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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Base CRV has 17" steel wheels standard
  • Not to mention the stuff they added to the car might not be an interest to everybody.
  • Hi Guys,
    I bought the Black 2009 Rav4, Sport, 4WD, 4Cyl with extra value package for $24,400 OTD. This price includes everythin (title, tax, etc)
    I bought this car in First week of December '08 at a dealer in Boston, MA.

    Do you think this is a good deal for this price?

    Thanks in advance.

  • dpomakdpomak Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm really cheap and wanted to know if this is a good deal. A base model 4 cylinder Rav4 with thrid row seating, daytime running lights, and 17 inch alloy wheels for 22,500 OTD. Let me know.

    Thanks. If it is, I will buy tommorrow.
  • Yes. thats a great price for that configuration.- espec. w/ including tax/title/etc!!
  • Which year is it? If it's 2009, it's a good deal. Where did you get? Thank.
  • dpomakdpomak Posts: 3
    It was a 2009 base model. I didn't get it. The dealer did not honor the quote he gave me on the phone. He personnally told me that it was a sales technique they use to get people to come into the dealership. He wanted 24,200 OTD for it. I just didn't want to deal with them since they were dishonest. I don't know what other sales trick they might have under their sleeves. I'm going to wait for Toyota to put out some REBATES before I purchase the vehicle.
  • dpomakdpomak Posts: 3
    I just purchased a Blizard Pearl V6 Rav4 with third row seating for $29,200 OTD. The vehicle included the TH and QY package. The priced I paid included tax and DMV fees. So I basically paid $27,250 for the car. The rest was for tax and DMV fees. I live in Stockton CA, so the tax was at 8%. I was going to wait for Rebates, but who know when they will offer them again. I did not purchase my car from Toyota Town in Stockton. I drove 30 miles away and purchased my car from MODESTO TOYOTA. The service I received was great. It was the best experience I had purchasing a vehicle. They worked with me and the sales person kept nagging his manager to lower the price on the vehicle for me. The manager came out and asked for 29,765 OTD. I told them I could only afford 29,000. But I settle to paid 29,200 OTD. I belive I got a good deal. So if you are in the market for a new or use vehicle and you live in the Central Valley in California, try Modesto Toyota. From my experience, I felt like they want your buisness, not like the other dealership thinking they are selling vehicles like hotcake in today market and in actuality they are selling struggling to keep afloat. I know that they are in the buisness to make a profit, but the dealership in my town wanted 2 thousand dollars more for the same vehicle.
  • BeetBeet Posts: 4
    I purchased a silver RAV4 FWD base model from City Toyota this Satuday for $22508 OTD. Dealer would have lowered the price to $22200 for the red (ad vehicle) but wanted $300 extra for any other color.

    Car came with QV package plus the floor mats. I dealt with the internet manager so the process was a lot smoother than our last car purchase.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14

    I am planning to buy a 2009 Rav4, Base, 4WD, 4Cyl with extra value package (FE, QV&TH options) in Central Virginia. I was wondering what are people paying OTD for this vehicle in Virginia and are there any comments on the third row seat option--useful or not?

    Thanks in advance.
  • BeetBeet Posts: 4
    I am in the Bay Area but looking at what numbers I received from dealers here, I would gun for 300-600 below invoice. You can then index your OTD price with the TMW price Edmunds will give you when you price your car accordingly.

    Note: does fritzmall serve your area? The prices on Fritzmall are fairly representative, IMHO, of internet prices.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the quick response.
  • NixcarNixcar Posts: 4
    We looked at New Rav4s the week after Christmas thinking that dealers were willing to deal! We were offered an ou the door price of $26,745 for 2009 Rav4, 4 cyl, 2WD, Extra value pack #2, Nav system, leather. It is essentially loaded!

    The catch--thought we might be able to get this more around $25,000 considering media indicates how desperate car dealers are. Also, we were willing to pay cash.

    We have not had one followup call from this dealer and it is now Jan 21. They must not be too desperate to sell!

    What do you think?
  • (Mod...please feel free to move this question if you feel it is off topic)

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried to purchase a 2009 Rav 4 with the (I think) "Sport trim appearance" option. This is where they delete the spare tire option and provide run flats instead. Does anyone know what brand of run flats they provide? Thanks for any info you have. Thanks
  • Check the 2009 RAV 4 reviews. A member reviews the Sport Appearance package and run flats. Cheers. :shades:
  • > We were offered an ou the door price of $26,745 for 2009 Rav4, 4 cyl, 2WD, Extra value pack #2, Nav system, leather.

    Invoice on this car according to Edmunds, not including TTL, is $25540, with TTL (in my state anyway [MA]) would be around $26,900.

    So it looks like you want it for almost $2000 under invoice. Even in the current market, I don't think this is realistic unless you can catch a rebate or the dealer is willing to pass on a really big factory-to-dealer incentive. is showing a $500 rebate in my area.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Not sure where you are but it seems like there is a lot of variation in prices from state to state. And, if the dealer really needs to move the car off the lot or is his turnover is already so high that he will try to make profit on each vehicle. I think getting several quotes from nearby dealerships will give you a better idea of what is going on and more information to arrive at a fair price.
  • Could you please provide a link.
    My eyes are bleeding trying to find the review of the Sport Model with run flat tires

  • I am debating whether to buy the 2009 Rav4 basic model now at $30,000 on the road or wait til the price drop below 30 in a month or 2.

    Anyone here from Toronto bought this vehicle recently? Please share your buying experience and price info.
  • Hi. Below is an invoice we received. I removed some info like the VIN#. etc. Is this a legit invoice and if so after looking over all of the info... what should we pay for it? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    27 miles

    DATE: 01/24/09
    Model Number: 4453A
    SERIAL # :
    Check Code: 6

    Model Description: 5-DOOR 4X4 SUV
    Category ..........: G
    Year ............: 2009
    Current Dealer ....:
    Interior Color ..: LA10 LA10
    Wholesale Dealer ..:
    Exterior Color ..: 01F7 SILVE
    Previous Dealer ...:
    Body ............: 5-DOOR
    4X4 SUV LTD
    Invoice Date ......: 12/31/08 Number of Cyl ...: 6

    Ship Date .........: 12/31/08
    Allocation Number:
    Retail Date .......:
    Engine Number ...: 0615763
    Date of First Use .:
    Vessel Number ...: 311
    TRAC ..............: NO
    Vessel Name .....: SCANDINAVIAN HIGHWAY
    Damage ............: NO DAMAGE
    PDI ...............: YES
    Fleet .............: NON-FLEET
    Port PDS Complete .: NO

    VIN .............:
    Ignition Key.....:

    Factory Installed Accessories: FE BC QY TO
    Port Installed Accessories ..: DK Z1

    Retail Dealer

    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 27810.00 $ 24473.00

    Total Accessories .....................: $ 2272.00 $ 1919.00

    MECHANICAL & PERFORMANCE3.5 Liter DOHC V6 Eng w/Dual VVT-i5 Speed ECT Auto Trans/Elec On-Demand4WD/4WD Man Lock/Elec Pwr Steering SysFr&Rr Stabilizer Bars/4-Whl Disc BrakesHill-Start Assist Ctl/Dwnhll Assist Ctl17" 6-Spke Alloy Whls w/P225/65' Tires& Full Size Spare Tire on 17" Steel WhlSAFETYStar Safety System Includes:Vehicle Stability Ctrl w/Traction CtrlAnti-Lock Brakes w/Brake Assist & EBDDr & Fr Pass Advanced Fr Airbags (SRS)Dr & Fr Pass Seat Mounted Side/Fr & 2ndRow Roll-Sensing Side Curtain AirbagsDr and Fr Pass Active Headrests2nd Row CRS Lower & Top Tether AnchorsRr Dr Child Safty Locks/Eng Imob & PrwreDirect Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemEXTERIORUV Reduction Glass Wndshld/Rr Priv Glass Clr-Kyd Bmprs,Grille w/Chrome Accents,Rr Spoiler,Fender Flares,Spare Tire CovrPwr Htd O/S Mirs w/ Turn Signal LampsBlk Rf Rack/Mlti-Rflctr Halgn AutoOn/OffHdlmps/Fr Var/Rr IntWipers/Roof AntennaLED Tail & Stop Lamps/Fog LampsCOMFORT AND CONVENIENCEDual Zone A/C w/Clean Air Fltration &Micro Dust/Pollen Removal/Info DisplaySmart Key System/AM/FM/6-Disc In-DashCD Chgr w/6 Spks, XM Satellite Radio(Includes a 90 day trial subscription)Aux Jack/Man Tlt/Tlscpc Lth Strg Aud Ctl Cloth Int,Mlti-Adj Fr Chairs w/Dr Ht Adj2nd Rw 60/40 Splt,Reclne,Fld Flt w/SlideFwrd Cpblty w/Ctr Armrst, 2 Cup HoldersDual Glove Box/Digital Clock/Cruise CtrlPr Windows/Door Locks/Optitron IP GaugesRr Crg Area 2nd Rw Seat 1 Tch Fld Flt LvCtr Cnsl w/2-Illum Cup Hldrs, Cell PhoneStorage,Upper Storage Tray, & Cnsole BoxTneau Cvr w/Mlti-Prpose Net & Suprt Pole

    Retail Dealer Total

    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 27810.00 $ 24473.00 $ 27810.00

    50 State Emissions .........................

    Integrated Back-Up Camera .................. 475.00 380.00
    linked to an electrochromic mirror with integrated backup camera monitor

    Extra Value Package Includes: Daytime ...... 1360.00 1224.00

    Running Lights, Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sunshade, JBL AM/FM 6-disc CD Changer with integrated XM Satellite Radio receiver (Includes a 90 day trial subscription. At end of 90 day period, requires a XM Radio Subscription), / MP3/WMA playback capability / hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth and nine speakers (includes subwoofer), Premium Package (includes leather seating surfaces ./ 8-way adjustable power driver''s seat with power lumbar support / driver and front passenger heated seats / 120V AC power outlet)

    Towing Prep Package - V6 3,500lb. Towing ... 160.00 128.00
    (includes upgraded radiator, fan coupling, .and alternator)

    Preferred Owner''s Portfolio ................ 6.00
    Preferred Accessory Package ................ 277.00 181.00

    Retail Dealer Total

    ---------Total Accessories .................: $ 2272.00 $ 1919.00 $ 2272.00

    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 745.00 $ 745.00

    TDA .........................................: $ 514.00
    Gasoline ....................................: $ 14.52
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 556.00
    Whsl.FinancialReserve .....................:$278.00

    Total .......................................: $ 28499.52 $ 30827.00
  • 76Celica,

    Your invoice for the vehicle should be 28.4 and an MSRP of 30.8. Check your vehicle options with Edmunds pricing on this website. I wouldn't pay anthing over invoice in this economic climate. Fitzmall has the same vehicle for about three hundred under invoice. I would ask for a price quote, then offer $1000 or $500 below invoice, when the dearler balks show them the Fitzmall price. Make sure the dealer gives you an OTD price that only includes tax, title and license. Do not pay dealer prep or any other fees. This is a buyers market. Keep shopping until someone matches your price. Good luck. :)
  • juancitow,

    Thank you for the reply! I appreciate it! I will take your advice and start. :) Thanks again.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Hi, I was wondering what people think of this deal:

    2008 Black 4x4 RAV 4 with 3rd row seating, privacy glass on rear and side, black roof rails and cross bars, 17" 5-spoke styled steel wheels, wheel locks, daytime running lights, mudguards, VIP RS3200 Plus security system, floor mats, 6-yr/100k extended platinum warranty (bumper-to-bumper), pre-paid classic maintenance program with 5 coupons for oil changes and 19-point inspection for every 5000 mi valid upto 3years, state sales tax, title, and tags so the OTD price for this $23900 and a $700 trade-in brings in to $23200 delivery price OTD.

    Does this sound like a decent deal to folks out there? Thanks for the input.
  • I4 or V6? And what part of htis OTD price is tax . Tremendous difference from state to state :)
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    4-cyl. Its all included in the OTD price ~$23900 with $700 in trade-in and rest ($23200) in monies. How does it compare to other states?
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    I think what mazda626 is suggesting is that no one can evaluate your price when they don't know what the taxes, title, and license fees are. In my state, with no sales tax, the OTD price is about $40 higher than the purchase price. States have sales taxes as high as around 8%, so in some states, the purchase price and OTD price would differ by more than $2000.

    It would help everyone if you could subtract out state taxes and fees and provide the actual purchase price. If you could determine the true invoice by using a site like Edmunds or others, that would be even better. Comparing the true invoice price with the actual purchase price allows everyone to evaluate your deal. BTW, what Toyota provides is not the true invoice price. It is an inflated number.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Sorry, I misunderstood the question. Here is the breakdown:

    Vehicle OTD Description:

    2008 Black 4x4 RAV 4 with 3rd row seating, privacy glass on rear and side, black roof rails and cross bars, 17" 5-spoke styled steel wheels, wheel locks, daytime running lights, mudguards, VIP RS3200 Plus security system, preferred accessory package (floor mats, cargo net), 6-yr/100k extended platinum warranty (bumper-to-bumper) with $0 deductible, pre-paid classic maintenance program with 5 coupons for oil changes and 19-point inspection for every 5000 mi valid upto 3years.

    Price Breakdown:

    Purchase Price-$22357 (including all accessories and processing fees for consumer services of $399)

    TTL-$720 (3%sales tax in Virginia)

    Extended Service Warranty+Pre-paid Maint. with tax--$1537.2

    Minus (-$1000 factory-to-consumer rebate and -$425 trade-in)

    Total OTD--$23189.2

    The MSRP listed on the vehicle (sticker price) without TTL, extended warranty, and pre-paid maintenance program was $25381 so adding TTL, warranty the sticker price/MSRP total will come to about $27638-$1425 (rebate and trade-in)
    =$26213. So i paid about $3000 or 11.5% less than the sticker price.

    Does this sound like a decent deal? Thanks for the input.

    I think at least a couple of places they got me was the extended warranty price and the trade-in price. Only place I could find rates for extended warranty was on Toyota website ($1350) and the dealer matched that but he probably gets that for half the price.

    Is there anywhere else in the deal anyone thinks it could have been done better? This is my first experience buying a new car so I may have paid some extra$ for learning experience too. The sales people were very helpful and friendly unlike some others that we had visited--for what its worth.

    I will say that it is a GREAT vehicle, we have been enjoying the ride.

  • I'm guessing based on the price that you got the 4 cylinder...

    In that case I think you got a decent price on the car - keep in mind it is a 2008, so if you sell it any time soon you will take a hit for an extra year of depreciation. You probably could have gotten a 2009 for around the same price, although the rebate might have been smaller.

    I think you did get taken on the warranty a little bit. Here's the thing though - AFAIK you can buy a Toyota warranty at any time it is still covered by the factory warranty, and you can buy it from any dealer. And there are some dealers out there who will heavily discount it, you can find them it you look around.

    You can probably cancel your warranty and get your money back, and then search around for a cheaper one from another dealer at your leisure. Or use the threat of canceling as leverage to get the price reduced.

    I didn't get one, my experience is that Toyotas are super-reliable.
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Yes, it is a 4-cylinder. Thanks for the insight. I am planning on keeping the car for a long time so depreciation should not be an issue.
    So, I can buy the same warranty at anytime from a Toyota dealer though, right. I will have to make a few calls then. Do you think the dealer can still reduce the price if I produce a better rate from someone else? Thanks.
  • Well after 5 months of looking I am about to pull the trigger. I am able to get , at a local dealer 5 miles away, instead of Fitzmall a 2009 Limited V6 with QY BC TO FE MF CF-R for $28,437 plus TTL. The MSRP is $30,858 according to him and to Fitz .

    My dealer says the invoice is $28,4xx and Fitz shows it as $28,785. I do not understand the difference between Invoices, but maybe its the difference between shipping for NYC as oppsed to Maryland.

    In any event the bottom line price pre TTLD is aprrox the same. The local dealer has matched Fitz malls price within $21 .

    My only concern is that he has to get the car from another dealer and wants one thousand dollar deposit on my AMex before he locates it.
    I have heard to never let a dealer get the car from another dealer , and only buy from the inventory in stock,
    Being the deposit is on my amex and if I carefully watch the wording of the contract do you think I should go ahead with this.

    Fitzmall has the same car for $21 less plus a similar model ,for $300 less owing to the fact that they have the car in stock for a long time.
    But driving 4 hours to pick up the car and getting service from a different dealer , I think I am better off getting it from the local guy.

    My only concern is the 1k down payment . I feel Amex will back me up if there is any trouble?
    Thoughts ??
    Should I insist he get the car first and then I will buy it from him after I see it ?
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