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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking for a 2011 RV4 Base FWD. May I ask how can I check the REAL invoice price please?
    I am in Delaware.
  • liam10liam10 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Just bought a 2011 RAV4 4WD V6 Ltd in Spokane WA. Options include: Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror, Navigation Value Package, Tow Prep Package, Floor Mats, Mudguards.
    $ 29,657 - Price of Vehicle
    150 - Doc Fee
    86 - License Fee
    2,639 - Sales Tax
    (750) - Less Rebate
    $ 31,782 - Out the door price (no trade in)
  • Bought a RAV4 4WD Base with L4 and QP package in Shawnee, KS.
    For $22,200 + Tax
    No admin fee or doc fee.
  • Also went to Germain Toyota in Columbus, OH. It's two hours away. But the trip is worth of the money

    RAV4 base 4 Cyl 4WD with Value Package, white color

    Before tax: 21,625
    Plus TTL: 23,589
    Choose $500 rebate
    Also qualify $1,000 College recent graduate program

    Finally, OTD: 22,089

    Quote through It it the exact price I got. Very satisfied with the final price.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    isnt zag and truecar the same thing? Zag uses true-car ?
  • I ever asked the sales person when I purchased my car. He said they are same.

    Zags has around 6 programs. They are all same.

    That's what I was told.


    isnt zag and truecar the same thing? Zag uses true-car ?
  • tstraubtstraub Posts: 25
    Took delivery today, included Premium Plus EVP, backup mirror, mudguards and floor mats - MSRP $29,368. Factory Invoice $27,484 (including dealer prep), dealer invoice $26,958(factory invoice less all holdback) - sale price $26,900, $58 below dealer invoice. Add $150 doc fee, sales tax and tags. Financed at 1.9%, very happy with the deal and was able to do it locally. Spent about two hours on the phone playing dealers against each other.
  • Bought at Copeland Toyota in Brockton.
    Had backup camera and floor mats, as well as Premium Plus Package
    Pyrite Mica with camel interior.
    MSRP: $29,269
    Sale price after rebate: $25,351

    Great deal on my trade as well.
    They beat Boch in Norwood by over $3k in total.
    I highly recommend this dealer.
  • dimaqqdimaqq Posts: 1
    Rav4 4wd base, OTD 24500 in Arizona, that's what we go in the end. Local dealer, Findlay's Toyota in Flagstaff agreed to match the best offer I was able to solicit online, I was at it 2 days, I started with and continued by email and phone.

    Thumbs up to local dealer, and big thanks to Hatch, Right, Power and Bell Road for their grat online quotes.
  • ph1972ph1972 Posts: 5
    I brought this vehicle with 11 miles on it for 20500 and 22500 after tax title and tags from Holman toyota nj
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    edited January 2011
    Just bought one for $27000+TTL. MSRP was 29,899. Also got the 1.9% financing. I am very happy with this deal. The best part is that I got the deal over email and we were in and out of the dealership in 1 hour. The drive to get there was longer!!
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    If you can't find this information on website, then you could pay a small fee to Consumer Reports. They offer a service where you can get the
    information on the true cost of purchase. Including the holdback, hidden rebates, regional advertising fee, financial reserve, etc. Give that a shot.
  • I want to buy a new 2011 Rav4 v6 4wd in Base with 3rd row.

    really i am sick :mad: of local dealers in Los angeles They are .........

    its ok for me to drive up 100 miles from LA if there is any good deal .

    any advice.

  • michaelp1michaelp1 Posts: 14
    Like to get some feedback on an internet quote I just received from a local dealer: Base $23,896, plus $1,616 for Premium Plus Package w/mats, plus charges: $810 destination; $442 TDA; $528 holdback; and $264 wholesale financial reserve. Total: $27,556. Seems to be under Edmunds TMV (assuming that the TMV does not include holdback, TDA and reserve. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks so much.
  • nike284nike284 Posts: 1
    MSRP: 267XX
    Final price: 24300 + ttl
    including $1000 college graduate rebate + 2.9% finance for 60 months

    Upgrade value package
    mud guards
    5 piece mat set
    backup camera
  • rav4er3rav4er3 Posts: 4
    I bought a 2011 Rav4 limited edition for $28000 OTD from Milton Ruben Augusta GA.
    It is fully loaded. Only rear view camera is missing.
    Leather, moonroof, navigation package, heated seats, automatic adjustable driver seat, bluetooth, 6disc changer, automatic climate control, push start.

    Is this a good price. BTW he offered me a 2011 RAV4 base model for $20000 OTD. I absolutely did not have anything but it was definitely worth. It made me think for very long time but finally ended buying limited edition.

    Is $28000 OTD a good price for limited edition?
  • Very good price I must say. Is it a 2WD or 4 WD? V6?
  • Did you get 0% financing? Also does it include the 3rd row seating? I am planning on buying a Rav 4, so want to gather as much info as I can before I got to dealer.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44

    Please let us know the following: 2WD or 4WD, V6? What 's the MSRP and selling price not OTD (since tax rate and fees vary from state to state). Thanks for your help.
  • rav4er3rav4er3 Posts: 4
    edited April 2011
  • rav4er3rav4er3 Posts: 4
    It was a 2WD, V4. V6 was 1400 more.
  • rav4er3rav4er3 Posts: 4
    I got 1.9% rate for 60 months. 0% rate is for 24 months. So took 1.9%. I wanted 3rd row seating but there was none available in the entire south east region with limited and 3rd row seating. so compromised with 2 rows.
  • knang8888knang8888 Posts: 13
    just bought from North Hollywood Toyota 2011 Rav4 base 4cyl silver with value package, car mats and cargo mat plus cargo net for $24K OTD after $500 cash rebate.

    There was a better deal at thousand oaks toyota for $19,999 plus ttl. This is for 4cyl base with value pkg. I did not get this one due to color red which my wife did not approved. Otherwise, this would have been a better deal.
  • sheeplekingsheepleking Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    Just purchased 2011 RAV4 Limited with V6, AWD, Premium Plus EVP, back-up camera, tow prep pkg, 2" receiver and wiring, floor mats, cargo net. 60 mos financing at 1.9%, got $500 Toyota cash back, $1,000 college grad and Kings gives free oil/filter changes for life of vehicle. Price before taxes and trade was $28,068.

    Got decent amount back for trade as well so I'm very pleased with the overall experience. Kings Toyota (Automall) is massive (23 or 24 dealers) so they have great selection.
  • So bought one last week. It is 2Wd, 4 cyl, Limited with Premium package (Leather seats, bluetooth, heated front seats, moonroof etc.), backup camera, cargo mats, Blizzard pearl color ($220 extra) for $26,700 OTD.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44

    This is exactly what I am looking for 2WD, Limited 4 cyl and blizzard. Since tax rates are different from one city to another, $26,700 OTD was after tax and license or before? What's the MSRP on the vehicle? Thank you.
  • $26700 was after all taxes. I went to and built my car from there and took the price certificate to the dealer and they were ready to honor that price. the tax rate for my county was 6%. Before taxes it was ~$24,500. Just checked the zag again and the pricing has changed (increase of ~$2700) because of the limited inventory on Rav4 (after effects of Japan earthquake). I would recommend you wait for a month or 2 since all the dealers I went to told me the same thing about limited inventory and not getting more stock in. None of them were ready to give me the car at that price except one dealer who has more than a dozen Rav4s in stock.
    Just wait for some days and let them get the stock (since things are now stabilizing in Japan I guess).
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    Congrat on getting a great deal, I have noticed price increase as well. Thanks
  • mcoctopusmcoctopus Posts: 13
    Rav4 owners please help me out . I bought a new Rav4 recently and the dealer couldnt give me the manuals at the time. 2 weeks after they got me owners manual. I understand there are others books and manuals that come with the vehicle. Can anyone tell me what other booklets I should be getting with the vehicle.

    Thank you.
  • muthu1muthu1 Posts: 1

    This Saturday I went to my local dealer at Woburn MA and got the below quote

    - Price 24,500
    - OTD 27,200 (TAX + Document)

    Rav 4 Base with 4WD with
    - 3rd row
    - Value package
    - Backup Camera
    - Bluetooth
    - Remove start with security system
    - Floor mat

    Is this a good deal?

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