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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 313313 Posts: 7
    I am in SF bay area, and got the quotation from one LA dealer (w/leather seat, JBL, and other options but no NV) around $28000 + TTL, I think the pricing is too high, anyone know better offer from any CA dealer?
  • Hello, I am current in the market for a car. I have never had to purchase a vehicle on my own before so I'm a bit slow here.

    I have been looking at the RAV-4. Finances are currently and issue and I am most likely going to lease the vehicle. All I want for now is a 2008 RAV-4, AWD. I'm currently waiting to hear back from dealers as to what the current quote would be.

    My question is, what should I be paying? How much are you guys paying for this car (if anyone here is in a similar situation). Please let me know, and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
  • The radio isn't bad, it doesn't sound tinny, but it doesn't sound 9-speakers good. The radio on my '94 Camry was at least as good . The thing is, if you want all the other things, like moonroof, leather, power seat, etc..., it works out cheaper with the extra value packages than if you buy all the extras separately, so you'd have to decide between the JBL and the navigation anyway.
    As I said,the radio really isn't bad, -- maybe it has more to do with the interior of the car than with the electronics. Take it for a test-drive and see! I'm not familiar with the nav system, so I don't know if you can get maps for Greece. But it really is great having the Bluetooth on the steering wheel, which you can't have w/navi.
  • Not successful yet. I will let you know if I get a deal.
  • I did some quote from dealers and want to know what the recent OTD price is.

    I am looking for basic model

  • wave1wave1 Posts: 1

    I am in Toronto. It's my first time to buy a new RAV4. I want a 4WD Basic model, automatic drive, the dealer MSRP is 26500 Canadian dollars, does anybody know what OTD price I can get? Who can share the experience and recent OTD price with me?

    Thanks a lot.
  • Can I know what is your lowest OTD quote so far?

  • Thanks for your response.
    I guess I will stay with my original options as I like the bluetooth component also :)
  • The OTD I get is $22500.

    Is it a good price in Dallas area?

    what do you get?
  • More detailed information: Dallas Fort Worth area

    2009 Rav4 Fwd 4 cyl basic+ QV + CF

    The invoice price I get is $20891 including freight.

    The OTD is $20891+Tax+doc fee = 22450

    The dealer said we must sign the contract this weekend.

    The edmunds invoice including freight is about $20,741+CF = $20841
    What do you guys think about the price?
  • I got my 2009 AWD base with QV and CF for $21500, with an Edmunds invoice of $21821. After the doc fee of $300, I wound up at $21 under invoice.

    Your deal doesn't seem bad to me, although I did a few hundred better. I am in eastern MA though.

    See my story here.
  • Hi Wayside1

    I have already read your post and really appreciate your message.

    I also think my deal is not very bad. But do not feel it is very sweet, at least not as good as yours :)

    My price including doc fee is actually beyond the edmunds invoice , maybe 300 hundreds.

    how much is the difference usually between the east and Texas?

    And I also concern that if Toyota will have promotion for RAV4 2009 in Jan?
  • I have no idea how Texas and the northeast compare.

    As for up-coming promotions... who knows. Toyota's web site shows $1000 rebates or 0% APR on 2008 models. With such a small rebate on the 2008's, it seems unlikely they will have rebates on the 2009's until the 2010's come out.

    Also, your area has higher delivery charges according to ("The Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC and TX will be higher.") This is not reflected in the Edmunds invoice price. So maybe you are closer to invoice than you think.

    The other thing to think about is whether there are factory-to-dealer incentives that end at the end of the year. The dealer may be more motivated now than in January, and your deal could get worse if you wait. Although, the way the economy is, maybe not. :)
  • Wayside1

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    The Handling fee is $800 in TX.

    Negotiation is a game. You never know the bottom line in car-buying. In fact, I mentioned the incentives and the dealer conveniently denied it.

    I think a few hundreds dollars can buy me a peaceful mind. :)

    Enjoy your new car.
  • I just wrapped up my Rav buying experience here in the Fort Worth area. I had some pretty bad dealings with 2 other dealerships, but I was very happy with Freeman Toyota.

    I originally had chosen an 08 Rav, mainly due to the low APR given. The weather was bad last night, and the car was pretty dirty after the test drive. We came to an agreement after I got the rate, along with a knock off of MSRP. The salesman told me he wanted me to wait until the weather was better today to get it detailed, so I drove the vehicle home. I was to come back this morning, have them drop me off at work, and they would deliver the vehicle to my job.

    However, I noticed this morning, once there was sunlight, that there was about a baseball sized dent in the side of the driver door, along with some paint damage. There was so much mud and snow salt (whatever the city uses), that I didn't see it last night. I called the salesman on the way in to deal with him before any managers got involved.

    He came outside and looked at it, and gave me the option of getting it fixed, or getting something else. I chose to get a 2009 Rav instead. I had a hard time justifying getting a damaged vehicle that was going to have to have some paint work done to it. I would have passed on it last night if I had seen it.

    So, we found the 09 I had been looking at and we redid the paperwork. I'm sure I could have gotten this lower, however, the salesman (in fleet) was great, treated me like he wanted my business, and was very professional regarding the return and contract cancellation.

    Here's the deal:
    2009 Black Rav Base
    22990.00 (including $800 destination fee)
    -$570.00 Extra Value Package Discount
    $199 Tint
    $948 AO Extra Mile Package A including:
    carpet mat set
    carpet floor mats
    rear cargo net
    body side molding
    fabric guard
    mud guards
    stainless steel exhaust tip
    custom tape stripe
    First Aid Kit.
    Roadside assist
    $475 R1 Running Boards
    $199 Glass Etch

    MSRP $24,241.
    Selling Price: $23,782

    I didn't fight anymore, mainly because I was getting quoted about $2,000-$3,000 more for my trade than anybody else was offering, which was a nice tax benefit. Deals were killed b/c of that with the other dealerships. Also, I had a pre-approved rate with USAA of 5.49%, but Toyota offered me 5.1%. I bit, declined the offers in finance for warranty, and was out the door with the standard $50 doc fee, and typical government fees.

    I was happy with the deal, so I didn't mind paying what I did. I had great customer service there, was thanked by the GM, and would gladly recommend the salesman in fleet who deals with USAA customers. They gave me absolutely no hassle about getting out of the 08 Rav and into the Black 09. I would rather pay a little bit more for quality customer service than a better money deal with a salesman who couldn't care less if a deal turned into repeat business.
  • I just realized I left out part of the info.
    The Extra Value discount was for the 17inch spoked steel wheels, daytime running, black roof rails/crossbar, rear privacy glass. That was $690 and discounted $570.
  • I am about to close a deal and would like your feedback on the pricing.

    2009 RAV4 4cyl 2WD Limited
    Options: EJ (JBL sound system), SR (Moonroof), RL (Daytime running lights)

    MSRP is $26,665
    Per dealer, the invoice is $24,970. I'm getting for $24,470 ($500 below invoice)
    There is a $2000 Rebate
    OTD price is: $24,470 + Tax (CA) + License + $55 doc fee - 2K rebate = Appx. $24,800

    Please let me know if its a good price or not. I plan to buy tomorrow, so appreciate fast response. Thanks!
  • According to Edmunds, the true invoice price is $24,516. My experience is that Toyota provides customers with "funny" (too high) invoice numbers. Nevertheless, by my calculation, you are purchasing the car for about $50 under invoice. I think that is very good. I would be very happy if I could get that. You are in California, right? Whereabouts?

    Also, what is the $2000 rebate? DO you know anything about it? I haven't seen anything on incentives for 2009s.

    I think you are doing great. Good luck.
  • Yes, I realized that Edmund shows $24,516 as invoice, but the dealer read out the invoice line items and it had additional items like advertising fees, etc.. which I think makes it more than the Edmund's invoice.
    I'm in California bay area.
    Regarding the $2000 rebate, I think its actually dealer cash incentive. Some 2009 models do have incentives ($500 for base, $1000 for sport, $2000 for limited) although certain packages are excluded. Edmunds does show the details in TMV pricing report page in the Incentives row at the end.

    For e.g, for the Limited model it shows:

    $2000 Cash to Dealer start: 12/02/2008 end: 01/05/2009
    Restrictions $2000 Dealer Cash is available on a new 2009 RAV4 2WD Limited 4-cyl (model #4450) NOT equipped with options QY and TH.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.
  • BTW, I wanted to get one with Third Row seats (TH) but since it is excluded from the incentive, I had to go for one without the TH.
  • I am planing to buy 2008 Rav4 Limited 2WD in Chicago. Could any one suggest me the best price without Moon roof & 3rd row seat(No other add-ons).

  • I am in Toronto, am going to buy the 2009 RAV4 Base 4WD. The MSRP is $26,500 and on the road is $32,030. Does anyone knows what should I be paying for this model? If you own the same vehicle, could you please share your buying experiences and how much you paid for it? Thanks in advance.
  • Just brought a 2009 RAV4 AWD Base with QV on a price I felt comfortable in purchasing. It was 23350 OTD w/ mats and wheel locks. Here's a simple breakdown:
    21800 + TT + 99 processing charge = 23350. Thought it was an okay price to price.
  • I Just ordered my 2009 Rav4

    Here's the deal:
    2009 Silver Rav Base
    Extra Value Package Discount
    Day time running lights
    Third Row 50/50 Split Seat
    Roof rack
    V.I.P. RS3200 Plus Security System
    Remote Start

    OTD cost $25000 including Tax , Tag and Documentation Fees
  • I made the purchase today. Its a 2009 RAV4 4cyl 2WD Limited with JBL/Bluetooth, Moonroof and Daytime running lights.
    OTD price = $22470 +TTL = $24,624
    So far its driving great. Bluetooth is really cool.
  • Out the door price of $26745 for 09 Rav4 ltd, 4 spd auto, 2WD that includes:

    Extra Value 2 package w/Nav system but no backup camera. Comments on the price? Can we do better, considering they have come off the price 3 times and it is now Dec 27 and new year is approaching quickly? Help!
  • hp88hp88 Posts: 5

    I'm in New Jersey. Whats the going price for Base Model 4WD, 6 cyl w/possibly 3rd row?

    I'd appreciate a quick response since I'm buying before the end of the week.


  • I'm from NJ also looking for a 09 rav4 base AWD 4or6cy(not sure which i should go with)and 3rd row----I'm just starting my look into this. What have you found to be the best price? Thanx for any info!
  • Hi Cambridgemgr,

    09 rav4 base AWD 4 cyl will cost 25k out the door with tax and tag and documentation from Sansone Toyota, Route 1 NJ.

    but, 3rd row is if no use, its uncomfortable and it falls under crush zone.
  • I j ust bought a new 2009 rav4 with nav. The dealer said it was xm ready what we found out was that it wasn't and it would cost 1000 bucks to get it installed but to our dismay the toyota dealer couldn't find what is needed. long story short is we were supposed to get 3 free monts of xm radio but we can't. Is there somebody elde out there with the same problem
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