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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • v2007v2007 Posts: 2
    Does any one have GX 470 buying experience from Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, GA area?
  • hunts1hunts1 Posts: 7
    How did this work out for you and Woodfield Lexus? I assume it was a smoooth transaction. I am thinking of contacting them to work out a deal on a lease. Any recommendations?


  • nhaydonnhaydon Posts: 2
    Woodfield was great. I live down here in St. Louis and had the car shipped here for $275. Joe Janicki is the fleet manager I dealt with and would recommend talking to him. He was great.

    Sadly 5 days after we got the car we were involved in an accident. The damage didnt look that bad but the frame was bent. After alot of haggling I got the insurance company to total the car and we ended up getting the same car, same deal from Mungenast Lexus here in St. Louis.
  • hunts1hunts1 Posts: 7

    I am wondering how you made out re: GX 470 in Chicago. Did that work out well for you? I am about to look there myself.

  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    I am getting ready to trade or sell my 2006. For those of you in CA, are you seeing a lot of inventory right now? I am trying to figure out if I should even attempt to sell or just trade. When I originally got mine, Crown Lexus had a decent inventory, and sold to me at invoice. Any really good deals out there right now?
  • khu1khu1 Posts: 1
    Hello sicom007,

    Could you please email me the contact information? I visited the Lexus of Riverside web site but there are three ladies in the Internet Department. My email address is khu AT superzone DOT com.

    Thanks a lot!

    Kev in Dallas, TX
  • v2007v2007 Posts: 2
    Zero'ed the deal with Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte NC.
    Navigation, Mark Levinson Surround Sound System, Third Row seat, rear wind deflector, tow hitch, tow package, the preferred accessory package for $49,800 + 399 doc fee + tax title. Over all nice experience and sales people are nice and friendly.
  • Hi sicom007 and everybody,

    Could you please email me your Lexus dealer contact information ?

    Did anybody in Texas successfully buy GX from out-of-state dealers ?

    My email address is

    Thanks a lot!

    Anthony in Houston, TX
  • rbanderbande Posts: 7
    Could you send me the Dealer details at
    I am in Austin, TX. tried $1500 over invoice, didn't work. Also tried North Cali, shipping was 1500$ didn't work either.
  • I know you didnt ask me, but I just sent you my dealer contact infor for my Lexus dealer in NJ.

    ED in Metuchen
  • danjhilldanjhill Posts: 3
    I am looking for the names of the Cal dealers that have been willing to sell at invoice. I see that Riverside was one of them, if anyone has a contact it would be very much appreciated if someone would send me the name.

    I had Autoland check one out(in CA)and it appears that they are selling at about 2500 over invoice plus it will cost me $650 to ship to Oregon. Great forum..thanks.
    My email: :)
  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    I am looking to purchase a GX470 with ML/NAV, 3rd row seat, rear spoiler, tow prep, chrome exhaust. I was offered $49,500 from MSRP $53,585. I refused the offer and told them I am expecting in the range of $47,500 including destination charge. Am I asking too much?

    From what I am reading so far, I am seeing GX470 sold near dealer's invoice. Am I wrong about this? Anybody want to share how much they paid for GX470 with similar option?
  • rfallsrfalls Posts: 9
    Here in the DC/MD offer I am also encountering the same for a similar GX but I'm also telling them only invoice. I'll let you know what progress I make.
  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    Thanks rfalls. Let me know what happens. I would imagine the dealership will give more price break on 07 GX470 for several reasons.

    1) This model has been out for approx. 5years and nearing its end of life (Newly design GX expected 2009 or 2010)
    2) Dealers will be receiving 2008 inventory near Sept.
    3) More competitions from other makes like Acura, BMW, MB..
  • philtsphilts Posts: 3
    I would do everything I can to make the dealer pay for their dishonesty. Complaint to BBB, Attorney General, local news station or papers and CC the mail to the owner.
  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    No you are asking too much. I paid 45000$ for the $538000 last November.(including everying but dvd player and sports utility) You might able to pay less than $45000 now. I am talking about GX 470- 2007 year. I bought from Cerritos Dealer of CA. Good Luck.
  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    Thanks jyi for the info. I just came back from the dealership and they were telling me that the dealer's invoice for the 07 GX470 with all options except dvd player, sports package, and towing hitch was $47,600. What a bunch of lies! So they were saying my asking price $47,500 doesn't make sense for them. Can someone tell me what the actual dealer's invoice is? Ofcourse, they were telling me the dealers invoice was inaccurate. I need help. Anybody have the actual dealer's invoice information?
  • thats an AWESOME DEAL! when youbought in nov/06 for a 2007 model? how did you manage to get almost 9k off MSRP off of that? please let me know.
  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    No problem. At that time the invoice price was about $47600.

    But it seemed dealer can afford going under invoice. One dealer place I got 46000. And from cerritos I got $45000 without any negotiation going on. I said 45000 and they said yes and I pick the color and so on. You should go under the invoice price. Hope you get the best price.
  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    I visited one dealer place which is one of the big car dealer in southern CA (cerritos, CA) and I got one of the sales person's business card. I came home and check and Next day I called the sales person and asked him if he can give 45000 with full option and called me only if he can get approval from his manger. I said I do not want any negotiation and I will not be dealer place unless he got approval. After one hour the sales person called he said yes he got approval. Several hours later I went there and he showed GX 470 and I picked up the car color and highst MSRP($53800) available with $45000. Meanwhile (before I went the dealer) I checked the car price from another dealer and all I can get was $46000. SO I knew $45000 was prettey good deal. hmmm I was happy. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info JYI. we are in the bay are and is currently looking for one. I wish the buying process is as easy as it was there. Getting 9k of MSRP at the end of 06 for a 07 car is really out of this world. ppl at the club lexus are really happy getting 7-8k already.

    one question, since the 07 models are coming to an end, do you think it's possible to get 10k or more at your dealership? if so, we might just fly down there as we might be making a trip to LA fairly soon anyways. TIA
  • rfallsrfalls Posts: 9
    We ended up with the XC90 on a 24 month lease while we wait and see what happens with a possible GX 470 redesign. The configuration on the 3rd row seat ended up being the deal killer for my wife.

    I did end up negotiating for a 2007 GX 470 with Nav and Third Row Seat packages (also cargo mat, cargo net and tow hitch). Lease was $799/month (tax and tags rolled in -- lease tax in MD is 5% of "sales price), no money down for a 36 month, 12,000 mile lease. This was from Len Stoler in Baltimore, Md.

    That was the best I could do after a week of haggling. No DC area Lexus dealer came close to the offer (approx $150-$200 more a month). Lexus of Annapolis was $809/month for the same price.

    The lesson I learned from all of this is if and when I get my next Lexus, I don't think I will ever deal witht he DC dealers. Given how non-competitive they were, they must preu on a lot of naive people.
  • rbanderbande Posts: 7
    Would you please email me the sales person details?
    Do you have third row for $45k?


  • jyijyi Posts: 7
    Yes, it is included. The guy was old, tall and from Middle East.
    Just tell them that your friend got 45000 and ask that they should give better deal than that. Ok? Good Luck
  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    The best deal I could get here in Portland Oregon was $47500 (Nav, 3rd row,tow hitch, cargo mat/net). Oregon doesn't have sales tax so out the door price should be $48k.

    However, I heard from one of the dealership that Lexus is going to discontinue the GX and fill in the gap with a car base chassis (more like RX). They are not sure if it'll retain the GX badge. So only truck base chassis in their lineup will be the LX. Please take it with a grain of salt.
    But there's some truth to it. So I am bit worried about its resale value.

    We decided to look at BMW X5 because its newly designed. Thanks for all your help.
  • I talked to the cerritos dealership and was told last decemeber they had a sepcial extra incetive to move the car, so he wasnt able to offer the 45k or less. the best he could do is 47.5k for the 53.6k car.
  • newgnewg Posts: 6
    Howdy folks,

    Thanks for all the great info. I am negotiating on a GX 470 with Entertainment/Navigation/Spoiler/Third Row. Edmunds shows invoice of $47,400. The first dealer I talked with wouldn't go below $50,200 (2800 over invoice with junk fee).

    Could someone share the best price you have paid lately? Also, any info on a possible redesign with the 2009 model?


    - ab
  • As previously mentioned, I have a dealer in NJ who will do near invoice, which is about $2,800 less than you've been quoted. If you want his contact send me a note to phula11231 at

    It's only about 8 hour drive from Raleigh to here, so it might be worth the effort..

    Let me know

    ED in Metuchen
  • eastwindeastwind Posts: 4
    Bought my 07 GX yesterday in North Carolina. Nav-Mark LV/third row/spoiler/towing pac/accessory pac, sticker total 53,894; paid 48,366.77 (tax, doc, tag included). Two-week obsessive research on this particular truck (following a prelude that excluded X5 and MDX). Total three trips to two dealers. Closed the deal with a rather helpful salesman. Very satisfied with the experience as well as the result.
  • newgnewg Posts: 6
    That sounds like an throw away from the dealer - you mean sales tax is included in that???? If so, you paid $45k for the car (unless you had an expensive trade-in that washed your sales tax away)!! That is 3k below invoice!!!!!!

    I got mine from GA for $48.6k + sales tax but it includes DVD player also along with Nav/Mark Lev/Third Row/Spoiler/et al (MSRP $55.5k). Basically everything except Lexus Link. I thought that was a pretty good deal. Pretty much shopped all over GA.

    We ruled out MDX as the 2nd choice as well - was nice but not a lexus! Also looked at Escalade and LR3 and ruled them out early.
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