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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • FleetRates was amazing, they were so helpful when I bought my GX a couple of months ago. Not only were they extremely helpful but I never once felt like I was getting the run-around. They put me in touch with the dealer with made me feel even better. Basically, I went through FleetRates but bought the car from Lexus of Glendale, a move which saved me a ton of money and a lot of hassle. I would not only highly recommend FleetRates but will be using them again myself the next time I need a car.
  • cwilbscwilbs Posts: 14
    My husband does like how my new 06 GX 470 drives and /or rides at all. I don't know if it is mainly because we were used to ride in the LX470 or what but he continues to complain how it is not smooth, you feel all the bumps, it feels like I'm going to fast when in fact I'm only doing 70 or maybe 75. I notice some difference in the ride but not so much that I feel the need to constantly complain about it. I do notice since I keep it in sport ride instead of comfort ride it tends to be smoother.
  • cwilbscwilbs Posts: 14
    I meant to say does NOT like
  • I paid $1,500 over Dealer Invoice for a 2007 GX470 at Lexus of Portland, Maine.
  • Hello everyone - what a great message board!

    My husband and I are considering purchasing a Lexus Certified GX 470 with Navigation, third seat option, Brand New Michelin tires and Factory rear DVD entertainment center in a navy blue color from a middle-Georgia dealer. Miles are 42,000. Asking price is $37,990. Any suggestions for starting place for negotiations? Many thanks, L.
  • All, I was quoted $2465 on a Platinum warranty (72/100000) for a new 2007 GX470 at the dealership. Is this a fair price? Since the manufacturer warranty will not expire for 4 yrs, will it cost me more to purchase this warranty later.
    Also, can I get your opinion on the other 3 services the dealer is pushing.
    LOJACK: $795 ($5000 guarantee and lifetime warranty)
    ROAD HAZARD: $449 (replace tires and wheels , upto 5 yrs coverage)
    DENT PROTECTION: $483 (door ding, upto 5 yrs coverage)

  • dsmiles:
    Definitely shop around for the Platinum warranty. When I bought mine, the difference in price from all the Lexus dealers I wrote to was VERY significant. Also, you have until the you are nearly out of the mfg warranty to purchase a replacement. Other than rolling it into a loan, I cant think of a good reason to spend the money now. Lojoack should not cost more than $500. Road hazard (unless you plan to do a lot of off road) is a probably not necessary (IMHO). The Dent Protection sounds interesting. I'd be sure there is no deductible, though. I paid almost that to get the dings out of my wife's BMW.

    Ed in NJ
  • Ready to buy.
    Visited 3 NJ dealers but none have Blizzard Pearl/Beige Int.
    Any one else looking for this color combo having difficulty?
    ED in NJ
  • Hi, Cryant, I'd be interested in knowing the name of sales person at Ray Catena Lexus in Larchmont. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.



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  • Gents, is anybody aware the Lexus year end sales event forthcoming? when to start. Thanks
  • They call it the "December to Remember" event and it usually starts after Thanksgiving.
  • Thanks, bobs05coupe,

    I heard that "December to Remember" event only gives incentives to leasing and auto loan. Does it include incentive (cash back, market support to dealership) to benefit cash-paying customers?
  • If you visit NY and CT Lexus dealers. You may hear that they add LDA (Lexus dealer advertising), usually $500-600, to the invoice price, to benefit their side of negotiation. I wonder whether you have similar experience.

    Should you treat this as a dealer's gimmick to boost their profit? and ignore it during the negotiation.

  • Going to purchase 07 GX and wanted opinions on the KDS and rear seat entertainment system. read that the GX is top heavy and would be worth the money for stability. Also read that the RSES is a 7" monitor at which point i would opt to buy after market for similar price with larger monitor. thoughts?
  • The RSES in the 2007 is 9". Can't comment on the KDSS as mine didn't come with it, however, I tried to get an 07 with KDSS and was told it wouldn't be available on the 07 for 3-4 months. This was in Southern CA.
  • i am in san diego and was being quoted about 53K out the door ( taxes, title, etc.) for 07 gx loaded excluding RSES and KDSS. any thoughts on this being a fair deal or do i have room to move?
  • In my opinion, that's an excellent deal. I got my 07 for $50k (around 54k w/tax, lic, etc...) Fully loaded with everything but KDSS.
  • my price is without the RSES. you are saying you got yours out the door for 54K with all but KDSS? is this southern california? also, have you driven with and without the KDSS and can you tell me if the vehicle is going to be used on freeway and city streets if the KDSS makes a difference? curious. i have heard conflicting opinions.
  • I'm sorry, I thought your quote was with KDSS and RSES. 53k is still OK. I purchased at Lexus of Valencia, CA.
  • fsosfsos Posts: 4
    I'd like some help here. On a 36 month lease, 15,000 mi/yr (20 cents/mi. if over) with $2500 down (and standard Lexus $600 bank/doc fees) was quoted $603/month plus tx, reg./title with Nav. package, plus 3rd row seat and "TO Z1 WF DD" in Black.

    Cost goes up $55/month for RES.

    DOes this sound reasonable? Will they negotiate at all on the monthly if the down is there? Any other tips? Thanks alot.
  • I got my 07 GX at Longo Lexus, loaded except KDSS for 49500 + fee and etc. W/ tier one credit I've a 4 year lease w/ 15k/yr at 660/m + tax. I'm from San Diego as well, talked to Kearny Mesa Lexus, asked them for a 07 quote but the internet sales guy keep send me 06 info. Talk to another person hinting that I'm shopping around all over and this guy lied to me about having to pay higher sales tax if buying from LA dealership. Although KM Lexus' price came pretty close to Longo but I don't want to do business w/ liars nor one who don't listen to what I want.

    From what I understand KDSS is for better off-road handling w/ a little rougher ride, if you are driving in city or freeway all the time you are wasting your money on KDSS.

    I already have over 1000 miles on my GX, it handles great. I drive fast and make a lot of 90 degree sharp turns, stability was never a concern. My only complain would be the mileage and the premium fuel requirement.
  • kmk1kmk1 Posts: 1
    A dealer has offered a 2006 GX470 with Navigation and DVD for $45,500. Is this a good price or should we go for the 2007? Any advice would be helpful.
  • I was offered a 2006 without NAV and an MSRP of $50,000 for $44,200. I hear there is a $2000 dealer incentive on them. You probably can get a new 2007 for the $2000 more and be a model year newer.
  • What should I be expected to pay over invoice for a brand new 2007 GX470? Is it possible to get them for $500 over invoice?
  • In the bay area California, i was quoted an 2007 GX 470 with Nav, and 3rd seat, No DVD and No KDSS (they said KDSS isn't available in Calif at the moment):

    - MSRP was 54,048
    - Invoice was 47,042
    - The offer was 45,852.

    That deal seemed like a very good one since it was 1,200 UNDER invoice.

    Anyone else getting these kind of offers?
  • finally went and priced and purchased gx over the weekend. looked at and priced the 07. had the dealer down to 49k with dvd(headrest monitors), nav, 3rd seat, no kdss. then they appraised my trade in and low balled me by 3k. went to another dealer and they happened to have the same car but 06 on lot. much better deal. the only difference btwn two is better graffics on nav(whatever) and the disc changer in the 07 has a cartridge less changer in the glove box vs the 06 which has the cartridge. in my opinion, if you are trying to change disks while driving, you are not going to be able to access the glove box, unless you have the removable cartridge. end of story, got the 06 out the door with headrest monitors, nav, 3rd row seat, chrome rims, low jack first response(there is a difference), chrome exhaust tip, and they gave me the additional 3k on my trade. out the door with negative equity from trade and taxes, title, etc for 56k. feel pretty good about it. great drive. el cajon san diego hooked it up!
  • Picked up my 2007 GX 470 today. Every available option but KDSS, (includes XM) for roughly a little over 53000 out the door. Sticker was 56,110 without XM. Dealer was Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth, NJ. Did most of my preliminary research via the web and they were the best by far. Best experience I've ever had buying a new car. Courteous prfoessional staff with no pressure. The Lexus XM setup on the GX is seemless and the antenna is about a 1" square located on the roof near the lexus link antenna. XM is integrated into touchscreen with the Nav Unit/ Mark Levinson System. Sound was fantastic.
  • Hi 4x4lucky,
    What was the name of that dealership? That is an awesome deal... please advise... thanks!
  • I ended up purchasing a 2007 GX470.

    I first thought I had a purchase agreed on with Lexus of Dayton on a 2007, 3rd row, no nav for $44,200. When I called to secure it, they changed their story to saying it was sold. Then, they wanted $500 to secure me one from another dealer and promised the same price. After several days and me trying to get in touch with them for an update, they tell me they found an 2006 same options for $300 more. If I wanted a 2007 it was another $2500 on top of the price I was quoted. I would never do business with them after that.

    I purchased the GX470 with 3rd row, no nav sticker of $49700 for $45000 even + tax/title.
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