Suburban starter will not turn over

dan1965dan1965 Member Posts: 1
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My saburban starter while not turn over after towing with travel trailer for awhile. Between us and our mechanic and our rv mechanic thought we covered everything. Don't know what else to do?


  • iamgumbyiamgumby Member Posts: 5
    Can you define "covered everything"? What are the symptoms? Does it just click, or do nothing at all? Does the starter work after the vehicle has sat for a while? Years ago, Chevrolet had problems with the big block engines overheating the starter after running for a while. They would not crank, or cranked very slowly. After sitting long enough to cool, they worked fine. They installed a heat shield between the starter and the exhaust pipe to cure the problem.
    Perhaps your Suburban's exhaust is getting excessively hot while towing the trailer, and causing the starter to overheat.
  • kapie9969kapie9969 Member Posts: 3
    Long time ago you could wack the starter a few times to unstick it. Also there were problems with the starter solenoid getting fried.People used to put a relocation kit on to get the solenoid further away from the exhaust.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Since you're towing a travel trailer with it, is it possible you have some kind of electrical issue with the wiring going to the trailer that drained the battery?

    More details/symptoms would be helpful
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