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Chevrolet HHR



  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Is a rear seat DVD player available?
  • It doesn't look like a rear seat DVD system is available- from the factory or as a dealer installed accessory. Maybe they're trying to keep it from getting even more expensively since it would add $1500 to already loaded models?
  • Its seems like alot of car for the money, but the PT is more like its worth the money, no more no less. The new interrior in teh PT is horrible.

    Its wierd that people don't compare the HHR for the scion econoboxes, because if they did the HHR would probably win. Its alot bigger and more powerful and the final prices would probably be the same.

    Its really nice with the chrome roof rails or w/e those things up there are called, and the crome trim on the inside is just enough without bieng eccessive. Nice.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    If you are talking about reprogramming it for better performance I have no knowledge other than it can be done. I would do a bunch of searches, if you already haven't, on online search engines. I have changed a control module in the distributer once, but that is about as much as I did. Being that this engine was in well over 10 million vehicles, I am sure there is every modification available. I have seen websites with high performance rebuild kits-headers, heads, cams, fuel injection, turbo's, etc.
  • We bought ours July 29th, it was the first sold in Kentucky, and second titled in Ohio. Sticker was just under $24k, and we gave $22k even for it. (2.4 auto 2LT) Dealers will come down off their "sticker" price even though it is a new vehicle. BTW 5888 miles and still loving it!!! Not to mention as I show my 68RS Camaro, my wife has won a couple trophies with her HHR!!! :blush: The folks with older street rods really appreciate the lines of the HHR.
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    Any one know what is included in the Discount Options Package designated as 1 SZ? It wasn't clear on my invoice and I was apparently charged for the options that I selected.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    I could be wrong but I think it is some kind of discount designation.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yeah, looks like Chrysler did Chevy a favor by changing the interior and the exterior on the PT.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    We just picked up our FO 2.4 5MT 2LT on saturday. I'll have to get a few more miles on to see if I really like it (got a little 'new car' stiffness right now). I couldn't find a manual tranny one to test drive prior to ordering, but the only thing I've noticed so far is the physical shift pattern seems a little more different the other MT vehicles I've had. I had to go thru the gears a few times to 'train' myself where 2nd and 5th are. Gonna take me a while to figure out all the gizmos and how they work :)
  • Sat in a new blue 2LT the other day, I liked the blue guages, only thing that concerned me was my knee hitting the dash consol. Seems they placed the throttle pedal too close. Fit and finish looked OK, didn't seem claustrophobic to me , but I didn't take it for a test drive. maybe do that this weekend. It was $22,xxx, with the 5 gear. Wasn't too keen on the cloth upholstery.
  • Got a call from a Chevy salesman I had contacted earlier asking if I was interested in a car they had acquired. Despite the fact I had told him I wasn't interested in paying over 21,000 for the car with the options I had selected he sent me a sticker that showed a price of 23,665. Well in the course of speaking with him and looking at a print of the sticker I realized the car was a demo. When I asked he said that he would give me a $1000 discount because of this. When I asked him how much miles it had on it all he could tell me was less than 5,000 miles. I was about to end the call when I noticed another shocker. There was a $995 dealer price add on charge. When I asked about it he said it was for transport of the car from it's present location. Basically he had tagged on a charge just so he could make me feel like I was getting a discount and I would be paying MSRP for what is essentially a used car.

    I've had it with GM and their dishonest salespeople. They can take their HHR and ........
  • Trust me, this isn't a GM sales tactic, this is simply a sales tactic employed by the vast majority of the auto industry. Honest salespersons are few and far between and they expect consumers to be ignorant of their purchase and not realize they're getting ripped off.

    That's what I love so much about shopping for a car over the internet. You can be very firm about a price and get it in writing. You can also be more harsh than you might be in person and it's very easy to sever contact if they try to pull this kind of B.S.
  • 61116111 Posts: 13
    Let's not go crazy here, all car dealers can be like that, simply try another dealer. My HHR purchase was the just the opposite.

    1. Test drive.
    2. I want one, but had to order the one I wanted.
    3. MSRP was close to $19500.
    4. I said $17000 is all you get.
    5. The next day we settled on $17400.
    6. Got my HHR in 7 weeks.

    What a great car, everyone loves it. I get 31 MPG highway and 25-26MPG in the city. I got mine from H&H Chevy in Omaha NE. Now that my EXPEDITION"11-14 MPG" is parked and I drive the HHR for work, I save over $120-140 in gas every Month, thats about half the payment.

    FYI I test drove the 2.2 auto but ordered the 2.4 auto, the 2.4 is the way to go.
  • You actually got over $2000 off of sticker? I've heard a lot of people are paying MSRP or close to it. The best I've seen so far is $500 off sticker.

    If you got that much off, you got an awesome deal! I'm with you on the 2.4, especially with the automatic.
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    I putrchased my LT a couple of weeks ago. No prressure from the salesperson. Found a car equipped as I wanted -- with a little extra -- for $18,900. Took $1500 off the sticker and had the car shipped in three days at no extra charge. Arrived with 135 miles on it -- about the distance from its location to the dealer I bought it from.
  • ptw_ptw_ Posts: 1
    Placed my order Sep. 23 for a blue 2.4L HHR. Received notice it is scheduled for production Monday.

    Estimated 3 more weeks to wait...

    Tick... Tick...
  • 61116111 Posts: 13
    Man I hated waiting for mine, it sat at some backed up train/shipping station in Kansas for 13 days AGGH. 8 week to get the HHR not to bad. And sorry in my prior post I stated I paid $17400, it was really $17600 I forgot about the made up $200 dock fee I paid, But I can't complain $17600 not $19500.

  • Today, I test drove both, a PT Cruiser GT and an HHR LT both near the top of the cost scale ($24K), both similarly equipped and both nearly identical in price.

    PT - I had actually gone to buy this model. I loved the exterior sytling, but I think it is a step down from 2005. I was a bit appalled at the interior...stark, harsh, just not attractive. It had that retro look but they carried it a bit too far. I did like the backend tonneau cover/table and the versatility of the removable seats. Another big plus was the center console design. Good solid steering, nice brakes. I thought the pick up from first to second was both sluggish and awkward, but once the turbo kicked in, it gave a good boost. The engine and road noise that seeped in to the passenger compartment bothered me.

    HHR - Ended up at a Chevy dealer by accident. I thought I was at the (next door) Chrysler dealer. So I didn;t look like a total [non-permissible content removed], I decided to look around and I told them I had been shopping for a PT. The guy should me the HHR and I loved the exterior, but maybe not quite as much as the PT. But the interior blew me away. Well organized (but whoever located the power window controls low on the center panel should be horsewhipped!) and convenient. More room in the back then the PT, maybe a bit less in the second row of seats. The steering was a bit spongy as were the brakes, but the acceleration was far superior to the PT as was the quietness of the ride. Thought about it after the first test drive, went back and test drove it again...and it sits safely in my garage right now.
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    Good choice, I think. I was a PT fam myself and have been planning to buy one for some time. I saw an HHR at a local dealership, test drove it, and had one in my possession within two weeks. (Didn't buy the one from the local dealer, but it's his fault he couldn't "make me an offer I couldn't refuse" like the dealer I eventually bought from.)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I was once a car salesman back in the late 1980's (Mazda, Nissan, Chevrolet) and this was common practice. Once at the Nissan dealer we had a dealer trade come in on a new black Sentra for one of my customers. I inspected it and found the finish on one side to be pretty bad with what appeared to be a touch-up paint job. The dealer owner told the porter to park it on the East side of the lot facing away from the lights so when the new owner picked it up that evening he wouldn't see the finish and it would be his problem once he drove it off the lot. Well I was pissed off with this attitude and told the owner and the cars side was repainted. I was too honest for auto sales and within a year was out of it. "Welcome to the world of the car salesman."
  • Hi, most people would have PT there instead of tucson.anyway i am planning to trade in my 05 malibu for a new HHR or a Hyundai Tucson. i checked out both cars in nearby dealerships and liked both of them for the fuel economy etc. but HHR was more stylish and Tucson people claim its more fuel efficient i want your opinion on what to do.
  • The Scion XB blows the HHR and PT cruiser out of the water. Yes, it isnt as stylish but the interior room has no match. The engine is 1.7 verse a 2.4 but in a 4 cylinder it doesnt make much difference. For $15,350 out the door with all standard options you cant beat it. One last thing the salesmen do not haggle you.
  • The Scion XB blows the HHR and PT cruiser out of the water.

    That's crazy talk. I've looked at all three and the Scion XB is the least appealing of the lot unless you care about nothing other than cargo room. First off, the XB is ugly as sin. Second, it's no bargain when you take into account that there's no discounting - every schmoe who buys one ends up paying full MSRP. The XB and base HHR are almost identically equipped and can be had for about the same price "out the door" (since you can negotiate with the Chevy dealer).

    But what I find really unappealing about the XB (other than the fact that I would be embarrassed to be seen in one) is that all the options are dealer-installed, useless and very expensive. Does anyone really want a purple shift knob or pink lights around the cupholders? I'd much rather have a sunroof (which isn't even available on the Sci).

    Also, a lot of folks need to drive outside the city and the XB is a one trick pony, city-only type of car. Try taking the XB for a spin on the expressway sometime. Not only is it mega-loud, it gets blown around by crosswinds like a plastic shopping bag and its highway MPG rating is dreadful when you take into account the lack of power.

    BTW, did I mention how ugly the XB is?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,241
    I've seen B's on the interstate--one was tailgating me on the interstate yesterday--bouncing up and down with every undulation in the road. Not a pleasant ride.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Dealerships are independent from the automotive company. They have no real control over how customers are treated EXCEPT financial awards and such for earning customer approval.
  • The HHR is worlds better looking and (especially with the 2.4L) has much better acceleration than the Tuscon.

    The Tuscon has a better warranty. I don't find it appealing in the least, but I'm not the one buying. The optional V6 is a dog, though (0-60 in 10.7 seconds is far too slow).

    If I were buying, I'd go for the HHR in a heartbeat.
  • Comparing the Scion to the HHR is like comparing a Toyota Echo to a Camry. The HHR is a much more substantial car.

    The difference in power is very substantial, especially if you get the optional 2.4L. Even with the 2.2L you get much more torque which will make a huge difference in startoff and passing power. 0-60 times don't tell the whole story by any means, but the Scion xB with automatic is in the mid-10 second range and the HHR 2.2L is 9.4, the HHR 2.4L is 8.5 seconds.

    A much more formidable Japanese competitor would be the Honda Element. I've never owned an American car before and will admit I love the Element, but I find the HHR much better looking.
  • Take stock in Armoral, with the Element you would need it. With all the plastic on it. Majority of the people that own Honda Elements are the ones that couldnt wait on the XB's to come in. Will agree that the Scion could have done a better job with insullating the noise through the firewall area but after all we are'nt talking BMW, Mercedes, or Infiniti.
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    I have to admit that I haven't driven the XB, but my first reaction when I first saw one was relief that it wasn't mine. It may well be a fine vehicle, but to me it is just too bone ugly to be allowed to live, at least in my driveway. Besides, what would the neighbors say? :P
  • Actually, for '06 Honda has introduced the option of painted body panels on the Element. I personally still think the ones with black panels have more character.

    But the HHR is definitely the looker of the bunch.
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