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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • My dealer is offering me an 03 Runner.(I like the cladding) certified 45K miles. I have been reading the forumn for some time and the smell issue and rattling have kinda put me off....transmission also sparks some complaints.yet many owners of the 03 are happy....advice appreciated.

  • I have a 2003 4Runner and there's alot of rattling coming from the sunroof when closed or tilted. Noise goes away when sunroof is open. I've read numerous complaints on this forum regarding the rattling coming from the sunroof. I followed the directions on the TSB regarding headliner rattling and no luck in resolving the noise. Does anyone have any solution to this rattling? Has anyone had any success?
  • Hey... First time here, and let me start by saying, I'm not a car guy, so bear with me.

    I have 1999 4Runner, 98,000 miles. I've used the Toyota Service regularly (I've still got all my reciepts). If fact, at 89,000 (back in Jan) it had it's Major Service done.

    Well, now it has a hole in the engine block. Not clear whether it threw a rod or a piston (like I said, not a car guy), but I'm facing potentially a $6000+ bill for a new short block, or less for something rebuilt.

    First questions:

    How does this happen suddenly? Is this maintence issue (i.e. something Toyota missed), or can these things 'just happen'?

    Do I get the repairs, or do I sell it for parts? I'm looking over it's Edmunds value now, but i'd like some other opinions.

    What advice can you give me?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    That question as to the cause of the engine failure really cannot be answered accurately unless the engine is disassembled and examined. If there are signs of severe overheating and oil starvation that could be a case of one problem turning into a bigger one (loss of oil or coolant due to leak). Sometimes engines just fail due to metallurgical failures...a connecting rod bolt comes loose and then all hell breaks loose. Sometimes the oil pump fails, and sometimes junk clogs a bearing oil galley.

    As for repairs it really depends on the condition of the rest of the vehicle. If it's basically clean inside and out, I'd go for a good used engine; but if it's a bit shabby and dented, you might want to let go of it, because the rest of the truck will still have the 98.000 miles on it regardless of the rebuilt engine.

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  • My 06 4 runner had vibrations at 50-65mph when i test drove it.I thought this was all because of imbalanced tires and sales people assured me that this problem can be because i have warranty.So right after 6 days of purchase i took my car in for tire balancing.One of their best mechanics test drove the car and felt the vibrations in the steering wheel.Dealer balanced the tires but it still had those vibrations.Then again i took it after a week to get it fixed.Again dealer balanced the tires, but there still were vibrations.Third time dealer replaced tires.No improvement.Fourth time i took it to another dealer.One mechanic test drove the vehicle and found the same vibrations.Second dealer also balanced the tires.No improvement. I also took it to Merchant's tire and auto center to know what they think about it. The manager test drove it and found the same vibrations.
    Now i am pursuing arbitration, no idea what trick toyota is going to play on me.
    Any ideas what usually happens in this????
  • That's about what I've been hearing from a few other people. There seemed to more than enough oil judged by the giant puddle left by the truck as it was towed away, that and the oil sprayed thoughout the engine comparent. So it seems to be just a metal failure.

    As for the repairs, the rest of the truck is in great condition, so I'm likely to replace the engine, if I can find a good enough deal. For a truck that's worth only about $7000-$8000 in decent condition, it's tough to justify spending $6000 on a NEW engine.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • drex1drex1 Posts: 41
    My 2003 4Runner (only 36K miles) has recently started squeaking as I lightly depress the brake. As I depress the brake harder to stop, the squeaking goes away. I have not yet taken the two front wheels off to check the rotors and pads, but the right rotor is smooth and the left rotor has a few (very) small ridges. Any ideas before I start taking off the tires and checking the brakes? How long should the initial set of brakes last? My '99 4Runner is still on the same set of brakes for over 50K miles.
  • My 06 4 runner does that every time i apply brakes and even during shifting gear from parking to drive.
    I have always thought this is a standard noise. No idea if this is a problem.
  • I have had 4 services performed by the dealer as of yet.
    I also got it checked by Merchant Tire Center which is ASE certified and their manager gave me in writing that there is intermittent vibrations/oscillations occuring in seat and accelerator and steering.
    But here is the thing though, i do not see the steering wheel shaking which happens most of the time during imbalancing of tires.
    My last inspection happened with the local representative from Toyota and he said we will try to balance the tires out but if it is not fixed , then i can proceed with arbitration.
    I am so surprised why Toyota can not fix it. Or atleast tell me what is wrong with it.
    Every time i go to dealership, service manager/ mechanics concentrate on tires only.
  • ronsagronsag Posts: 2
    Rattle: I have the same problem on my 05 Sport Runner. Rattles coming from both front doors specially during cold weather w/door closed and bumpy roads. I solved the problem by replacing the rubber bumpers in between the door opening. Replaced it by a type of rubber bumper that tundra used which is no plastic fastener and they are solid rubber and identical in size. The original bumper is made of rubber and plastic that fastened to the door and causes to rattle due to the plastic bumper and weak door seal. Door vibrates slightly when driving on bumpy roads and you can check this by inserting your finger between both rubber door seal while driving in a bumpy road. I still have an issue with weak rubber door seal that dealer must replace this week. I hope this helps you.
  • ronsagronsag Posts: 2
    Causing my front doors vibrates while driving in a bumbpy roads. Is there any body experienced the same problem.
  • 4runn4runn Posts: 1
    What year is your 4runner? I have a 2005 v8 limited and it is doing the same thing. And exactly where can i find the slip yoke on the vehicle if i were to attempt this myself?

    -thank you
  • Check message #1899.

    I had my driveshaft changed on my 2004 V8. Now it is fixed.

    They replaced it with a Lexus part. Tried 3 other 4Runner Shafts and it didn't work.
  • vg245vg245 Posts: 4
    How did you get them to change driveshaft? Also do you hear any noises in you driver and passanger sits?
  • The Vehicle was under warranty. I told them it was not normal. They gave me the run around and said all 4Runners were the same. I tried the dealer's demo, and it didn't do it. I called Toyota Canada and made a formal complaint. A file was started. Eventually the Toyota's regional rep suggested a new driveshaft. (Not any Driveshaft- One with a special Code) The dealer didn't even note if he was replacing the original shaft with an identical one. Anyway after the 3rd shaft it still didn't work. I found a Lexus site discussing the same problem. Lexus had a TSB. I showed my dealer the Lexus TSB. He said he cant do anything be cause I don't have a Lexus. DUH?!. Nothing happened, so I called Toyota Canada again. My dealer called the next day and said his rep suggested a Lexus Driveshaft.

    It worked.
    I give my dealer a little credit, that he got it fixed. He just needed a bit of persuasion.

    Good Luck.
  • I think we all should voice our concerns to National Council for Dispute Settlement about what we all are going through.
    I traded my elegant and fully loaded 2005 Acura 3.2 TL $4000 below what carmax was giving me for my TL,for this vibrating junk.I have an arbitration hearing next month. e
    I think everyone must atleast go through that and let toyota get a feel of what we all are going through.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I am waiting to fulfill the required 3 visits for each of our two 2006 4runners and then I am going to file under the Oregon Lemon Law for arbitration. I only wish ALL of the 4runner owners with this problem would do the same!! Too many think it is a tire problem and it is not. Please continue to post here so we can all see what is going on with Toyota. I think they rely on our not being "organized" in any shape or form. Until I found this website, I was wondering if anybody else was battling with Toyota. I now know that I am not alone. Thanks.
  • gcaguygcaguy Posts: 2
    My friend has a 1988 Toyota 4runner and it's leaking oil. When traveling at high speeds (75 to 80mph)she is losing oil and has to replace what she lost. At low speeds or when parked there is no evidence of loss of oil. What might be the cause of losing oil at high speed? Is there a gasket problem? Or could it be she is losing at the head bolts? Or, what might be the cause?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Worn rings on a high-mileage engine can cause a LOT of oil loss without much in the way of noticeable smoke. That is probably what it is. She might try a heavier oil to slow the loss, if she is not prepared to do an engine rebuild.

    So many miles does she have? Is it the 22RE or the V-6?

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  • gcaguygcaguy Posts: 2
    She has approximately 250,000 miles. The engine had some work on it a couple of years ago - what kind of engine repair and how many years ago I can't say for sure. I'm estimating roughly 3-1/2 years ago. She would like to know what the cost might be to do a complete engine over haul. A rough estimate is fine. She loves her truck and doesn't want to part with it, but she may have to make a realistic decision if she wants to keep it. Thanks for your reply and hope to hear from you again.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Well, I live in California, and California is expensive, but about two years ago I had a friend with a 1990 4Runner (same V-6 as your friend's) and he spent about $2000 on a rebuild, which included removal and installation. He also spent a few hundred more for a complete tune-up and timing belt and all the rest, but the actual rebuild part including the labor was about $2000 of it. He is like your friend, will never give up his Runner for a newer one. :-)

    At 250K, your friend is well into the territory where the engine could be having ring trouble. That's a fair pile of miles. Using a heavy heavy oil will stave off the inevitable, but creates other problems. If she likes it and it is in very good shape apart from this problem, she should check around and find a reputable place for the rebuild, and price it. Good places will warrant their work for 12 months/12K miles.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • My 2003 4-runner driver side window goes back down about 2-3 inches after closing with the auto-up feature. You can make it go ahead and close all the way- by lightly lifting the button- but it is really annoying.
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know of a door rub bar (black unpainted) that can be added to a new 4Runner with double sided tape to prevent door paint dings? Something like that on the Tundra would do if it doesn't require holes to be drilled.
  • This job has to be done carefully on the V6,both head gaskets have to be replaced not just the blown side because of faulty head design,both mating surfaces the engine block and the aluminum head have to be completely cleaned of old gasket material,sanded and degreased,next use a metal ruler and make sure heads are not warped if head is warped it must be replaced.Also Ishino head gaskets designed for this problem must be used along with new Corteco head bolts and washers,this job is labor intense and most shops dont have the time to do it correctly.
  • I recently bought a 2006 v6 sport edition and have experienced the same exhaust backlash noise. I took it to the dealership and they said...."it's just exhaust backlash"...and I could get a borla dual exhaust system and the noise would go away....I just spent $32k for a car and i need to buy an upgraded exhaust system? Right?!....I'm going to test drive a new 4runner to see if all of the vehicles have that is very annoying and makes the car sound cheap
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    the exhaust noise i get sounds like a very noisy valve - they also told me that normal for a 4runner.
  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    seems i have very sensitive sensor - the amber warning light came on on a trip to philadelphia a few weeks ago (it was much colder there than DC). It finally reset itself once i got back to warmer climes (all 5 tires pessure were correct). i will be back to the dealer tomorrow for a second visit on this. :(
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    i have a 2005 4-runner that never vibrates up to 85 mph. is there a lemon law in your state? did you buy it with american express? in either case you can turn it back to them as defective. you absolutely shouldn't put up with anyting that isn't wonderful. regards, yrosh
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I might try an exhaust upgrade with new headers but i would rather not make the modification
  • NEED ADVICE... Got a '96 Toyota 4 Runner. After starting engine, engine runs for 1 to 5 minutes and then just cuts out. It just cranks with fuel pressure, but NO SPARK!!!. I have replaced the following: Cam Shaft Sensor; Air Mass Meter; Crank Shaft Sensor

    After it stalls, it will only start again if I let it sit for a couple hours. When it does start again, it cuts out after 1 to 5 minutes and the problem is the same as above.

    Anyone have advice??

    Many Thanks.
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