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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    what???? you mean they are goin to increase the corolla incentives s version past $1750? That is INSANE!
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    local dealer says Rav4 rebate goes from $500 to $750, financing stays at 3.9%. not much of a change.

    looks like almost everything else they make but the rav gets 0%. corolla is listed as $1000cash or 0%/60 months
  • newbeeenewbeee Posts: 10
    Can someone please verify whether Rav4 incentive did go up (from $500 to $750) or not??? I thought it did, according to these links:

    ....but on shows $500 rebate, ends 06/01/09 ??!!!!
  • genuxgenux Posts: 2
    It seems to be region specific. In SoCal, it's only $500. In the Central states, it goes up to $750. The best "source" I have for this is site: AV4
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    don't have the specific numbers but i got a price of $12,865 out the door yesterday with my trade in of a 2007 toyota yaris hatchback-auto-18,000 milespw/locks. that price includes ttl etc-i can either take the rebate which brings it down and additional $500 or get 0% financing. it had the qv package on it and car mats. i am shopping this or a new crv-how does this price sound? chicago area
    this makes the rav about $283 more than the crv but has the rear privacy glass included in the package-roof rack-etc.
  • cy23youngcy23young Posts: 2
    Purchased Rav4 this weekend. My sister referred me to Camelback Toyota. Sales person named Mohammid, not sure of spelling name correctly. No hassle, which what I wanted. Researched cars and it lead me to Rav4. Test drove and finished the deal under 2 hours. Was not sure about 4 or 6 cylinder. After driving 4, I felt it had enough power for me. There is a $500 incentive right now. I had a trade-in 2000 accord lx for $3500, which was a good price because I did have a couple a dings and chips. Paid $19100 OTD. It was a good experience and no b.s., would recommend the sales person.
  • genuxgenux Posts: 2
    Based on this price, did you get the base RAV4? Were there any other options/packages you installed? I'm still debating between the base CR-V, base RAV4, or base RAV4 V6. From what I can tell, insurance on the CR-V seems to be slightly cheaper, and their resale value seems to be a bit stronger. Driving experience for me seems to be at par, except the CR-V felt a little stiffer to handle.
  • i1101001i1101001 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Thought I would post this here since I learned much before buying our new Rav4. We were split between the base Rav4 4wd and the new Subaru Forester, but eventually went with Rav4 for the better seats, better engine, and 4wd only when we need it (live in upstate NY near Lake Ontario). We wanted the base model with 4wd, and only the base value package (daytime lights, roof rails, etc) and wanted the pacific blue. Went to the only dealer within 2 hours who had a blue car and worked out a deal in under an hour. Was not able to get edmunds invoice because they claimed dealer advertising fees were part of their invoice and were non-negotiable (I was also told this at 2 other dealerships, so did not push the issue). Asked 24000 OTD, they countered with 25000 OTD, eventually settled at 24,500 by getting 22,5000 dealer invoice (base invoice + dest + 350 in dealer ad fee) and only sales (1800) and tag/title (200). he dropped 350 off car to get to invoice and dropped the 100 dealer prep fee, so I felt that I had gotten the best deal I could considering we wanted that color and were unwilling to drive 6 hours to fitzmall. After we agreed to the price, the F&I guy was quite easy; I simply told him right as we walked in the door that we had agreed to 24500 OTD. He barely mentioned any warranties, etc.

    This was my first new car experience, and I have to say I was quite pleased with the whole process. I did not see much unethical behavior, and did not deem the dealer ad fee worth walking out on because edmunds takes an ambiguous stance on whether that is really just dealer profit or a legit invoice fee.

    I worked with Dorshel Toyota of Rochester NY and would recommend them.
  • novacouplenovacouple Posts: 19
    I almost bought one a few months back but decided to wait out the bad economy (probably a mistake). Best price I found was at Laurel Carmax, where they sell new Toyotas. They now have a loaded 4WD, V6 with everything but navigation listed for $28,026. You can see this price online and most dealers will meet or slightly beat it.
  • Anyone think you can offer 19k in a cashiers check with rav4 base 4x4 no options and get one in ohio? Fitz mall is around 21k, I figure you get 1k discount due to new graduate and someone who wants to make quota.....Yeah that would need to be a perfect storm.
  • vpperezvpperez Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 2009 Base Rav4 4x4. This is my first new car!!!

    Here are the numbers rounded

    Vehicle Sales Price: 22,000.00
    Vehicle Trans fee: 25.00
    Doc Fee: 150.00
    Taxes: 1802.00
    Not sure: $80
    Total $23994

    Minus trade in - $3550.
    End result $20344.00

    Am i shafting myself with the trade in? I am getting 60 months for 3.9apr. which bumps it up $375 a month
    Please offer opinions. Thanks
  • rastro817rastro817 Posts: 1
    I am looking to replace an aging Ford Sedan and am interested in a used RAV4. I've targeted the 2006 model year as it is the first with the larger size. The vehicle is located in Rhode Island and is a 4x4 Sport, V6, Sunroof, 31,000 miles, Dark Green. The vehicle is Certified Used. Negotiated price is $19,000 not including tax, title, etc. Can any one offer thoughts on what similar vehicles are going for?

  • sixofonesixofone Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased a base model Rav4 recently in the S.F. Bay Area? If so, what was the price of the car and the OTD price?

    After talking with several dealers in the area, I've been getting prices ranging from 21k to 24k for the price of a base model Rav4, 4cyl, FWD, with the Base Extra Value options package. I need some guidance on what is a reasonable price.

  • leo34leo34 Posts: 2
    Rav4, 4cyl, FWD, with the Base QV Extra Value options package.

    The offer from a local dealer is: $20,000 (including $500 rebate and $1000 new graduate credit)+Plus tax (5%, Iowa)+title + license.

    Is that a good deal?

  • darien1darien1 Posts: 3
    I received a message from a couple of the dealers I am checking for prices, saying that the Base Rav4 with Third Row Seats is not available anywhere in the St. Louis area. Can anybody comment if that is true, and why that might be? Without the third row seat option the CR-V looks like a better value than the RAV4. Thank for your help.

  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    Hypothetically, 3rd row seats are offered on the base RAV4, I doubt that any dealers actually stock this configuration, however.
  • darien1darien1 Posts: 3 - - - =2

    My question is if the dealer is saying the truth about the option not being delivered to any dealer within 6 hours driving distance of St. Louis. If so, WHY is that? Paying extra $900 for the flexibility of having 2 extra seats is a selling point for me.

    IF I can't find the RAV4 with 3rd row seats, the CRV is a much better value by maybe 1.5K and higher safety ratings, better seats, better interior, better wiplash neck protection. Besides the fact that it is a piece of cake to get a Honda dealer to go down to close to Edmunds Invoice while it has proved annoyingly hard and time consuming to get a Toyota dealer to go down within thousands of invoice. They actually start by quoting prices above MSRP and then "pretend" to go down 1K or so. I am starting to think the cockiness others complained about with Toyota is not an imagined trait. I want to buy even today, but it is proving impossible to get straight answers.

    If you have the money why can you get the car and options you want?

  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    I am not surprised.

    Toyota always have low inventories (probably by design). I am not sure if your dealer is telling you the truth or not but it is possible that you won't fine 3rd row configuration in your state. I am speaking by experience, I was looking for black LTD RAV4 with backup camera and i could not find single one in my state. I found one in different state (5 hours away). Not only that dealers told me "it's a regional thing". I emailed Toyota and their response was your local dealer should be able to get the config you want provided it is available at other dealers or available in production (if you are willing to wait). But the fact is dealers are more interested in selling what they have, they have little interest in getting what you want. Although Toyota did said they can force the dealer to get what you want but I didn't do that because in that i will not get the price i wanted. so it's a catch 22. Another thing, I did saw one RAV4 with 3rd row seat at one of the dealer, believe me you don't want that. It had about 2 inches between 2nd and 3rd row seat. You could only put little kids and they won't even have any room to move. If you really needs 3rd row seat, I would recommend getting different SUV.

    I would disagree about CRV. Personally I didn't like CR-V interior, it has less power, less MPG, more road noise, Does not feel solid like RAV4, Consumer Reports has RAV4 as the best in the class.

    Hope this helps.
  • darien1darien1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your insight. I respect your opinion, but the opinions across the map is that the interior of the CRV is better. Actually the rankings here s/grid/overall/

    are the same only because they say the RAV4 has better exterior design which I beg to disagree. I don't really care much how they look, but side by side the RAV is the uglier of the two.

    Gas and power I think they are tied 1MPG is not much difference, and power is kind of relative since according to all reviews the CRV is the peppier of the two (better utilization of power?)

    Thanks about the comment of road noise, I will have to go and test it both in 4 cylinders, 4WD to see how they do. I agree that is very important, a long noisy ride can be very annoying.

    About the 3 row seating, I am single. I want a small SUV because of the flexibility and practicality. I only like the 2 extra seats because they stow away. Else, I wouldn't want driving 2 extra empty seats 98% of the time. But when you need to drive extra friends for a short trip. The extra flexibility is well worth paying ~$800 for, IMO.

  • taxlawyertaxlawyer Posts: 29
    I disagree with Darien.

    I've driven both the 4cyl Rav and CR-V on several occasions. The issue isn't horsepower or peppiness...its torque.

    The CR-V feels like a Civic. The Rav-4 feels like a raised Camry.

    CR-V has more road noise, less power (with lower mileage?). Read the James Healy review in USA Today. He sums it up best. Think about it, if the CR-V has less hp (or is atleast noticeably slower than the RAV4) then it shouldn't get less mileage at all. His observation was that it needs either 15% more power or 15% more fuel economy. I agree with him.

    As for the interior, the Honda feels more refined but only when you are sitting still. Drive it and the engine feels a bit like a sewing machine. Cute for grocery moms but I can't imagine any grown man feeling comfortable in it.

    As for looks, the Honda has a better coat of paint and is more stylish with the hidden wheel but it comes at a cost of less interior cargo space. Either way, looks are personal preference.

    I guess the argument goes back and forth but the Rav4(even with the 4spd) still has more usable power (for merging, etc.) than the CR-V with better fuel economy to boot!

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • johnrayjohnray Posts: 7
    I too had a hard time deciding between the RAV4 and CR-V. I can't even remember what exactly was the deciding factor now, but I ended up getting the CR-V. I think it had to do with the consistent quality of Honda in Consumer Reports and Toyota's inconsistency lately, plus the monopoly that Southeast Toyota dealers have on this region that pretty much force you to pay $800 for their advertising no matter which state you buy your new Toyota in and the fact that it seemed like it took a lot of expensive options to get the Toyota the way I wanted (no spare tire on the back, sunroof, etc.) that upped the price of them even more and of course, the fact that Toyota, like Honda, knows people want their products so they don't have to try hard to offer incentives or lower prices (being an Apple user, I'm used to this, but I still don't like it). In the end, they are both great vehicles and I don't think you could go wrong getting either one.
  • jackiniljackinil Posts: 1
    We test drove the CRV and RAV4 recently .Ultimately decided on the RAV4 and picked up a Limited 4WD this past Friday.The RAV4 just felt more solid and the wife who will be the primary driver of it liked it better.Also got 0 % financing and price within $200 of the TMV listed on Edmunds.I really don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    I agree with you taxlawyer.

    It's simple..

    RAV4: More Power, More MPG
    CR-V: Less Power, Less MPG

    Unless you are all about looks...
  • jim_carsjim_cars Posts: 1
    I'm in the process to buy the RAV4 2009 6 cylinders, leather seats, mirror bk cam, 6 disc cd, ipod interface. So far, I have received one offer of $28,980.

    I would like to know if someone has bought the same car recently and how much paid.

    Any help or comment will be appreciate it.
  • andrea01andrea01 Posts: 1
    I need some help in pricing out a vehicle. I'm in Maryland, have sought out the TMV invoice for what others are paying for a 4x4 4 cyl RAV4. When I pull up the TMV it includes the Destination charge in the total.
    #1.How is final price figured. Is tax taken onthe base price, options, accessories, and the destination charge or is the destination added after the tax?
    #2 Any recommended dealers who offer the best pricing? I'm finding quite a spread so far
    #3 Dealers tell me they have little inventory but that a boat is due to arrive with 20 plus RAV4 base models. They can reserve one for me. In reading about the Holdback article, it says dealer must have inventory on hand and the holdback percentage is 2% for Maryland. Is this another area I can reduce my price? Can someone explain to me how cars are distributed that are being shipped in. I am assuming that they are already dedicated to a dealer. If not the case, let me know. I'm green on this.
    #4. If I pay cash vs financing, should I expect a deeper discount from dealer or none at all.
  • ted10375ted10375 Posts: 10
    I haven't bought yet so can't vouch for the success...

    Track Rav4 prices on dealer websites that display internet pricing. I've found the following so far, just Google them for the website:

    Milton Ruben (Augusta, GA)
    Fitzgerald Auto Malls ( prices are typically best
    Ourisman (Fairfax, VA)
    Browns (Glen Burnie, MD)
    R&H (Baltimore)
    Miller (Manassas, VA)
    Carmax (2 locations sell new Toyotas)

    For each of these, calculate their best % off MSRP for the model you want. Don't forget that several of these websites will exclude destination from the price paid, so you will have to add it back.

    **Theoretically,** your local dealer should match or beat the best % off MSRP you can find online for a similar vehicle. recommends negotiating as a % off MSRP. Their website has a lot of good info as well.

    Offer below the best price you think you can get, and negotiate upwards. Deal only with the dealership's Internet Department.

    Good luck to all the shoppers, I hope it works...for you and me!
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    Those are some good questions. I'm not sure I really know the answers, but I'll give it a shot and hope it at least helps you along a bit.

    1. Sales tax is certainly calculated on all those items except (maybe, I just don't know) the destination charge. I don't have a sales tax in my state. A call to the franchise tax board should answer that question.
    2. I would go to Fizmall and feel lucky that I could. I bought my RAV near where I live (well, 300 miles away) in Oregon. I contacted dealers from Nevada to California to Washington. Like your experience, the prices were all over the board and just too high. I eventually settled on a Limited at about $500 over true dealer invoice price. Fitzmall's prices seem to be about $500 below invoice on the Limiteds, although I do not know current rebates or incentives.
    3. From what I have gathered, specific cars are allocated to the dealers, but they will usually swap them when they have a buyer for one.
    4. Dealer's usually get some of the profit from financing, so I don't think you can expect a discount with cash. On the other hand, they know it's a done deal with cash if you can agree on a price. I just don't think you can do better by paying cash. Doesn't mean you shouldn't, though.

    Good luck. I love my Rav, but the buying process was so painful, after a couple months I was only a couple days from walking away and going with my second choice. Hope your purchase is smoother.
  • Does anyone here have experience buying 2009 RAV4 Limited V6 3.5L 2WD Leather recently?

    I want to know some experiences and expected OTD prices for it.

    Thank you!
  • Hello everyone...My husband just got laid off, but I am carless and looking for best price in the US (I live in Calif) for Rav4Ltd,nav, leather, rack (what other option would I want?) will be my 5 year car and I drive the elderly community around as a volunteer. Should I drop the 4WD to keep down the noise level and roughness? Many thanks to all..can buy in Bay Area or San Diego or in between! :confuse:
  • eljatuleljatul Posts: 3
    Date of purchase: 06 / 06 / 2009
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    2009 Base 4WD V4
    + QV Additional Package
    + Bluetooth
    + All Weather Mats
    $ 23,000 + title fees

    MSRP was like 24,500
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