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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    According to the 09 brochure, the RAV4 Sport V6 is supposed to be available in Pacific Blue and Elusive Blue; but neither are on the website and the dealer didn't even know that these colors are supposed to be available (and cannot locate them obviously). Any ideas what's going on?
  • Both Pacific Blue and Elusive Blue are on the Toyota website for the 2009 RAV4 Sport. The Elusive Blue is exclusive to the Sport model. If you look at the "Photos & Colors" section of for the RAV4 on the Toyota site, you will see both blues in the 360 views and colors section. The Elusive Blue is a deep dark blue, and the Pacific Blue is more of an electric blue (on my monitor, anyway). The dealer should be able to figure this one out (if not, he doesn't seem too swift!). :D
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    Both Pacific Blue and Elusive Blue are on the Toyota website for the 2009 RAV4 Sport. The Elusive Blue is exclusive to the Sport model.

    Not if you try to build a Sport V6 with the Sport appearance package. Neither color choice is available to build at the moment. :(
  • Hi. My name is JH baek.
    Actually, I went US a month ago. So I don't know how I can buy good and reasonable price car.

    Anyway. I need to buy car. I am interesting Rav4.

    I want to buy this one:
    # 2009 Ravo 4 base model
    # third [non-permissible content removed] option
    # white

    Could you tell me what is good and best price this model?
    I live in San Diego.

    Thank you,
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Hello JH BAEK

    There are lots of traps re buying a car in the US, so before you start shopping please check this message out to sharpen your buying skill...!
  • I'm in NY. Just got a qoute from my dealer on my future car.
    Toyota RAV4 2009 (AWD Sport I6) with special value package. OTD $26300.
    Is it a good price? Thx

  • Ray,

    does $26.3 include NYS taxes and fees? if so please let me know which dealer. You are about 1000 under what i'm finding for the same car.

  • Alex:

    you know that is the RAV 4 I4 not the V6. Is it still a good deal? The dealer is in Queens Long Island.

  • I Think you must start your reseach by using the Edmonds site below, to determine your model invoice etc and then add on the options what you are saying is too vague as vehicles come in 2WD and 4WD althought I am quite certain 2 WD cars are only shipped to Florida and california as a rule.
    Here is link to Edmonds

    The fellow that does the internet sales for QUEENSBORO Toyota has offered me a car for invoice pirce if he has it in stock.
    I think you should be carefull as it seems that your comments are a little vauge, and if you are exacting with car salesmen I fear you will get screwed.

    Use the Fitzmall site

    as a starting place and tell your salesman that he should match that price. Mine at Queensboro did and I do not want to mention his name as it is prohibited in the forum but you can find it out by calling them and asking for him.

    Let us know how you made out :)
  • What is this $120 value package charge that Toyota forces you to pay? I didn't believe the salesman when he told me but after going to the site, it seems like you have no option to not pay for it.
  • kmg422kmg422 Posts: 10
    I am very interested in the RAV4 ltd, though nervous because I have never owned an SUV, currently have a camry, the lease expires in April.

    1. do you think I'll notice a difference in the ride?/cargo vs trunk? - thinking about renting one from Hertz for the weekend to try it out.
    2. do you think the dealer can work a deal with my lease now or will they just fold the remaining payments in to my new car?
    3. do you think I might get a better deal waiting until the Spring?

    appreciate some insight...thanks.
  • you should definitely feel a power difference from a smaller, lighter car unless you're getting a V6. Doesn't look like there's any national incentives right now, it's better to wait until they do. you know you can just test drive one instead of renting
  • kmg422kmg422 Posts: 10
    I did test drive the '08, my problem is that I think all the cars are for the 10 minute zip around the block; I made a big mistake with the vw passat a fews years ago, it was beautiful, but I never got used to driving a german car and could never park the thing correctly..I'm a good driver roots in Queens NY for parallel parking...traded it in after just a year, took a big hit, but was happy to go back to japanese steering..I don't want to make that mistake again so I thought if I had the car for a day or so that would give me a better real life experience, I found that toyota dealerships also rent cars.

    You're right, I'm going to wait for some incentives on the '09.
  • I'm deciding whether to buy either a Rav4 or CRV. So far my experiences with Toyota sales people have not been positive. For instance, one guy quoted me on the highest priced Base model while they have 6 other cheaper ones. Not just a little cheaper, 2k cheaper without all these unnecessary options they added to the car. Have I not done any homework before I walk into one of them, I would have been ripped off badly. Toyota dealers prices (invoice or sticker) are also the highest within the competition.

    I've learned that car sales people are the worst liars and manipulators in the world. Don't believe anything they say. Some places say they will match or beat competition prices, but when you get there they will trash talk other dealers saying their prices are not legit or they don't have the cars. They will show you their invoices which are a couple hundreds higher than the true numbers. And when you compare their brand to another brand, of course they will say theirs last longer and have better resale values.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    I have been trying to buy a 4WD RAV Limited for around two months, unsuccessfully. The arrogance of the dealers is astounding. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps it is a Toyota thing. I have never encountered such treatment before. Yesterday we were quoted $25,000 on a 2009 4WD, 4-cylinder RAV Limited. That is a great price, so we were proceeding. Today, oops, we quoted you the wrong car. That wasn't a Limited. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, as the price was very good. Today, they give us their absolute "best Internet price" on a $29,000 MSRP RAV--$28,100. Thanks, that is only about $2,000 over invoice. Toyota sales are down nearly 40% from last year. I don't get it.

    I am on the West coast. I am pretty much ready to abandon the RAV search altogether and buy a Subie Forester, my second choice. Don't know what the Subaru dealers are like, but it could not possibly be worse than the arrogance of the Toyota dealers.

    BTW, the "invoices" we have been shown are not accurate numbers at all--as was mentioned, many hundred above true invoice.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    My wife got the email and replied "Is that bait and switch, or what?"

    Sadly, I think she is right.
  • kmg422kmg422 Posts: 10
    It's sad but true, the sales people are very slick, it's actually why I've had a "life-time" ban on Honda for almost 20 years, I went to purchase my first car and the sales guy wouldn't let me test drive the car until I told him how much I wanted to pay!!

    Toyota just offered a lease deal on the '09 RAV4 today, wonder if any more incentives will pop up? My company offers a promotion on many brands including toyota, the final cost supposed to be just above dealer cost, but with all I have read about how the price you see is not really the price you get I'm not sure it's the deal it should be.

    The sales people do not like educated consumers...
  • davlmdavlm Posts: 2
    I live in Houston and saw your post about Sterling McCall. I know you didn't want to post your salesman's name, can you tell me how I can find him/her?

  • Cherry Hill Toyota in NJ quoted me via email $22099 for the 09 Base AWD 4cyl if anyone's interested to know. That's not including tax and tag fees.
  • Ray,

    I'm looking v6, but the price sounds about right for v4.

  • Just picked up '09 Rav4 Limited with Extra Value Package and leather seat package - $25.5K plus tax and tags. Suffolk County, New York.
  • Liang1Liang1 Posts: 1
    Hi bmull67

    Can you give me more information about the car you get? Is it 4WD or FWD? V6 or L4?
    I would like to buy a car in the same area.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    Yeah bmull67,

    Is that a FWD or 4WD? Thanks.
  • I too am looking for a RAV 4 in your area. Firstly I think they do not ship FWD cars to our area so that should answer one of the other peopls questions
    But which packeage did you get the QY or QV and is it a V6. If so could you give me the name of the dealership

    TIA and congrats on you new car
  • Rav4 Limited 4x4 EVP (QY) plus leather seats. Atlantic Toyota in Amityville.
  • Thx for the quick response .
    The QY Extra value package includes leather seats QY:
    "Includes daytime running lights, power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, JBL AM/FM stereo, 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA playback capability, integrated XM satellite radio receiver with 90-day trial subscription, hands-free phone via Bluetooth and 9 JBL speakers including subwoofer, leather seating surfaces, 8-way adjustable power driver's seat with power lumbar support, driver and front passenger heated seats and 120V AC power outlet. NOT AVAILABLE with TH.

    Did you get any other options like the , TO BC ?
    and I assume it is the 4 Cylinder engine.
    AM I correct because if I am not that would be an exceptionally good price ?
    If it is the 4 clylinder with only the QY package the invoice price according to Edmunds is $25,777 =2

    so you got it for $277 below invoice which I think is a very good deal .

    I will contact the dealer
    Thx again
  • 01/09 I purchased a silver 2009 Toyota Rav4 Sport for $25,200.00 out the door. I made this offer at two separate dealerships; Concord Toyota, CA and Walnut Creek Toyota, CA and they both accepted. I ended up purchasing it from Walnut Creek Toyota, CA. I had a very good experience at Walnut Creek Toyota. They were very nice and helpful.
  • BeetBeet Posts: 4
    The QV as a package idea is completely idiotic.

    Toyota really should decide whether it thinks the 17-inch wheels and roof rack come standard or not. If they do, sell the RAV4 with the $120 price baked in and point out the 17-inch wheels are identical to the CR-V, and roof rack is a plus over the CR-V.

    For me, this whole options mess is what makes buying from Toyota difficult and has made me go back to Honda time and time again.
  • BeetBeet Posts: 4
    How come the Camry has a $1500 manufacturer's rebate while the Rav4 does not?
  • I believe the 17 inch wheels come standard on the Limited at least, and possible the Sport

    I dont know if they are standard on the Base The QV package does not come with the Limited.

    ``Are you saying 17 inch wheels come with all the Honda CRVs?
    I am not familiar with the Honda at all
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