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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My car came with backup camera, mud flaps ,tow prep, cargo net, wheel locks and CF-R mats (including cargo area) . My MSRP was $30,929 and invoice supposedly ( dealers not Edmonds) $28,439. I paid $28,187 pre Tax Title regy etc of which I did not pay any fake fees only $45 regy fee and tax and DMV price for new plates.

    In any even it is lower than Edmunds Invoice price and about $600 cheaper than Edmunds TMV ( true market price). I have a feeling Edmunds is in cahoots with dealers by lowballing the invoice and then telling you people are paying quite a bit more than we have paid.

    Also I have seen a trend in the last few months where the TMV is closer to the invoice
  • Getting an offer for 08 Rav4 4*4 4 Cyl. Limited with following options
    The MSRP is $29109 and dealer Invoice is $26590
    Currently 08 Rav4 has $1000 rebate.

    With 5% Tax
    Out of Door price is around $26300

    What do you guys think??

    08 Model with 4-Cyl. is the difference worth it??

    I will be keeping the vehicle for years.

  • I guess that makes the car price around $25,000 pre TTLD on a dealer invoice of $26590 , so thats about $1590 under invoice for a car that will be very soon 2 years old .
    I got close to $400 under invoice for a 2009 . I am quite
    the 2009 has a larger 2.5 Inline 4 versus the 2008
    I personally think its too much . If I wanted the car I would ask for another $1500 off , because it will be worth that much less in 6 months than a 2009 and with an older engine etc

    Bargain like crazy , people looseing jobs , homes and IRAs and they want to stick an 2008 on you for this priced HAHA tell them

    Too expensive IMHO
  • Here are more details I got

    MSRP $29169
    Dealer Invoice: $26590
    Dealer Internet Special Price $24119
    Tax: $1514
    Tag: $227 (2 yrs)
    Processing Fee: $100
    $1000 is rebate from Toyota.

    Out of Door: $26010
    You are right that including the $1000 rebate it is around $2500 below invoice.
  • When will the incentives be released for March?
  • a_ba_b Posts: 4
    The March incentives will be released Tuesday morning according to a number of dealers I've spoken with.
  • yukonhawkyukonhawk Posts: 10
    Hi there...I was wondering if anyone in this forum who purchased an '09 Rav4 with the sport appearance package that eliminates the rear spare? If you can tell me the manufacturer of the run flats that would be great? Are they the PAX system by Michelin? Any information that you can share will be greatly appreciated.. I know of too many people with too many nightmares with these run flats.

  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    No Michelin PAX on the RAV's. They are Bridgestone Duelers.
  • Dad just purchased this SUV in the Tacoma, WA area.
    MSRP was 29180
    Paid ... I think it was like 26,853 or something. Basically ended up at $100 over the "invoice" This Suv offered no incentives at the time and I tried to get him to wait until Tuesday when the new incentives come out since it was a cash sale.

    Hope this information was hepful...

    Soed anyone know a good place to buy the warranty online for cheap? They wanted $1734 for the 7yr 75000mile warranty... What a joke!

    Also My Cousin bought a v-6 limited Rav the same day ...MSRP was 33,015 (or close to that) and I think they paid 28897. It was a demo with about 900 miles on it... He bought at a different dealership and they wanted $1250 for the same Warranty =)

  • That is correct, new incentives will be out tomorrow morning. Toyota never releases new programs if the first business day of the month is either a Saturday or a Monday. So in this case the new programs are coming out on the 3rd.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    That is correct, new incentives will be out tomorrow morning. Toyota never releases new programs if the first business day of the month is either a Saturday or a Monday. So in this case the new programs are coming out on the 3rd.

    Since I am shopping for a 2009 Sport V6, bring on the $$$ tomorrow.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    Follow-up: $500 rebate on 2009's according to the dealer contact
  • ravanipravanip Posts: 25
    Any rebate on remaining 2008 models?
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    FYI. I just purchased a 2009 Rav 4 V6 Limited with moonroof,backup camera,leather, everything but Nav, PLUS mudguards,winter mats,cargo net, the extra mats for $28,172, out the door with tax plates $30,100. I also keep my vehicles for a long time. Remember it's a 09 not an 08 and also a V6 not a 4 cyl, which is a difference between the V6 and a 4cyl of about $2000. Hope this helps. Hopefully I did OK. Good Luck, It's a big decision. You can't go wrong with the Rav which ever one you decide on.
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    I paid $28,187 for the exact same car that also had wheel locks,but without the winter mats. I bought the heavy rubber winter mats for $99 at the dealers. The list price at the dealers was $150.
    So we basically paid the same thing. I think we both did faily well. My cars MSRP was $30,929 so I got $2741 off MSRP .

    Being that there are different methods of determining invoice price, we know MSRP is the same regardless of the dealers attempt to add fees, and confuse us.

    Enjoy your new car as I am enjoying mine
  • a_ba_b Posts: 4
    I just paid 22900 + tax, title and reg. for a base 4 cyl 4WD with a third row seat, extra value package and a cargo net in Pyrite Mica. Free oil changes for life. I went to many dealerships and they were all in the same ballpark.

    I recently saw a great price posted in these forums for an extended warranty from a Midwest dealership and now I can't find it. Does any one know where that post may be?
  • Hello all,
    I'm a 29 y/o woman (budget-concious), I live in Piscataway, NJ and i'm trying to find a good Toyota Dealer in my area. I don't want to have to travel too far to buy but will if the price is right! I've gotten a few quotes, but they mainly want me to come in, BS with them & waste my time. I want to be in & out because I lose patience with pushy people ( i know it's their job). I'm trying to do thorough research but it's so overwhelming! At this point I think i've narrowed down my search to the following a 2008 Rav-4 base (whatever the mid level one is) or an older model. I'm 5'9 & I need something that will fit me, I hate little cars ( I used to have a 93 duster in College & grad school). I don't have kids to load into whatever I choose but I want to have space in the car for me & my mom. I don't drive to work, so that's not a concern at the moment. My car doesn't have to be new, I just want something reliable, nice looking and that won't give me tons of problems. If I go new it will be my first BRAND NEW CAR, my Duster was a whopping $500 :blush: and she ran from Delhi, NY, MD, PA & Buffalo, NY often. I don't currently own a car but Dusty the Duster was the last one I owned.

    Here are the things i'd like your advice on:
    -Should I go with a New or Used Rav-4? What's the better deal in your opinion?
    -If I go with something older could I get it fully loaded for less?
    -What year, model do you recommend for me?
    -Is certified used a good option?
    -Is it worth it to get a V6 or would the V4 be sufficient?
    -Is 4wd necessary for NJ?
    -How much did you pay for your Rav-4(including taxes & fees)?
    -Are there things that you recommend that I ask at the Dealerships?
    -What dealership did you buy from, where should I avoid at all costs?
    -Do you recommend buying out of state?
    -If I buy out of state, do I pay for the state of purchase taxes & NJ taxes on it?

    I'm open to all your suggestions!

    Thank you for reading!
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    I am trying to find a dealer in the SF bay area that will sell for under invoice. I have walked from 3 so far who all refused to go under invoice. It seems most people here are able to get $300-$500 under dealer invoice. Is this a Bay Area problem? Or my problem?
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    Did you start from the Edmunds site and request Email prices with all the info , specifically TO QZ QY MF etc .

    Start here
    Also read back 75 or so posts instead of expecting to learn something without doing a little homework .
    If you read the last 75 posts , and use that site I gave you , you will get 3 bids from dealers so you are informed.
    I read for 4 weeks and communictaed with 8 dealers and started with guys who wanted $1000 over invoice , to getttng my car for about $350 under . Just as important, I got the exact car and color I wanted from a dealer 25 miles from my home.
    With what you know, you should NEVER step foot into, nor give your name or phone number to a dealer!
    Insulate yourself via Emails till you know whats what, and then go armed to the guys with the best prices, that are probably going to try to swindle you, anyway.
    Then stick to your guns and do not pay $1 more than what you figured out is fair , for both of you .

    Go to Fitzgerald site for info also :
    Google Fitzmall MD VA PA region for prices
  • rengawrengaw Posts: 22
    I finally bought a RAV yesterday after several months of speaking with about 7 dealers here in the pacific northwest. I ordered the Consumer Report data for $14, I priced the vehicle out on Edmonds, I went through the Costco pricing system, I looked at dealer invoicing and finally I found the most useful referenced point to start with was the Fitzmall internet price.

    My experience of sending out requests for quotes over the internet was not very helpful. And at least half the dealerships I contacted did not answer back. I found it best to speak with live people over the phone and have all my figures sitting in my lap. Several dealerships gave me the impression they would meet my price but after talking to "the man" were $800 to $1100 too high.

    I ended up getting my RAV for $200 under invoice plus the $500 rebate for March. Some dealers had differenct invoice pricing for the exactly same vehicles. In the northwest I would recommend Magic Toyota of Edmonds, WA and the Toyota dealer in Lewiston, Idaho, Rogers Motors, they were straight forward and honest.

    You probablly won't be able to get the Fitzmall price, less rebates, here in the northwest but it is a good starting point.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Which Rav did you get? I am sure you made a very wise choice. Congratulations and ENJOY!
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    Thanks. I have been reading this site closely for several years. Due to the great info here, I have bought 2 cars so far at great prices. That is why I was surprised that after getting 3 online quotes from 3 Bay Area Toyota deals, none came in under invoice. When I countered all 3 with $300-400 under invoice, all 3 said no and never came back with another offer.

    Very strange.
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    Congrats on getting your new car .
    Have fun with it like I am having fun with mine :)

    As to the poor person not able to get a decent deal above. Widen your net and consider taking a 3-4 hour ride to get your car if necessary . I find it hard to beleive that you cant get 2-300 under invoice. I kept on going to different dealers untill I got one that would give me areasonable price.
    I was prepared to take the train to Fitzmall in Md and drive back ( about 3 1/2 hours ) but in the end I found what I wanted at the price that I wanted.

    Are you saying there are only 3 dealers in you area ?
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Does anyone have an opinion or suggestion on an after market remote start for the Rav 4 keyless entry? I am looking for an alarm and remote start in one, it would be for an 09 Rav 4 V6, again with the keyless entry. Thanks
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I just had the viper 5901 installed on my 2009 rav4 ltd 4wd v6. I bought it on eBay for $270 shipped. But the installer said I have to wait for the new module for toyota rav4 because of the push start/ keyless entry. Google viper 5901 to learn more about the system. Also, there is a new viper system (7901?) coming out in April.
  • g78g78 Posts: 1
    Hi. I am being offered $21395 for a 2009 RAV4 4WD 4cyl without tags/title and tax...I live in MD and was wondering if anyone has gotten a better or comparable deal in this area...i have spoken to a bunch of dealerships and this is the best I could negotiate...i have not taken the 500 rebate as I will choose the special financing...
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Hi, Thanks for responding on the remote start. I am a little confused, so did you have the Viper 5901 installed or did you have to wait for the new module? I have a Viper in my car and I love it. I was told that Toyota will void the warranty if an after market system is installed? If you did have the 5901 installed how do you like it? Thanks again.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I had the Viper 5901 installed without the module. I am guessing they wanted my business. The alarm and remote start works fine. I can remote start the car. However, when I open the door, the remote start will shut down, and I will have to push start (to start the car again). The installer stated that the module will fix this so that when I enter the car after I remote start, I just have to step on the brake within half minute. I am not sure why the installer said the module is not available until a couple months later. I checked the web and found idatalink module that should work. But the problem is a minor inconvenience.

    Also, the temp reading is higher than what it should be. I have to call the installer regarding this problem. I still have to test my rear defroster function.

    According to Viper website, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act: no new car warranty can be instantly voided simply by the addition of any aftermarket (non-factory) product, including vehicle security products. Read the faq for more information.

    Another helpful website is which is another automotive forum.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Thanks again, you are very knowledgeable. I didn't like the idea of the remote start shutting off when you enter the car, that's one of the reasons I didn't get the factory installed remote. Why start the car twice and put added use on the starter if you don't need to. I didn't like the idea of starting the Rav 4 twice each time you used the remote, plus the distance on the factory remote was MUCH less than the Viper. Do you know what the difference is between the 5901 and the 7901? I again appreciate your information. I just need to make a decision on the remote and alarm system.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I say the viper5901 is just okay. I don't need the rear defroster and temp check. The temp reader is not even accurate because it is in the dashboard and next to a heat source or air vent. The accuracy depends on the placement of the system. The range is great but one mile is a bit of a stretch. It definity has a longer range than my older viper system. If I had to decide I rather get a lower model. I believe the difference in 7901 and 5901 is the colorful remote.
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