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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • loud2378loud2378 Posts: 2

    I have not purchased it yet and I live in CA. The dealer's name is Piercey Toyota.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Kenny Ross Toyota. Let me know if you are going to make a purchase. I contacted many dealers and they were the best price. Good luck.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    I purchased the Rav 4 in February no rebates were offered at that time. The dealer in PA is Kenny Ross Toyota. Good Luck. Let me know if you want the sales person's name.
  • halishalis Posts: 1
    I'm looking for V6 Limited with Extra Value Package 1 (leather, moonfoof, etc). Any suggestions as to where best prices in Seattle area may be and what I should be able to find one for? I've done some shopping for the 4 cyl model and had a few dealers say around $26,300. I don't want to pay more than $27 for a V6, and I'm hoping to get it closer to what I was quoted for the 4. Those quotes I received were the first prices mentioned from these dealers, including the March $500 rebate, and with no negotiations. So I'm thinking I can do even better. Also, does anyone have an idea as to whether incentives/rebates will improve during the next month or two? Thanks.
  • koco83koco83 Posts: 2
    I have been researching the sport v6 and was quoted from the dealers $26,763 before T+T. The one dealer said I could only get this model with the run flats. A few questions to the forum:
    1. Is is true I can only get v6 sport with run flats?
    2. How much lower can I get this price down?
    3. Anyone have a toyota dealership in NJ/PA area they recommend?

  • On Mar 28, I just purchased 2009 RAV4 base model 4WD, 4 cyl without the third row but with options FE (50 state emissions) and QV (base model Extra Value Package); one time free oil change; and life-time car wash. The OTD price is $23671. The car price is $22436 without taking off $500 rebate. I am in the 7% tax rate region. The TTL+document fee is $165.25. Is it a good deal?
  • Is it 4cyl, 4WD?
  • raqqasaraqqasa Posts: 1
    After intense shopping around, a very negative experience with Fred Anderson Toyota of Sanford (I would not recommend this dealership to anyone and will happily give anyone the details if they PM me) ...

    I finally bought a V6 Sport 4wd from Leith Toyota in Raleigh, NC ... Its got the Sport Appearance package, towing prep package, floor mats, and the extra value package.

    Paid 26,800 out the door. If anyone wants the salesperson please PM me.

    The Run Flats come in the Sport Appearance package and almost all the V6 Sports have that package on the car.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    1. Is is true I can only get v6 sport with run flats?

    If you want the Sport Appearance Package.......yes. If you don't, then you can get one without the run flats.

    2. How much lower can I get this price down?

    I recently bough a Sport V6 for $500 below invoice after the $500 rebate.

    3. Anyone have a toyota dealership in NJ/PA area they recommend?

    I price quoted several dealers in central PA and most came back a few hundred over invoice before negotiation and trade considerations.
  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    The Run Flats come in the Sport Appearance package and almost all the V6 Sports have that package on the car.

    Most, but not all: - erMake=0&zip=&distance=

    Check out the various internet shopping sites as there are dealers that list individual inventory. I noticed several V6 Sports without the Appearance Package when I was shopping.
  • eljatuleljatul Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    I keep checking this thread regularly and I see that people are usually getting their RAV4 about $500 under invoice price. I'm in the Portland, OR area and so far contacted 2 dealers and offered $500 under invoice and they basically reacted as I'm crazy or somewhat. :) My question for you is when you refer to invoice are you using the invoice that you see in As expected dealers want me to pay also for their ads and other fees saying that they are part of the invoice....

    I'm looking for a 2009 RAV4 Limited 4WD (2.5L 4cyl 4A) with QY Extra Value Package #1. MSRP is $28,460 and invoice $26,157. I offered something like $25.500 and so far no luck. It has been like a month and I don't see them coming back to me lowering their prices. Any ideas?

  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    I'm in southern Oregon and I "worked with" dealers throughout Oregon and some in Seattle. I had the same experience as you are having. When I talk about invoice price, I mean the true invoice price, verifiable on Edmunds and in other places--NOT the phony invoice price the dealers claim and email you. Also, my costs included no processing fees, document fees, or whatever else they might want to call them.

    We tried for months to get to true invoice price and were unable to do it. Many times, we were given a "take it or leave it" price. Several times we countered and never got a reply. Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience. We eventually purchased the RAV you described, but with backup camera and four or five other options we did not want (exhaust tips, door sill enhancements [!!], and whatever else). We were pretty specific in terms of what we wanted, including both interior and exterior color--no substitutions, so we eventually just took the best price we were able to negotiate, which was probably about $400 over invoice. I never added up the exact costs of the various extra options we didn't want, but I suspect they would have brought the invoice to about $26,600. Even at that, I think there were two more options (cargo net and something else) that were not even invoiced anywhere, so we got those for free. We paid $27,000--no doc fees, nothing else but license and title, which was something around $45.

    If I had to do it again, I may well have have given up and gone with my second choice. My suggestions to you--and take them for what they may be worth from someone who was not real successful at the process--would be to stick to a price you are willing to pay, maybe invoice, $100 over, whatever it is. Then contact a couple dealers that seem like they actually want to sell you the car and talk to them or go in, in person, ready to finalize a deal--and ready to walk out, too.

    I just checked my sticker, and the MSRP was $28,992 (after subtracting out the $2000 "discount" for the extra value package). Don't get me wrong, I totally love the car. Love the size, spaciousness of the interior, peppy engine, and more. At this time, I feel pretty ambivalent about whether I would ever buy a Toyota again, not because of the vehicle, but because of the arrogance of the company (perhaps) and the dealers--and I'm not even mentioning our local dealers in southern Oregon. Very happy with the car, though.

    If I can share any more that might help, let me know. This was in January, and there were no rebates. We got the car we wanted for ski season, even though we paid $400-$500 more than we planned. Good luck.
  • In order to secure the best deal possible, you need to have the price you want to pay set and be ready to buy if that price is met. But don't start there, start even lower. They won't accept it, so make it seem like you are willing to meet them "half-way" (which would be the price you want to pay anyway). But from my experience, this doesn't work over email, they don't think you are serious and are only using their quote for leverage against another dealer, but if you go into the showroom and then make it known that you are ready to buy today, they know you aren't just using them for a quote and will work harder. Negotiate towards the price you want minus $500, and if they don't get near there, say "Thanks for your time, but we won't be able to do business together". You'll be surprised at how quickly their attitude changes. But this will only work if they see that you are serious. If they think you are just "looking" you won't get their best deal.
  • eljatuleljatul Posts: 3
    Good feedback. I was mainly using email to get their best price. In the past that worked fine with Hyundai dealers and I got excellent prices. Toyota dealers seem to be another breed like kkrtrek said in his post.

  • Hi,
    On Mar 30, I had purchased 2009 RAV4 base model 2WD, 4 cyl without the third row but with options FE (50 state emissions) and QV (base model Extra Value Package with Mud Guards); The OTD price is $22200. I am from NJ(7% tax rate) .
  • koco83koco83 Posts: 2
    What dealership in NJ did you go to?
  • Very well put, orangeman99.

    The last three car buying experiences we had ended well because our position was much stronger since we were able to say that if we got our price we would buy THAT day. I have found that the dealer works a lot harder to accomodate a buyer once they believe the buyer is serious. Dealers will not lower their guard (or prices) if they think you are going to get up at the end of the session and say you'll get back to them. The "buy today" approach makes for the most satisfactory car buying experience for both sides in our experience. This means you must be well prepared and know what exact packages the dealer is offering so you don't wind up negotiating for options that are not available. I would also recommend working with a more experienced sales person as they tend to be less worried about making their nut then in moving the car out the door.
  • Hi, Santoshmanya:

    Thanks for your reply. If assuming that RAV4 Base 4WD Model is $1000 higher than its FWD Model, I might overpay about $500.
  • mdcar1mdcar1 Posts: 4
    Just to share with you my recent purchase experience:

    Bought a 2009 RAV4 base model, FWD, 4cyl, base extra value package plus floor mats, $19735 plus tax (6%), tags ($287), and dealing processing fee ($100), OTD price $21292, which includes $500 rebates. Also got 4.9% APR for 60 months. It's in Maryland, though. Overall pleasant experience with the dealership, no arm-twisting & no pressure. Hope it helps.
  • NixcarNixcar Posts: 4
    Quoted $31,534.84 for Rav 4, V6 4WD, QZ package w/Nav system. How low can we go on this price? Need Help!
  • Hi, mdcar1:

    Good job. Thanks for sharing. I learned a lesson.
  • KamryKamry Posts: 18
    Does anyone have info on obtaining a 2009 Limited Rav 4 owners manual that I can place on a cd? Thanks in advance.
  • This is exactly the same model with the same package i am now baigaining with dealerships nearby. However, the lowest OTD price i could got is only $22,490. our tax is 2.75% higher than your though. I am wondering how can you manage to do such a good job and what should i do next. can i just ask them to match this price (of course with the tax adjustment)? can anyone guide me a bit? thank you very much in advance!
    PS, i am new here. couldn't find out how to PM a person here. can anyone kindly help me with this.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not an expert on this but to my knowledge you can't send PM's here, you have to either send an email to their carspace address or check to see if the user has an email address listed on their profile (right click on users name)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Correct format for the carspace email is
  • thank you so much for your kind reply. I will try to edit my carspace first.
  • mdcar1mdcar1 Posts: 4
    I didn't negotiate with the dealer at all. I guess I probably have taken the advantage of living in an area close to Fitzmall (DC/MD/VA). I did Internet quotes and found one of the E-prices is actually lower than the Fitzmall price. So I just went to visit that dealer first and made the deal. Otherwise I would go to Fitzmall first.

    Another tip is: You have to show the dealer that you are serious about buying a vehicle so that you may get the best price possible. In my case, I think it's a deal acceotable to both parties.
  • mdcar1mdcar1 Posts: 4
    I think you can definitely wait and get a better deal for 09 RAV4 in the summer or early fall, but then you may not be able to find the prefered color(s) and options. I found only one RAV4 with the color, trim, and options I want within 30 miles of where I'm living. I also chose the one with "J" VIN number because I'm not 100% sure about the quality of the first year cars from the new assemly facility in Ontario, Canada.
  • valcor33valcor33 Posts: 1
    I just paid $21,158 OTD for a 2009 Rav4 Base Model with Option OV. Did I make out, or could I have done better? I am in Norfolk, VA.
  • Hi,
    I bought the Black 2009 Rav4, Sport, 4WD, 4Cyl with extra value package, floor mats for $24,400 OTD. This price includes everything (title ($85), tax (5%), doc fee (~$200), etc) there was no discount at that time.
    I bought this car in first week of December '08 at a dealer in Boston, MA.
    I guess you can get it at a lower price

    Hope this helps & Good luck!!!

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