2016 Mazda 6 Real World MPG

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Hey gang,

Those of us that have finally picked up their Mazda 6, Yay! Looks great, drive is fun, but would like to start a discussion about real world miles per gallon that everyone is getting. My numbers are coming in under the estimates, even for city driving. But that's where I would like to see the conditions everyone is driving in, whether the car is in sport mode or note, whether you drive a manual or not, etc.

So for me, I have a 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring (Auto) with the Technology package. MPG estimates are 32 city and 40 Hwy. I'm getting right now 26 MPG. Most of my driving is a combo of highway / city, but on the highway it's in traffic going about 4 miles each way, but not accelerating above 35 / 40 mph. On the back roads, home, I'm able to drive at 45 mph, in sport mode, using the paddle shifters. I used to drive a stick shift, so I do sometimes take the tachometer up to 3K / 4K RPMs.

About to go on a road trip this weekend. We'll check to see if the MPG is any better on a long drive. In the meantime, how does everyone else's MPG look?


  • hokienutz99hokienutz99 Member Posts: 7
    Over the past couple of fill-ups, I'm averaging about 27 / 28 mpg. I'm doing about 70 / 75% city driving, mainly getting stuck in stop and go traffic on the interstate. I will keep monitoring and report back.

    Also, I misstated what the Mazda 6 should be in the city, and that is 28 mpg. So it looks like the figures are adding up for a normal commuting car. Will monitoring after a couple of longer road trips.

    How is everyone else doing on their MPG?
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    Running the back roads of TN I'm still getting 29.4 with just 1000 miles on it
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