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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi cpykenn, mind share which dealer did you bought your car from? Because im also in WA state and looking to buy one also. Looking for your reply thanks & enjoy your new ride :)
  • shinmeishinmei Posts: 5
    edited February 2012
    Just got a 2011 RAV4 2WD BASE with extra value package for $22100 (Out to door price including all taxes and fees)

  • Thanks! I got the silver one (my first choice color; I was also prepared to consider red or charcoal since inventory was running low on the 2011s) I love it. Our other family car is a Camry and I love the higher driving position on the RAV4.
    Congratulations on your new blue car.
  • Hi wink2K- it was Rodland Toyota in Everett, WA. 19 mile drive from where we live in Seattle, but worth the trip. I just got it this past Saturday and they still had a good selection of colors in the 2011 4WDs, and there might also be some 2012s there by now. I had a great experience there - no last minute surprises, everything very straightforward. Good luck!
  • I was happy to test drive a Rav 4 2011. I was wondering about the following questions, would appreciate any info.

    1)When was the Rav 4 redesigned to its current model?

    2) Are they redesigning the 2012 model to stay in competition with Honda which has redesigned the 2012 CRV and has some good features?
    3) What is the reported reliability of the 2011 model. I am reading here about the 2008 models whose owners had major problems after 3 years.
    thanks in advance
  • 90146e90146e Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    paid 30,000 + ttl for 2012 RAV4 Limited V6 AWD with QY (value packages options, basically leather, sunroof, auto headlights), Towing Package, Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips, Backup Camera and special color (for blizzard pearl). Locale is Dallas, TX
  • recently, a dealer offer me a RAV4 2011 sport 4WD with value package & appearance package. The price is 25,500 after rebate. Is it a good price? What price you guys get with this configuration?
  • Is the $25,500 quote OTD?
  • Hi,

    Have you research 2012 model?
    Is it me or is there a shortage for 2012 model?
    The 2011 limited RAV4 used to come fully equipped with nav, back up cam, tow prep, and then some (molding, exhaust tip, etc). I could not find equivalent model in So Cal. Most limited RAV4 V6 FWD seems to be basically that with MSRP 28K+, and 29K if molding, exhaust tip. I could find one or two within 200 miles of LA with nav for MRSP 30+, and none in blizzard pearl.
    The other thing was 3rd row seat used to be available for limited, but not now. If special ordered, it comes in with cloth seat. Toyota build your own web page specially disallow nav if you pick 3rd row seat, and vice versa. I know 3rd row for RAV4 is only for kids (not sure if it is safe either), but given gas price anticipated to be +$5, I'd rather stick with RAV4 rather than say Highlander, Pilot or van (19/26 for RAV4). I did call toyota, and they say it is not available for California, but local dealer could trade/acquire one in nearby (presumable out of state) dealer. Any thought? Thanx.
  • Hi all,
    What is the difference between this: 2012 Toyota RAV4 4WD 4dr 4-cyl 4-Spd AT Ltd 4WD 4-cyl 4-Spd AT Ltd and a regular 4 cyl Limited?

    What is the "AT"? Automatic Transmission?

  • michael79michael79 Posts: 21
    obama got everyone getting screwed, i live in CT. i am looking for another vehicle, i have 226,000 on my 99 jimmy, and it is time, a 12 year old rav 4, anywhere from 9000, to 13,000 thank you obama, one because of cash for clunkers and can not find parts for my car and 2 because you raise the gas because you don't like Americans well to bad boy. sorry man just gets me made when no one can find a job and this idiot doesn't care what happens with the economy. read up on them good, i read bad things about 2002 with the tranny's and 2007 with differtial's and tranny's. i didn't read much of anything else, but big bucks, best buy hyundi, 100,000 mile warrenty, trade it in after.
  • qwerty8qwerty8 Posts: 1
    A dealer wanted $23208 (or $22208 with financing rebate) for a 2012 Base 4I 2WD plus 3rd row seats. tax and fees extra. Is this is a reasonable price?
    If you see a better price, please let me know. I live in SF bay area.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    :confuse: Michael79, I have NO idea what the hell you're talking about, this isn't the Fox News Town Hall Talk Message Board :confuse:
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    Just purchased New Toyota CRV 4wd Automatic 2012 with Value Package - (( 17" x 7.0" 5-spoke styled steel wheels with P225/65R17 tires; Full-size spare tire on 17" steel wheel; Daytime running lights; Black roof rails with cross bars; Privacy glass on rear side, quarter, and rear door windows ))

    for $24136.87 + $138 (New plates) = OTD

    Any Toughts ??
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    sorry for the error...

    It is a Toyota RAV 4wd Automatic...

    The specifications and price is still the same...

    for $24136.87 + $138 (New plates) = OTD
  • rssdrssd Posts: 7
    Congrats! I think you got a very fair price for a 4WD option.

    I'm in the market for a RAV4 myself, looking for a 'base' model (4-cylinder, 2WD with upgrade package of 17" alloy wheels and moonroof). The best quote I've received is 21,600 + TTL.

    I'm located in Southern California.
  • Your price seems good too. I guess California has a higher % tax rate. I am in Michigan where Tax is 6%
  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    When are the 2013 models arriving?
    BMW 2015 Mediterranean Blue 535x
    BMW 2017 Melbourne Rent X3 28i (wife's)
  • ra4buyersra4buyers Posts: 1
    If you are getting sale price : 21,600 then its good deal, dont wait for long...because i am looking for similar far i found best price for similar configuration car is 23,250 on sacramento side....from which dealers offered you this price...
  • kellerbillkellerbill Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the current Rav4 leasing terms for a 36 mo., 12k/yr. lease in the DFW area?
  • swat123swat123 Posts: 9
    We are exploring to buy either Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV. What are the best prices that we should expect in and around SF Bay Area for base RAV4. Plan to buy within 2 weeks by labor day weekend.

  • john_ufojohn_ufo Posts: 6
    i bought a really cool looking rav 4 sport version 4x2 , with a 4 cyclynder april 16 ,2012 sunroof and running boards . i traded in a 1999 toyota camry le . if i paid cash the car would of cost $ 22,167 out the door. but instead i put no money down and now i owe $ 26,700 with fianancing charges. but still im happy with my desicion i bought it at the delray beach florida dealership. the experince was ok but i had to negotiate a long time to get them to the lower price $ 6,500. the good part is there is no dealership fees which they use to charge & 749.00 plus tax until dec 31, 2011. i bought a few extras like the door molding $ 265.00 including tax and installation. cargo tray $ 94.00 including tax.
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    Congratulations on your purchase... John!

    John... when you say that "if i paid cash the car would of cost $ 22,167 out the door"... is this $22,167 including the trade in for toyota camry?

    I mean:
    camry trade + $22,167 = Out the door?

    Just wondering.

    Look like a Great Deal.
    Enjoy your New Rav4 :)
  • john_ufojohn_ufo Posts: 6
    yes it was very good deal if had enough cash. . $ 22,167 includes trading in the 1999 toyota camry le. if i did not have a trade in then i would of had to pay $ 6,500 more.
  • cursorcursor Posts: 4
    edited May 2012
    I got a Rav4 with V6 Limited, the premium value package, and premium paint (super white) for $308 under invoice with a $50 doc fee. After all that, I got the $750 from Toyota on top, and filed for the $750 from Edmunds. Painful to pay 9.6% sales tax, but am looking forward to taking that off of my federal income taxes. Can't believe how much of a difference there was between negotiating on the lot and negotiating via email. Will never even attempt to negotiate on the lot again. Very frustrated at the number of times I was lied to, but very glad I armed myself with facts to not fall into traps:
    -Me: "What's the price?" Salesman: "Don't you see it printed on the sticker?"
    -Salesman: "We only have so much room in this car, here's invoice price, what do you think is fair?" Gives you the idea that they don't have any room in the car to make money, doesn't take into account backend incentives that the salesman never sees.
    -Finance lady: "Do you want an extended warranty? We only mark them up $50 over cost." Multiple threads on other forums point to dealerships that sell Toyota OEM warranties for 1/2 retail price: Midwest Toyota in Kansas (800-530-5789) and Greenfield Toyota in Mass (413- 772-0989).

    I would appreciate a little advice. When I used the configurator online, Toyota's mudflaps cost $99. At my dealership they were $188. I took them off. Does anyone have advice on how to get these at a good deal? Fleabay?

    I found a detailer in my area that sells that 3M plastic rock-chip protector. It's kind of like a screen protector for your phone, but covers huge areas of your car. The dealership wanted $1000 to put it on and they will do it for $500-$700 (haven't gotten an exact quote yet). That seems like a good thing to me. Protects more area than an ugly "car bra" or those pieces of dark plastic that extend over the roof. Any concerns about this product? Of course we need a reputable installer.
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    Congratulations on your purchase.

    Hi Toyota gives $1000 "customer cash" to Customer.
    You mention $750 additional from Toyota.

    So did you get the $1000 "customer cash" to customer + an additional $750 from Toyota?
    i.e. Total of $ 1750?

    Is your purchase price $ 308 + $ 750(toyota) = Total $1,058 BELOW invoice?

    That is a great deal man.
    Enjoy your Rav4 :)
  • cursorcursor Posts: 4
    Hi PracticalBuy,

    I believe the cash back is regional. I'm in the Seattle area and if you will type in a Seattle area Zip Code (like 98092) when you go to looking for deals, then you'll see they are only advertising $750 back here.

    So yes, I got the car for 1,058 below invoice and I'm going to get the 750 back from Edmunds/Toyota on top of that. I ended up getting 2 dealers down to within 25 bucks of each other total and went with the one that I liked working with better. I feel like I'm rather lucky to be in an area with so many dealers within easy driving distance--it just turns all this negotiation into a commodity deal.

    Thanks for the kind words. I had to do quite a bit of work emailing dealers in the area to get them to go that low, but in the end it was well worth my time.
  • barguglbargugl Posts: 26
    Paid $22,192 before incentives for Rav4 base FWD. $500 below dealer invoice. Opted for the 0% for 60 rather than the $750 rebate promo, but got $1000 grad rebate to take me to $21,192. I also got the banner ad for the Edmunds $750 cash back so cost in the end will be $20,442. So $2250 below invoice eventually and 0% for 60 months before trade. Truecar put me at the lowest paid in the region for for my model as equipped but don't know how up to date their database is. Dealer did have $199 doc fee so they do make some money. They also automatically enter on the $299 anti-theft service to all deals as part of their fees, but I immediately fought them on it. Finance guy didn't argue much but said he had to talk to his manager and manager approved it right away.

    Dealer tried to stick it to me on the trade, but stood my ground on it. I brought NADA trade value print out which was the highest of the three services as my starting point. They low balled me under NADA by about $2000. Got them to settle for the blackbook value which was $500 below NADA. Took forever for them to get them there, though.

    Overall, best I've ever done on a new car purchase, but overall process took me about five hours.
  • cursorcursor Posts: 4
    This is a great deal indeed. Congratulations! The dealerships I visited all had lots of stock on the base model, so I think it's a great time to buy one.
  • mo55_in_njmo55_in_nj Posts: 1
    Is it possible to get RAV4 4x4 Base with GPS, How much more should I pay for it.
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