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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sanjay....
    I'm looking at my lease now, so I can tell you exact facts. 1) Yes, I did negotiate initially by e-mail to all the dealers. They have sales people who deal only with internet sales.When I decided to use the dealer, I spoke to them on the phone. I never went to the dealership until delivery. 2) 2005 ES330...MSRP $35,709. 36mo. lease, 15K per year. $417 per month incl. everything except tax and MV fees. My tax is 8.75% =$1313.00 ($417x36x8.75). I gave them the tax + $24 MV fees. There is no disposition fee, and any down payment is in the monthly.I also had to give them the first months payment ($417), at delivery. That's it. 3) Just be sure to get it in writing, and have it approved by a manager. The selling salesperson is not the one who should sign the contract. Get an authorized manager to sign it. They can then fax or send it to you to look over. If I didn't have that approved contract, I would not have gotten the car! They just need to know you're on top of it! Good luck....let me know how it goes.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Others will no doubt chime in here but it appears you should be able to get that car for around 32k---roughly 90% of sticker.
  • These are the numbers from RayCatena, what do you guys think ?
    A lease on a 06 ES 330 fully loaded with all the equipment you indicated and navagation without mark levinson, 36 months,12000 miles, $489.71 a month for Decmember
    The inception fees are as follows, Bank Fee $600, 1st payment $489, motor vehicle's $175.50 and documation fee with tire tax $206.50, total down $1471, there is no disposition fee with Lexus
    Thanks in advance. Sanjay
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Interesting thoughts on the TL.
    That is the car I wanted in the fall of '04 but it was my wifes car and I let her make the decision. (I drive a Vette Z06 so it was her choice). We took a TL for a day and I was all over it. It is drop dead georgeous and I loved the handling aspect...and the incredible sound system. Wife rode and then drove it. "Too noisy; rides rough." She had previously driven the ES and was hooked on the quiet and comfy ride.
    While priced closly, they are really different cars. Sportiness of the TL vs. the luxury (read quiet and soft ride) of the ES.
    We bought the '05 ES...she is very happy, and I won't complain a bit. Great cruising car for long trips and that is when I get to drive it.
    She had very legit complaints on the TL. Passenger seat is only 4 way power. She and I both could not get a "comfortable" setting.
    Cup holders--they are too deep and it was difficult to get a can out unless you put your finger into the can opening. A styrofoam cup literally disappears into it. ALso, as I recall, you could not get to the rear cup holder without raising the armrest! Minor items for sure, but just a bit annoying.
  • Since we are being honest, my wife also selected the Lexus.
    She is more traditional and likes the standard sedan look. Also, comming off of an Accord she was seduced by the luxury. I have to admit, I like sporty. I drive an SLK. But, when I get in the Lexus, I feel... pampered.
  • g17g17 Posts: 45
    Most importantly...what is the price they are selling the car at? Whats the Money Factor?
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    i was trying to decide between the lexus es 330 and acura tl. TL was nice, but was for the luxury I was looking for (was downsizing from a bmw 530) I decided to go with the lexus. Nice ride, nice stereo and comfy on long distances. I haven't regretted the decision. I test drove both extensively.
  • soanesoane Posts: 3
    My parents told me today they decided to buy an "05 ES 330 Demo car with 5,000 miles from a dealer for $33K. Haven't picked the color, they claim they have 3 to choose from.
    This price seems high to me for a Demo '05 in december of '06 with a redesign coming out next spring. What do you think? They are paying asking price but think it's a good deal. It seems people are paying near the same price for brand new '06s. Please inform me if and how they can do better.

    also I read of Tranny problems, steering problems and short tire life. Is any of that true and pertinent to negotiations.

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You Very Much
  • Is the price OTD (out of the door) or is tax,title,destination not included in the price. Is the car fully loaded or a base version ? Either way I think 33K is a tad high for basically an used car. My aunt is also interested in the ES330. She just got a quote from Ray Catena Lexus for a brand new 06 model for 32.7K OTD price. I think you can definitely do better.
  • soanesoane Posts: 3
    Thnaks for the reply.
    BTW-I meant to say "December '05"

    It's $33,378 selling price and NOT OTD. Not sure about options-how loaded or not.
    I really think they can do better-but they are not eager to haggle.

    Thanks for the info.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Most posters get brand new 2005 cars (in southern california) for right around 89-91% MSRP without negotiation.

    Since it is a demo, try and get 86-87% MSRP and then you have yourself a pretty good deal. Even 88% is a pretty good deal. 89-91% MSRP has been a normal purchase price for the past couple of years.

    I don't think you can know whether you are getting a good deal or not if you don't know or list the MSRP of your car. Using the MSRP is a good strategy and allows you to get around knowing and listing all of the options on your vehicle.

    To calculate 87% MSRP, if you are not good at math, just multiply your MSRP by .87 to come up with your desired purchase price.
  • soanesoane Posts: 3
    You're right-We need more info and I posted here prematurely.
    They have asked the dealer to fax copies of the window stickers which will have MSRP and all options etc.

    They believe the MSRP was $36,xxx -so a high 80's percentile of that should be in the 31,500 to 32,000 range I would think.
    At least I have them really thinking the purchase through instead of just plunging.

    Thanks a lot for your input.
  • Hey newcarbuyer3. You want to roll $10,000 in negative equity from your current lease into a new one?!?! If it will cost that much to break your current lease, you are better off waiting until its scheduled end to get a new vehicle. You're right, the lease money factor that you were quoted is terrible. It's much higher than Lexus' current buy rate money factor of .00123 for this car. If I was in your situation, I'd wait to get a new vehicle. If I absolutely couldn't wait, I'd at least make sure that my monthly payment was being calculated using the buy rate money factor.

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  • Congratulations on your new car, JTbooze. Any Lexus for under invoice is a good deal. Thanks for taking the time to stop back and let us all know how everything turned out. Enjoy!

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  • Hi Sanjay. In order to estimate what your lease payment should be like on this car, I need you to provide me with its full MSRP and selling price. Remember that the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. You may be able to get an idea of how much you will have to pay for an ES right now by visiting the following discussion: "Lexus ES 300/ES 330: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

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  • Hurstian, I am interested in purchasing the same car you did. I also live in Texas. What city and dealership did you purchase it from. How did you get your intial price out there? Did you low ball and then meet at the 30668? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jason
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    hurstian reported that he purchased his vehicle in Dallas, where there are two dealers: Sewell, and Park Place.

    Note that I am beginning to notice when posted deals are likely to be exaggerated. The first clue is a low quote. In this case, hurstian said he received 87% MSRP, which is rare anywhere and particularly rare in Texas.

    An even more important clue is they resist giving the name of their dealer and tend to disappear from the board when pressed for their dealer's name.

    I guess that anomnymity is not enough for the truth to take precedence over ego.

    Of course, if hurstian reappears on the board and answers your question, then I apologize and stand corrected!!
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Recall that hurstian bought a 2005 (I think). Edmund's TMV runs significantly higher for a 2006.

    My boyfriend was able to get a better deal from Sewell than from Park Place last year, but each deal is different.

    If I were you, I'd try both dealers to see if either would give a deal of 90-91% MSRP, which is a reasonable quote based on history of posters on this board.

    Walk out on deals greater than 91% for a 2006. If both dealers are sticking to a high % MSRP, then I guess we need to accept that 2006s truly are going for more than 2005s were going for.

    Here are some Texas deals for you:

    professordjf, 2004 ES330, 08/04, Dallas (Sewell Lexus), $37,424, $34,000, 90.8% MSRP.

    jhwk, 2005 ES330, 964, 8/1/05, Plano Texas(Park Place Lexus), $34,800, $31,445. 90.3% MSRP

    anonapersona, 2005 ES330, 995, 8/21/05, Houston Texas southside of town, purchase, $37919, $33300, 88.9% MSRP

    tamu91, 2005 ES330, 1015, 9/4/05, Houston, Tx (Westside Lexus), purchase, $34829, $31400, 90.1% MSRP
  • Educated here with everyone's experience and information.

    Started with ES330, end up a 2006 LS430 (ML, SmartKey, ...). 87.9% MSRP in LA Area.

  • LOL. I bought it from Park Place Lexus of Grapevine. I was quoted that price over phone by salesman. It is ES330 2006 model with MSRP of 35,xxx. I also had a trade in. If the deal is too good to be true, maybe they made it up by lower the trade-in price:)
  • It depends on what options are included. I suggest they ask the bank what the blue book is. I believe they fixed the transmission issues in 2005.

    Ultimately, it's worth what you want to pay. I have found that if you are willing to walk, you can get your price.

    I'd tell him you are leaning towards the Acura TL because it is new, new body, and loaded for the same price as the used Lexus. Also, the ratings are high. Then see what the price is. I imagine you should get it for $31000 or so. But, 5000 miles is not that much.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    For jschrock's benefit, here is hurstian's deal:

    hurstian, 2006 ES330, 1187, 11/08/2005, Dallas Area (Park Place Lexus), purchase, $35234, $30668, 87% MSRP

    The fact that you wrote in with your dealer's name speaks volumes that your deal is authentic.

    Sorry if I made an implied hit on your integrity and I won't do it again, since my actions do not encourage honest reporting by other posters.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637

    The gap between what Edmund's posters are quoting for 2006s vs Edmund's TMV is huge! Edmund's posters are getting their cars for about 87-89% MSRP while Edmund's TMV (based on actual sales numbers) says 97%-98% MSRP!

    This same discrepancy does not exist for 2005s. Posters report similar numbers for 2005s as Edmunds TMV quotes.
    This could be due to a number of factors. If Edmund's posters are honest with their quotes, then it means that posters are getting HUGE discounts from what other purchasers are paying.

    If the Edmund's posters are honestly posting their quotes, then I have no idea why the discrepency between TMV and posters' quotes would be as it is.

    Anyone out there have any idea?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Ok, I'll break down and do it. Provide quotes, even with imcomplete data. I want the posters to see what other posters are saying they are paying lately for a vehicle:


    que2, 2005 ES330, 1059, 3/31/05, Little Falls, New Jersey (Tri-County Lexus) $35909, $31,800, 88.6% MSRP

    bayviewe, 2005 ES330, 1112, 10/24/05, Schaumburg,Ill (Woodfield Lexus), $37909, $32,500, 85.7% MSRP.

    deerblue, 2006 ES330, 1119, 10/24/05, So Cal (Longo Lexus),$39,694, $34,500, 86.9% MSRP.

    dshahs, 2005 ES330, 1117, 10/25/2005, Massachusetts (Lexus of Watertown) $38393, $34,500, 89.8% MSRP

    bhavinpa, 2006 ES330, 1147/1149, 10/31/2005, So. Cal (Longo Lexus, El Monte, Ca.), $37524, $33,200, 88.4% MSRP

    hurstian, 2006 ES330, 1187, 11/08/2005, Dallas Area (Park Place Lexus), purchase, $35234, $30668, 87% MSRP


    The following quotes are missing some info and are not as verifiable as the preceding ones:

    jpdeg, 2006 ES330, 1237, ????, ????, purchase, $35700, $33734, 92.3% MSRP

    california4, 2006 ES330, 1238, 12/03/2005, ????(????), purchase, $37595, $34000, 90.4% MSRP

    ficars, 2006 ES330, 1222, 11/24/2005, ???? (????), purchase, $35000, $31000, 88.5% MSRP
  • jpdegjpdeg Posts: 7
    Hi, just saw your post and question marks, so I'll fill-in/update.

    I received my quote on 12/3/06 from Lexus of New Orleans. Our salesman claimed he may have been able to knock off another couple hundred.

    That d/ship is our only one. I emailed the dealership in Baton Rouge, 45 miles away. I had to email twice, and eventually had to call the internet manager to get a price. He said that I should check the local dealership. I said I did, would he like to give me a quote and take my business from them. He said he could do $1400 off of MSRP.

    I told both salesmen that I would pay 90% of MSRP based on what I have been reading on Edmunds forums. One said that these price quotes aren't real, but are really "Christmas wishlist prices."

    I still haven't made a purchase. Neither place would go lower, and I feel like the car is/may be underpowered, but the price just feels to high for me especially considering the much hyped December to Remember.

    So, I'm still sort of looking. I can't decide. I'm considering a MB C230, BMW 325, or Saab 9-5. I really can't decide, and nothing has really grabbed my attention and desire, other than the Infiniti M35 (too expensive). I may just wait a while longer for the M.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Your deal is lining up with Edmund's TMV (96% MSRP), which is not lining up with the quotes on this thread, sad to say. I appreciate your input, since I believe you have a realistic, honest deal. After all, Edmund's TMV is based on real sales data, as opposed to the data provided by posters.

    Your salesman is correct in saying that the Edmund's quotes are not real. They are anonymous and can't be verified, but if the dealership is provided, at least there is some accountability.

    Don't know why posters would exaggerate their deals, but the recent deal quotes are certainly not matching Edmund's TMV.

    Perhaps when you get ready for a purchase, the price will come down or you will like the new body style better.

    I suspect that the gas price rise has made ES330s more desirable when compared with RX300s than they have been in the past. Maybe there is a shortage of 2006 ES330s.
  • jpdegjpdeg Posts: 7
    "Maybe there is a shortage of 2006 ES330s"

    That is a distinct possibility. In fact, one of the salesman told me that they are selling them as fast as they can produce them. I just didn't necessarily believe him. Also, when I first started looking in November, the dealership lot was FULL of cars, mainly ES's. When I went back in the beginning of December, the lot was basically empty.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23
    No, I was just quoted $32.5K after submitting from Lexus website.
  • That is exactly what my cousin paid for his ES. NO NAVI, MARK LEVINSON, VAS.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    You can kind of tell from the MSRP whether the vehicle has NAV/ML. Vehicles under about 35-36K MSRP generally do not include ML or NAV.

    32K MSRP is a very basic vehicle.
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