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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abbotsburyabbotsbury Posts: 10
    BTW... we're in the Baltimore/DC area.
  • novacouplenovacouple Posts: 19
    RAV4, Classic silver
    V6, 4WD, w/Nav
    Packages: BC: backup camera, QZ, Nav, leather, etc, TO, tow prep, CF, mats
    Total MSRP sticker: 31,729.00
    Paid dealer $29,868 including "processing charge"
    Financed w/Toyota, at 1.9% for four years, I put about $10,000 down (w/trade)
    Car was assembled in Canada about two weeks before I bought it with only 2 miles on the speedometer.
    Runs great, seems like a good deal compared to the competition. HA, noticed the floor mats are shorter, they don't even get close to the pedals.
    downside, Nav is not the best, does not come high-end radio w/subwoofer, does not have blu-tooth for phone.
  • eryeerye Posts: 7
    I recently bought a 10RAV4, but noticed that the brake is soft (as compared to my old car). The brake padel travels long distance and requires more pressure to stop the car. Have you noticed anything in your new RAV?
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 22
    This is not a Rav4, but test drove a i4 awd venza and the brake pedal is indeed extremely spongy. Didn't purchase because of that.
  • Hi cyrusd,
    What is the dealer name, #? I am in market to buy one and don't have problem to go down to Houston if get good deal...I am in DFW area...Thanks in advance....
  • abbotsburyabbotsbury Posts: 10
    Suburban Washington DC:

    Silver RAV4 Ltd 4-Cyl 4WD
    Extra Value Pkg #1 (w/o Nav)
    Backup camera (yeah... it turns out we decided this is useful, plus the car was a steal)
    5-pc floor/cargo mats
    Cargo net
    First aid kit

    Sticker price: $29,186
    Invoice: $27,264
    True Car (estimated) Dealer Cost: $26,743

    We paid $26,500 all-in plus sales tax in Maryland (suburban DC.)

    That's for everything... car + destination & ad fees + title &registration + $100 for "processing." $26,500 even.

    Very happy with the price and the car. Just got back from Memorial Day wknd in NYC. Put over 500 hwy miles on it and just love the car.

    True Car says for sales in our area May 9-23:
    Best pre-tax price next to ours = $27,055
    Average = $28,284
    "Great Price" = anything less than $27,745.

    Internet bidding really works for the buyer!
  • qqmindyqqmindy Posts: 2
    Hello, I think you've got a really great deal. I am also looking for exactly the same model you've got but the quotes I received are not even close to the deal you had. Do you mind share the dealer information? Thanks a lot in advance.
  • I've been quoted $22,800 OTD for a base model RAV-4, 4 cyl w/value package (sticker shows $600 on package discounted to msrp of $120), Also, floor mats ($300), which I don't need and they won't take off, claiming came from mfr that way. (I doubt that; sounds like they're trying to put one over on a female buyer.) The MSRP is around $22,700. SE Toyota tacks on an "Admin. Fee in Florida of $650, plus of course, the dreaded dealer fee of $699. Sales tax is 6%, plus tags/title. At first blush, thought this was a good deal, but now considering the Toyota incentive/marketing support of $1,500 thru Aug. 2, not so sure this is anything more than a mediocre offer. I think I caved too soon to dealer pressure, but haven't signed contract yet. Any thoughts on whether there is more room to press for a better price on this very basic model? Not very good at this negotiation process and appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Didn't realize there were any additional incentives other that the $500.00 military and $1000.00 college grad ones, is this something unique to Florida? As for your quote sounds similar to what I've seen in TX and while our doc fees are not as high we too get hit with an additional fee (Gulf States Toyota fee). If there are additional incentives in your area I'd certainly figure that into your equations.
  • Thanks; it seemed to me that an out the door price of $22,800 appeared high, especially after subtracting out the $1,500 incentive from the sales price. This is a marketing support to dealer that may or may not get passed on to the buyer, rather than actual cash to the customer. This dealer supposedly passed on the $1,500 incentive to me in my price, but if that were so and the incentive was removed, I would be paying $24,300 including tax and tags of approx $1,600. Didn't think that was such a great price for a base model with very few options added. Dealer tried to "clip me" for $300 on floor mats; I'm fine with $50 mats from Walmart!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    In my search I found it almost impossible to find a base model as most came with the the extra value package, tonneau cover, and premium carpet mat set and going price was anywhere between 21,300 and 21,700 before TT&L so all in all your price might not be all that bad given the higher doc fee they charge in Florida.
  • Alamocity, I wonder: did your price quotes include a discount for any dealer incentives or cash to customer? Toyota has had some incentives in place for a while, so I don't know if the price quotes you were given were with or without incentives? Do you recall? Tnx.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The ones I looked at showed an MSRP of $22,939 (includes destination and options) so basically the dealer was giving a discount of roughly $1500.00, no extra discounts were given. Invoice showed $21,425, so most were offering right at invoice with lowest being $100.00 under invoice.
  • ang33iefang33ief Posts: 57
    I live in the Ocala area and I went to, they listed the dealers close to me who gave me a price in detail. One was in Tampa and one near there. For the sport model rav4, with value package and the run flat tires package, which is, No tire on the rear. Price was around 23k plus tax, the admin fee for toy. in the se section was droped the last I heard. Sticker price for this vehicle was 25.500
  • Thanks very much for the Florida pricing info. That was an attractive quote which you received. I still think there is more pricing room on my base model, and plenty of it, to buy it at a lower price than $22,800 OTD, includes tax, tags, destination, dealer fee (?) which I'm fighting, etc. As for the admin. fee, Edmunds is still showing it, so I didn't question its existence. The sticker on my vehicle was $22,600 including the overpriced mats for $300 and the value package (which actually is a good deal at $120 msrp for the package). Aside from that, no other options. Just a 4 cyl., fwd base model.And of course, there is the marketing dealer support from Toyota of $1,500 which the dealer allegedly passed along to me in his quote. Doesn't sound like it, tho'.
    How recent was your quote?

    Does anyone else have info on whether SE Toyota has dropped its admin. fee of $650 which it charged in various southern states, including Florida, Alabama, etc.?
  • One more point: I've e-mailed 3 local dealers, requesting an Internet quote. In return I received double talk and requests that I call them, even tho' I provided all the needed info to them to generate a quote. So far, not a single internet quote has been offered. What's that all about?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Might want to try Autobrag.
  • qqmindyqqmindy Posts: 2
    I am shopping for a car too and the internet sales managers did exactly what you described. i don't reply to those guys and they later came back to me with price quote. it's not a good market and they seem to be eager in selling cars.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Hey Guys,

    Toyota is giving free 2 year maint. Does anyone know how much would that cost normally for RAV4?

  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    whats the cost of 3-4 oil changes? thats the answer
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    isn't there 15000 mile service that you have to do? How much does that cost?
  • abbotsburyabbotsbury Posts: 10
    Sorry to take so long to reply to you. haven't been on the site lately.

    I got the internet sales mgr addresses for ~ 25 dealers in the Baltimore/DC region and then sent emails asking them to make an offer. I ended up buying from FitzMall; however, frankly if I had spent another couple days I could have knocked another $200 off of the price based on several dealers who came back to me after I had closed the sale.

    I found that the spread on quotes was pretty wide at first... $1000 or so. However, after I went back to them several dropped very low. FitzMall is the most price competitive as their dealers don't work on commission, evidently, and their advertising expenses are low. I used their offer to get several others to drop their bids. Ended up with one dealer who seemed to really want to make the sale (probably to get the car off the lot) but he was late... I had already bought from FitzMall.

    Best wishes with your shopping. Do it from the computer. There's absolutely no upside ever to walking into a dealership and talking price with a salesman. I didn't have even a phone conversation with a single person until the third round of bidding as I was ready to make a deal. And I never left my desk chair the whole time. All the price info is out there and on your side.
  • dealovedealove Posts: 6
    was looking into RAV4 and built the base model with 3.5L, 4X4, 5 speed automatic with backup camera option (along with extra value package, adds $834 in Indiana) on toyota website and sent to dealers for quotes. So far I got:


    MSRP of the build was $27,151. I looked at edmunds and realized the above quoted prices were merely invoice prices. How low do you think I should go?

    Also, I am a recent graduate, so I can use the $1000 rebate through toyota financial though I would like to pay it off within a month.
  • I've been shopping for a 4 cyl. FWD, pretty much a base model. I could not get a dealership to give me an Internet quote. Then, another little game they play is tell you they have the model you want (in my case, a J vin #'d car to avoid the gas pedal recall), and when you get there,...they've just sold it. But they have something else to show you of course, and naturally, it is either not what you wanted, or a model/color that no one seems to want. I had that happen with 3 dealerships before I caught on. As for the rebate, it is actually marketing support money from mfr to dealer, so not an actual rebate. It amounts to $1,500, good thru Aug. 2d, and the dealer is not required to pass it on but be sure to let him know you are aware of it and that you want it worked into your price. I would certainly drop 10%-15% below the msrp. The invoice is what the dealer supposedly pays the mfr for his cars, but there are various credits from the mfr to the dealer that do not get passed along to the buyer. Good luck in your negns. I got fed up with the sneaky, underhanded "Toyota Way" and am buying a Subaru Forester.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Where do you see $1500 mrfr to dealer? I don't see anything on
  • I see it under marketing support. I'm in S. Florida. I don't know if it's any different outside of my area. It was supposed to expire on June 1 but was extended, apparently, to Aug. 2
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    you are right, it's there for S. Florida. We don't have that in midwest. We do have $750 customer cash back though. So I guess you guys have $750 more discount.
  • After weeks of deliberation over various cars, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2010 RAV-4 base model, 4 cyl, Extra Value Package, & no other extras. With my trade, a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS, 111,000 mi o(n which CarMax previously offered $2K,) I paid $18,250 out the door, including 6% sales tax, fee to transfer tags of $90, destination of $800, and some other minor, misc. fees. I compromised on color: took a white vehicle which, here in Florida, is cooler but so boring. I just wanted a basic model at minimal cost. SE Toyota typically imposes Admin Fee of $650 from which they will not waiver, that in addition to the dealer's fee of approx. $700, over which you are free to battle the sales mgr, but good luck there. In SE Florida, we currently also have a Toyota incentive of $1500 marketing support/mfr to dealer, that is typically being passed along (at least in part) to the buyer. So....can anyone tell me how I did? I am awful at negotiating prices -- being a female, if I think I detect even a particle of patronization by the sales staff, I grow hostile and walk away from the transaction. Thanks for your feedback!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'd say you did very well, glad you were able to get the deal done.
  • But now, there is the level of concern about the safety of the vehicle. After reading so many opinions on these forums, seems that general consensus favors all 2009 Toyota vehicles are a danger at present. Any thoughts on that? (I know there is a forum that that topic; have spent some time there and I confess I'm a bit "rattled" by what I've read)
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