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2000 F-250 Prices Listed on Edmunds Correct?

tandttandt Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
The MSRP for the F-250 Lariat listed in Ford's Web
Page and the MSRP listed in Edmunds is off by
better than 2K. Anyone else noticed this?


  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    Where is the Ford page with prices?
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    go to new vehicles on home page,click on make and then model and you can price almost any vehicle out there.
  • why would you even consider MSRP? look for the invoice prices and negotiate from there. Prices in Edmund's are the same as in Consumer Reports, although I found Consumer Reports' format easier to use, but it costs $12.00, whereas Edmund's is free. MSRP prices on Edmunds and CR are very close or identical to prices on Ford web site (type in or type ford motor company and hit search key, then follow post#2 above). Ford web site is very easy (and fun) to use to build a truck--much better than GM's equivalent web site GMbuypower.
  • Edmunds has 99 prices. Yesterday I ran a price check on an F250 from the dealer window sticker against the prices at (Kelly Blue Book). They were right to the penny on the MSRP and option list, so I assume they also have the right invoice numbers, which are listed next to MSRP.
  • I found that has correct invoice and MSRP prices (at least on the F-350).
  • I looked again last night, and Edmund's has 2000 prices and they are identical to Consumer Reports' 2000 prices, and both are the same as what I am getting quoted by a couple of dealers as invoice prices.
  • I did Kelly, Edmunds, and [email protected] they were all the same...... and agreed with the dealers invoice. I paid 500 over..... theo Robbins in costa mesa ca........
  • Hey Tandt,

    At the top of the page where you choose the type of Ford vehicle that you are looking for, there is a selection for 'F-250' and a selection for 'F-250 Superduty'. One takes you to 1999 pricing and the other to 2000 pricing. Yes there is about a $2K price differential. I made the same mistake. The 'Edmunds' prices are accurate as proven by two dealers who would not dispute the numbers but were too proud of their stock to work a fair deal. They say the 250 SD is too hot and hard to come by. Inventory in Memphis is limited, so I will have to order to get what I want. "TIP" --I'm going through a Fleet Leasing agent to order the truck at dealer invoice and no destination charges. Check--you may have one in your area that will order the car for you and you won't have to mess with that showroom B.S.
  • I've been offered a price of $500.00 over invoice on a 2000 F-250 super duty super cab.. (over invoice from edmunds and kelley blue book pages) can anyone tell me if this seems to be the going rate?
  • See topic #1166. Buyers are paying $200 - $700 over invoice. I ordered 2000 F-250 Crew Cab 4X4 SB thru for a local dealer at invoice.

  • When you say that you ordered through autobytel and a local dealer, do you have to wait for delivery or is it already in stock at the dealers lot?? Just curious, because I submitted an order and am awaiting a reply.
  • bakerdl,

    Is there a reason your trading your Chevy in for a Ford?? Just curious.
  • OOPS! - typo. I meant from a local dealer (about 100 miles away).

    I could have taken 1 they had in stock, but it did not have the options I wanted.

    I sold my Chevy because the Extended Cab was just not large enought for the child seats. Can't wait for my SD to come in.

    Let me know how autobytel works for you.


  • I ordered my '00 250 Lariat,CC,PSD,2WD,SWB at a local dealer who came to my office. We "built" the truck right on the spot off of my Edmunds printout; Codes and prices. He faxed me the DORA the next day and the price was -$24.00 from edmunds. I am buying at the dealer invoice that is basically shown on Edmunds. $0 over. They are getting their 3% but as has been stated, on a HOT Vehicle, anywhere near invoice is a steal.
  • I am looking to purchase a F250 Lariat, CC,PSD,2WD,SWB. Does anyone know of a invoice Ford dealer in Central California. Will travel if can find the right dealer. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
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