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Lexus GX 470



  • IF your GX has the 5th generation navigation system then it has to be a 2007 model year GX.
  • I was told the 2007 GX470 did NOT have a 5th gen nav system. It was initially thought to, but it doesn't look like it happened.
  • I was referring to the XM satellite options on the 2006 GX470. I have decided to Lease a 2006 model (over the 2007 Mercedes GL).
  • I just looked at a 2007 GX470 yesterday and it had the 5th generation ML/Navigation system. Its easy to tell as the faceplate of the audio section has changed a bit. Also Lexus did away with the RSAS display on the ceiling where the interior light is. Now there is just a very plain looking interior light in its place. This only applies to the non RSES vehicles.
  • I have an O6 which I was told had 5th gen in it already I just picked this truck up a week ago it just got into port. Can you tell me what other differences that you have noticed? Will it do more then the other?

  • I don't believe any 06 GX's would have the 5th generation navigation system, no matter when it was built. Does your AM button for the radio system say "AM" or "AM-SAT"? That would be the difference. Also on the vehicles window sticker it would say that it has the 5th generation navigation system. But I still think only the 07 GX's will have the option of the 5th generation navigation system.
  • Just bought an 06 and it does NOT have the 5th Gen Nav.
  • I do have 04 GX470 and would like to upgrade my navigation system with the newest DVD (the latest version is 5.1 I believe - my current is 3.1).
    Anyone knows how to do it? Is it as simple as putting the DVD into the tray and waiting for it to do the job?
    Anyone tried burned DVD from Ebay?
  • I haven't been on this board in some time but here's my thoughts. Background was early summer of 2003, looked at every SUV on the market priced from Range Rover down. My wifes dream car was Mercedes(any lol). After some time narrowed things down to Lexus RX330 and ML350/500 I have many clients that traded in their ML because they were stinkers as I recall. Maybe because they were built in Alabama, oh well that's a long story. The MDX was not in this class with the Lexus, finish didn't appeal to us. We test drove the ML at least 5 times and had one for a weekend. Someone posted go with your gut and that's the answer. I couldn't at that point stomach an ML at the end of that current design. If you choose the third row seats they were terrible. It was not designed for that, it appeared the third row was just shoved in there. My wife loved the millenium package on the ML you know the different stiching on the seats and other small differences. My wife actually cried when we ordered the RX330, but realized from everyone that the Lexus was the way to go. I have twin girls(now 3) and every time we went to Lexus(greenwich, CT) they had that dam ash mica GX on the sidewalk. I would look at it each time and thought we could use the extra seats in the back. Well I think it was early Aug. 04 and we signed for an RX330 Really couldn't get the color combo that I wanted even though it was made in that combo. Two weeks later went in and ordered a 2004 GX and canceled the RX. This doesn't apply to you but at the time Lexus did not have the back up camera on the GX but did on the RX, go figure. When I read the Lexus site that back-up cameras were going to be added mid-year I was annoyed because this feature was one I was looking for. Took delivery end of Dec. 2004,first shipments with back-up cameras and haven't looked back since. Ok that was long but bear with me. I was actually annoyed that my GX didn't have certain features like folding side mirrors AND power third row side windows. Best vehicle I have owned and have owned so many. No big problems, not many minor ones either. The third row seats have paid for themselves and I'm glad I went with my gut. I really don't care for that kind of design but they are used. Most important can the mercedes drive up the side of a mountain. My wife drives this vehicle and never goes off road but if you have to this one would be a good choice. lol At the time back in 04 Lexus was just starting to offer XM( ihave mobile sirrius) but all I can say don't let $100. diffence sway you. Didn't the GX get an award for top ten trade in values form KBB I believe. Good luck. PS I thought the GX was more regal looking and the LX was at that time a little long in the tooth. Lexus is waiting too long for the LX replacement.
  • bigdmbigdm Posts: 5
    For the 2007 GX470 model does it include an in-dash 6 DVD auto-changer or is this in the glove compartment. The literature on the Lexus website is confusing.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I could not figure out how to add this as a new topic, so I'm posting it here. We're looking to test drive a 2007 GX 470 in the Northeast with the Sport Package and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension...and are finding that no one in New England has one – it's only available by special order taking 4-5 months. Does anyone have experiences with these two packages? Do they dramatically improve aesthetics, ride or handling? We are thinking of downsizing from a Range Rover, and the GX 470 is a good candidate. Thanks!
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    I am buying the Nav Pkg this week, '07 and asked about the sport/kinetic pkg. I have been told it is a stiffer ride so the handling is probably a little better. My wife has an '04 GX and now the '07 has Bluetooth, 5 speed, updated nav graphics, XM, and more HP so I'm happy overall. Quite a good experience in Monmouth, NJ from Ray Catena Lexus and Chad, the Internet Advisor. great place to go for a Lexus!! Bob
  • bhana1bhana1 Posts: 12
    :confuse: I have looked at a GX with sports package and navigation system and am getting $4000 off the MSRP. The only thing that concerns me is that it has not been crash tested (side impact) by IIHS. Also it scored poorly in the rear impact test on IIHS. what is the significance of results based on this test? Any opinion woud be appreciated.
  • danjhilldanjhill Posts: 3
    We have a 2007 GX 470. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add this option?
  • I am looking to purchase a used 2005 GX470, but it does not have sat radio, which is something I currently have and use most of the time. Has anyone purchased the XM package from Lexus and installed it in their vehicle? Do I have any options?

    This probably isn't the dealbreaker for buying this car, but it's something I would really like to have, if at all possible. This car is completely fully loaded..except for XM.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!
  • We are going through Lexus and I just wondered what does it look like??? Is it IN the head rests? We are getting two put in....
  • Well, I wouldn't buy the headrest monitors from Lexus. Why, because they charge way too much money for it and if you go to a good car audio store, you can buy a really nice headrest monitor, which is better than what Lexus offer and save at least 50% or more.
  • Hi Guys: I am new, and don't know if I am in the right forum. Please help me with your knowledge. I have a GX470 2003 which comes with neither a backup camera nor a bluetooth. I am thinking of installing these 2 items. Does someone have a recomndation for: which brands are suitable, and who can help to install. Thank you very much. Vincen1.
  • Hi all, I've been thinking about upgrading to a 3row suv for some time. I'm lucky that I can be picky and can wait. I was anxious to see the new 2010 GX but just to take a closer look, I went to a dealer to see the 09 model. I was very surprised at how uncomfortable the 2nd row seats were. Is it just me or is there a lack of support there? the front seats didn't wow me either. Frankly I hope the new model has better comfort otherwise this is a real bubble burst-er for me.
  • i have notice that the back of my car is all the way up, i try drop it down by pressing the button, it show blinking light but not going down and goes back to neutral, i had my brake change a week ago, can some one tell me if it is related? or does some one know how to fix it?
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    You likely need a new rear height control sensor.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    THREAD? i dont know how to do this otherwise i would. thanks
  • kelly2000kelly2000 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    I have a Lexus 2006 GX470. Does anyone know if it has a USB port? if yes, where? Also, I was able to pair my cell phone with the handfree system of the car, but I also want to be able to listen to my music (from my phone) using the car speaker, does anyone know if it's possible? Can you show me? Thank you.
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