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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am a USAA member and I am in Texas. Going through I am getting $23912 for the same package you have for a Sport. Any advice???? Thank you
  • Looking for a 4WD/base ~ 2 weeks now. Fitzmall has them @ $26376 (Chambersburg, PA) and $26877 (Gaithersburg, MD) for from an invoice of $26946. So I would get ~$570 below invoice from Chambersburg, PA and only $70 below invoice in MD. Is this because of the $500 rebate? Any other thought? Thanks in advance.
  • I have quoted from several dealers. This is the best one I am going to buy in a few days.
    Is it a good price? supposed having been calculated from invoice-$700.
    new buyer. Have not researched much yet. Any advice? Many thanks.

    $21,994+ttl OTD

    2010 Toyota RAV4 MSRP
    Model - 4430 5-DOOR 4X2 SUV Base: $22,355.00
    Exterior Color - 01F7 CLASSIC SILVER MET Installed Options: $1,485.00
    Interior Color - FC10 DRKCHRCL/ASH/DRKGRY/LTGRY Total: $23,840.00

    * Base MSRP includes delivery charge
    ** Prices subject to change without notice
    *** Please refer to vehicle Monroney label for final specifications and pricing

    Standard Features for this model
    - 2.5L 4Cyl DOHC Dual VVT-i Engine - Air Conditioner w/Clean Air Filtration
    - 4 Speed ECT Automatic Transmission - AM/FM CD w/6 Spkrs / Aux. Mini-Plug
    - Front Wheel Drive/4-Whl Ind Suspension - Man Tilt/Telescopic Adj. Steering Wheel
    - Electronic Power Steering System - Cloth Int,Multi-Adj Fr Seats w/Dr Ht Adj
    - Fr&Rr Stabilizer Bar/4-Whl Disc Brakes - 2nd Rw 60/40 Splt,Recln,Fld Flt w/Slide
    - 16" Stl Whls,P215/70R16 Tires w/Full Whl - Fwd Cpblty w/Ctr Armrest, 2 Cup Holders
    - Caps & Full Size Spr Tire on 16" Stl Whl - Dual Glove Box/Digital Clock/Cruise Ctrl
    SAFETY - Power Windows/Door Locks/Keyless Entry
    - Star Safety System Includes: - Optitron IP Gauges / Gated Shifter
    - Vehicle Stability Ctrl w/Traction Ctrl - 2 Fr/1 Cargo Auxiliary 12V Power Outlets
    - Anti-Lock Brakes w/Brake Assist & EBD - Ctr Cnsl w/2-Illum Cup Hldrs, Cell Phone
    - Dr & Fr Pass Advanced Fr Airbags (SRS) - Storage,Upper Storage Tray, & Cnsole Box
    - Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side/Fr & 2nd - Crg Area 2nd Rw Seat 1 Tch Fld Flt Lever
    - Row Roll-Sensing Side Curtain Airbags - Rr Cargo Storage w/Undr Flr Storage Spce
    - Dr and Fr Pass Active Headrests - Sunvisors w/Extns & Illum Vanity Mirrors
    - 2nd Row CRS Lower & Top Tether Anchors - Illum Entry System/Silver Interior Trim
    - Rr Dr Child Safety Locks/Eng Immob
    - Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    - UV Reduction Glass Windshield
    - Clr-Kyd Bmprs, Rr Spoiler,Spare Tire Cvr
    - Black Grille,Dr Handles, Pwr O/S Mirrors
    - Multi-Reflectr Halogen Auto-Off Headlmps
    - Fr Var & Rr Intrmt Wipers/Roof Mounted
    - Antenna/LED Tail and Stop Lamps

    Selected Options and Packages
    Code Description Code Description
    FE 50 State Emissions RD Toyota Roadside Assistance
    QV Extra Value Package - (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    - (Savings of up to $570): Includes 17" O2 Owner Rewards Package
    - 5-Spoke Styled Steel Wheels with - BlueConnect Hands-Free Phone System
    - P225/65R17 Tires and Full-Size Spare Tire - Premium Carpet Mat Set
    - on 17" Steel Wheel, Daytime Running - Carpet Floor Mats
    - Lights, Black Roof Rails and Crossbars, - Rear Cargo Mat
    - and Rear Privacy Glass (On Rear Side, - Color-Keyed Side Molding
    - Quarter, and Rear Door Window) - Mud Guards
    TC Tonneau Cover NC No Charge Toyota Benefits
    AU Toyota Auto Care * ** -Port Installed- (17/18 TC)
    - Two No Charge Service Visits, Including:
    - Oil and Filter Change
    - Tire Rotation
    - Multi-Point Inspection
    P4 Vehicle Shield Package
    - Lusterizing Sealant
    - Sound Shield
    - Sealant Cleaner
    - Rental Car Assistance
  • That looks to be about the same price they are going for in San Antonio, invoice is right at $21,851,00 for the Gulf States region according to NADA. One thing I've discovered with Toyota's in the region is that they add on a lot of accessories whether you want them or not which makes it hard to determine what the invoice and MSRP are, not to mention raise the price in comparison to other markets.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    It's time again for me to start shopping for a car. This time we are looking for a RAV4 SPORTS 4x4 V6. With the EVP and the SAP. According to Edmunds, my price should be around $1200 OVER invoice, I think that is a bit too much for this car.

    Can you please tell me what pricing you have been getting in the NYC and North NJ area.

    We did real well on our Highlander, but I wouldn't send my enemies to that dealership. Maybe my mother in-law, but not my enemies. :)
  • i got my best deal through 'cars.overstock.c0m' and ended up buying through Lawrence Toyota's (NJ) Internet Dept. Worked w. Matt Bliffert with much of the paperwork via fax & email, even a signed Buyers Order. He's a pretty cool, easy going guy respects your personal info, so if you work with him, please dont piss him off and turn him into all the other horrible salesmen I dealt w/ 3 wks prior to Lawrence.

    overstock quotes can be gauranteed and non-negotiable.. but they CAN, and are allowed to charged for any extras that are already installed on the car. and ofcourse, just because they quote you, doesnt mean they have it in stock. MattB actually helped me find the car in MD and drove it up all within 3 days. for the record it was a rare 3rdRow, in a rare Pacific Blue @ the time, so it really felt like they tried pretty hard to get me what i wanted when all other NY/NJ dealers kept giving me other colors even after a few days of "searching".. and they STILL spam me 2 months later about buying a RAV4.

    ofcourse, they can also quote low and hammer on the fees..
    but it's worth a look, worked out for me; maybe it'll work out for you too.
  • Do you mind sharing how much you paid and the options. model, engine, etc...
    Thank you
  • I am looking to buy a 2010 4WD RAV4 Limited. I am having such a hard time knowing what a good price is.

    We want
    The EVP w/out Navigation
    Cargo Net
    Hood paint protection
    DVD (I know this is after market)
    Possibly remote start (not sure if it makes sense to add on our own)

    Any ideas on where to start. We have gotten a 2 quotes of $29000. According to this is a great price, but I have a hard time believing this when it was the 1st price we got from a dealer.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    First is that the more research I did the more I found out that this was a fairly sought out car. And if you were looking to get it at cost and if you were to get it at cost you had better buy all of them and turn them around for your own profit.

    So we decided to pull the trigger on the following:
    Barcelona Red 4x4 V6
    Sports EVP
    Sports AP
    Tow Prep
    Carpet Floors
    Wheel locks

    Out the door price was $27,900. It is nothing earth shattering but I think it was a fair price. We really didn't want the last 4 items so we negotiated the price without as if they were'nt there. Dealership was very accomodating to us. Also, in this model they only had one other model in Black and a 2009 Gray.

    I believe they had 2 LTD, and a bunch of the 4cylinder models which we did not want.

    I hope you reply we made out good, but if you feel that we got screwed your opinion is still welcome so we know more about this dealership. :) :)
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455

    I can't tell you about pricing but I can tell you about some of the things that you asked about.

    DVD, normally the dealers will ADD (not replace) to the car so that means the dvd player will be placed under a seat so it makes it difficult to change the movie on the fly. So my suggestion is either get it straight from the plant (if you can find one) or get it as a third party like Best Buy.
    In addition, since the Rav is a small car and I think the LTD comes with a sunroof you may not have enough room to put it over head which means you would need those systems where the screen is in the headrest.
    What we did with our Highlander is buy one of those with the double screens and you attach it to the headrest.
    Our Ody came from the plant with the DVD that we play movies and change movies smoothly.

    Remote start, our dealer wanted $700 which I thought is BS. Do your research on this because you have to decide if you want one with or without an alarm. Also you will have to decide how important is the distance. With our Highlander we paid for an alarm with remote for $500, however with our Ody since it already had an alarm, I opted to get the model with just the remote start but with a distance of a mlle. So we had some trade offs.

    Hood Paint - Forget it- it's called ZAINO baby. To me, it is the gift from the DEVIL.

    Hope this helps - and when you meet the devil for Zaino, tell him I said hi :)
  • Where did you get your RAV4 and how much was the value package and floor mats?
  • I'm from East Bay, which dealer offered you this? what's in the QV package?
  • Did you purchase yours? if so, where and at what price (before tax and license) and what package was included?
  • Planning to buy this week
    at which dealer in N.Cal did you buy your RAV4? did you by any chance get a quote on a 2010 RAV4 FWD base without the 3rd row? Thanks!
  • cyhocyho Posts: 2
    I got mine from Stockton Toyota.
    If just want a base model, try talking to Napa Toyota. He quoted me $400 lower than what I bought mine for but after a month of trying to trade me one, he gave up (since the 3rd row option is rare.)

    Either case, ask for Internet Sales if you call. Good luck
  • I have been using this board for my 'silent' research but figured I should share my buying experience.
    Just bought a 2010 Rav4 V6 Sport 4WD last friday. Paid 27700+TTL. I live in Illinois and had the COOK county taxes (8%) and the mysterious Doc fee for 150 bucks. I used as my guide mostly and this was 100 bucks below their factory invoice price and within their 'great price' range which starts at approx 28700.

    Got the following:
    Sport Extra Value Package
    Sport Appearance Package (run flat tires and the rear tire goes away)
    Rearview Parking Display For Sport Appearance Package (nice touch)
    Dark Charcoal, Cloth Seat Trim
    Classic Silver Metallic
    Auto On/Off Headlamps
    Tonneau Cover W/Cargo Net
    Blu Logic Hands Free Phone System (aftermarket included in cost above approx 350)
    5-Piece Carpet Floor & Cargo Mats
    Remote Start (aftermarket audiovox included in cost above about 400)
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    According to Toyota’s site the “Blu Logic” should only cost $300, and if it is your dealership’s own version of a Blu Logic than we really can’t compare it since it would differ from one dealership to the other.

    Remote Start – According to Toyota’s site it is $529, but if you say it is an aftermarket from your dealership same goes as above.

    Rearview Parking Display – I believe this is what they are calling an “Integrated Back Up Camera”, not the type that actually turns a dvd screen or your Navi screen to the view from the back. It isn’t on the Toyota’s site so I would have to assume that it is also an aftermarket.

    Your car minus the aftermarket items should be
    2010 Rav3 V6 AWD
    SAP, SVP, Tow Prep (These 3 seem to be std. options from Toyota)
    Auto Headlamps, cargo cover, Mats

    If we took off all three above “aftermarket” my calculations show that your market price should be around $28,160.

    The fact that you paid $27,700 for this configured car, PLUS all the aftermarket stuff, I would say you got a great deal.
  • I am being quoted $25,743 +TTL in Southern Cal with the following options on a limited. Is this a good price or being taken for a ride as I am from Arkansas and have to drive it down here as there are no 3rd row option in the Gulf states. We intend using the 3rd row only occassionally. Any thoughts?


    Thank you
  • hi, Eric:
    I hope you cane read the message.
    Does $24,412 include TTL and document fee? Could you please give me more
    information on your pricing and options?
    If I buy the car from the same dealer, I will refer your name.
    Thanks so much!
  • Could please share your RV4 model and pricing in details?
    Thanks a lot!
  • Mine was a 2009 RAV4 Base 4WD +3rdRow purchased on Sept 10th/11th? 2009

    -this was during post Cash4Clunkers but BEFORE RAV4 2010 releases so it was extemely difficult to get a good price, 1000$ above dealer price was considered decent at that time, i would expect 2010 Models to be far far cheaper, probably very close to invoice if not better.. might want to chk truecar/edmunds and/or other suggested sources for quotes

    i went thru's Car dealer website to get my quote from Lawrence Toyota.

    Here's a past post with some details.. let me know if you need more info.!keywords=#MSG3054
  • Sorry, I didnt catch your question last month.

    but if you still need the FYI.. see immediate post above..

  • Thanks very much for your information.
    I have simple question here. Does the TMV from include TAX?
  • Just bought a 08 limited with 6 cyl, sun roof, 6 cd player named jvd or something, power seat and daytime running lights, has cargo cover and net-seems that it could have some other little things. Does have radio steering wheel controls and bluetooth on wheel. Has 14,142 miles. First toy. I have owned, paid what I felt was a little too much. $21,000 plus tax and title. The dealer gave me 1k over wholesale for my trade in. It is a nice vehicle and really has a lot of punch. I had looked on auto trader and for the price and equiptment it seem about right. I live in florida and there were not 09's, used, left. Harry
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481 has NO TMV - that's an edmund's term. But Truecar's prices do NOT include taxes and other fees...that is explained on their web site.... ;)
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    According to edmunds you got a great price! Certified would go for $23.6, otherwise about $ TTL
  • cattycatty Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new here but learnt a lot from you. I plan to buy a Base V6 4wd model and got a price quote: $24,894 not including tax, title and other fees. The MSRP is 26,633. The OTD may be around 26728 (6% tax). Is this price good or bad? Thank you.
  • aaluaalu Posts: 2
    I finally leased a RAV4 base , AWD
    270 pm( including tax).
    600 out of the door
    36 months
    12000 miles
    gap including.
    Got a few accessories free.

    Does that sound like a good deal
  • We are a first time SUV buyer, please help and advise.

    2010 RAV4 Base 4WD 4cyl
    QV package
    floor mat
    NJ tax 7%

    Do you think the OTD (all the expensese) between $24000-$24350 are the fair price? I read a couple postes that they bought this model in different month and OTD around $23370-$24100.

    Any reply will be hightly appreciated!
  • I just want to know if it is a good offer?

    2010-RAV4-4wd-4*4-sports $24200
    sales tax of $2081.20....
    plus lic and reg of$115.50......
    plus documentation fee of $50...
    minus college grad rebate of $1000.....
    that will leave you with balance of $25446.70 to finance.....
    Currently Toyota Motor Credit offer0%@36mo.....2.9%@48mo....3.9%@60mo.....
    payment with $0 Down
    No payment for first 3 months.
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