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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Closed a 2008 Rav4 Limited 4WD 4Cyl today in NJ
    -Moon Roof
    -Touch Screen Navigation
    -Toyota Security
    -Mud Guards
    -Floor Mats
    -Auto Dimming mirror
    -Cargo Net
    -0% financing
    Price : 27,700 + TTL

    Will appreciate comments on the price/package?
  • At first blush it sounds like you paid a lot for a 08 with 4 cylinder. I could get an 09 V6 without nav for a similar price . Maybe $200 more but they were gving 4 K off of 08s ??
  • What is the 4K off you've mentioned?
  • That prices seems extremely high for a 2008!
  • What Price would be reasonable? I havent finalized the deal yet, so would appreciate the feedback.
  • I paid 27,500 +TTL for a 2008 Limited BUT it was V6, with similar extras, special color, except no navi. I didn't get 0%(paid cash) but I didn't try either. Hope that helps a bit. :D
  • Thanks. That helps.
  • GO to this link and see the possible difference between 2088 limited MSRPs .

    There is a difference of $3315 from the top of the line V6 at $27,070 to the base Limited at $23,755,

    Even the middle model Limited 4 cylinder ($ 25,155) is almost 2k less . I think that price is absurd IMHO

    Is it a FWD model? :) I mention 4k which means that I think you should get 4 thousand off MSRP on any 2008 Rav
  • Also with the $2000 incentive QZ or QY ( without NAV )package I think you could get an 09 for cheaper than that.

    Go here and put in compaable stats and see the difference

  • I think you are right about the price. Another friend also referred me to the same site you've mentioned.

    I've canceled the deal and will check this site out.

    Thanks for your input.
  • You are welcome.
    Keep us posted . I am also in NYC area :)
  • Just picked up my new RAV4 tonight!


    Got a 2009 RAV4 Base 4WD 4Cyl in Pacific Blue with the QV Extra Value package (17" 5-spoke wheels with full size spare, daytime running lights, roof rack, and rear privacy glass) and CF (carpet floor mats and cargo mat). The sticker included an "Extra Value Package MSRP Discount" of $570, bringing the sticker to $23964.

    According to Edmunds, the invoice price is $21818.

    I paid $21500 + $299.75 doc fee = 21799.75 (plus registration fees and sales tax).

    Got an OK deal on the trade-in - $1000 for an 11 year old car with 130,000 miles.

    Long version:

    Test-drove the car on Friday at the dealership closest to my house and really liked it.

    When I got home I used the Edmunds feature to request quotes from local dealers. I got a good number from one of them: $21011 ($800 under invoice!) and walked into the dealer the next morning with the email offer in my pocket. The sales manager initially gave me the full MSRP offer sheet, so I pulled out the email and showed it to him. His only quibble was that "he knew how this dealer worked" and that their email offers always included the $400 recent grad rebate, which I don't qualify for (and I believed him, that offer was really low) so he subtracted that out and offered me $21500, which I took. That part of the negotiation took all of 5 minutes, no pressure at all.

    They initially offered me $650 for my trade, which the sales manager said is what the wholesalers were telling him. After a little dickering I got him up to $1000 "because we have a prior relationship with the dealer" (which is true, I service my other Toyota there). This part took about 20 minutes.

    The sales guy was great, he steered me towards a vehicle which had the QV option package discount (apparently not all of the base level cars have this?), and although he was doing his job trying to sell me a car, he was well-informed and didn't play any games (no 4 square :shades: ) and didn't unduly pressure us.

    Overall I think I got a pretty good deal. Maybe he was BS'ing me about the graduate rebate and I could have squeezed him down a few hundred more, but I was happy with the price I got, and I got him to come up on the trade-in. I bought it on Saturday November 29 2008, so maybe there were some expiring dealer incentives that worked to my advantage. Or maybe they really wanted to move the vehicle, they had a ton of them on the lot.

    All in all a pretty pleasant experience.

    I guess I am allowed to name the dealership, and I liked the way I was treated, so here it is: Bernardi Toyota in Framingham, MA.

    And thank you Edmunds! Your site was a great help in researching vehicles and you guys saved me some serious time and money.
  • Thanks for posting your results. Since the "doc fee' is just another way to get the price up, I just include it in the price. By that measure, you got $19 under invoice. I think that's prretty good. It is a lot better than I have been able to do--a lot better.

    Congratulations on your new RAV.
  • I agree to some extent about the doc fee, the internet offers I got all had a $300 fee on top of their prices as well.

    My dealer did provide some service for that fee though - they handled going to the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) to get it registered, titled, and get new plates, which saved me at least two hours of my time if not more; handled all the paperwork with my insurance company; dealt with transferring the title on my trade; paid for the inspection sticker (state-mandated $29 fee); and put a full tank of gas in the car.

    Where are you located?
  • mig29mig29 Posts: 3
    2009 Limited V6 FWD Rav4 (no moonroof)
    Leather with heated seats
    Color keyed side molding
    6 disc cd w/ XM
    Cargo net and cover
    Cash OTD for $27,000

    Hope this is helpful for future buyers.
  • The MSRP is 24,922 and DIP is 23,400. I'm thinking to offer 23,400 plus TTL.
    Is it a reasonable offer?


    * 50 State Emissions
    * Base L4 EVP Package
    * Body Side Molding
    * Daytime Running Lights
    * Mudguards
    * Privacy Glass
    * Roof Rack w/Cross Bar Roof Rail
    * Third Row 50/50 Split Seat
    * Wheels: 17" Styled Steel
  • "The MSRP is 24,922 and DIP is 23,400. I'm thinking to offer 23,400 plus TTL.
    Is it a reasonable offer?"

    Edmunds doesn't show body side molding and mudguards as options, but without those the MSRP is 24705 and the dealer invoice shows as 22,444 (for my area - eastern MA).

    So you are 1000 over invoice as shown by Edmunds (their invoice seemed dead-on for me). Seems high based on my recent experience of getting close to the same car for right at invoice.
  • Wayside1, thanks for sharing your experience,

    Do you get a loan or pay cash? If you get a loan, what is your APR?
  • Thinkinghard,

    I paid cash. Toyota is not running any financing deals on the 2009 RAV4s at the moment.

    I saw your post on what you are looking for, and I looked on FitzMall. Based on the MSRP's that are shown, all of them have some options installed. All of the ones with MSRP of $23964 are just like mine - QV package and floor mats, and they are showing either$21703 or $21892 for the price (all with invoice price of $22261 - don't know where that comes from, it doesn't match what is on Edmunds ($21818), unless it includes the advertising charge, which Edmunds doesn't give).

    If you really want a stripped down one I think you might have trouble, I don't think dealers typically order them that way. Also, the invoice price of $20839 you mentioned in your post doesn't include shipping, which for me was $745, bringing the actual invoice price to $21584. To get one for under $21000 would be a really good deal.
  • wayside1,

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

    I did omit the destination charge at Edmunds' price.When I include QV and destination fees, the invoice price is $21692. ( I am at NH).

    It seems only '08 Rav4 may have good APR. Is there any design difference between '08 and 09 Rav4?
  • > Is there any design difference between '08 and 09 Rav4?

    From the Edmunds 2009 RAV4 review:

    "What's New for 2009

    A more powerful four-cylinder engine, a restyled grille and bumpers and the adoption of active headrests for the front seats mark the changes for the 2009 Toyota RAV4."

    I think the problem with an '08 at this point is that, unless you are going to keep it forever, you get nailed for an extra year of depreciation when you sell it. In three years it will be a four year old car, and no one will care that you bought it December 08 so it is really only 3 years old.

    If you are in southern NH, you could try expanding your search into MA. All the dealers around me (Framingham area) seemed to be right around invoice (as reported by Edmunds) or a little under.
  • If that's a 2008, then it must be after-market navigation, which is pretty costly. I wouldn't pay that much for a 2008. I've just bought a 2009 4WD V6 with JBL EVP and backup camera (camera is actually pretty lame) but no nav, no pinstripe, no Toyota security, no mudguards. I paid 28,000 +TTL but I am paying 3% for 36 mos.
  • I am shopping for a 2009 Limited V6 with FE QY TO BC The QY includes EJ RL LA SR . What is EVP ??Enjoy your new car :)
  • Wayside1,

    I do appreciate your advice!

    My searching scope covers MA because there are not many dealers in NH.

    Thanks again!:-)
  • Hi,
    I am in the market for 2009 Toyota Rav4, Sport, 4WD, 4 Cyl.
    I live in Boston, MA and negotiated the price with from one of the dealers for $24,450 OTD (includes tax, doc fees, title & plates) with the Extra value package, mudguards.

    Dealer MSRP: $26,113
    Edmunds Invoice: $22,386

    Is this a good price for buying this vehicle?

    I appreciate your response.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks! Its been a fun to drive so far (700 miles) - handles great and I love the heated seats! :D
    EVP (extra value package) is just one of the ways that some sites refer to QY or QZ. The QY is the one I got (no navi). I'm really not impressed with the JBL radio and kind of wish I had gone for the nav package instead, except that I really like having the Bluetooth on the steering wheel. I don't know if the BC is worth the money, but most of the ones I've seen with QY or QZ have had BC and TO on them already.

    Good luck with your search!
  • I would like to know the price paid (OTD) for RAV4 2009 (AWD Sport V6) in Atlanta area.

    Will there be any special before/during christmas time. The invoice price I saw in the web for this SUV is $24,141 and destination charge is $745.

    Thank you.
  • Why dont you tell us the price without tax because each state has a different tax basis.
    Simply put ,anything near the Fitzmall comparable auto price (up to $150 more) is a fair price. Find out what TTLD should be in your region. Simple enough
    Good Luck :)
  • Thanks for mentioning the JBL radio. I thought I would get that without the NAV because I am sending the car to Greece but if the radio is not better, I may have to rethink my options.
    Does it not sound good??
  • Hi ThinkingHard:

    I was also talking to someone at Fritzmall in Maryland as well. They said they may have a special going right now for a stripped down RAV4 AWD. I think it was around 21,000. That's of course the Internet Price. Let me know if your successful. I am ready to buy as well..
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