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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ditto, I am looking at the same model with similiar option. I am in the process of getting quotes and like to know the latest buying experiences.

    How much under Edmunds invoice can be expected right now?

  • wow, from which dealer? My local dealers in NY are hostile, $1000 higher than MSRP and no finance at all. I have to walk out their shops.
  • seajakeseajake Posts: 2
    Date of Purchase: 6/9/09
    Location; Spokane, WA

    Silver, QY, BC, TO, CF (Carpet/Cargo Mat Set (5pc set))

    Paid $28,930 + registration/sales tax
  • ted10375ted10375 Posts: 10
    If you are buying and looking to trade in an older vehicle, start paying close attention to the "Cash For Clunkers" legislation winding through Congress. The House has passed, and there's now a good chance the Senate will pass and Obama will sign very soon. If your trade-in is worth less than $3,500 and gets less than 18 MPG you will come out ahead on your new car.

    Google "Cash For Clunkers" for the latest.
  • sc75188sc75188 Posts: 12
    I am looking to buy a toyota Rav4 Limited 4 cylinder with the limited package the msrp is $28,315 how much is a decent offer on that....
  • rav4guy3rav4guy3 Posts: 2
    Just placed an order for 2009 RAV4 limited 4x4, 4 cylinders,blizzard pearl, with QY (extra value package) and BC (backup Camera) @ Lees Toyota @ Hillside, New York.
    $27200 plus reg & tax.
    Is this price fair? thanks
  • ghlughlu Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I am looking at a base Rav4 for my wife with either 4cyl or a V6. The lowest price I got quoted is the following
    4cyl + QV, Mat MSRP $23964, quoted $21835 + tax/title
    V6 + QW, TO, Mat MSRP $26039, quoted $23988 + tax/title
    both prices quoted are after $500 cash back. Are those prices fair? Thanks.
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    hi ,
    bought an 08 ,plain jayne 4 cylinder model off lease for 17900...the amazing fact was the generous trade in on my 08 honda fit...
    rav had 26 k miles while my fit had 32k !!go figure.
  • kkrtrekkkrtrek Posts: 51
    To the folks asking about a RAV 4-cylinder, Limited:

    Mine has 4WD, extra value package QY, backup camera, and other odds and ends that I didn't want. MSRP was $29,000. I paid $27,000 and don't think I did particularly well. This was in January, so there were no incentives or cashback. I really love the car and am very happy. Good luck.
  • fatgordyfatgordy Posts: 3
    Just purchased the V6 Limited fully loaded. Here's what it has:

    Base MSRP ($27,810)
    Back-up Cam ($475)
    Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Mat ($199)
    Extra Value Package #1 ($1360)
    Tow Prep Package ($160)
    Wheel Locks ($81)
    Delivery ($800)
    Total MSRP = $30,885

    I was able to talk them down to $28,802 and got $200 over KBB Good Trade value on my 2006 Corolla (which I was pretty happy about because it needed some body work and new tires). I also got the 3.9% APR financing and the $1000 college rebate because I'm currently enrolled as a graduate student (it pays to read the fine print on the TFS website). After college rebate, the final price was $27,802.

    I did all of my haggling via email before I even went to the dealer. I emailed about five different dealers in the area until I found the best price at Toyota of Lancaster in PA. While haggling, all the dealers wanted to call me to discuss the details but I just told them that I couldn't answer the phone at work and preferred to discuss the price over email. For me, that was the low stress approach as I really don't like to talk to salespeople on the phone. I did end up talking to one dealer on the phone and it ended up taking over an hour just to get a price out of him. I’ll never do that again. They will give you a price over email if you ask them and for me it worked just as well.

    Once I was satisfied with the best price via email, my wife and I went to the dealer and asked the salesperson to give us the full treatment. When I say that, I mean that we asked him tell us all about every little detail of the vehicle. The way I figure it, you want to allow the salesperson to feel like they've done their job before you start talking numbers. We did a complete walkthrough of the vehicle and all the options. We went for a 20 minute test drive on both the highway and back roads. I was pretty happy with the vehicle and the way it handles. Also, the 269 Horsepower helped a little bit too! Then after we were completely satisfied with the choice, we went inside to talk numbers.

    As I said, we went to this dealer for the very first time already agreed on a price for the vehicle ($28,802). That one detail made for a very low stress visit. The only thing that we needed to work out at the dealer was the trade value. Of course we couldn’t do that via email because they need to look at your trade and drive it around to assess the value.

    I told the dealer that if we could work out the right trade value, I'd drive it off the lot today. I pulled out an advertisement from another dealer that had a coupon for "up to $2000 over KBB Fair Trade Value". I told him that I was looking to get at least $1700 over KBB Fair Trade Value (which is $9000 for the 2006 Corolla). He said that he would talk to his manager but he didn't know if they could get that much for it. He came back with $200 over the KBB Good trade value ($8500), which I was pretty happy with. The car had a few paint scratches, a big dent in the rear quarterpanel, needed new tires, and needed to be cleaned inside because of my kids love to throw their Cheerios and Apple Juice on the floors and seats.

    Make sure you eat before you go to the dealer as it does take a long time! In total, I ended up spending about 4 hours at the dealer finalizing everything. It also really pays to work out the price before you go because we didn’t even talk about it until it was time to do the paperwork and that really lowers the stress level. I actually really enjoyed the visit and I feel like I got a pretty good deal in the end.

    The next step is to find an after market tow hitch as the Tow Package conveniently doesn’t include the hitch – how strange. Also, I think I’m going to look for a rooftop storage container as the luggage space in the back still isn’t quite large enough for all of the crap that I have to lug around for my kids and wife. Haha.
  • orijinorijin Posts: 2
    I am in the New York City area and was wondering what kind of price people in my area paid for a 2009 rav4 base or sports awd with no other options besides that value package which seems to be a default for every rav4 out there.

    Best price I got was 24600 out the door for a base model which i think is pretty expensive.
  • mbengembenge Posts: 18
    I would like to believe that is a good deal for out the door :confuse: . I just assisted my in-laws in purchasing a similarly equipped sport but FWD with an added cargo space (tonnau) cover and floor mats. Their out the door was about 24700. They did have to have the dealer find one and transfer it in though.
  • mbengembenge Posts: 18
    ...The RAV was purchased in southeast Alabama.
  • orijinolzorijinolz Posts: 4
    My girlfriend just made a purchased on a 2009 Rav4 Base AWD White for

    $23820 out the door.

    I am pretty sure i could've gotten a better deal but she didn't want to wait and made the purchase.

    Plaza Toyota in Brooklyn, NY wanted to give me a better price and claimed they were able to beat $23500 out the door so if anyone in the tristate area is interested.
  • hi there...I am wondering what the dealer cost was compared to what you paid. also if you find a great looking top-cargo holder, let me know. that alone is time spent researching, I know!
    I am trying to finalize my purchase. did you have navigation? I'm pretty jazzed..thanks for your writing...I am only negotiating on internet also.
    san diego
  • vonycvonyc Posts: 2
    Hello. Travel to 4 Toyota dealers in MA for the best price on a RAV4. IRA Toyota in Milford, MA had the best deal for the color and choice of origin (Japan) that I wanted. No pressure from the Sales Rep or his manager. Retail $24019. Price paid $21500.

    RAV4 4x4
    Extra Value Package
    5-Piece Carpet Floor & Cargo Mats
    OTD $22981
    Good luck!
  • Hi there, did you include $1,000 new grad rebate in your OTD price? Thanks.
  • vonycvonyc Posts: 2
    No. That price is without the new grad rebate. Hope this helps.
  • That's seems to be the standard base config. I was quoted at another dealer South of Boston 22,500 for a similar vehicle, and I know it's not a 'hook 'em' quote. They'll honor that price. (Copeland in Brockton) But it'll be good to play price war :)

    I bought my 2007 Sienna at Copeland. Painless buying experience. Got the price over the phone, and bought the van at that price. It was one of the last 2007's that they received- arrived on Friday, I bought it Saturday. Was in and out of rthe dealership in only a few hours.

    This contrast's with Boch- ugh. Had a deal on a Highlander (what we REALLY want) but they backed out when we handed over the CC for the deposit. Wasted 4 hours of my life.

    Did you trade as well? I'm looking ot trade a 10 year old VW. So far I'm insulted by what dealers are looking to give me for it. KBB and NADA aren't even close to what they are offering.

    Since there are no rebates on the rav right now, we're waiting until after the 7th and the new program hits. We're not losing anything by waiting.
  • drolixdrolix Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    Just paid $24700 OTD for

    2009 Rav4 AWD
    extra value package
    dealer installed heated leather seats
    Carpet mats

    How did I do? Thanks
  • tingtingtingting Posts: 1
    Could you please tell me which city are you in? It is really cheap and the cheapest price I get in Houston is almost 23000. That is really a big difference.
  • tree329tree329 Posts: 6
    I have a 2007 rav4 ltd jbl radio but I'm disappointed that it doesn't show what song or artist is playing. I have friends with cats that are older and cost much less that has this feature.
  • hello,

    I'm new to Los Angeles and want some help with my purchase of the RAV 4.

    I'd like to find other recent out-the-door pricing on the 2009 RAV 4 sport, which would contain the following specs:
    -4x2 (FWD)
    -Options package = "QX" = Sport Extra Value Package-
    -Dark charcoal fabric interior (NON-LEATHER)
    -black exterior

    What is the best price out there?
    Thanks very much!
  • Here's a few quotes that I have received that I know are legit and no hassle here in Boston. All prices are plus tax, tags and the $250 doc fee

    Rav4 I4 4WD base Sticker $24019- quoted 22k even.

    Rav4 Sport I4 4WD Sticker $25870 Quoted $23900 with FE (50 state emissions) QX (Sport Extra Value Package (savings of $1000)-includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL), black roof rails and cross bars, power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer with integrated XM Satellite Radio receiver (includes 90-day trial subscription), MP3/WMA playback capability and six speakers)) and CF Floormats
  • I was quoted $22,000 for a completely bare 4cylinder AWD Rav4. I didn't want (that really means I didn't need and didn't want to pay for) any extras. The salespeople were great and the process was painless, but I think that is high given that the msrp is $22,900. I really want to do business with them, but once I came back home and saw the msrp my whole attitude changed. Please give some feedback. Thanks.
  • lolita88lolita88 Posts: 1
    hi, there, to me , that is really a good deal. I am in the Burlington area in VT and the prices are so high here, I would like to drive to Boston if I could get a price like the one you get. Could you give me more information of your quote and the contact infor of the dealership? Thanks a lot!!
  • vargarvvargarv Posts: 1
    Hello~ Does anyone here have experience buying 2009 RAV4 Base 4WD 4-cyl 2.5L with Extra Package(including 17" wheels and rear privacy glass) recently?

    I want to know some experiences and expected OTD prices for it, and I live in Rochester, Minnesota.

    Thank you!
  • krisudhakrisudha Posts: 2
    I am in the market for the Rav4. I found two similar base 4wd 2009 Certified Pre-owned vehicles with the following pricing from the SAME DEALER.

    1. Base 2009 4WD - 10K miles - $19,000 - White
    2. Base 2009 4Wd - 8K miles - $24,000- Silver

    Apart from the colors, there is no other difference in feature (from what I see in the advt and what I heard from the dealer). Even the carfax shows both the vehicles are corporate fleet lease vechicles owned by a single owner for approximately 6 months and no problems.

    I am more interested in buying the one that is $19,000 (plan to bargain it to $18K + TTL). Anything fishy with this one as I see a $4K difference in the price between the two? Please help.

    Thank You!
  • Ira in Manchester only got down to $22,000. Tell me, how hard was it to get them down to $21,500? I wonder if they would do that for me if I showed them your post? Either way I am so glad I read this. I was almost ready to jump on Manchester's offer.
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