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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Information Needed Urgent, do you mean $21,800 including the leather seat with 4DR? is this which location?

    I'm decided the buy for 26,200 is that worth? or I can stop this deal for a while.
  • This is not for leather seat. its in GA.
    Are you in GA or nearby?
  • Yes, I'm in atlatna and got this deal for on road price including the tax.
  • i went to a dealer and MSRP shown by them is 32k.
    Edmund shows 26, 989 as great price. But dealer said that the edmunds price is based on sticker price of 30k which doesnt include premium package(which adds another 1800-2000).
    Since 2012 model is coming to market in Jan 2012, what is the best price I can ask for? people who got a good deal in recent time please respond.

    appreciate your help
  • Thank you so much for the information. I am in Atlanta. Which car deal did get from?
  • shirzhnagshirzhnag Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    I am in the market for Rav4 as well. 21800 is great deal with 3rd seats for drive out. Can you please let me know from which dealer you got that price. Thank you so much!!
  • I bought mine from Atlanta too. got a Rav4 LTD 2WD with value package, back up mirror, leather seats, moonroof, mats and all. I got it for ~27K OTD.
  • Hello everyone im new to the forums. My fiance and I are looking to buy a 2011 base v6 2wd. We live in Florida. What would be a fair price? Thank you very much (without tax,tag,title)
  • Does your quote of 21,800 include all taxes, title and other fees (tag)?
  • Hi all,

    This is my first post on this forum. I am interested in purchasing 2011 RAV4, this morning I test one (my test drive of buying experience this round). I liked the vehicle very much, but this was the first stop out of several dealerships. Once we were in the office, I asked what they could do for me price-wise and the sales manager basically told me that he would not give me a quote until Monday. I suppose I should have left out the fact that I would be back Monday, but I found it very strange that I was even given a number.

    Other details: I am a late 20's female and had my mother along for company since my husband had to work. I did mention that he would be back with me Monday, but that I was the one making the payment and the decision. I suspect I was not taken seriously without my husband (even though this is my car and 100% my decision & $$).

    MSRP is $25,300, cloth seats, sun-roof, roof rack, 6 disc changer. I have read through this forum and would like to pay around $23,000 OTD (preferably less), is this reasonable? I appreciate your feedback & suggestions/pointers. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  • psychoanalystpsychoanalyst Posts: 1
    edited December 2011

    I am currently a resident of Atlanta, GA, but I am going to move to upstate New York for my job in about a month's time.

    I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla that I either going to sell/trade-in. But I am in a bit of a dilemma, hence I thought I'd seek your advice.

    I have the option of either buying the car here or going to NY and buying the car there, especially since my company is funding my entire move. However, my Corolla is due for a tire change and that would mean an extra $500 for a car I am not sure (i) I will have for that long and (ii) will be able to handle the driving conditions in upstate NY.

    So, the problems with my current vehicle notwithstanding, do you think there are advantages to buying the car in GA vs NY? I am guessing that if I buy the car new from an authorized dealership, I should not have issues with warranty etc.

    The one advantage that I can see of buying the car in NY is availability of the model I want. I am looking for the V6 4x4 and I can see that GA dealerships have either very limited or no stock of that combo. But I don't know if that is reason enough to pump in another $500 into my current car.

    I would appreciate your advice/opinions on this matter.

    Many thanks.

  • Currently in process of buying and I will be getting mine in a week.

    I had originally wanted a V-6 engine and the LTD but I am not a bells and whistles type of gal and I decided I wanted to save money and go with the base model. I am driving a 1994 Corolla now so the base Rav 4 will be loaded compared to my current vehicle!

    So I am told that I really didnt need a V-6 engine unless I planned to drag race and tow things. Never of which I will do. lol I appreciated my local sales team not try to sell me something they didnt think I needed.

    Anyone else on this thread of posts driving a V-4 engine and happy with it?

    Thank you!
  • How are you enjoying your RAV4? I am in process of buying one now. Base, 4 cylander, heated seats. I went in wanting a V-6 but they didnt really think I needed one and said V-6's were higher in gas consumption and unless I planned to drag race or tow things, the V-4 would serve me well.

    Would love to hear from you! Thanks!
  • Hi ,

    Was this a 2011 or 2012 model?

    Also could you share the dealership name in Atlanta?

  • I bought it from Marietta Toyota. and Its a 2011 model. I printed the pricing and they were ready to honor the price.
  • I've had my 2011 Rav 4 for 4 days now and I love it. I've only used it to go to and from work but it's been just a joy.

    However, what worries me is I go back and read consumer reviews from back in 2008 and alot of people have had troubles with various things. They've had their RAV's for 3 years and then things went drastically wrong. Reading that stuff is troublesome. :-(

    Would love to hear from others who are driving their 2011 with no problems!


  • jugnujugnu Posts: 6
    Can you please tell me the name of the delearship in Atlanta where you bout RAV4 for 21800? I am in here too and want to buy 2011 Rav4. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    I am on the lookout for a new Rav4 base model 2011. What would be a good drive out price in Dallas for this. Appreciate if anyone has bought a new vehicle at a good price recently. Thanks.

  • Hi not sure you are talking to me or not but I didnt get my Rav in Atlanta, I got mine in Quincy Illinois. One of the best purchases I have ever made! I got the base model with roof rack and heated seats. Love those heated seats. :-) People asked me why I didnt go with the LTD and it's because I am a simple person, I dont need all the fancy extras offered in the LTD. Anyways, good luck and get your RAV because you will fall in love!!

  • I got mine in Quincy Illinois and I'm sure some people will tell me I paid too much but I feel it was a fair price. I paid $26,000.00 for my base model with heated seats, roof rack, also had them apply something to the seats to repel dirt. On the outside they applied something to protect it better from all the salt on the roads during the winter. It is a 7 year protection. Prices are going to vary anywhere you go but I feel this was a decent price. I have had mine for 5 days and am so in love with it. I got a 4 cylandar and it's plenty of power for my simple needs. I got blue with sandy beige interior. It is so beautiful. I didnt like the gray interior. Anyways, good luck, the RAV rocks!

  • We are an over 6' foot tall family, and uhhh hefty. Any ideas on sedans/mid size suvs? Front seats must have the most room. Any idea? We are looking to buy 2010-2012 and probably base cars, nothing fancy.

    Kind thanks! :)
  • I went to shop for RAV4 today but there is only 2011 ones available. I asked dealers when it will be here and they did not want to answer my questions.
    It is Jan. 2012 now but I could not find any of them. Is there a production problem? or Is it end of life in 2011?
  • The 2012's wont be out until February my local dealer told me. Also was told there is no difference in the 2011 and 2012 so I bought a 2011 RAV4 and LOVE this vehicle! :-)
  • I don't understand. It is said that the 2012 RAV 4 is a 'redesign' but all the people I heard including dealers, said there's no difference from 2011.

    Supposed there's no difference, why 2012 will not arrive on schedule.
  • I wasn't interested in a redesgin...I love the way it is now. I didnt want to wait til February. Everyone at my local dealer said mid February and no who knows really until it comes out. Have patience and time will tell!
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44

    Has anyone got recent quotes for 2011 Rav4 limited 4 Cyl.? Just wonder if I can find a good deal since dealers are clearing 2011 models. Thanks
  • Recently I received a quote for RAV 4 sport with appearance package and value package.
    MSRP=26,392, dealer's quote=24,704
    for the 2011 version, you get $500 off for incentive.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    edited January 2012
    Thank you. So far the best quotes I got in So. Cal is $26500 for 4cyl limited blizzard pearl MSRP $28,8** and $26,315 for other colors MSRP $287**. I think I will wait as I was hoping to get more discount for last year's model.
  • Just purchased a new 2011 base FWD RAV4 with extra value package, cargo mat set and mudflaps. We chose to forego the financing and took the Toyota rebate of $500, for a total price of $21,859 plus tax of $2142 (I'm in Washington state, so tax was 9.5%), dealer doc fee $150 and licensing/registration $200. OTD for $24,336. I did all my negotiations through the internet, and seems like most dealers were willing to work with me on price since 2012 models are starting to come in.
  • Congrats on your new RAV4!! Woohoo!!! What color did you get? Today marks 4 weeks that I purchased mine. Mine is a base model too but considering my other car, that I traded in, was an 18 year old Corolla, I feel like it is fully loaded compared to that. I chose the blue, my favorite color. I LOVE the ride on this vehicle, I plan to drive it for a loooooong time! Enjoy yours!
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