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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jsj5jsj5 Posts: 3
    Alex what dealer did you go. I'm seriously contemplating going up there. Please provide salesman and dealer. Thanks!
  • Just got back from the dealer and they are sticking to the MSRP! Can you give me the dealer name and number (and salesperson if possible). I am willing to have the vehicle transported to me in TX.
  • hey, i'm so sorry, i haven't checked these postings in a while. i bought mine from lexus of concord. my salesperson's name was Leo Knowles. he was fabulous. feel free to email me at and i can walk you though what i got and what you might be able to get. good luck.
  • OK so the 07 availability, which you could buy at invoice, are drying up now, but that means the 08's are now eligible for deals.
    2 weeks ago, a good deal was a loaded 07 ($55k) at or about invoice ($48k).
    Now you can get the equivalent loaded 08 ($54k, since msrp has dropped by almost $1k due to the 3rd row pricing) at or about $1k over invoice (which is still $48k since the invoice dropped $700).
    For us: Same price...newer car, not a bad deal...and the dealer is actually enjoying some margin right it's win/win.
    Wait it out a couple months and they'll probably be be back to invoice.
  • bekka2bekka2 Posts: 2
    I just closed a deal on a 2008 GX 470 for $46,400 including everything except sales tax & registration. The car includes the Navigation, 3rd row seat, tow hitch, preferred accessory package & rear spoiler. I think it's a good deal???

    Also, any recommendations for places to go for financing on-line?
  • cdlpcdlp Posts: 1
    Where did you purchase? City & State?
  • bekka2bekka2 Posts: 2
    West Springfield, MA
  • Looks like a good deal to me, bekka2.
    $1k over mfr invoice without any TDA surcharges (Toyota Dealer Advertising, yup it's still a Toyota underneath it all)
  • Hi Bekka2,

    I think you got an excellent deal. I have been actively shopping around NY area for the last 2 weeks without much success. Could you please share your dealership and salesman information with me? email is
  • I got my GX at Lexus of New Orleans in July of last year. I added pretty much everything you can add to it and the price they gave me was 56K. However, my boyfriend purchased an LX and his frat brother was our salesperson so he cut 10K off the price of my car. I test drove an Envoy Denali, a Ranger Rover, a Nissan Pathfinder Armada, and a 4Runner. The car that I had before the GX was an 03 4Runner that I got when I turned 16, and I was actually going to just get another 4Runner, but I fell in love with the GX.
  • Hi Bekka2 and hitech1,
    I am also interested in this offer. Could you please share your dealership and salesperson information with me?at Thanks sj
  • What will be a good deal in Houston area for GX 470? I was quoted 50K for a MSRP of $52350. But did not show an invoice.
  • Purchased 2008 GX470 in San Diego for 46,200.
    MSRP was $52,225. Was getting offers anywhere from $46,250 to $48,000 in San Diego and LA area. This car has NAV, Mark Levinson, third row, tow hitch prep. No rear-entertainment system.
    Looks like dealerships here have a lot of 2008 in stock.

  • Purchased 2008 GX470 in San Diego for 46,200.
    MSRP was $52,225. Was getting offers anywhere from $46,250 to $48,000 in San Diego and LA area. This car has NAV, Mark Levinson, third row, tow hitch prep. No rear-entertainment system.
    Looks like dealerships here have a lot of 2008 in stock.
  • Greetings:
    If you do a search, you'll see where I have successfully gotten invoice or close to invoice prices for a number of folks from my NJ based dealer. If you want the contact information, please send me a note to phula11231 AT

    I wasn't disappointed by their price and neither will you.

  • rds2rds2 Posts: 2
    Would you please email me the dealer where you got this price? We are thinking about buying a GX470 during the December to Remember sales event.
  • sjo99sjo99 Posts: 2
    can you e-mail me too the contact info for your sales rep? I am interested in purchasing one too! JT
  • rds2rds2 Posts: 2
    My email is rds92127 *AT* hotmail *DOT* com
  • I am in San Diego (north county) and would also like to know the dealer you are working with. Please email me: arthur_vandalay*at*yahoo*dot*com.
  • If anybody finds out what specials are being offered as a part of the December specials for the GX, please post. The commercials, website and dealers are nondescript. They want you to go to the dealership to find out what's available. It is obvious why, but who has the time?

  • I'm looking for a 12,000 mile 36 month lease, and here in NJ, I was just offered with the December to Remember special: 52,XXX sticker price, and with $0 down, tax included, only out of pocket expense is First Month Payment, Tire Tax, and Motor Vehicle Registration. The price was: $720/month. Sound like a good deal? Closest I got was $749/month PLUS 800 Doc Fee, 500 Bank Fee, First Month Payment, etc. Thanks!
  • Never lease a car.
  • Not the most helpful- or wisest- response. There are many reasons to lease a car, and you can find them all very well explained on this site. If you are one to buy and drive cars for quite some time, then it of course makes sense to purchase. If you tend to enjoy driving a new vehicle every few years, leasing would end up being the most cost effective way to indulge.
  • I think there are better deals out there. Well, I hope there are because I plan to lease a GX470 also during the event. I scanned this forum and the GX470 leasing forum for last year's event. I believe hoggolfer landed the best deal last year at $565/month with only a $600 acquisition fee. He did use multiple security deposits to lower the money factor. More details can be found in the GX 470 lease forum; use the search forum feature with a keyword of December. Hoggolfer, along with many other people last year, were getting near invoice acquisition costs. During last year's event, Lexus offered lease support, marketing support, and taxes paid. I don't know the details for this year yet. I posted a request in the GX 470 lease forum.
  • I found an 06 GX470 with Navigation and Mark Levinson sound but NOT the rear entertainment DVD for $42,500. It has only 9,000 miles and 26 months or 50,000 miles left on the warranty. Thoughts?
  • From my research, that seems like a good deal, assuming the car is in like-new condition.
  • Well, I personally think leasing is a waste of money, but leasing a 45K car is just stupid. Almost any financial adviser will say the same. Gosh, they even teach that in high school.
  • Not to go too off topic or create a disagreement, but again that's not entirely true. Without knowing the residual and MF on the GX470, I couldn't hazard a guess as to whether it makes sense to lease. Lexus typically doesn't have great lease deals on cars other than the ES and maybe another one or two, and with a car with the reliability history of Lexus it certainly would make more sense to buy if you could do so.

    That being said, the price of the car doesn't have a ton to do with whether it makes sense to lease. Often the captive financial companies of the vehicles artificially increase numbers in order to move them on leases.

    For example, the 5 series BMW is a very good car to lease instead of buy. BMW's out of warranty can be extremely expensive, and the residual values of those cars on three year leases are 60%, meaning that the difference between buying and leasing in terms of $ are extreme....and then you aren't saddled with several K expenses out of warranty. Just an example.

    $ for $ for someone who is going to own a car for many years? No-brainer that buying is a better option. But leasing does have advantages.
  • Just looking to see if anyone has gotten any other quotes on 08's, or prices? Thanks!
  • A financial advisor worth his/her salt will take into account the goals of an individual. I usually do not consider leasing vehicles. In fact, I usually purchase low mileage, one or two year lease returns with significant warranty remaining on the vehicle. I have only leased one car during my lifetime, and it made absolute financial sense to do so at the time. A lease allowed me to have a much lower auto payment, which translated to an easier qualification for my first house. I would not have qualified for the home loan with a traditional auto loan payment. I needed to put more money down on a house not a car to lower the auto monthly payment.

    Leasing can make financial sense even taking out personal buying patterns for vehicles (i.e. tendency to buy cars every two or three years). Lease support and multiple security deposits can significantly lower the cost of financing - possibly even better than traditional loans. However, zero percent loan options currently in the marketplace (not from Lexus) definitely outperform leases.

    Finally, leases can act as a hedge when acquiring a new SUV. With rising gas prices and the trend towards better MPG, today's SUVs have a decent chance of accelerated depreciation similar to the large sedans of the 70s. A lease sets the residual at the beginning of the term, mitigating depreciation risks. If the value at the end of the lease is well below the residual, one can simply turn the car back into the dealer and walk away. If the worst does happens (meaning today’s SUV are yesterdays Oldsmobile), purchasing the car today leaves one in dire shape in the future.
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