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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    I have the same problem, and to me it sounds more like an exhaust leak, but you are right, it is the injectors. My neighbor swears it's an exhaust leak, since it can be heard from 40ft or more away.

    I'm living with it, at least until the day before the warranty expires. This is about the loudest vehicle for interior noise I've ever owned, and like you, I've noticed everything getting louder as the vehicle ages, and I'm slightly deaf.
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    You both are correct...
    Most of what you are hearing is in fact the injectors opening and closing but under a load, it's also an exhaust noise from the exhaust manifolds.

    My '06 V6 4Runner has a terrible exhaust noise under load; between 2000 and 2700 rpm.

    Toyota has a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for '05-'06 V6 for the Tundra with this very problem. It is an exhaust manifold replacement with a newer style manifold to remedy this problem. Toyota won't cover my '06 due to the fact that "not enough people have complained about it" for the 4 Runner.
    What's strange is that the exact same motor that is in the Tundra (V6) is in the 4 Runner.

    Not to worry, I'm not done with Toyota on this! Call customer service and if enough people [non-permissible content removed] about it, they'll listen. Toyota Customer Service; 1-800-331-4331.
  • spacemt6spacemt6 Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2003 4Runner that was doing the same thing. The dealership is replacing the tensioner that would produce loud chirping on a cold startup but wouldn't be heard if the car had been running for awhile. The dealership told me that there was potential for the tensioner to cease up and the truck would not be driveable. Have it checked out!
  • I have almost the same problems with my 1997 4-Runner. Has yours been fixed?
  • Mine did same thing --- it was a dark green plastic (or nylon) washer about side of 1/2 dollar at base of the shifter. It was broken --- replace and shifted great. Was like $5 and took 1/2 hour. I also replace trans oil with Valvoline Synthetic too.
  • Isn't there a (Special Service Campaign) SSC for the expansion valve? --- was on both my '90 and '93. Dealer evacuated, replace vavle and refilled no charge (FREE) --- when 4Rnr was 10 years old. Check under TSB/Recall on Alldata to see if it covers your year.
  • Thanks but I am having the problem with the electrical. Windows, Sun roof, air conditioner, gauges, and alternator are not working.
  • Could the return cyinder be bad on my 99 runner the pedal sometimes stays on the floor I need to know how to diagnoses this problem.
  • moto7moto7 Posts: 13
    Love my new 06 Sport V6, but i'm a little bothered by the Cruise Control over-revving on very slight hills. Unlike my other cars that smoothly accelerate slightly, The 4R appears to shift out of overdrive on mild inclines,increasing RPM about 10K. To me this is not efficient for MPG. I know it's not for lack of power 'cause when not in CC it takes only slight acceleration, with only 1-2K RPM increase, to maintain speed. I wonder if there's a CC adjustment Toyota Service can do?
  • robm2robm2 Posts: 53
    I've got a 2004 SR5 V8, with the 17" wheels and tire pressure monitoring system. I'd like to add a 2nd set of wheels, and I'm wondering if I need special rims, or also have to purchase a special kit, to have the tire pressure monitor on the new set of wheels.
  • mrkamzmrkamz Posts: 2
    I have a 97 4Runner SR5. I just discovered that my brake lamps don't turn on when I press the brake pedal which can be a very dangerous thing. All three brake lamps are are not working which led me to believe it was the fuse which I checked and found out to be working fine. Toyota and other places want to charge at least $90 just for a diagnostic and since I'm a student this is way too much money for me. I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem might be or any pointers. Thanks much for any help you can give a poor student trying to save some money.
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    I have the same problem with my '06 4runner sport. 30K plus for a toyota, i think it should run quieter. took it 2 dealers, they said it was normal or 4runners to do that. i will press on. also, squeak coming from right rear seat latch. one visit to dealer on this, apparently there is a tsb. squeak contines.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Check the push button switch on the brake pedal arm. Maybe it came loose (in that case it only needs an adjustment) or maybe its not closing properly when you press down on the brake pedal (then you have to replace it). That's the first and easiest place to check. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Put some electrical tape on the rear seat latch where the two surfaces meet. You didn't say whether you had a V6 or V8. The V6 is inherently noisier than the V8.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    I've owned the V6 SR5 and now I have V8 SE. I remember that the V6 would down shift if you hit any kind of a decent incline and roar up to the set speed in the lower gear and then upshift. My V8 tolerates the hills better but when it does downshift it does the same exact thing. If I'm on hilly terrain where frequent downshifting occurs I just don't use the cruise control. I haven't heard of a fix for it, but that doesn't mean there isn't one :)

    Let us know if find out about an adjustment to the Cruise Control.
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    it's a v6 - thanks for the advice, however i am not ready for the elec tape yet. i give dealers a chance to fix. note: i bought a '97 toyota new & they had to buy it back because of front stut noise. :P
  • foghorn48foghorn48 Posts: 65
    Bought an 06 limited v-6 4wd a few months ago. Overall great vehicle. Recently on a beach trip I had some sun screen on my leg, which rests against the interior door panel trim. On mine the handle (not the opening lever) is painted silver. Or at least it was. The sun screen ate thru the paint to the black plastic underneath. Anyone else have this or something similar happen to them? Any ideas of how to fix it or recover it? Any chance it should be a warranty issue?
  • andrew17andrew17 Posts: 26
    Thanks for your help wolfgang356. I did not find any SSC or TSB on the 1995 4Runner V6 model. I took it back to the Toyota dealership and they told me to drive it for a month because they can not re-create the symptom (of course: I leave it there in th eevening, they turn it on next morning while the engine is cold, the air is cool and the A/C works fine).
    It is getting really hot/ muggy here in Washington, D.C.; now I try to find a dealership (maybe in Southern California?) that has a trained A/C mechanic familiar with this issue and recommends the replacement of the orifice tube/ expansion valve or the dessicant. I will send the recommendations back to the dealership... -what a headache! -If I have any results, I will post it! =Andrew17
  • Any ideas on how to keep exhaust from coming in through the rear window? I'm thinking about going to Midas or something similar and have them mod it - bend it toward the side.

  • Have a 03 4runner, got rattle in the moonroof area. Took it in and they said they couldn't find a rattle, so they just greased it, didn't work. I have feard that toyota is the wordt at this kind of service. They don't want to fix anything.
  • I also have the same problem, the tail pipe is too short, and should have a pipe added to be vented to the side.
  • kakerskakers Posts: 3
    So I am now on my third trip to the dealer for this problem, it happened again last night. The weird thing is that it only seems to happen on really hot days. The last time I took it to them they replaced the ignition switch which obviously didn't work, and they supposedly checked all the grounds. I don't know what to do, I can't drive it because I have no brake lights, turn signals, air, windows, etc... when it does this. But, once it cools off outside everything turns on again. Plus my warranty is up in a month, do I need to think about selling this car or will Toyota honor this until its fixed.
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    might help some but the vacuum created at rear will still pull in fumes.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    It's called the station wagon effect and that's why the manual says don't drive with the rear window open.
  • mrkamzmrkamz Posts: 2
    Thanks for your suggestion biglatka, I checked the switch as well but it seems to be working fine. I can tell it works becuase when I manually push the switch back and forth myself I can here the lever in the gear box being released etc which is also controlled by the switch. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe a relay problem caused by temperature. it's not unheard of that temperature can cause a tiny circuit board with hare-line fracture or cold solder joint to fail a continuity check.

    check this out.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    I'm not sure about a lever in the gearbox being controlled by this switch. What is this function for? Do you have a manual or automatic transmission? I know this switch also affects the cruise control. When you press on the brake it takes it out of cruise control. Now did you check to see if moving the brake pedal actuates the switch? I assume it is a push-button switch and pressing the brake should either press the button on the switch in or allow it to go out (forgot which way it goes). If so with the key "on" can you get the brake lights to come on when you operate the switch manually?

    Other than trying this, I would do continuity checks along the brake circuit starting with the rear. Check to see that you're getting 12 volts on the line and work yourself back to the origin of the circuit (source of the 12 volts). A wiring diagram would be very helpful here. :) How about unscrewing all three bulbs and checking for voltage at one of the sockets when the pedal is pressed in (again with the ignition switch in the "on" position). It's worth a try. I once had both headlights go on me and I spent an hour checking out the circuit before I decided to check the headlights themselves. :) What's the odds on that?

    It's frustrating, good luck with it.
  • I have a 2000 4Runner with 53000 miles. Today I experienced a sudden loss in power caused by a failure of a spark plug. Also some oil leaked through the valve cover gasket during this incident. I was running on five cylinder for 5 miles to the shop. I have always done the recommended maintenance and the oil level in the car appears full. I left it with our repair shop, A Toyota dealer. I think there may have been a short in the coil. Any help Out there?
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    kakers, I'd unload the vehicle and get a new one the day before your warranty expires. But first, take it to a different dealer and see if they come up with a different prognosis, as some dealers are better than others. If they don't find anything, then write down your radio presets and replace the battery, even if you have to pay for it.

    Your dealer IMO should have done this as a courtesy, especially after 3 service visits. If the vehicle has lost all electrics, I'd suspect a bad battery, battery ground, or perhaps water got into (or behind) one of the fuse boxes causing everything to arc.

    Just the same, if it was mine I'd dump it and just get another one if it can't be fixed.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    What did the dealer say?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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