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I recently purchased a 2000 Dodge Neon from an individual who was going to junk it.  I have done several repairs to it for my son.  I recently had an issue where all lights would turn on but wouldnt crank or start which was a fuse located in the incab fuse box.  Now the issue is my son went out with some friends came home.  The next morning car died now wont start.  I have had the starter checkedand the alternator there is a new battery but tobe safe I had the battery checked.  The cables to the battery are clean.  Ive checked all the fuses.  Im stumbled on this one.  I have not replaced the plugs or wires or coils however if that was the issue wouldnt the vehicle still start? I am showing a code of 0340 by turning the ignition three times.  The truth of the matter is I am just wondering if anyone would know the main cause of this.  My son and myself have been doing these repairs together before and after school and work and there isnt much money to go around.  I was hopping someone had the same issue and could tell me without having to start replacing ten more parts.  Thank You in advance.  

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    Thank You Both.  I really appreciate this.  I will let you guys know the outcome when Ifind someone who can come take a look agia and fix it.
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    2004 sx 2.0 . died on the road . would crank but not start. so far I've replaced the timing belt. crank sensor cam sensor ASD relay. still nothing . I have had no codes at all other than check engine light flash 9 times if I cycle the key 3 times and wait 15 seconds after the done .shows
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