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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,300
    ...unfortunately.. this isn't the place for it..

    Let's stay on the specific topic at hand... Other members come here to find out what prices are being paid.. for this particular vehicle...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • I have helped several readers of this forum looking for a great deal on GX or LX via my contact at a NJ based dealer. If you want my contact's info, please send me a note to phula11231 at

    I am not associated with, related to, or othwise employed by this dealer/salesman.

    What I did was a LOT of research before buying my Lexus, and am happy to pass my info to other readers of this board.

    Happy Holidays

    Ed in NJ
  • I traded in a 2006 GS 300 with 12900 miles plus $13,000 on a new load GX 470 with only 2 miles on it. Any thoughts or comments?
  • I traded in a 2006 GS 300 with 12900 miles plus $13,000 on a new load GX 470 with only 2 miles on it. Any thoughts or comments? was trade
  • How much did your GX 470 cost? Option list?
  • I signed last week for an 08' GX470. MSRP was 52,4XX, and I got it for 720/month INCLUDING: Tax, Title, 5,000 mile service, 10,000 mile service, 15,000 mile service, All Weather Floor Mats, Navigation, Rear Spoiler, Third Row Seat. Waiting on it to come into port. (Black/Dark Gray). The 720/month is a 12,000 mile lease, 56% buyout in end. Wound up being 48,100 sale price. Only up front cost I'm paying is first month payment, registration fee (Not Title), and Tire tax. No other dealers could try to touch this deal. I tried to get another service thrown in, but they said they're not making money on the deal as it is.
  • I am just wondering, how strong is the demand for 2008 GX470 vs. supply? Are you seeing shortage in supply?

    I am getting a run around from my dealership located in Portland Oregon. They are saying they have one Blizzard pearl for this December month. I think this is bunch of bull.
  • The sticker price on my GX 470 was $ 53,644.00. the options were

    **Navigation/Mark Levinson Audio Package Includes: Generation 5 Navigation System and Rear Camera with Steering Wheel Voice Command button, Bluetooth, EMV Mark Levinson 14-Speaker 240-Watt Premium Audio System, and DVD Changer
    **Third Row Seat with Rear Air Conditioner
    **Towing Prep Package Includes: Wiring Harness, Converter, Sub-Bracket, Rear Bumber Hitch Cover with Cutout (did not include ball mount)
    **Cargo Tray
    **XM satellite Radio
    **All Weather Mats
    **Preferred Accessory Package: Cargo Mat, Cargo Net and Wheel locks
  • Looks there are plenty of 2008 GX470 here in Southern California.
    I saw at least 8 of them (including 1 Blizzard Pearl) on the lot of Carlsbad Lexus.
    No shortages here!
    If you can pick one up from here I suggest sending an email to few of the dealerships and see what kind of deal you can get. This strategy really works.
  • I bought an '08 GX470 in Blizzard pearl in Kansas City last month, and that color is in extremely short supply here in the Midwest. The sales rep showed me the allocation sheet, i.e. the number of vehicles with specific colors/equipment levels planned for the next three months, and there were only 1 or 2 per month planned for his dealership in Blizzard. We then found a vehicle in St. Louis and had it brought to KC. I'll bet most of the vehicles in Blizzard have been allocated to Southern California and the New York / New Jersy areas. Ask to see the allocation sheet, by dealer and city, for your part of the country, and if the vehicle you want is somewhere else, you can ask them to have in brought in. Good Luck!
  • Does anyone know what the incentives are during "December to Remember" or will this be a "December NOT to Remember"?
  • I talked to a dealer in Houston and was told it only applies to leased cars and the examples they gave did not sound like much, in my opinion!
  • I am in the process of negotiating a purchase of a new GX loaded for 50,099, what do you think?
  • Depends on what you mean by "loaded"?? I got everything but the rear seat DVD, and I paid 48,100 Taxes Incuded last week, Title Included, AND 5, 10, and 15 thousand mile services included. I think you can do better.
  • Fully loaded except for rear entertainment for $47,400

    Good deal?
  • are you guys talking about 2008? with sport package etc.? Wow, I am way off....
  • Where are you guys located?
  • Yes, I am talking 08 GX470 with all the options except sports package and rear entertainment for $47,400
  • Thanks for your help, so that means you got Lexus Link, towing package, spoiler and satellite radio? Just want to compare apples to apples...thanks
  • towing package, 3rd row, spoiler, chrome tip, ...

    no satellite, no lexus link, no sports, no rear entertainment.

    So what's the best price you've gotten "newgal"? I am interested.
  • 49500 with nav, rear entertainment, 3rd row, lexus link, satellite radio, chrome tip, spoiler etc. 5,000 and 10000 mile check up included. Very fair deal for my trade in

    They also gave me a extra headphone for the dvd...

    I think I did ok??
  • Yes, mine had Lexus Link, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Towing Package, etc. AND the 10,000 mile and 15,000 mile service included. I also refused to pay "Title Fee", "Bank Fee", or any other fee's. All was included. I'm in NJ. Just picked it up today! WOOT!!
  • Hi, is your price of $49.5K includes TTL? Also, where are you located? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,

    I want to buy a GX470 before the end of the year. Looking for a good deal. Which dealer do you recommend? or do you have any one in the DC area?

  • No, TTL were seperate and I am in Chicago
  • Hi, I'm in NJ also wasn't sure running in for the year end event was worth it.
    what dealer did you buy from?

    Best price I got so far was 48,606 including 3rd row and rear dvd and lexus link.
    didn't negotiate any service or tax and delivery at that time.

    Thanks so much and how are you enjoying your GX?
  • I got mine through Ray Catena Lexus of Monmouth.

    I love it. Only drove it around 300 miles so far. ONLY complaint that I never realized is that the rear "Climate Control" is actually "REAR A/C". NO REAR HEAT...... that was disappointing when I put my 8 month old back there on a cold day last week. Other than that, it's a smooth ride, switched to the sporty suspension a few times for curves, and handled great.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    Can you give me the name of dealer and salesman's name where you got your GX470 ? I would like to buy at invoice, is this possible?

    I am in Northern Virginia area and have already bought a LS 460 last year and yet the same dealership says the best they can do is $47,285. for one with Nav, rear spoiler, 3rd rear seat, rear spoiler, Mark levinson radio with Satellite radio and pref. pckge (mats etc) BUT NO DVD OR SPORT PCKGE AND DEALER will add doc prep fee of approx $199.00 plus local tax (3%) plus tags and title.

    Can I do better before the end of the year? where and who should I chat with?


  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    Your e-mail address does not work. where can I get invoice on a new GX 470 and not pay alot on doc prep fee and any other hidden costs? any one in particular to talk to?

    I'm in Northern Virginia. Thanks,

  • bummer on the heat. did it take long for the back seat heat up? did you pay sales tax? do they offer free loaners for service? did you have a trade in and if so did you get book trade in value? I was dealing with them for a bit sales rep was kinda rude. Many dealerships down here don't really return calls. Can you tell me who you dealt with? My email is thanks and enjoy?
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