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Nissan Maxima Accessories and Modifications



  • dallas75dallas75 Posts: 72
    I believe that you will have to purchase the Sirius tuner and antenna from Nissan if you want to stick with factory parts, the bracket to hold the tuner under the dash will be the same. The dealer in Albuquerque has the tuner for $205.00 and the antenna for $62.50.
    You may also want to go to the Sirius website as Sirius and XM has merged, don't know what that means for programing in the immediate future. :shades:
  • aks3aks3 Posts: 1
    Did anyone try to install running daylights on Maxima 2004? Canadian cars have this option, but her the dealer told me it's unavailable...
  • kkolarikkkolarik Posts: 1
    If you remove the XM receiver, I would be interested in buying it.
  • jorozcojorozco Posts: 5
    My 04 Maxima has the same HID projector lights, but they dont seem as intense/blue as they should be. It looks the same as halogen but bright, but not as intense as they should be. Should I install new lights?
  • preneprene Posts: 2
    I too had a crack in my winshield from the road, and my insurance company recommended Safelite glass company they came to my house and replaced it, they did a good job and I can't even tell the difference.
  • preneprene Posts: 2
    Yes it definitely help with the wind noise, it makes a big difference. I strongly reccommend it you won't regret it.
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    I have 05 Maxima and my HID also as bright as halogens. My guess Nissan made it so to last longer.
  • Does anybody know what type on xenon lights are on the 04-06 Maxima? And how to maybe replace a headlight?
  • I have an 02 Maxima. I just put in the switches for the heated seats and hooked up the wiring under the console to the switches. does anyone know what I am supposed to hook up under the seats or if there are other components or fuses I need to put in? The switches have power to them but it doesnt seem to have power to the seats. I have a service manual for the car but it might as well have been written in greek cause I cant make sense of it. thanks in advance. David
  • They are easy to install.I bought mine on ebay for around 50 or 60 bucks. took about 30 minutes to install.
  • in my 2007 maxiam (i just bought new) the senser for the radio goes to 5 but when i slow down it does nothing and when i speed up the music does not go up like i think it should i took it to the dealer and they told me nothing they could do. humm? why have a radio vol. senser in the car if it does nothing right?any one have this essue? any feed back would be helpfull. Johnoinfla
  • I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the foglights to turn on without having to turn on the headlights? I think it would look real stylish if i could get the foglights on by them selves.

    Also i wanted to know if anyone has ever put xenon bulbs into the foglights to give a better look?
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    I had same Idea for my 05 maxima. Now real xenon are expensive and fakes burn fast so though they are ugly while on next to xenons, halogens are your only choice
  • t2sonst2sons Posts: 2
    about the rear brake i find after awhile a rust ridge forms around the outside of the brake pads and the rotor. when it rotates the rust ridges then rub on the pads.also the noise that you may hear on the back right may be the metal bracket that is used to tie down a load in the trunk. i put tape on it and i did not hear this noise again. i hope this helps
  • punk5150punk5150 Posts: 1
    I am about to pull the trigger on purchasing an 08 maxima SL. I am gettting a good deal on the car. I was going to go with an Altima SE but the Maxima is cheaper. A $ 33,500 car for $ 26900.

    Anyway here is my question. Since it is so late in the season I am being forced to buy a Maxima with the platinum package. I really don't want the package because I dont want the electric seat with memory option.... I plan on owning the car for awhile and see the motor breaking over time because everytime you turn the key the motor is moving 250 pounds every back and forth.

    Is there anyway to disable this function ? I want to lock move the seat into one place and leave it there.
  • Still good info, we even confirmed horn chirp on in the menu but it would not work until we did the remote LOCK + UNLOCK thing. Works great now.
  • In my 2004, there is a menu function in the user options on the dash that lets you select the seat option on or off and the steering wheel option seperate. I can't see them removing that option.
  • There should be a seperate connector under the seat for the heater andyou can confirm you have power here. If your vehicle came without the heated seat option, I doubt the heaters are in the seat. Aftermarket heaters can run about 500 per seat, I would check an autowrecker in your area to see if they have a seat with the heaters in it. Should be about 75-100 dollars per seat.
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