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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rengawrengaw Posts: 22
    Alot of people here in the pacific northwest buy their new vehicles through Costco. I checked into that for the RAV, and the going price was $400 over invoice. Many people consider that a good deal but I thought I could do better. I bested that by $600 plus the $500 rebate but I really worked at it.

    I worked hard to save the money for this RAV for 8 years, so I figured a few hundred dollars and some time was worth it for me. I almost went all the way back to Maryland to Fitzmall to buy it but in the end it wasn't worth it.

    If you can buy one of these RAV's for around invoice, not counting any rebates, it's not a bad deal.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51

    Where did you end up getting your RAV? We tried all over Oregon and southern Washington without a lot of success, finally paying a couple hundred over invoice. The Costco prices we got from dealers were higher than that.

    When you say invoice price, are you referring to the price the dealers give you or the invoice price from an independent source, such as Edmunds? Also, did you pay any dealer doc prep or other fees?
  • jako1jako1 Posts: 22

    Can you list few more details of your purchase.

    What RAV4 trim did you buy?
    What base price did you pay?
    How much was all the fees and tax and title?
    What was the OTD price?
    If you financed, who did you finance with and what was the APR?

    I am planning on going to Magic Toyota this Sunday March 15th for a Sport 4WD 4 Cyl RAV4 and would like to help my brother-in-law get a good deal.

    Your info will greatly help me and it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • barryc3barryc3 Posts: 1
    I have a Solara Convert. right now and because of neck problems having trouble seeing behind me and to the left. How are the sight lines out of the Rav 4?
    Also I purchased my 2007 in July of 2006, when will the 2010 Rav 4 come out?
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but was not sure where this question would fit in.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I purchased my '09 V6 AWD Limited from the Abajian in Walla Walla in November. I paid $500 over Consumer Reports invoice price but I'm sure I could get it for less from them now. Also, Susie at Dotson in Auburn is good to deal with. Abajian and Dotson were the only ones I could get to deal with me over the internet.
  • bp1668bp1668 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased a new 2009 Rav4 Base model 4 cyl FWD with third row seating for $21620 plus tax and title....I'm not sure I got a good deal but reading rengaw post, I paid $225 over what she paid...!

    here's the breakdown of what I paid....
    Base Price: $21,620.06
    Taxes (8.25% in CA): $1,788.19
    Doc Fee: $55 (had to pay sales tax on this...suxs)
    Title and Registration: $228
    CA Tire Fee: $8.75
    Minus (-) $500 Rebate
    Total out the door price $23,200....

    Keep in mind i'm in California and the invoice price was around $21608...based on intellichoice...!

    Hard to believe they only had one car in silver in inventory in the entire Southern California....i'd recommend going to and finding the same MSRP with the right color and then going to the dealer and trying to work out a deal...!

    Edmunds should really work on their inventory for local dealers...its better to know which dealers has which models and colors in stock before I go there...!
  • terri6terri6 Posts: 2
    Hi, Im interested in buying a 2009 Rav 4, Limited, 4 cil, leather,heated seats, moonroof, etc. The dealership price is 38,490.06., including taxes and fees. Is somebody aware of the prices in Ontario (Toronto or surroundings) ? Somebody knows a dealership with a better price for this car? How much? Where? HELPPPPPPPP PLEASEEEEE!!!!!
  • rengawrengaw Posts: 22
    I purchased the above RAV with the addition of all weather mats, mudguards, and the L4 base pkg. I got it for $22,000 (this price includes $500 rebate) plus taxes and fees. I bought at Magic Toyota in Edmonds, WA. Rogers Toyota in Lewiston, ID gave me the best deal which Magic Toyota matched. I went with Magic because it was closer but Rogers would have been my dealership of choice if they had been closer.

    What I found really odd was that the invoice prices I was shown at several dealers for the same exact RAV would vary a few hundred dollars. But then again, as I was looking through the RAV's for sale by Fitzmall, the very same vehicles with the exact equipment showed a $350 difference. Of course, when I dealer purchases a vehicle there may be different incentives in place which would account for the differences in invoice.

    Two dealers said they would meet my price but when we actually got down to talk turkey they went hundreds of dollars higher than what they had told me on the phone. So I walked.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    What I found really odd was that the invoice prices I was shown at several dealers for the same exact RAV would vary a few hundred dollars.

    I found the same thing with the RAV4 Sport V6.........typically by approx $200. I think it has to do with build date and that Toyota increased the invoice but not the MSRP. That said, I just purchased one at $200 over invoice ($300 under after the rebate) and the dealer paid pretty aggressively on my trade.
  • ravanipravanip Posts: 25
    What do you mean when you say Above RAV4?
    Can you please tell us the details.

    I have 2 questions I wanted to ask and sorry if it is already discussed.

    1. 4-Cyl. Vs V6.. What should decide which one to select?
    (V6 is almost 2K more)

    2. AWD Vs FWD again what should be the deciding factor?
    (I am in Maryland if that is one of the criteria)

    I know ppl here are smart and they can give reasons that will help me make my decision.

  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    There is a separate thread on the I4 vs. V-6. You should look at that. In addition, here are my thoughts after driving the (new, 2009) I4 for two months.

    The I4 is more than sufficient for anything we need, and the engine and transmission seem very nicely matched. My recommendation would be to consider the V6 if you want to drive your RAV like a sports car or if you are doing almost exclusively high-speed freeway driving. I find my I4 is up to the freeway driving, but the mileage seems to suffer at high speeds (by which I mean like cruising at 70 or more).

    I am very happy with my 4-cylinder. I drove the V6 and was not as impressed as I expected to be. That's not a knock on it, it just didn't impress me enough to merit the extra cost and slight dropoff in mileage. Then again, my other car is an Acura TL. :)

    We have the AWD, since one of the reasons for the purchase was to feel more secure in driving to winter sports areas like ski resorts and cross-country ski locales. I have no recommendation of the AWD vs the FWD.
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    The laws of economics have been turned on their head. I have been working the SF Bay Area dealers to get a reasonable price on a Rav4 Ltd V6. I was getting very frustrated that my local dealer, Toyota Sunnyvale, refused to consider anything at or below their invoice price (seems like most people here are able to get $200-400 below dealer invoice). I was working with their internet sales dept. Here is what Toyota Sunnyvale wrote when I pressed for a price below their invoice::

    .... As the economy has slowed all businesses have less opportunities to create revenue. If we're used to having 10 customers a month to cover our overhead and now we're getting 7 we have to charge more per customer just to stay open. If the economy continues to slow the prices will go up, not down. That's just the law of supply and demand. When there is alot of demand you have to be more competitive to play.

    Uh, price goes up when demand goes down? That is a new one!!

    I did finally find a dealer, Putnam, in the north bay who agreed to go $500 under invoice for the exact same car. The odd thing is that when I presented Toyota Sunnyvale with the email offer from Putnam to sell at $500 under invoice, Toyota Sunnyvale still refused to budge to anything approaching invoice.

    So it does pay to shop around.

    And not shop at Toyota Sunnyvale if you want a good price!
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    The entire process of shopping for my RAV astonished me. It was quite apparent most dealers when faced with the choice of (1.) selling me a RAV that was not going to be sold to anyone else for a $1000 profit or (2.) NOT SELLING me a RAV at a $2500 profit choose (2.). I just don't get it. I think part of it is Toyota arrogance.

    The dealer I purchased from swapped (or purchased it) from a dealer 10 miles away. The dealer that had the car would not budge from a price that was more than $2000 above what we bought it for. How do they even stay in business? In addition, there were two or three minor options (like cargo net) that were on the car and never showed up in the pricing, so we got them for free. Didn't really want them, but no cost anyway. Sometimes I think the only way the dealers make money is totally in spite of themselves.
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    The people at Toyota Sunnyvale really surprised me with their unwillingness to negotiate. In my experience, all good dealers will make a good faith effort to meet (or get close to) another dealer's bona fide price. Luckily, as others reminded me, I can just call around and drive a little more and save a lot of $$. In this case, I saved $800 by driving 25 minutes vs 5 minutes. Worth it.

    Thanks to those on this forum who reminded me to keep searching until I found a dealer who would deal.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    If you deduct about 7% from the MSRP of the base car and 16% from the MSRP of the option package you will get very close to dealer cost.

    Don't expect a huge discount on RAV4 though because, believe it or not, sales of RAV4 were up 16% in February over a year ago.
  • ep5ep5 Posts: 1
    I'd recommend what I bought. A Rav4 V6, 4wd, base model. The car even at sticker price seems to be a good value (i.e. priced near v6 fwd sedans), and of course you won't be paying sticker. I think when I bought my 2007 in 2007 that it was near invoice. The gas mileage is good, about 18-20 mpg city, 27 highway. It has alot of power which makes it fun to drive. I'd recommend the 4 wd. I don't think 4wd is that much more.
    Feature wise is good even at the base level. I think it is well built, though the paint does seem to get rock chips easily.
    Overall, I don't think it can be beat for the money. The room, the quality, the acceleration and braking at all very good. I do wish the seats and the headrests were more comfortable. I bought the extended warranty, so I'll be driving it 7 yrs, 100K miles.
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    I became friendly with a sales manger very near me who would not sell me a car at better than $1000 over invoice. He said he was getting that price , why lower it. When I bought the exact same car for approx $1300 less than he wanted , he said bravo you got a good deal.
    We became friends and he was not that surprsed that I got my car for the price I paid .

    I guess that proves that not all dealers are in the same financial position , and some can afford to be more firm in their pricing than others.

    The moral of the story is, find the motivated dealer.SHOP SHOP SHOP till there are no dealers left in the area that you are willing to travel to, and DO NOT BE SUPRISED by the difference in price.

    In my case the dealer where I bought it ,was only about 25 miles from my house .
  • a_ba_b Posts: 4
    I visited 4 dealers, last day of the month in February, cash on the table, no financing needed. The best price I could get on a 4 cyl base 4WD with a 3rd row seat and extra value package was 22,900. I had also received about 5 email responses and everyone was within a few hundred dollars. I waited to see what the March incentives would be (no rebate in CT, just a lease deal) and went to the closest dealer since they had the color I wanted. I was expecting these guys to deal and they really didn't. I have to admit though, most of the dealerships were busier than I would have expected given the economy. Oh well, I'm happy with every aspect of the car. The mileage (I'm averaging 26.3 mpg combined) is better than I expected.
  • Yesterday we picked up a 2008 6cyl/4 WD Limited model with leather, heated seats, JBL CD, moonroof, mudguards, tow prep and carpet mats for $27,000 out the door. The deal included trading in my wife's 2000 Outback Legacy w/ 128k miles. Her mechanic told us the Suburu was shot and offered us $900 so he could fix it up for his daughter.

    The kicker is that I did a ton of research (Consumer's, Edmunds, etc.) on only the 2009 models so still have no idea if we got a good deal or a great deal. Can anyone tell us?

    Thanks in advance.
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    Quote by grandtotal: "Don't expect a huge discount on RAV4 though because, believe it or not, sales of RAV4 were up 16% in February over a year ago"

    This figure was for Canada market. In the US, Rav4 sales are down 16% for the month and 23% for the year.
  • rengawrengaw Posts: 22
    Without getting into the V6 vs. I4 debate, I will give you a brief discription of my decision making.

    My wife and I first drove the 2.4 I4 in a 2007 model RAV and we liked it well enough. Then just a couple months ago, we drove a new V6 and were completely blown away by it's power and good fuel economy for the size motor. So, we decided that was the one we wanted. Then later we drove the new 2.5 I4 and we changed our minds completely. My wife will be the primary driver and she said the V6 was way more than she wanted and the new 2.5L she liked a little better. We both thought the I4 RAV danced a little better on the curvy roads due to it being a little lighter up front. Of course, the extra $2000 more for the V6 was a contributing factor also.

    The previous gap between the 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder has been closed somewhat with the new 2.5 I4. The 2.5 has 13 more horsepower than the old 2.4, YET gets 12.8% better gas mileage, so says Toyota, than the old 2.4. The fact is they are both wonderful engines and you will be able to help your buying decision by driving them. I drove about 6 different RAV's because I wanted to be sure. I went on freeways, on curvy roads, up mountains, and in traffic.

    Don't be deterred from buying the I4 over its 4 speed transmission. The 4 speed is just fine and is stronger and gets better gas mileage than the Honda CRV with a 4cyl and 5 speed tranny.

    If you tow over 1500 lbs, want a really fast vehicle, and got the $2,000, the V6 is for you. The major complaint with the V6 is torque steer, especially in the FWD model. And on slippery roads be very gentle on the gas peddle with the V6 because it comes out of it's socks in a hurry.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    Follow up to my prior post:

    Bought a 2009 RAV4 Sport V6 for invoice less the $500 rebate.
  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    OK, sanity prevails! I was set to drive about 30 miles up to Putnam Toyota in the SF Bay Area because my local dealer, Toyota Sunnyvale, was not meeting the Putnam price. Well, it turns out Toyota Sunnyvale did agree to meet the price after all. All I had to do was email them the VIN number to show the car was in stock at Putnam and the price they gave me, and Toyota Sunnyvale met the price.

    Just came home with our 2009 Blizzard Pearl RAV4 with QY package and V6. Man, does that car have acceleration!! Scary fast!
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    Congratulations on your new RAV. I did get a lot of mileage out of that email though. Guess the law of demand has not been repealed after all--at least not in the Bay Area.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    Hi Blueman4,

    Did you bought your car for $500 under invoice before the rebate or after? I am confuse when people say $x under invoice, is that before the rebate or after?

    (1) If it was after than Final Price = Invoice - $500 + TTL
    (2) if it was before than Final Price = Invoice - $500 - $750* + TTL

    Which one is true?

    Thank you for your help.

    *In my area Rebate is $750 for RAV4.
  • Hi. I need help. I am located in Long Island and am looking to buy a Rav4 V6 Sport. I was given an internet price that seems pretty good to me. The accessories it has are FE DR DJ RL SR TO CF and MF. The internet price given to me through a costco program is $26,010. Is this a fair price? I am looking to purchase this weekend. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  • mazda626atxmazda626atx Posts: 227
    Just at first blush any car that has SR RL in my opinion is not taking advantage of the QZ or QY or any other extra vale package.
    When the SR and RL are separate they cost a lot more than the EXTRA value packages that include them plus other options for approx $2000 less .
    The QY package costs $1360 if I remember correctly.It includes SR RL and LA for less than the first 2 .

    If you add up the individual parts of it it they cost $33XX.xx
    What is the DJ option?

    Pm me for my dealer who is in Long Island , but if you are in such a rush I feel that you put yourself at risk of geting robbed
  • Confused. From what I understand, the only value package offered on what im looking for is the QX. You seem to know alot about the packages but you don't know what DJ is. How is that? Edmunds shows its a 6 cd changer. Whos your dealer on LI? I'd gladly contact them.

  • blueman4blueman4 Posts: 7
    There was no rebate on this car. Not sure if that is due to California or if the packages (Ltd, PC, QY, V6) prevented rebate eligibility.

    So I got $500 under without any rebates.
  • vliu13vliu13 Posts: 33
    I just had my alarm installed. I looked under the dashboard where the brakes and accelerator are. I can see the wires and air vent, etc. Is there suppose to be a cover?
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