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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I purchased the fully loaded limited one too yday with a couple of additional options - security and anti dimming mirror and price came pretty much the same as you have mentioned. Though I did not trade in and opted for 0 % APR with college grad rebate. I did not think I did particularly good in negotiating but looks like from what you have mentioned it is not that bad deal.
  • I have been internet shopping, and have some money coming in six weeks. The dealers by me all seem to be down to about three RAV4s each in the Limited model with the sunroof and leather package. I suspect they will all be gone by the time my money arrives.

    Anyone have any idea what knd of price I might pay on a 2010 in very late Sept/early October? I am kind of thinking that I will have pay considerably more because the new model won't be discounted off MSRP, or will only be discounted like $500 off MSRP.

    The way I undestand it, Edmunds might not even have TMV pricing for the 2010s at that time, since so few will have been sold.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Don't have the money but want to buy now? Go leasing, but you need pay extra 600 for acquisition fee. For me I will wait for another 6 weeks and let the cash for clunkers dies down, as dealers are now having very very good sales and don't want to offer deep discount.
  • Yes, including everything that is said as out of door price (OTD).

    Well, truth was I made this deal before July 24, 2009.
    I assumed dealer would much like to give in to make deal before July 24. Still thought Dealer will make at least more than $800 from this sale on that day. Toyota has $1,000 market assistant to dealer for 2009 RAV4 then.
  • This is much more than those quotes before July 24, 2009, $1,500 more if including tax. Sounds like Dealer is in fully position to take advantage of Cash 4 Clunker program now. All dealers I talked with before July 24 thought nothing to do with C4C. and C4C is the customer trade-in. Now they want one piece of C4C.
  • I'm so happy I found this forum!!

    It's Certified Pre-Owned so it still has the Manufacturers Warranty.
    The CarFax looks good. One owner.
    21,900 miles
    4 wheel drive
    It looks great (I think they call is "clean" condition)
    Body Style- Sport Utility
    Automatic four-speed transmission
    has a roof rack

    It's listed at $18,700. I talked the dealer down to $17,900. That's higher than I want to pay so I said I'd get back to him.

    Thank you for any advice.
  • mross20mross20 Posts: 1
    The best price I have been quoted is $23,475 for a new Base Rav4 AWD with the basic QV package. I am pretty sure this is just $500 below MSRP which is what they are offering on every Rav4.

    This seems crazy to me. Before CARS I read people were getting Rav4's for almost $1000 below invoice. Now they are going for over $1000 above invoice. That is a $2000 swing. I guess the dealerships have us by the balls. I am going to negotiate this price Thursday and if they can't bring it down more I am going to walk right next door to Honda. They really want my business.

    The CARS program has given the dealers all the power. Negotiation is tough.
  • I don't do leases. Something about never ending car payments, having to return the car damn near perfect, and having to worry about getting ripped off by a dealer every 3 years turns me off.

    I really like to buy the best quality item availabale and keep it for several years. Like with clothing, electronics, etc., it just pays off in the long run.

    On the bright side, someone posted, I think on the CRV forum, that in six weeks or so the C4C should be just about over, or at least widing down, and inventory should be up.
  • pjmsj21pjmsj21 Posts: 2
    Tough time to be buying a car especially if you are not using cash for clunkers. The best deal I can find is a Limited V6, $30,800 msrp being offerred at $29,300 ($1000 Toyota rebate plus $400 discount from dealer).

    Should I wait till after cash for clunkers or is this an acceptable deal for the Portland OR area?


  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    Toyota dealers (at least 7 of them within metro Portland area) are taking advantage of the CARS program and really holding onto their slim SUV inventories. If you don't have a clunker and buying now is not a life-or-death situation, I would wait until the program is over. The Toyota dealer in Gladstone screwed me last week, when they tricked me into driving down to their dealer with an email promise to be competitive with a real quote that I received from another further away dealer. Once I got there, they made me wait for 30 min while they "investigated" my quote (they thought that I was lying) then only to tell me that they are selling the Highlander at MSRP. Portland area is not a good place to buy a car, for they negotiate with the mindset that they can charge higher when there is no sales tax involve. Order a car from California or Washington instead and have it shipped to Oregon.
  • I would wait, if you can. I just saw an article on today that said the C4C trade ins for the first week of August are way down compared to the last week of July.

    Also, newspaper article today that says dealers are getting fed up waiting for the money from the govt. and don't want to do C4C anymore. These dealers have done 50-150 deals and haven't goten a dime yet!

    I think it will be pretty much over in two-three weeks. I believe 1.8 billion of the 3 billion has been used up already. Almost half a million cars off the road. Also, Honda, Ford and GM are stepping up production. Their inventory for Cobalts, Fusions, Escapes, Civics, CRV's and Odyseeys is expected to rise.
  • Hello:

    I got a 2009 Rav4 Limited (w/ cloth), V6, 4WD, with roof, bluetooth, 6cd, etc for:

    $349/mo (tax in at 6.5%, and gap insurance at $330)
    $709 down
    3 year

    How did I do?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,831
    Looks pretty good... MSRP of around $27K-$28K?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Can you please let me know where did you purchased the car and for how much. I am also intrested to buy Limited and live in north NJ. Thank you.
  • The Portland market is toast until C for C is over and the market corrects. I had a salesman tell me the first weekend of C for C that he did not want to talk to me if I had cash and wanted anything specific like body style, color, options, and especially price. C for C buyers were buying anything he had to offer and at MSRP. There are no 2009s left. 2010s are expected, but there went the model year end $1000 incentive. We are out of the market until it returns to normal and the dealerships respect a cash buyer again. Probably will not see this until November or December. Salesmen may be a little more hungry by then.
  • Sorry for the delayed reply. I purchased my RAV4 at Towne Toyota on Route 46 in Ledgewood, NJ. Last time I checked, they were still offering finance incentives on RAV4s
  • when I got a rav4 limited w/ towing, extra value pkg and mats about a month ago. Only $900 off MSRP. I was so p!ssed that I negotiated for side steps afterwards and the dealer agreed to that. So MSRP would have been about $30,850 or so with those and I paid $29,500, $28,750 with a $750 rebate.

    Sounds like I got a fair deal since I had a clunker to donate.
  • puneecarpuneecar Posts: 17
    Any advice estimates on what I should be paying OTD including all dealer fees?(before tax)
    Are Title/Registration Cost expected to be included in OTD price? Should it?
    How much extra does Title/Reg Cost if not included??

    $22,900 MSRP : BASE RAV4 4x4, 4-Cylinder (in NY TriState Area-ish)

    +$1,060 +OPTION: 3rd Row Package
    -(QV) Base Extra Value Package
    -(DRL) DayTime Running Lights
    -(TH) Third Row Seats
    -17" 5-Spoke P225/65R17 tires
    -17" Spare Tire on Steel WHeel
    -Black Roof Rails & Cross Bars
    -Privacy Glass

    +$1,186 +ACCESSORIES
    -(BM) Body side moldings [32] @ $199
    -(MF) Mudguard [31] @ $99
    -(V4) Remote start [31] @ $529
    -(V5) VIP RS3200+ security system [31] @ $359

    $25,946 TOTAL MSRP

    $23,815 =91.79% is Edmunds Invoice Price vs MSRP
    $25,134 =96.87% is Edmunds TMV Price vs MSRP

    Looks like a pretty horrible TMV price to me
    1300$ above Invoice
    only 800$ below MSRP :confuse:

    ::echoes:: I shouldve bought this car last month before CARS :sick:
  • puneecarpuneecar Posts: 17
    would be cool to share your experience here.
    no, i dont work for dealerrater, i'v just been trying to go through the reviews to see and know what to look out for, and being in NY shopping for a rav4, w/e your story is, it's probably good for me to kno. much appreciated

    you could also file with attorney general of NYC laint.pdf
  • I'd like to hear your stories details too. One thing I've learned from the dealer reviews on Edmunds and from dealerrater is to never buy a car that the dealer is going to "get" for you from another dealer. Just too many horror stories.

    If I wanted something that bad, and couldn't find it at the closest dealer or two or three, I'd either wait for them to get one in stock, settle for similiar options, or travel to another dealer. Those dealer ratings are full of stories from people who put deposits and then found out weeks later that the dealer can't get the car they were promised. Then these poor buyers have to struggle to get their down payment back.

    If it's not in stock, I don't want it. And if I do really want it, I'll go find it.
  • mik004mik004 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2009 base model 4 cylinder this weekend. Bought from prestige toyota in Ramsey. They were good to work with, haggling aside. $25,000 out the door was the best I could do. Good luck to all.
  • Just bought a new 2009 RAV4 4 cyl. Base FWD (Base $21,624+tax+TTL fees) in Pacific Blue (hard to find, though) in Philadelphia area. Included Packages and Options:

    CF - Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat (5-Piece Set)
    FE - 50 State Emissions
    QV - Base L4 EVP Package includes: Wheels: 17" Styled Steel, Roof Rack w/Cross Bar Roof Rail, Daytime Running Lights, Privacy Glass

    Is it a good deal based on your research and experience? Interesting to know your thoughts.

    Thank you,
  • Congrats! 25,000 OTD seems expensive somewhat, though. suggests that the actual dealer cost is about $21,000 for this model, so you may have overpaid a couple of grans.
  • Mine has BC (backup camera), QY (extra value package), TO (towing prep package), MF (mudguards), 2Q (all weather mats), and WL (wheel locks for the alloy wheels), Still happy about the deal -- hope others were able to get one! Only disappoinment is the car doesn't have a compass -- wazzup with that?
  • Spent all day Shopping @ East Coast Toyota in Jersey today.

    4WD-4Cyl Rav4 Base Model w Options:
    QV Value Package
    TH Third Row Seat

    Came in w/ an internet quote of 23,900 being told if I came in, I'd get a better quote in person. After I came in, they said they couldnt do any better than 23,900, because an internet quote is just to draw us into the dealership, but they'll honor the quote us anyway. I persisted that we came in today based on being told we'd get a BETTER quote looking for 23,500 and he comes back with 23,850 w/ 1yr free maintenance every 5000 miles (which for us wouldve been 2 checkups tops)

    i said 23,700 and Im driving away today, and he comes back with 23,800 with down to only 1 oil change. Im on the fence, quite upset they're only to budge 100$ down from their opening quote but granted 23,900 is edmund's tmv. He pulls out a referal postcard for 100$ each for referal and referer, and it occurred to me my freind referred me, so if i could cash in on this referal promo, Im sold, Im happy. but no. Turnsout, friend alredy bought his car just 2 days ago, but didnt pick up car yet. After an hr of back and forth of this and that, they finally agreed that upon friend's pickup, they'll honor 100$ for him and 100$ for me...upon their word of honor. Ofcourse thats just silly to expect them to follow thru after Iv alredy driven away, so i ask for something in another half hr.. fine they'll add that in writing to the paperwork in the F&I office. fine, we move on to the F&I office.

    in F&I office.
    I tried to refuse to sign waiver of lawsuit in favor of arbitration, but they insisted it's a must. I insisted on refusal. F&I leaves and comes back and says, it's a must or it's over. I reluctantly said FINE and signed. then comes the VIN etching for 175$.. he said it was already included in my price.. but the hidden meaning was included in my Buyers Order for extra 175$ on top of 23,800 (which i already signed) but failed to notice it as "THEFT DETERRENT". F&I insisted everyone gets it, its already included, i cant decline it.. i asked where.. he shows me on the Form and sure enough it says "optional" which i pointed out. He went back outside, came back in with my original sales guy. They both confront me and say Im being difficult and if i wont take the etching, it's a no deal. So i agreed with them... NO DEAL..and walked out. 6.5 hrs total spent in dealership with girlfriend, 3yrold, & 4yrold.

    This is the story of my Price NOT PAID. 23,700 (After Referal Bonus) + docFEES(300$) +Reg(400$) +NYTax(2110$)

    Apprx Net TOTAL = $ 26500+
    BASE 4x4 4Cyl Rav4 with 3rd Row Seating Package + Carpet
  • Just bought a new 2009 RAV4 4 cyl. Base FWD (Base $21,624+tax+TTL fees) in Pacific Blue (hard to find, though) in Philadelphia area. Included Packages and Options:

    CF - Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat (5-Piece Set)
    FE - 50 State Emissions
    QV - Base L4 EVP Package includes: Wheels: 17" Styled Steel, Roof Rack w/Cross Bar Roof Rail, Daytime Running Lights, Privacy Glass

    Is it a good deal based on your research and experience? Interesting to know your thoughts.

    Thank you,
  • Puneecar-Was it really worth it to walk out? I mean, six and half hours there with two kids and you walked over $175 VIN etching?

    Maybe it's the principal, I don't know. It seems to me too man people get carried away on these boards trying to squeeze the salesman/dealer for the last hundred or two.

    Give me a happy salesman, let him feed his family, and treat me like a human being.

    I know that if I left after all that time and aggravation I would be so pissed of, my blood pressure would be up, and I would be cursing car salesmen in general and trying to explain to the kids why we didn't get the car after spending their afternoon there too.

    To me, it's not worth the aggravation. It's worth it to pay the extra $200 for something I'll have for at least 7 years, and to know that if I ever need a friend there, the salesman might remember me fondly.
  • Are you saying you got 0% because of the college grad program?

    I got a rav4 limited yesterday and got 1000$ with new college rebate. However, my APR is as high as 6.75%. Did i miss something? Do new college grads get 0% at toyota?
  • believe me and my girlfriend felt that wy very much.. to have spent 6 hrs there and then leave with nothing.. (and stereotypically thats exactly how they want you to feel)

    but put it in perspective, we werent trying to squeeze the salesguy at all.
    invoice was 22.7K. I was willing to settle for 23.7K. $1000 ABOVE invoice. ONLY 200$ below their opening quote. They cranked the waiting game on full throttle (probably b/c i had my kids with me) and wasted 4 hrs of my time just to give me 100$ off the opening quote.. with only a half promise of honoring the other 100$.

    i just couldnt walk out of there not feeling utterly ripped off after 6hrs and being at the same price i started with 6hrs ago. .. and for them to blackmail me refusing to sell me the car unless I agree to pay for an optional Item.. Im sorry, the Attorney General of NJ and Toyota, as well as BBB will be hearing about this... since my salesman boasted about their BBB certification. one voice might not do anything, but hopefully advising others to do the same might eventually surface some new laws about this practice as its happenned in the past. Maybe the next time i buy a car 5-10yrs down i dont have to waste as much time.

    Fortunately, as frustrating as it was for us.. our kids saw it as quite an adventure carrying their new backpacks full of their games, books, and snacks being in a showroom full of cars.
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