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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jenp1jenp1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Silver Toyota Rav 4, Base Model, 4x2, no extras for $19,500. $22,000 out the door. I live in Santa Monica, California.
  • thanks for the message.
    v6 or v4 engine?
  • I've got a 12+year relationship with a dealer in town, a 30 year relationship with Toyota. I want to by a 2009 RAV4. The sticker price is $29281 - it includes:

    RAV4 V6 4x4 Sport
    Sport Appearance Package
    Sport Extra Value
    Tow Prep
    Backup Monitor Mirror
    Auto lights on/off
    Floor Mats

    I told them I had been looking online and saw that the average price for this vehicle was $27200 BEFORE the $500 rebate, and it INCLUDES the $800 destination. So all that's left would be taxes, tags and their document fee (27200 - 500 x .0317 + 60 + 340 = 27946 - OTD).

    Their final offer to me was $29344. They pulled out the supposed factory invoice - which showed their invoice price as around 27300+/-. I noticed and questioned an additional charge of $500 for holdback - I said that I shouldn't have to pay the holdback - it makes no sense - that's what Toyota returns to the dealership. I was told, literally, "there's only one holdback, just one, that's all and that's it." WHAAADDDD??? Blah blah blah lick kill moist - if he had said that, it's just as informative, but at least it would have been entertaining!

    Anyway, they let me walk. I've just searched fitzmall and found the exact vehicle with an internet price of 26806 - which includes freight. Add in the taxes, tags, and I've got a total right around 28000. I live in Northern VA, what are the implications of buying in Maryland? Could I still get it serviced in Virginia - or would they let the hammer fall and nail me each time I took it in for routine service (yes, I am paranoid - but this process is just so insane it makes me paranoid!).

    Am I expecting too much - could it be because it's in Northern VA? I told them I had looked at the CRV but didn't care for it as it resembles a mini-van inside & out, but I also looked at the Nissan Rogue - which is a very nice vehicle, and I like that transmission. Granted, it's only a V4 - but it's also much cheaper - and I know a number of people with Nissans' that have had them for 8-12 years, so I think the quality is somewhat comparable.

    My first choice is the RAV4 - but I can't get it in the color I want, they don't actually have it in stock - they've got to get it from another dealer and when it gets here it'll have over 100 miles on it.

    I just don't get why they'd let me walk, after 12 years - my car is serviced there - REGULARLY - I just shelled out $2500 to get my camry's rear seal and other things fixed (I plan on giving my camry to my parents).

    Looking forward to your thoughts and advice. . . Veronica!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    If you choose to purchase your vehicle from Fitzmall you can have it serviced at any Toyota dealership, you are not obligated to have it done at a certain dealership as the initial warranty is from the manufacture and not the dealership. From the sound of things if Fitzmall has what you want I'd buy from them if the local dealers refuse to budge on their price.
  • Jenp1, I'm looking to buy the exact same car and was wondering where you bought yours? Thanks!
  • danioyuandanioyuan Posts: 1
    Hi, jenp1, does the OTD price include tax and everything? Thanks.
  • Did anyone purchase security alarm as an option on RAV4? If so, how much did you pay for it? I'm shopping for a RAV4 I4 base model with value package, and can't find any already installed with security alarm? The dealer told me their customers are not interested in buying things like security alarm, mudguards, etc. :confuse:
  • When I was leasing my RAV4 in April, the dealer offered me the alarm for $23 a month for 36 months. If you do the math, that's $828. I thought that it was high, but he said that they go for about $700 but a little more if you want to spread it over the lease period. I didn't get it. I just got the gap coverage in case it gets stolen for $7/month.
  • Does anyone have a hint at the rebates or financing deals for RAV4 in August?
  • cableman2cableman2 Posts: 3
    I am from Rochester, NY. I am interested in buying a new Rav4 4-cylinder 4x4 with the extra value package (daytime running light, tinted windows, 17 inch wheels, roof rack). Does anybody have an idea on what i should pay for this. Has anybody bought a car similar to this and got it for a good price? thanks for the help.
  • $22k even. However the this dealer has a special on one similarly equipped blue one for $21.3k.

    I've bought 2 cars at this Boston area dealer. No real haggle on price, and they gave me decent value for my trade. (A 10 year old VW). I might have been able to do better on price, but the trade value I was given was $500 better than elsewhere, and I was not seeing $500 better prices.

    Hit up the BDC's (internet department) at the local dealers. Boston has a lot of Toyota dealers so they compete aggressively against each other. Dunno about Rochester as it's a much smaller city.

    I've found that some dealers will give price over the phone or email, some won't. If you won't give me a price over the phone, I'm not coming in. For me that simple, I got minorly burned (time only) with another dealer locally on a Highlander before buying the RAV.

    My dealership is not the closest to my house but it's less than 20 minutes away. the closest is literally 5.

    I'm not interested n the art of negotiating. I just want to buy a car at a good out the door price.

    Our rav (had it for a week) is a base 4x4 with the EVP and floor mats. Sticker was $24019.

    Hope this helps.

    You can always go to and check their prices for 'fair value' on a new Toyota. Make sure equipment is identical as different regions get differing equipment. My mom lives in Kentucky and they don't see many 4x4 RAVs. However we don;t see many 4x2's here in the Northeast.
  • krisudhakrisudha Posts: 2
    Can some one please let me know if a 2008 Base Rav4 2WD with 22K miles Leather & Running board for $18K OTD is a good price?

    I am planning to buy it today, please let me know.
  • arcadiaarcadia Posts: 2
    what is your MSRP price?
  • chuckfromlichuckfromli Posts: 248
    Veronica, I would walk away from that deal. I have just started searching for a similarly equipped RAV4, either Sport or LTD and either 4 cyl. or 6, I really don't care as long as it has the moonroof and leather. Granted, I have only looked at websites, but it seems that the 4 cyl. should be well under 27K, while the 6 is around 28K. This is for Long Island, NY and there are at least 4 Toyota dealers within 30 mnutes of me.

    I would shop other dealers and try to get prices on line from their Internet Sales dept. Another tactic is to call and see if the dealership has a Fleet Manager. Call the fleet manager and tell them you want to fax over a bid sheet. Type up a sheet stating what you want, make, model, options. Give them a day or two and then call back and ask them to fax you their best price.

    One thing I have seen dealers do, in regards to warranty work only, is to make you wait for work on your car if you didn't purchase it there. You have to get in line for repairs and wait until they finish all warranty work on cars sold by them. This was at a Pontiac/GMC dealer where I saw this sign in the service department. I believe the manufacturer pays them much less per hour for labor than a customer.
  • chuckfromlichuckfromli Posts: 248
    An aftermarket alarm from a stereo/alarm store sholdn't cost more than $250 installed, unless you are looking for some type of upscale brand with more features.
  • tad44tad44 Posts: 2
    with extra value package and floor mats in the bay area:
    MSRP $22,619
    Cache Price $21,300
    Rebate $1000
    Trade-in (CARS) $4,500

    So the cost of vehicle is $15800 (+ sales tax, DMV fee, etc.)
    I think it's a pretty good price. :)

    But I was probably ripped off by the finance guy. :mad:
    I paid $1395 for 4 yrs (premium) prepaid maintenance plan.
    Also paid $395 for alarm and $100 for 5 yrs theft protection (which pays $5000).
    (BTW, what's Guarding alarm?)

    Fortunately the maintenance plan can be canceled,
    but the alarm and the protection probably can't.

    This was my first new car purchase.
    I did research the vehicle price, but I didn't expect the last minutes rip-off. :(
  • For two months or so, had 1991 Toyota Camry V6 Auto listed for new EPA combined mileage as 18. Thus, the car qualified for cash for clunkers program. On 7/25, they changed the mileage to 19 and made it not qualified. Anyone noticed about this change?
  • festivusfestivus Posts: 9
    I have some buyer's remorse after my purchase. Got a 2009 Rav4 Limited V6 4WD w/ extra value package 1, towing pkg, and mats. MSRP was 30,400 or something like that.

    Sales guy knew my wife fell in love with the car and knew we had $4500 coming for clunker, a 99 Rodeo. I should have known that the guy was a shyster when he offered me only $2300 for potential trade-in. KBB said $3200.

    So he hit us with 29,789 price. I argued that 28,500 would be fair. By the way, I have never paid over invoice for any new car. He then fooled me with the extra value pkg explanation that the car was already discounted by $2000 with this package. Beware of this ploy. I don't know why I fell for it. I knew better but we really wanted the car. Maybe I was exhausted and hungry too. I settled on $29,500. Then I got the extended warranty, the one for 6yr/100,000k for $895. We've had some issues with our 04 Accord so we bit on it. We did get the $4500 clunker and the $750 cash and got a great rate on a 63 month loan from a bank. 4.5% I think.

    Lessons learned: Don't let them see/hear your emotions! Don't let them know you have a clunker ahead of time! Don't make an impulse decision!

    I cost myself at least $20/month by my calculations. Time to move on and never go to this dealer again. But I think that we got a great car anyway so at least that's something...
  • Hi, I just brought a 2009 RAV4 Base Model with 3rd seat option and bluetooth wireless. MSRP $24,028 which including the value package discount which is standard on all base model. Anyway with the $500 loyalty, $1,000 college Grad. discount, and take the 3.9% 5 yrs. I paid $23K OTD... Was that a steal for me? I was quote at $23,800 at other dealer but this dealer LONGO Toyota got me for $23K OTD . Took me 5hrs just to nail it down to $23K. Overall I'm happy with the price. Anybody out there have/had a better deal than this? I'm from So Cal
  • Hi Ken, I just pursued a quote from Longo Toyota as well for a Rav4. My "lowest" quote and your OTD price have very similar dealer discounts. It looks like you got about a $2000 dealer discount (or maybe just a little less). That is effectively what I am getting quoted as well for a Sport model. So, this isn't a steal, but you are probably doing better than most.

    In the San Diego Area, It seems that most are willing to come $2000 off MSRP but it is more difficult to get more. Toyota of Temecula advertises $2000 off MSRP any model and a couple others (e.g. Toyota of Poway, Bob Baker Toyota and Mossy Toyota) are offering discounts ranging from $2200 to $2800 off select base models (with few options). In each of those ads, the price applies to only a select few models (e.g. three at this price). I'm not sure if the discount will apply to any other cars, but I'm going to do my best this week to try and get similar MSRP discounts off a Sport model!

    Anyone geting $2500 off MSRP (don't count rebates) in Southern California for the FWD 4Cylinder Sport?
  • Hello deepseabio, I got alittle more than $2,100 OFF MSRP. Remember TAX rate in different cities, county are diiferent since Gov. Swaz increase the tax well actually not him. It was us that voted for the increase. Anyway LONGO tax rate are 10.25% so it make a different. Not sure what's the rate in San Diego. On the Sport Model. I think I can get it for $24,000 OTD with the MSRP of $25,179. Without College Grab rebate. It look like $25K. Let me know what happen...
  • Hi Kenleslie76,

    Will do. Our tax rate is 8.75%, so yes, you did get more off MSRP than I had calculated (the difference being the extra tax). The tax rate reflects the city you live in, not the city of the dealership. So, if you live in a city with a 10.25% tax rate, then you pay that tax rate regardless of where you live.

    You might want to try Toyota of Temecula, which is offering $2000 off MSRP any model and see if you can get them up to $2300 or so off MSRP. Then, bring the quote back to Longo for a match.

    I'll let you know how my week goes.
  • YES! This happened to my car as well. On 7/11/09, my 1991 Audi 80 Quattro was listed with 18 mpg combined, now it is listed at 19 mpg. I didn't know exactly when it changed, but you saw it change on 7/25/09, so mine apparently changed on the same date. Have you found any other references to these changes? Any other info?

    Thanks, Don.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Hi Don, there are several consumers who have had the exact same experience - from 18 MPG prior to the 25th, to exactly 19 MPG on the 25th. You can check it out in our discussion titled Cash for Clunkers - Does it Work for You?


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  • mnguyenmnguyen Posts: 5
    Hi, I just brought a 2009 RAV4 4cylinders Limited Model with Extra Value Package option at the OTD price of $26,989 at Brunswick toyota dealer in Cleveland(sale tax is 6.5%), OH. Please let me know if this is a good deal?
  • cableman2cableman2 Posts: 3
    Thank you, this was very helpful. The twenty-two thousand you paid was OTD right?
  • That was the price of the rav itself- Minus trade, Plus 5% tax, + title and transfer of tags ($110) and $250 doc fee.

    Base model is fine fo our needs, We'll be ordering Weathertech mats soon. We've got them in our Sienna and love them. Best investment I've ever made in a car accessory.
  • Okay, finally got the car...

    FWD Sport Model 4 cylinder with Leather Premium Package, Back-up Monitor, QX Value Package, and Mats. Sticker was $27,074. Price agreed upon was $24,700 minus the $500 factory rebate = $24,200. This is before any taxes, licensing, ect.

    On top of this, we used the CARS rebate. So total OTD was $21.8k or so....

    This was about $500 below invoice.

    I'm not so sure that good deals are going to stay though, I know the dealer I went to sold 96 cars over the weekend, and 2/3 of them used the CARS rebate. If demand stays high and inventory drops, it will be hard to negotiate a price below invoice.
  • sirjubjubsirjubjub Posts: 1

    I just purchased this same SUV here in Kentucky for $26,073 OTD. The dealers like to play there little games with “my manager said this and that” but if you persevere you can get a great deal. If you not in a hurry to purchase the vehicle I would wait until the end of the month or even better the quarter and they will come crawling back to you with a deal of a life time. Good luck and I hope you have a better experience with the car than I did. It’s been in the shop more than it’s been on the road.

  • Wow....that's a awesome deal you got out from the dealer. Which dealer do you brought from? I know I got mine for $400 under invoice from LONGO. I was consider to get that package similar to your but I changed my mind and ended up with a base with 3rd seat/bluetooth. Let me know which dealer is it. My cousin might be interested this weekend to but one too.
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