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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    The options I have on my car (2009 RAV4 Limited V6 4WD) are Extra value package#1, back up camera, tow package, mudguards, and carpets and mats.
  • jns1jns1 Posts: 2
    Anyone have any idea on how much of a discount I could expect on a new 08 at this point?

    I've been looking at 09 Rav4 Sports 4cyl 4whd with QV package and mats + destination for $23,950 (MSRP 26014)

    Then an 08 showed up. Apparently sitting around and the person's financing fell thru and it been tied up. Anyway they have quoted this at $23,000
    With the same features.

    I keep my cars for ~10 years so the depreciation doesn't bother me much, just looking for the best deal. Thoughts? Anything else I should be concerned about?

    BC TO FE QY MF CF-R AND WL. I PAID $28,187 ON AN INVOICE OF $28,507 AND MSRP OF $30,929

    sorry I just saw the caps
  • I dont think there is any rebate for 2009 Rav4 Am I correct?

    the Dealer Invoice was lower than Edmunds invoice or the otherway?

  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I hope you really dont take the 2008 car. But anyway, I suggest $22,000 before TTL. They need to get rid of that car badly. Also check for rebates on 2008 (they should have it). I suggest going for the 2009 car for $23,500 before TTL.
  • Hi,

    I am from New Jersey & I am looking to buy a 2008 or 2009 Toyota Rav4 (Base, 4 cyln, 4WD).
    Does anyone know of any promotions going on for the same at any of NJ/Ny dealerships?Also what price range should i be looking for from the dealer?
  • The dealers invoice was almost the same. The edmonds invoice with FE BC TO AND QY WAS $28,062 while the dealers invoice was $28,437 but had CF-R and MF which prolly costs around $275 or so.

    So add $275 to the Edmonds and you wind up with $28,377 instead of dealers $28,437.

    So I got 28,437 plus Wheel locks cost of $81 making it $28,500 approx due to 81 is MSRP not invoice price , and I got that car for $28,187 pre TTLD for an approx $313 below dealers , not edmonds invoice .

    So I would say that anywhere between $200- $500 under dealers invoice is a decent deal , plus Tax and TITLE/ LICENSE that cost $217.60 in NYC
    Can I be any clearer ?
  • If it has the Extra Value package or the QY BC TO FE MF CF-R or even forget the last 2 ptions $28,100 plus TTLD is a FAIR price , not a great price but not a bad price either.
    I had dealers that wanted $100 over invoice and dealers athat would not sell below invoice so your price should be below dealers invoice , if they dont try to scam you with hidden fees later , which they love to do.
    I said NO TO ALL OTHER FEES except TTLD
    Look at what I just paid yesterday Thats in line with my price
  • jns1jns1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the price/feedback.
    What is your main objection to the 2008 at $22K?
    Is it something more than not a good enough price?

    I got a story that the dealer wouldn't be able to collect incentives on this car because of the way it fell thru before. I don't really consider that my problem, as I just want it discounted.
    The warranty would not start until I take ownership.
    Like I said, depreciation isn't that big of an issue given the length of time I keep my cars.
    Thanks again!
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    Just to remind you that 2010 cars are just around the corner (okay, around 6-7 months). But if you really dont care about the year of the car, then by all means. Remember to stand strong, its a buyers market. Good luck!
  • Hi. I am shopping for a 2009 V6 FWD LTD
    I have gotten a couple of quotes that have
    "Preferred Accessory Package" or a "Preferred Premium Accessory Package" but that don't tell what that includes

    I know I saw this SOMEwhere in all my hunting on the 'net, but I can't find it now. Does anybody know what this includes?

    Thanks for your help
  • Can someone tell me the invoice for a RAV4 limited AWD with Nav and the RAV4 limited 4 cylinder with nav?
  • To clarify my question:

    I would like to know the dealer invoice for a RAV 4 Limited AWD with V6 and package #2 with navigation option.

    Also I would like to know (if anybody has this information) the dealer invoice of a RAV4 similar to above with 4 cylinder engine.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    I can't make up my mind on the RAV4, CR-V, or Rogue so I'm going to purchase whichever car I can get the best deal on. Anyways, here's the one I have for the RAV4. What do you guys & gals think?

    2008 Limited AWD
    Blizzard Pearl (+$220 for special color)
    Leather seats
    Heated front seats
    JBL premium sound
    Daytime running lights
    5-piece floor & cargo mats
    Auto-dimming mirror
    Rear bumper applique

    MSRP: $29893
    Invoice: $27209

    Discounts: $2K manufacturer, $500 military from TFS, $400 from TFS

    Selling price: $23809 ($6084 below MSRP; $3400 below invoice)

    I know the 2008 engine is different than the 2009. Should I buy a 2009 instead just for that difference? This car is loaded with more than I wanted/needed, but it's the only 2008 in white that they have.
  • Roll up your sleeves and do what everyone else did .
    This is a site to assist, not do all your work for you.

    Start here
  • I got roughly $400 under invoice , so you are getting $3000 more for a year old car.

    Compare Kelly Blue book and see how fast values of older Rav 4s drop. Remember the 2010 is coming out in 4-5 months so your car will be 2 years old very soon.

    If you keep it a long time it doesnt matter as much,so I guess thats an important thing to consider IMHO.

    Good Luck whatever you decide ,
  • I am still trying to make up my mind about whether to buy a Rav4 or CR-V. I like the way the Rav4 handles, and I think I can get a better bargain from Toyota. But I like the CR-V EX options and have been very pleased with my current Honda--10 years old.

    Here are the basic numbers. (I'm shopping in PA.) Would appreciate hearing others' thoughts and recent shopping experience.

    RAV4 2009 4wd Basic model: $21,900 (inc. destination but not taxes and fees)

    CR-V 2009 EX 4wd:$22,500 (inc. destination but not taxes and fees).

  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    If you are shopping the basic RAV4 versus the CRV EX, I would go for the CRV. As you noted, the CRV EX has a few more niceties than the lower RAV. We are replacing our 2002 CRV EX with a 2009 RAV4 Sport V6.......if Toyota will build our order as requested. Quite simply, Honda has lost us after 20 years due to bad design.

    According to the website, the Sport can be built in Pacific Blue with the Appearance Package but none exist in the US. Our dealer is making an attempt to either get it into production through special order or changing an available allocation slot. If so, we should have a rare unit. If not, we'll hold on to the CRV as silver, red, black, gray just aren't that interesting to us.

    BTW, we are also in PA.
  • Hi All,

    I have found a 09 RAV4 and the dealer has quoted it at Edmunds invoice. Also, its the only RAV4 I found with certain specific features I want.

    Note - This one is located outside my local dealer area, local dealer would not match invoice price.

    I am wondering, is it possible to get a 09 RAV4 under Edmunds
    invoice right now with the bad auto economy news? Should I push under
    invoice or take it at invoice?

    The other side of it, I have a new 08 sedan I plan to trade-in
    for the RAV4 (I need a SUV right now). So I know I will be taking
    a hit on the trade-in. I have not told the dealer about my
    trade-in let, trying to get the lowest price on the RAv4 set first.

    P.S. - Located in the SouthEast Toyota region.

    Any thoughts or feedback would be great.
    Thanks to everyone!
  • There is never any harm in trying to do better, but let me tell you my experience. After searching for about a month, we paid about $500 over true, Edmunds invoice for our '09 RAV. We wanted a particular color, I4, Limited, with 4wd. With that level of specificity, there were very few to choose from, and we searched over five Western states, including California. We still ended up paying for what I like to call the ticky-tacky options we didn't want. Our area (Oregon) does not seem to be very competitive in terms of Toyota dealers being aggressive. Seattle did not seem much better, so we ended up paying the price because we wanted the car. We also wanted it the way we wanted it instead of getting a color we didn't want or not having the equipment we did.

    It helps that you quote the Edmunds price. I think there are people who believe they get their Toyota under invoice when they use the dealer-provided "invoice" figure, which I believe to be inflated. I'm not saying it's impossible to get one under true invoice, but I sure couldn't. It might depend on the local or regional market.

    I am very happy with our RAV. In my case, getting what we wanted when we wanted (except for having to search for a month) was worth not getting the absolute best deal. By the way, how is the one you want equipped?
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