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Keeping My Car.

richard1000richard1000 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
Hello, I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this. I've had my 2012 Cruze for three years, and it already has 75,000 miles on it. I have two years of payments left: zero interest at $325 a month which includes oil changes. Insurance is $1,200 a year (Arizona). KBB estimates the current value at around $9,000. I have to decide whether to keep the car and have it paid off in two years, or trade it in toward a new car.

My primary concern is the mileage - I know 75,000 is a lot at this point, and I will continue to put a lot of mileage on it for at least another year until I move closer to my job. I'm inclined to keep it, pay it off, and drive it for all it's worth...I just don't know how long that would be! I'd hate to pay it off in two years and then not get much more use out of it because it starts to fall apart.

The dealership keeps sending me offers to trade it in because they "really want my 2012 Cruze!!" So maybe they'd give me a good deal on a new car.

As far as personal attachment: I don't love the car and I don't hate it; it's OK. It has been reliable, although I think the air conditioner is a bit weak. FYI I'm single with no dependents.

What would you do? Thanks!!


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2015
    It's a common marketing practice for dealer's to send out flyers saying "we want your car".

    You're driving a nice car that gets good mpg and if it's like our friend's '13 Cruze (that I've driven around town quite a bit and once for around 8 hours on the road), it's likely a comfortable commuter.

    I'd drive it another 50 to 75,000 miles and then think about trading, but I'm cheap. If you have reliability concerns and hate the idea of having something break, then go shopping. But even a "major" repair still is only three or four car payments.

    btw, that '13 Cruze keeps up fine in the heat here in Las Cruces, so it may be worth it to have yours checked.
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