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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Please provide all the info needed or we can't really help you. See "brilliant" post #1039 and make your quotes that way, if possible.

    On all quotes, please provide your MSRP or we can't really help you much. Your quote also needs to be BEFORE TTL. So subract your title and tax from the $34291 to get your real quote. Also, please provide the source of your quote - dealer, internet, whatever.

    I've been tracking prices for about 1 year, and I know folks have purchased from the Chicago area, but the quotes must have been incomplete because I have no recorded deals from Chicago.

    Are you going for a 2005 or 2006? You need to include that, too.
  • twjtwj Posts: 6
    Vehicle: 2005 ES330
    Options: Nav, Mark Levinson stereo, HIDs, heated/ventilated seats, vehicle skid control & traction control, power rear sunshade, cargo net, trunk mat, wheel locks, wood & leather steering wheel & shift knob, 17" all-seasons w/alloy wheels, OEM XM radio
    MSRP: $39,155 (including options and destination charge)
    Paid: $35,000 (excluding tax & licensing)
    Paid/MSRP: 89.39%
    Location: Northern Virginia area
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Good post. I'll retain your data for my next summary. (I will try and post a summary as soon as I have about 10 deal quotes from the last time I posted a summary.)

    By the way, it is legal to cite the dealer from whom you received your quote. Potential buyers find that useful, too.
  • twjtwj Posts: 6
    Dealer was Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly. Salesperson was... excellent!

  • I think that Philadelphia is a tough area. There are not many Lexus dealerships in this area, so I think they can keep the prices higher than other areas. I just bought a 2005 ES330 and had to shop the internet for a good price (for a North Jersey dealership) and the local dealership ended up matching it.
  • I'm trying to buy ES330 new 2005 or used 2004. A dealer quoted me around $32000 for MSRP $35099 new 2005 and most of dealers are asking $29500 ~ $30000 for used 2004. I just want to buy ES330 regardless of year if I can get a good deal. Which one will be better?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I have two quotes from the NJ/ PA area. They are:

    pageguy2, 2005 ES330, 8/9/2004, Havorford, PA (Wilkie Lexus), purchase, $38,444, $35000, 91% MSRP

    x021607, 2005 ES330, 1006, 9/1/2005, Bridgewater, NJ (DiFeo Lexus), purchase, $35909, $32500, 90.5% MSRP.

    .5%MSRP difference is not THAT much ($170-$190) but you may want to play one dealer against the other in this instance. Who knows? You might be able to get a deal down to 89% MSRP.

    rosebud, the fact that I have so few posts from your area is a good reasom for including your deal! If you do, then we will have three from this area. Thanks.
  • Congratulations on your new car, rosebud0322. It is difficult for anyone to say how good a deal you got on your car without some additional information, including how long your lease is for, how many miles per year you are able to drive your car, and its selling price. If you can provide this information I am sure that myself or someone else will be happy to give you feedback.

    Smart Shopper / Prices Paid Forums
  • I am in the market for an ES330. One dealer in Atlanta offered me $30500 for a 2005 with Level 1 options (6cd, memory driver seat, wood/leather trim wheel, 17" alloy wheels) and $32000 for 2006 same options. Price is before TTL. Driveout price including 6% tax is $32950 for 2005 and $34230 for 2006.

    Is this a good deal? Which one sounds better - 2005 or 2006?

  • twjtwj Posts: 6
    No meaningful differences from '05 to '06 that I've seen documented anywhere. Memory setas are standard equipment nationwide, I believe. I think you could probably get a better price on the '06, and almost certainly a better price on the '05. They're both brand new, save a few bucks unless you have a head game about having the 'newer' car. The '05 will depreciate a bit faster out of the gate but will line up with the '06 after a while, adjusted for mileage and condition.

  • this is the quotes i got from a chicago land dealer in north west sub for new 2005 ES330 with basic pakage is this good or can i do better? :)

    Final Pricing: $32,357.00

    $32,357.00 Selling Price
    $ 55.39 State Documentation Fee
    $ 2,430.93 Sales Tax 7.50%
    $ 143.00 New Licence Plates
    $34,986.32 Total Purchase Price
  • Hi,

    My Es330 was $39,286 MSRP I paid $34,500

    It has:

    Mark Levinson + navigation
    Stability Control
    Heated & air seats
    Variable Suspension

    I got mine at Valencia Lexus in California, great people to deal with.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    markata, if there were another competing dealer in your area,you might want to try for a lower price. Your quote amounts to $32357/$35619 x100 = 90.8%. If your are willing to negotiate a little you may be able to get 89% MSRP, which is in line with what some posters (outside of So Califormai) have been getting this month.

    89% MSRP equates to $31,700 for your car. This price should cover everything except government charges like tax and license. 90.8% is an OK deal. in line with other posters are paying but you may be able to get lower.

    See my summary a couple of messages below. 89% may be obtainable on vehicles purchased from dealers outside of California. Folks purchasing at California dealers have been getting as low as 87% MSRP this month.

    You may want to judge for yourself by observing my deal summary below. Most notable was anonapersona, whose first quote was 91.8% MSRP but was able to get 88.9% by looking at another dealer in Houston.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Your deal is 87.8% MSRP, a pretty good deal, even in Southern California.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Quote data is in the following order:

    poster id: anonapersona
    vehicle model: 2005 ES330
    Post # 987
    Approx quote/purchase date: 8/18/2005
    Dealer Region (Dealer Name) Houston, Texas (internet quote)
    Source: quote
    MSRP: $34829
    Price (excluding govt. charges): $31977
    %MSRP 91.8%

    Note that there are two quotes for anonapersona. This demonstrates that anonapersona was able to negotiate a very good deal.
    anonapersona, 2005 ES330, 987, 8/18/2005, Houston Texas, internet quote, $34829, $31977, 91.8% MSRP
    anonapersona, 2005 ES330, 995, 8/21/05, Houston Texas southside of town, purchase, $37919, $33300, 88.9% MSRP
    x021607, 2005 ES330, 1006, 9/1/05, Bridgewater, NJ (DiFeo Lexus), purchase, $35909, $32500, 90.5%
    tamu91, 2005 ES330, 1015, 9/4/05, Houston, Tx (Westside Lexus), purchase, $34829, $31400, 90.1% MSRP.
    2005es330; 2005 ES330, 1023, 9/7/05, So. Cal (Lexus of Cerritos), purchase, $33649, $29276, 87% MSRP
    tmknies; 2005 ES330, 1027, 9/8/05, Greenwich, Ct (Lexus of Greenwich), purchase, $38669, $34195, 88.4% MSRP
    mhunterdts, 2005 ES330, 1003, 9/1/05, Ca. Bay Area (Stevens Creek Lexus, San Jose), purchase, $37,119, $33,800, 90.5%
    mhunterdts, 2005 ES330, 1032, 9/1/05, Ca. Bay Area (Pleasanton Lexus, Pleasanton), quote, $37,119, $33,800, 90.5%
    twj, 2005 ES300, 1044, 9/17/05, Northern Virginia Area (Pohanka Lexus, Chantilly), purchase, $39,155, $35000, 89.4% MSRP
    markata, 2005 ES300, 1052, 9/22/05, Chicago Area (northwest dealer), quote, $35,619, $32,357.00, 90.8 % MSRP
    timjsmith, 2005 ES300, 1053, 9/22/05, So Cal (Valencia Lexus), purchase, $39,286, $34,500, 87.8% MSRP
  • que2que2 Posts: 9
    Check out Tri-County Lexus in Little Falls, NJ. I got a great internet deal in March on a 2005 ES. Great service too.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    In order to post your deal, I need ALL of your info. If you purchased your vehicle, I still need your MSRP and the quoted price, not including government charges.
  • que2que2 Posts: 9
    On 3/31/05, the initial quote for a purchase was $31,800 on a MSRP $35,909. I leased - that deal was 1 payment of $15,618 for 3 year lease, 12,000 miles per year and $20,468 residual. Lease price included all tax, fees, etc.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I'll post your deal with the next "batch". Your deal amounts to 88.6% MRP were you to purchase your vehicle.

    It seems that prices have dropped somewhat since the fall of 2004. Outside of California, a "good" deal amounts to approx 89% MSRP, which you received, and inside California, approx 87%.

    Too bad I can't compare lease deals.

    Did you have to negotiate any or compare dealers or quotes to get you 88.6%?
  • que2que2 Posts: 9
    No negotiation - I was happy based on what I was seeing on this forum and the deal was much better than at my local dealership. I tried to get my local dealer to match but they couldn't do it. This deal was in Little Falls, New Jersey in March 2005. BTW, it was an Edmund's dealer locater quote.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Well, congratulations. I call what you did a negotiation of sorts because you walked away from a dealer, a local one at that, in favor of a better deal elsewhere. Based upon what I am seeing on Edmund's the willingness to do that results in an appreciably better deal. 1-1.5%, and sometimes more, anyway.

    Thanks. Your post will help others.
  • Im looking to buy the 2006 lexus 330 black diamond edition W/ Heated and Ventilated Front Seats,High Intensity Discharge Headlamps (HID) with Rain-Sensing Wipers, Power Rear Sun Shade, Navigation System Package
    MSRP $37,764

    Dealer wants $34,586

    How low do you think the dealer would go I live in SoCal riverside
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    You have posted the first quote on a 2006 model. It amounts to 91.6% of MSRP.

    California folks have been getting about 88-90.5% on 2005s. Each % MSRP represents $377 for your car. I might pay 1% MSRP more for a 2006 over a 2005 but that is about all. It is up to you how much extra you would want to pay for a 2006 over a 2005 if you have the choice.

    I think that 91.6% MSRP is too high. I'd see if I could dealer-hop to pay no more than 90%. And I think 89% is quite reasonable for a car from a So Cal dealer, at least for a 2005. Depending on how much I wanted the specific car, I might start at 87% with a willingness to work up to 90% max. Also, you might want to use dollar amounts, not % MSRP, when you talk to the dealers

    There are LOTS of dealers in So. Cal. There is a large dealer in San Bernardino and another large one in Riverside, and another large one in Cerritos..... Makes it very easy to walk out of one and into another to negotiate a better deal.
  • Do you really need a car soon or can you wait like another 5 to 6 months because the all new ES is coming out in Spring of 2006. Should be a vast improvement over the current one with a 3.5L engine pumping out close to 280 HP. The 05+ Avalon has the same engine and Highway MPG is rated at 31 which is actually 2 mpg better than the ES. If you have your mind set on an 06 then I agree with atoews that you shouldn't pay more than 90% of MSRP. Given that the 06 MY car will have a relatively short production run I think you should shop around. Anyway keep us posted as to what you decide.
  • Thanks Que2!

    I spoke to the dealership in NJ and he was offering the invoice price for a 2005.
    Had a colleague who purchased it from Doylestown PA and got it $200 over invoice after the Labor day sale that the dealer ship was having.

    I would think the 2005 should be available at below invoice price. ! I hope for that, I am going to start talking to dealerships again.
  • Hi, I got an offer from a dealer for a 2005 ES330 with 110 miles for 31998 with tier 1 option. meaning only leather seats and moon roof.

    dealer asking price for 31998 and not willing to sell any amount lower than that.

    Is that a good price or is there room for more? I lived in CT, is there a better dealership?
  • I have a dealer offering a 2005 es330 with 110 miles and factory options asking for 31998, firm.

    Is this a good price? the dealer said this price is 1500 below their invoice price already
  • i have another es330 2004 17000 miles a loaner car asking for 27900, firm from dealer.

    is it a good price?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I agree. The caveat is that I expect that when the 2007 comes out, the car will be going for a higher price. For example, when the 2002 (significant redesign over 2001) came out, we were getting 94%-95% MSRPs, which dropped to around 90%-91% for the 2003, 2004, 2005, and I expect the 2006. Assuming a vehicle with $39000 MSRP, the difference between 90% and 94% MSRP is $1560. My bet would be that the improvements in the 2007 would make the difference worth it, but I am only guessing.

    And, for all we know the MSRPs themselves might be higher, although I kind of doubt it.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    beemertime and hunter06, we use %MSRP to compare deals, not invoice. To tell whether you are receiving a reasonable deal, we need your deal quote, the geographical region from which you received your quote, and the MSRP. Remember that the deal quote should NOT include license, tag, tax or any other government imposed fees.
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