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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    Yes that is the one. Are you test driving it today? If you are, let me know if the engine seem okay with you. Let it warm up first, and then press fairly hard on the accelerator.

    If I tell the to give me the 30 day temp, will they still charge me a fee?
  • Hi
    I am interested in buying 2009 Rav4 Sport/Limited 4*4 V4 in VA/MD/DC area.
    What is the good price for the Vehicle?

    Anyone bought it recently can help me out here.
    Specially in DC Metro area, I would like to know the dealership name also.
    I live in rockville MD.

    Thanks in advance
  • I just got off the phone with Hudson . He offered me the car for $27,700 plus $205 for 2 year registration plus $275 documentation fee which is a scam .

    Having said that $27,700 is $738 less than my other dealer wants for the car pre tax etc . The other dealer who wants $738 more only wants $227.50 registration and no documentation fee.

    Hudsons OTD price is $30.499.88 Queensboros is $31,046.10 OTD for the exact same car which they have to get from someone, ( Prolly Hudson )

    Bottom line is that Hudson including the documentation scam is $546.22 cheaper if they honor that price, than Queensboro Toyota

    I got the scoop on this exact car. It was swapped out from a Smith town Long Island dealer to Hudson for I have no idea what reason .

    If the car doesnt drive well for any reason I would not be interested in it.

    Make your own decision, but remember I test drove one in November that accelerated beautifully

    Good luck and let me know what you do
  • Fitzmall in your area has a good online site , info, good prices and a good reputation.

    I wished I lived closer to them.

    Let us know how you make out . Info is the lifeline of this forum
  • I just got quoted a price from a dealer in Alex VA -- $28,738 for a V6 AWD, with leather, premium audio, integrated back up camera, 8 way power driver's seat, moonroof and heated seats.
  • Too vaugue without the options names, and the model name .Its prolly the LIMITED but let us know.
    Is it Limited with BC FE QY ?

    If thats it without MF CF-R GN WL and TO its really overpriced.

    If it has those options $28,400 is high but not totally unreasonable.
    Go to this link and familiarize youreself with the options so we can see exactly what you are saying
  • For now, the RAV4 models sold in North America are produced in Toyota's Tahara, Aichi, Japan assembly plant. However, when Toyota's Woodstock, Ontario, Canada assembly plant comes online in 2008, models sold in North America will be assembled exclusively there.

    Did anyone know this / I was looking for VIN method of checking where and where cars are builtand found this out .
    Scary news that no saleperson told me ?
  • andy67andy67 Posts: 14
    Yeah that was pretty sweet! I wasn't gonna be ugly to them but they honored it without any arguments so that was awesome.

    I traded in a 1992 manual Honda Accord with 223,000 miles on it and AC not working. I wish I had sold it myself too but this was a little easier and I am not sure how much more I could have gotten if I would have found someone to buy that. (KBB value for fair condition is $425 for trade-in and $800 for pvt party).

    The 3rd row seat is great, I piled up people from office last friday for lunch and 7 of us went comfortably and I asked the girls who were sitting in the back and they said they could have ridden in it for a couple of hours. Then we again tested it on some friends on Saturday and they said it was fine to ride as well. However, it is NOT meant for LONG trips (>2hrs) or TALL and BIG people.

    We had a similar experience that almost all dealers kinda wanted to talk us out of the 3rd row seating and sometimes were not too politically correct in how they said it. I think they did not have that may cars on lot and wanted to sell what was on the lot first. Since now almost all models are coming with it there sales pitch might change on it to how great it is.

    I may have paid some for the learning experience too as this being the first new car I got from a dealer. But overall, I think I am fairly happy with the deal and the fact that I did not have to travel too far to do that so if I have to go back to the dealer for anything I can just go. For example, I got a due bill for rebuffing a scratch on side and I would not want to travel 2 hours to get that done.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I am leaning towards getting that car. They said they will split (50/50) the doc fee of $275 with me. I have to remember to say NO to all the "sweet" extra options they will offer me. Thanks for your help.
  • Did it drive better than you first said?
    Maybe you can use the fact that the swapped it out from the Smithtown L. I. dealer as leverage.

    Does it have a lot of miles on it ?

    Also does anyone know anything abut whether it is made in Japan or Canada now.

    Congrats if you get it.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I didn't test drive the car a second time. The mileage is around 95 from the first time I drove it. I think the engine should be the same since it is new? I will test drive it again when I get there (probably on friday night). Its going to be a pain getting there after work (subway, NJ train, walk to dealer).

    What I would for this car... :)
  • FITZMALL in Maryland said salesperson would pick me up at train station Ask them to send someone to pick you up.
    Where do you live. I am in manhattan
  • TsarTsar Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a 4cyl 4wd 2009 RAV4 and learnt today that Toyota is now offering a $500 cashback? This has been verified by a number of dealers but I can't seem to find any information on dealer incentives other than a ConsumerReports pricing from a few days ago that lists the DLR incentive at a shade under $600. Yet Edmunds shows no DLR incentives. Any clues? I need to get my math right before I start negotiating tomorrow.

    Also, if anybody recently bought with similar specs, what did it cost you?

    thanks in advance ...
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I live in Brooklyn, but work in midtown manhattan. I will ask them to pick me up at the station. Thanks for the tip.

    Any luck in finding your car?
  • Actually the car you found is exactly what I wanted.
    But since you found it first it would not be right to go buy it out from under you. I found one without the BC MF CF-R ( backup Camera) and made them an offer using the Hudson one as a reference . THe MF CF_R can be added later .

    The hudson one has a MSRP of 30,858. This one has a MSRP of $30,075 so I reduced it by $550 ( approx invoice versus MSRP) and bid 27,200 for this one .
    The sales manager got on the phone and told me if you get that car for that price $27,750 he wants me to prove it to him and he will match the price for the one that I want. He says at $27,200 for the car I want he is looseing money. I dont believe that and secondly I dont care. I am not his partner. People loose money all the time in this present economy I told him and companys are going out of business and firing people every day

    So I am waiting for you to get yours, and then maybe you can do me a favor and fax the Bill of Sale to where I am looking.
    Do not let them sell you any other options etc. Also sharing a $275 BS ducumentation fee you should tell them is like giving the a $137 tip for picking you up. Stick to your guns .

    Did you notice what I mentioned about the car being swapped out from Smithtown L.I. dealer ?

    If you tell them that , they will think this guy really did his research and where did he find that out ? The more you know the better off you are IMHO

    I am counting on you . Let me know :)
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    His email:

    Price of the vehicle is $27,840.00, Motor Vehicle is $205.00, New York Tax is $2,331.60, Title is $138.00. Your Total is $30,514.60.

    I will most likely take it at this price.

    Thanks for not buying this car before me, even though technically you did direct me to this dealer.

    The dealer just responded to me saying their "sister store Westbury Toyota and it was a swap car. They needed a car we had and we needed a Rav4 built this way for our inventory. at the time we didnt have anything else like this one."
    I guess its sounds legit enough.

    That kind of tip, they should pick me up at work.
    I will send you the bill of sale as soon as I can. The least I can do for you.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    Got my car! I paid OTD price of $30,131.32. They actually waived the fees.
  • Congrats on getting your new car. I have Emailed a dealer with a similar car ( really not as well equipped) what has transpired with your deal .
    I may need to contact you if they want you to fax a copy of your bill to them.
    Please stay in touch and we can figure out a way to speak,(Email or something) to follow up on you helping me get my deal
    Peter :)
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    I am looking for a price on a 2009 V6 Rav 4, leather, moonroof, extra tow pkg.,backup camera, I think everything except the navigation system. Can you help me out. Thanks in advance.
  • Anywhere between $27,800 and $24,400 plus tax title license etc Read back a few pages and learn a little .
    Go to Fitzmall
    for a reference point also Edmunds .com
    pricing for 2009 Rav4 .
    Rav come in Base Sport and Limited editions. Need more info
  • If somebody could please help me.

    I just recently got a quote for a 09 RAV4 V6 4x2 Sport for $29,397.64 with the LA, QX, TO, and BC packages. This price includes all taxes and fees.

    Now I checked Edmunds total Invoice and total TMV which is $26,715 and $27,255 respectively. Just not sure if this include TTL.

    Can anybody tell me if this is a good price? I live in San Bernardino CA so I know my tax is high 7.75% .

    Please respond if you had the same situation or have an idea on what a good price for this should be.

    Thanks in advance...
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    This price is for an 09 Rav 4 Limited, extra tow package,back up camera,moonroof,leather heated seats, I think everything but the Navigation system,$28, tax plates. Reasonable price? I am trying real hard to pull the trigger, what do you think about the price? Thanks.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I would suggest $200-300 over invoice for everyone who wants the 2009 RAV4. This does not include TTL.GOOD LUCK!
  • $200-$300 Over invoice??
    Does that include the rebate they offer???

    One more Question I have for you is does the FitzMall reduces their prices from what they show online?
    Or no negotiation with them???
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    The rebate will not be valid in case of the $200-300 over invoice. I believe the rebate is from the MRSP price, which would make it higher than the price I suggested.

    Fitzmall'ss prices most likely can be negotiated (but I havent tried). There are two options for either buying it at the price or naming your price (if they accept).
  • Vliu
    I am confused ?
    You said in an earlier post:

    "Got my car! I paid OTD price of $30,131.32. They actually waived the fees."

    The dealers invoice for the $30848 MSRP is $28,437.
    They all say to ignore the Edmunds invoice. I have an offer of $100 under this invoice that I beleive is not a bait and switch offer plus TTLD from one dealer whom I am going to see in 2 hours.

    I also have an offer of $450 under invoice that I am not certain is a real, not a BS offer that I will look at friday .

    VLIU did you buy the car from Hudson or not ??
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I bought the car from Hudson for OTD $30,131.32. The confusing part is the breakdown, which I dont completely understand. I dealt with three guys that day, one guy had a different price from the other two.

    The first guy told me that the fees were waived and it will be car price plus tax. He must have been confused with another customer. He wrote down the price on paper ($30,131.32).

    The second guy (internet salesperson) had the fees added to the price, but the title fee was half ($138) totaling my previous internet quote $30,417.06.

    Now the finance guy, who drew up the bill of sale, has a different breakdown of the price. His calculation is as follows: $27,359 for the car, plus tax $2,291.32, registeration fee of $10, title fee of $195, net trade-in of $276 (not sure where that came from but it lowered the price, so why not), cash down of $3,500 with $26,631.32 balance. That totaled $30,131.32.

    The final price of the car is $30,131.32.

    Hope this helps and not confuse you.
  • What options do you have on your car?
  • Well its not 100% clear but since I had not heard from you I went out and bought the MSRP $30,929 RAV 4 V5 with BC CF-R FE MF QY TO AND WL ) WHEEL LOCKS for $250 below invoice which is $28,437 plus he threw in the wheel locks .
    So my final price was $28,187 plus tax $2360.66 and $217.50 for an OTD price of $30,765.16.
    I would not say it was a rock bottom price but $250 below their invoice plus WHEEL LOCKS thrown in was fair for a car that I drove and bought on the spot , as opposed to giving a dealer $$ and waiting for them to grab the car elsewhere.
    Did you trade something in on it? I did not .Did you get the car permanent plates and all yet ?
    For me,bottom line $30765.16 OTD N.Y.STATE WITH BRAND NEW LICENSE PLATES

    Congrats to both of us :)

    P.S. I got the black with sand beige interior I like the look
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    Congrats! The black and sand beige probably looks better.

    I didnt trade in anything. They said the license plates will take one or two weeks.
    I am taking the car to the dealer near me because the tire pressure warning light is on. It was like that one I got it. Hopefully its nothing big.

    I will buy the wheel locks from the dealer, I have a 10% coupon, woohoo!

    Did the dealer try to sell you the tire program? Its $350 for 5 years. I didnt take it.
    Are you getting an alarm system? I am getting the Viper 5901.
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