD. Sticker was around 24,200.

    Prices are identical as far as I can tell. The dealer I was at had an 09 and 10. The 09 had good lease incentives and a 3.9% Toyota backed loan but I did not like the color combination.

    I wound up getting 1000 off of MSRP on the 2010 and got financing at 4.9% through Bank of America. I could not get much more than than on the 2009.

    To me the only reason to buy an 09 is the lease incentive. I could have leased the 09 for 218 month out the door. ( With 3K down )
  • Thank Ted. I checked out some RAV4's this weekend. I didnt like any 09's in stock. The dealer ordered one 2010 for me at invoice +$300 - any company incentives at the time of delivry (2010 incentives on the RAV4 are not out yet).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • Do you mind I ask where are you and which dealership? Thanks
  • Ncaler, I am in Houston, TX. The dealership is Sterling McCall Toyota on 59 and 8. Good Luck !!
  • send me your email address and I will forward that quote to you
  • Hello: I'm a new poster. I'm looking to get a new RAV4. I live in SW Indiana. Can anybody suggest a "high volume" dealer in this area who will give a great price? This will be my first Toyota, and so I have no idea. Perhaps such a dealer doesn't even exist. By the way, what percent off MSRP should I target as a "good deal"?

  • Did I pay more. This is with QY package and backup camera.tinted windows, option.
    Can any one tell me if I ended up paying more. It almost matches with TMV with options.
  • iah_naiah_na Posts: 5
    Dosth: Now that you have the car. Enjoy the ride without worrying about the numbers. You got a good deal. Have fun !!
  • Please send me your quote.
  • Hi, I just moved to Seattle area. I am looking around for a 2010 Rav4 sport AWD. I've asked around and been offered around 25,000 before TTL with extra value package by a bunch of different dealers, making OTD at 28,000. Is there any chance I can drive out below 26,000? If I switched to 09 model, how much could I save? Thanks!
  • Looking for rav4 sport #4442 MSRP $26500 qx,mats,muds ,locks. Shooting for under $300 x 36 , no $ down except 1st + mv NEW YORK DEALERS SUCK
  • That's asking a lot in my opinion. I got a 2009 Limited (msrp $28,500) in April for $350 (nothing down), that's the best I could with aggressive negotiation. That was after looking at a few different dealers.

    I got it at Queensboro Toyota.
  • @plaza auto mall #4442 $26200 $296 x36 + 1st +75 mv + 75 paperwork fee ?
    +12.50 tire tax .On 09 only one left in red . Want the black looks 100% nicer
    with non painted side v mirors. I hope the 2010 incentives are argresive
  • Looks like they raised the MF and raised resid. same promo 199 =2199 down
    but its gonna cost you another 1000 to buy .like to know MF and resid #s
  • Well I guess to give you some reference. I'm looking at a Limited V6 with the QY and Tow packages and all dealer fees and such for $28,200. That's $450 over Edmunds invoice price so it's not too bad I guess.

    Just add my TTL and that puts me at $30k and change.
  • 36-month | 12k miles | residual 67% | .00085 base money factor
  • 2010 Rav4 sport 4cyl ,mag grey,QX,mats locks MSRP $26150
    36 months
    12k per year
    299 per month
    $0 due at signing
    $200 mv + tire tax
    NYC tax rolled into monthy
  • How close to invoice are folks getting on 2010 RAV4's so far in October? So far, I've got three offers at 600 over, 950 over and 1050 over.

    Looking in Northeast Ohio at limited, fwd, 4cyl, QY package (moonroof/leather heated seats)
  • vicjorvicjor Posts: 10
    We just purchased a rav 4 limited 2010 4cyl, with QY and mats for 27,000.00 that is 400 over dealer invocie, edmuds does include the dealers fees.

    The 4 cyl had pleanty of power and it is just a run around car. The limited package is very nice.

    Would have loved to get the cash for clunckers deal, but it ended to early.
  • Just bought 2010 v6 Rav4 AWD base with the "non-optional" option package (racks, tinted glass, tow prep, daytime light...) for $24,412 including the current $500 rebate from Vancouver Toyota (Wa). MSRP was $27105. Ron Tonkin (Portland) would have matched the price I think. Griffith in The Dalles, OR was really close too.

    The V6 is nice! Hard to do the 4 cyl. after testing the V6, I am afraid. So my advice is if you think the 4 will be enough, which it will be, don't test the 6.

  • Just bought 2010 base V4 RAV4 with QV package. I am in bay area, ca.
    price before TTL: 21000
    tax: 1942.5
    Tile, license, doc fee: 428
    OTD: 23370
    loan: 1.9% ARP for 36months.
    color silver.

    I emailed 4 or 5 dealerships, this is best deal I can negotiated. Not bad considering 1.9% apr.
  • Region:
    WA state

    2010 RAV4 V6 Limited AWD
    QY Extra Value Package #1 (Leather seats, moonroof, JBL etc.)
    BC Back-Up Monitor

    Edmunds invoice:

    $29,636 (That's $1,536 over invoice)

  • richberichbe Posts: 1
    At which bay area, ca dealer did you make purchase?
  • I got 24,800$ 4cyl 4wd, Sport, extra value pkg, tonneau (?sp) cover, mudguards, backup camera, metallic gray today! Anderson IN (live in Indpls but the outlaying cities were way more competitive!) the indy dealers couldn't touch it. + 7% sales tax, $99 doc fee! pit the dealers against each other and they'll drop prices...
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