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Customer Satisfaction Surveys



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    You can totally tell if a salesmen is going to play a game with you and be fake within seconds they come out to the lot. I hate that, just lose the act, and just be yourself.
    Now, perhaps that is I am not sure. Were all human. What I hate is that when I know more about the car than they do, that is sad, sometimes, I catch them in a lie. Another, is that they should know exactly what we should be paying, and paying per month on average for a new car in the lot. Don't give me that quote, and get me inside, and go well, its going to be a bit more. No! Another, I'll mention that another dealer offered a great deal, and wonder if they will honor it there. No, they actually said, " go to the other dealer, because we won't do it here". I was like WOW! They watched me walk right out the door. I am even local too. Their staff is made up of mostly young people, and literally run me right over, because I am young, and I look young. Then, I look like the idiot.

    What I have learned is that you MUST get everything in place before you sign the contract, though does not always work, but if you want anything, you must do this before signing. Then atleast you'll be able to walk away. This terrible experiences, have taken place at BOB ROHRMAN Honda!! Buyer beware!
    Their dealer is bogus!! I have given them so many chances to help me, but they did not want to. I will not pay more than what other dealers are selling for. This dealer is known for high prices.

    Now, this does not mean that all dealers are this way, but this is typical around here at Honda. Run around!! I just want to tell them, lose the act, lets be real!
    Its only a car. If I can sense your desperate for a profit, then your trying too hard. Give me some room, don't smother the customer! I know you need to make a living too, but don't act so desperate, heck here is a $10, go get some food. Or better yet, a chill pill to calm yourself

    I think I would be a great salesmen, I would give them the low down of the car, let them drive it, give them plenty of time, no pressure at all. I would be really easy going, I would be straight up. Because though most dealers don't like that approach, but if you notice, they make salesmen of the month more, and pull in more deals. My problem, I might be too nice, and eat into my money, because I am so nice. You just gotta be calm, not too excited, just let them go at their own pace, then the rest will follow, it will! They want a car, but just let them move. You don't have to sugar coat anything. Its a car.
    You make friends with them and relate to them on their level, you have them forever. Were all in the same boat. I would introduce myself, shake their hands, let them drive the car, then give them time. Give them numbers, ask them what they want.. I would be honest. :)
  • madmanmoomadmanmoo Posts: 2,039
    Another, is that they should know exactly what we should be paying, and paying per month on average for a new car in the lot.

    I agreed with your first statement, but this is exactly why we don't talk numbers on the lot. Because then the customer may get false expectations and gets upset..... like you did. Every customer is different. No sense in talking numbers before you've picked out the right car.

    Selling cars is a very difficult job, especially depending upon your dealer and the vehicle you've chosen to sell. It may seem as easy as shaking hands and making friends, but it does get a bit more involved.

    All in all though, I agree with you. Treat your customer like they are human and be yourself. ;)
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    they make you sign forms that you dont agree with

    Any one who would sign something they don't agree with is just weak. Don't sign anything you don't understand or don't agree with.
  • I bought a car about 2 weeks ago and was wondering if they still send out the CSS. Boy do I have a lot to say on it!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    They probably won't send you one if they think you're going to be dissatisfied.
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  • I've bought 4 new cars over the last 4 years (2 Toyotas, a Hyundai and an Infiniti) and haven't received a CSS. to be fair, we only got the last Toyota on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see if anything shows up.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I bought a Toyota on January 8th and got the survey from Toyota a couple of weeks later.

    The only complaint I had was how long and drawn out the negotiating process was. It was all over my trade, which they admitted was in beautiful, new car condition.

    They started 4k below Edmund's value, and took about two hours to come up 3k to where I went with it.
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