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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Flash35, do you mean leather instead of the sof-tex that it comes with ? Also does it include any optional equipment - nav, audio, blind-spot ?

    It sounds like an ok deal. Doesn't seem like the dealer is doing any extra favors with that price though - unless there's some more optional equip. thrown in.
  • Just leased the RAV4 2013 XLE AWD with Navigation and Carpet floor Mats/net and Mudguard. Total down (including all taxes and transfer plates) $3073. Monthly $265.00 for 39 months/12K

    Any thoughts...
  • Options includes protection package and roof rails. The leather seats are aftermarket that replace the cloth seats installed by the dealer (wife has bad allergies so avoiding cloth)
  • Hello everyone
    First of all let me say thanks to everyone for your help, I have been roaming around these threads looking for strategies so I could get the bet deals, and I am happy to say I made the purchase last week of a beautiful metallic grey-TERRACOTA awd.
    Originally I was going for a cr-v, was this close to seal a deal, but didn't work out thanks to the honda dealership being arrogant to say the least. But that Is another story. I followed every single tip on this forum and ended up paying invoice price plus ttl. Me and my wife are very happy!
  • mkevinmkevin Posts: 2
    hi chuchoa,

    in the market for the exact one you just purchased, may I asked how much you paid for yours?
  • chuchoachuchoa Posts: 4
    Hey mkevin, sorry for my late reply, I was busy this few days playing with my new ride. I paid $27415 which is a few dollars over invoice. This plus doc fees taxes tags n reg. I am glad you are reading this parts of the forum, I don't know why not many people are showing much interest in the new rav. But I think as a guideline a couple of hundred dollars over invoice it's about right.
  • mkevinmkevin Posts: 2
    Thanks, for the quick response, totally understandable with a new car at home. I bought a 12' Camry in may last year spent a few days tinkering with entune and everything, I think its probably not getting love right off the bat because its relatively new redesign model, no incentives currently, and its sorta of pricey compared to so many options in the class right now. I haven't been up close to actually see it at the dealership yet. From what I heard the seats are not powered in the LE or XLE which is kinda bad for nowadays, my older 96 avalon had power seats. =) The limited has all the goodies but its cost the same as my 12' Camry SE and that came with a V6 3.5L engine, came with everything except the kitchen sink. But can't compare Toyota reliability to anything else. thanks for a info. $27,415 is a great price, did it came with the NAVI and greenedge speakers?
  • chuchoachuchoa Posts: 4
    Nope, it's just the basic limited, invoice I believe is 27408. I really couldn't make myself pay 1500 more for an outdated navi (it is my belief that every single gps on every single brand is not as good as a 300 dol top of the line garmin nuvi) and a few extra speakers. Plus all the screens are same wether with or without nav.
    You can't really compare a SUV to a sedan price wise, since the former will always be more expensive. But let me tell you this, on every Trim level the rav4 beats the crv feature wise. I did my research and was really close to buying the crv, even check on hand, until my sister told me to try the rav4. It's worth every penny!
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    edited March 2013
    Care to elaborate on how the RAV-R beats the CR-V "feature wise"? I've looked at both and don't see that at all.... :confuse: .esp since CR-V is the best selling CUV/small SUV.... Both are good vehicles how Honda doesn't "nickel&dime" you on options...the trim either has it or it doesn't. Toyota, OTOH..... :mad:

    I passed on the 2013 RAV-4 because the local dealers were selling at/just under sticker - told them to let the "uniformed buyers" pay that price.... ;)
  • kevin0017kevin0017 Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    I was this close to buying the RAV4 but I'm looking at other cars now.

    The features (and color) I chose weren't available and none of the dealers in the north/southeast could tell me when it would be available. I made a deposit and waited a month and still no RAV4, so I took back my deposit and am looking for a different vehicle. Not to mention Toyota's website is inferior to just about every other manufacturer - when you know what you want and just need to find out where or when it would be available.

    I don't know what logic Toyota uses to get cars to the dealership but something isn't right when you have to purchase, then wait at least 2 months for a car from a "top manufacturer", and it's supposedly coming from somewhere in the US.

    If the car you like is on the lot - great. If not, good luck. The dealers can't even tell you when it'll be there.
  • lnylny Posts: 7
    Both The Rav4 and the CR-V are glorified station wagons. The difference is that the CR-V has perfected it while Toyota is still trying to figure it out. Just from a resale value (using ALG), the CR-V is way better.
  • chuchoachuchoa Posts: 4
    i dont know where are you going with this godeacs, but even on the top trims (limited vs exl) you have push start button, power tailgate, signal side mirrors, u want me to keep going? just because you don't like toyota there is no reason to badmouth them , after all this is a toyota forum.
  • scottw5scottw5 Posts: 2
    Godacs, who is the dealer is Spring, TX?
  • miaunamiauna Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm just entering the car market for RAV4 2013. Any help with how can I find the invoice (base) price will be much appreciated!
  • samdocsamdoc Posts: 1
    Hi, we are looking to buy a new '13 AWD Limited Rav4, with HD Radio and blind spot monitoring in NJ. Any help and guidance on prices paid etc. would be hugely helpful! Thanks in advance.
  • carcass93carcass93 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    2013 RAV4 XLE, no options except mats, for $23,414 before tax and tags at Ardmore Toyota, PA. That makes it $280 under invoice, which is an OK price, based on my research, and communication with several dealers over email.

    The deal was made in the last two days of the month, as often recommended here and elsewhere.

    Waiting for the pickup - they had to bring it in from another dealership in the color combination (white/tan) my wife wanted. According to the dealer, XLE is made mostly in AWD - they only had 1 XLE FWD in stock, blue/black (the latter being a no-go for us).
  • Hi,

    I bought a 2013 RAV4 XLE AWD and i paid 25550 (includes destination). I bought this from DCH Freehold Toyota in Freehold, NJ. this price is @ invoice..
  • sam_usasam_usa Posts: 1
    Just got our 2013 RAV4 XLE AWD, black exterior, beige interior, 3 options (carpet mats, roof rail cross bars, side moldings). MSRP $27198 (that is $26535 + $663 for options). Negotiated price was $25,110. Also paid $399 dreaded Doc Fee. Plus tax, title, tag in the state of Virginia. Everything out the door was $26,375. Had been in the market for RAV4 for three weeks. Also, put $2k on credit card.
  • Trying to get this from local and other dealers with the following:
    2013 RAV4 Limited AWD - blizzard pearl white with tan leather interior.
    car mats (can't belive Toyota makes you pay extra for these), navigation, mud guards,
    How do I find the actual invoice price?

  • How did you get such a great deal?
  • Hi everyone wanted to know if this was a good deal. 28.700 out the door (tttr included) pearl and Toyota select. No other options like bum or entune. Should I take it or wait?
  • quarksterquarkster Posts: 13
    R4PW -
    You haven't provided enough info ....

    Is this a FWD or AWD model?

    What's the price of the vehicle ITSELF, exclusive of your local tax, license, etc?

    Did you check Edmunds "True Market Value" for your exact vehicle configuration, in your area?
  • FWD
    MSRP 27,010
    Plus Special Color (blizzard pearl) + toyo guard 1034
    total MSRP 28959

    Edmunds states TMV 27,599
    Edmunds Invoice 26,451
  • toyotaonlytoyotaonly Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited AWD Blizzard Pearl at Champion Toyota (Phila, PA)
    Out the door for $27600
    Option: (inv: $ 1729 msrp: $2153) Ok with (1729+2153):2= $1941

    Out the door price with options: $29500

    The trick is: Always ask for $1500 under invoice price. If you can get that great if not $1000 under invoice before tttr is about right. Good luck all.
  • Trying to get this from local and other dealers with the following:
    2013 RAV4 Limited AWD - blizzard pearl white with tan leather interior.
    car mats (can't belive Toyota makes you pay extra for these), navigation, mud guards

    Yes, I have been looking on Edmunds but will look at it again. Thanks.
  • Can you hook me up with your salesman!? I just want front wheel limited rav4 2013 in blizzard pearl and either black or latte interior.
  • I'm getting mine in two weeks in Mississippi. Blizzard Pearl with tan interior and AWD.
    Brittany at Performance Toyota in Memphis has the Pearl white with the black/terracota inside!!!
  • Was offered 28,000 otd for 2013 limited rav4 FWD with carpet mats. Pearl with ash interior ( ash is not what I wanted). Take it or wait a couple months for prices to keep dropping?
  • carlcarcarlcar Posts: 3

    does it include tax and DMV fee : paid 25550 (includes destination)??
  • carlcarcarlcar Posts: 3
    edited April 2013

    can anyone help to provide info about what price paid for toyota 2013 rav 4, XLE, AWD with basic equipment.

    many thanks
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