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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I personally have not had a problem with the Dunlop's and will probably get 50k from them."

    Not gonna happen!
    Not unless your driving on sponge cake..... ;)
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    Got 31k already with at least 7 mm left on all four tires on my Dunlops.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I replaced the stock Bridgstones on my 2002 4Runner with the Michelin's. The Bridgestones that I had one there would slip in the rain from time to time - if I gave it too much gas going from a stop, and I needed to put the truck in 4 wheel drive if there was more than 2 inches of snow on the ground. The Michelin's don't slip for me, and I have driven in 8 inches of snow in 2 wheel drive with them. They are the best tires I have ever owned.
  • yujinyujin Posts: 6
    just got my new 4runner a week ago and enjoying the scent of a new car. i noticed the funny smell when i turn on the AC. this started yesterday. has anyone had this problem? any inputs why this happened? how can i fix this without using any car freshner?
  • maxlessmaxless Posts: 9
    2003 4x4 SR5 V8. 43,000 trouble-free miles. Tows my 17' boat with ease. 19 mpg on the highway if speed is 70 mph or less. Only issue is the soft material utilized on the dash, doors, etc. This material seems to scratch easily. Has anyone found a cleaner, polish, etc. that hides these marks? I don't want the bright, shining look that you get from Armor All. Something with much less sheen would be preferred. Recommendations?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Guess it depends on the smell. Since your car is new, all sorts of materials are outgassing. Plus there's often a protective coating sprayed underneath the car for transport and that stuff may be burning off the muffler and getting sucked into the A/C vents. It may go away by itself in two or three weeks.

    For sulfur smells, see this recent post:

    agnosto, "Sulfur from 2003 4Runner" #822, 10 Apr 2006 5:04 am

    But since it's related to the A/C, check for mold, odor or dead critter posts in the Climate Control Problems (Air Conditioning, Heat) - All Cars discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Ok, good news, there is no issue as the dealer told me it is speed sensitive and the sun roof wind deflector lowers when the vehicle reaches over 55mph and raises back up when speed of the vehicle drops down to 45mph.
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    I've seem the instructions for re-programing the remote to open "all" doors with just one push of the "unlock" button but I can't find them.

    Anyone know how to do it for an '06 4Runner Sport?

  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Can anyone direct me to where I can find replacement interior moldings (besides the dealership) for my 4Runner?
    The part I'm looking for is one of the rear seat plastic coverings that cover the seat bolts on the floor. The dealership wants $24.00 + tax. Is there a reliable website or alternative store where I could find a replacement? Thanks all!
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    I have used partznet and have had good luck...
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Thanks for your reply. I called the number from the email you sent and I would only save $4.00, but thanks for the email connection for future parts.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    I had a small scratch on my glove compartment. A guy that goes to different dealerships to fix things like that fixed mine. He said it was more difficult to fix a scratch than fix torn leather for example. He said getting the right color mix is what makes it hard.

    Anyway, he fixed mine and said not to put anything on it for several months so it dries good. I couldn't tell anything was ever there as he did a perfect job. Apparantly there is nothing you can buy to 'fix' a scratch.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    If you bought a 2006 there is a bulletin out (at least that is what the dealership told me) that the exhaust system needs replacing. Ours had a bad odor every now and then. They put 2,000 of new parts on it for us that suppose to fix the problem.

    Don't know if that is your problem but just letting you know about that.
  • yujinyujin Posts: 6
    Thanks guys for responding. The funny smell comes out of the vents after I turn on the AC, this last for a few seconds and the funny smell goes away. I don't know if we have the same problem. I also don't know if it is related to the sulfur issue. Well to describe the funny smell, it smells like a sour odor or shirt soaked with sweat or something like that.
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    This is due to water condensation that becomes moldy and starts to smell. I shut off my A/C several miles before my stop and let the fan run to dry it out. This will prevent the musty smell when you first turn on your A/C.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I am about to replace my Dunlaps that have 47000 miles on them. Are there any other folks out there, that are using the REVOs. If their ride comfort is equal to the Dunlaps, I can live with it. A number of surveys rate REVOs higher than the cross terrains, including road noise (more quiet). On the boards, I have only seen one person post on the revos as relates to the 4-Runners. Others, I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I have no experience with REVOs but I can assure you the Michelin Cross Terrain tires are something else... very comfortable, great handling and quiet ride with my 2006 4Runner LTD V8 4WD...
  • tertletertle Posts: 1
    just brought a 2003 toyota 4 runner sr5 4wd and went ot smog it for california well there are four monitors test that are stated as not complete 1)catalyst 2)evaporative system 3) oxygen sensor 4)oxygen sensor heater. it has been driven over 200 miles and my local mechanic scanned it but can't tell how to fix so it will complete the test to pass smog The continuous monitor tests are complete and evrything is running good on the vehicle
  • otis0014otis0014 Posts: 2
    I got the Michelin X Terrain tires on my new 4 Runner. They are terrible. I have always loved Michelins - but these are wrong for this vehicle. They aer too large for the 4 Runner, and "push-back" through the steering wheel on bumps in the road when inflated to 35 PSI. I have to run these tires at 30 PSI to get a good ride. Otherwise they feel to me like monster truck tires bouncing like overinflated basketballs down the road. Of course at 30 PSI the tire inflation sensor is on all the time, but, I am convinced that Toyota and Michelin really missed the boat on designeing this ride combination for the 4 Runner. BEWARE. You may also have problems.
  • otis0014otis0014 Posts: 2
    My 4 Runner has had vibration at exactly 72 MPH since new about 8 months ago. Poor handling ALL the time. Anybody else out there with the same issues? I have 20K miles on it now. It has Michelin X Terrain tires. I have thought the tires to be the issue. Poor ride - like overinflated basketballs, or monster truck tires overinflated. I had thought a service mgr at the dealership understood my issue, but then he mysteriously quit working with me on it. I will take this information about the defective Hydraulic Control Valve to the dealer and try again. Thanks.
  • ggoinsggoins Posts: 57
    For those of you who like the Michies you might try the LTX M/S...powerful tire..big tough and smooth on the open road...about 550 from Americas Tire/Discount I don't work there...I like the tire.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    That's what I have, and it is a great tire on my 4Runner.
  • dedheddedhed Posts: 6
    I would love to know the answer to this question... :confuse:
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    hmmm, unless i'm mistaken, in my state, vehicles 2003 or older only need to have the OBD-II interface connected to their computers to see if the system is registering / storing any possible emissions related problems. they don't do a tail-pipe test on my '03.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This is the first time I have ever seen a bad review on the Cross Terrain tires. I just purchased 4 from a forum BB that had only 500 miles on them. I had them on an '02 Explorer and though they were the quietest, most smooth riding tire ever! They are in my garage waiting to be put on!
  • calixascalixas Posts: 2
    My 05 V6 4Runner has had an ongoing problem with lose, creaking and popping driver and front passenger seats. I've been to the dealer more times than I care to admit. At first notice of the noise, I thought it was the console, but the technician at the dealership diagnosed a driver seat noise. They claim to have replaced the seat frame, but the noise continued. By now both seat frames have been replaced, and the center console has been insulated, but to no avail. The noise now seems louder and quite excessive. During my last visit (2 weeks ago), the service manager agreed there is a definite problem. He asked a technician to attempt to identify the noise by using a stethoscope.....apparently the noise was found to resonate from the drivers seat. They will be replacing the seat tracks mounted to the vehicle. I'm quickly loosing confidence in them finding a solution.
    Any news from your end?
  • ggoinsggoins Posts: 57
    when is the noise loudest....when is it less?
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    I thought I'd give an update in case you are still in the market for tires. After 1200 miles, my Revo's ride has dramatically improved. The bounciness is gone. In fact, at a particular intersection I roll through where I used to catch air with my Dunlop's, my Revo's never leave the ground. I don't know if I should attribute this to the tires breaking in or the 80 degree weather, but the ride is definitely better. The traction is impeccable.

    On the flip side, I'd swear my MPG is taking a nosedive. I haven't checked MPG recently, but the gas gauge is moving from Full to Empty at a much faster clip. MPG has been a common complaint of Revo's.

    Traction was my sole consideration for getting the Revo's, but I must admit I probably would have purchased Michelin LTX M/S if I could have got them in P265/65/17. I just don't like the highway tread of the X-Terrains.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Bought the Cross Terrains shipped to my door for $125.00 a piece. I purchased off a guy on another forum who lived in Park City, UT that needed a true AT tire. He went with the BFG's. The Cross Terrains only had 500 miles on them!
  • rjordan392rjordan392 Posts: 1
    Is it possible for an engine air filter to lose its efficiency even when it still appears clean? it did not look too dirty to me but I changed it anyway. My mileage was poor for a 2004 v6 4Runner at about 12 mpg. After the filter change, I am now getting 15 mpg for both highway and city. Could engine fumes or road film clog a filter without it looking dirty? I just reach the 10,000 mile reading on the odometer and this is when the maintenance schedule states that the air filter is to be inspected.
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