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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • I am looking into new tires for my 2004 V8 Limited. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Michelin Cross Terrains were a good tire. Then perhaps there is a good Bridgestone tire available. I have Bridgestone Dueler H/T 840 on my vehicle now from the factory with about 40000 miles on them. I have nothing against the tires on my vehicle now. Ride is nice, not noisy, and traction seems fine. I don't need to replace them right away, but I am thinking about it soon. Any suggestions for a different tire than what I already have. Thanks.
  • robm2robm2 Posts: 53
    A lot of people, (myself included) put Bridgestone Dueler AT/Revo's on the truck. If you spend any time in mud or snow, you will love this tire.
  • Help. I'm driving home the other night in my 98 4runner. It’s a great truck, recently I had some engine work done to it. Any case so I'm driving home and I had to stop suddenly when a cat came across the road. I didn’t screech the wheels or anything just a tight fast stop and turn a bit to the left to avoided the cat. Well when the truck stopped, the battery light came on for a second and off, and suddenly it was hard for me to turn left or right. I could turn but it was all jagged, almost like it stalled and went out of power steering, felt almost like manual steering. I have a mechanic here, but they for a lack of better words suck. So I need to know what this sounds like, maybe the break or steering fluid? Any help would be great!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If you read this, your email bounced. Check out this post about your maintenance light:

    nedzel, "Toyota 4Runner: Problems and Solutions" #1090, 8 Jul 2005 3:53 pm
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    So do tell: did you hit anything, and did you stall it? And how has it behaved since then? MOre details are needed...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • i am still having his problem but i finely was able to get some codes I have ended up replacing my mass air sensor. That codes was popping and when we rechecked it. it was reading faulty. but now when it get hot it misses and dies and i have have to wait until something reset but no other codes have popped yet i checked my fuel pump pressure and still reads fine. when it acts up i have good pressure in the system. before i changed my mass air sensor i also had a air intake code but the manual said it was in the mass air sensor housing. that code has not returned back. i am out of ideas what would be causing this does anyone have any ideas.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I've got the Cross Terrains. A decent tire, but very pricey. I had the Dunlops as OEM tires. Lots of people hated the Dunlops, but I haven't seen any major improvement with the Cross Terrains.

    I use a dedicated snow tire in the winter (Nokians). The Dunlops braking and turning performance in snow sucked.
  • Did you consider any other tyres? I have been very happy with the Dunlops and have almost 60,000 on them, but am considering the Cross Terrain.
  • Over the past couple of days, I've started to hear something banging around in the right body panel, near the rear seat. I've checked the tools compartment and tire tools under the seat, but they are secure. It sounds like something structural may have broken and is banging around everytime the car rocks to either side on a bumpy road. Before I go to the dealer and they conjure up something for me to spend hundreds of dollars on, I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas? :confuse:

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    No, I didn't look at other tires. I don't need an aggressive tire for my summer tires (most of my offroading is at the beach), so the choices were quite limited.

    If you like your Dunlops, get another set. The last I looked, the Cross Terrains were a lot more expensive than the Dunlops and I haven't noticed any significant improvement with them.
  • But would the Cross Terrains make a better snow tire. That is one of my main concerns living here in MD.
  • w1pw1p Posts: 3
    I have a 95 4Runner for about 6 six years and receive nothing at all from Toyota about service. Anyone know about a service bulletin concerning a steering rod or anything else to do with the steering control.
  • On my 2005 4Runner I do the following every 5K Mi when the light comes on...(in the manual page 151 section 1-6) explanation is slightly wrong in the manual :-/

    1. Turn the ignition key to the "on" position to make sure the odometer is not in the trip mode. (3 modes odom, trip1 and 2)
    2. Turn the ignition key back to the "off" position.
    3. Hold the trip meter reset button down, then turn the key to the "on" position. Hold down the trip reset button until the maint light goes out.
    Note:Before the light goes off, it illuminates for 3 seconds, flashes for 2 and iluminates for 1.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Yes, Toyota has issued a recall for your truck, if it is a 4WD (some 2WDs are covered as well). They will replace your tie rod ends regardless of the mileage on your truck, and it is at their discretion whether they also do an alignment (but I am sure any responsible dealer would).

    Mine was a '90, and I didn't get a mailer for it either. This is because Toyota did not have my address, and they don't have yours either by the sound of it. I read about it and went in to ask if mine was included (it was). Most of the '90-'95 Runners were included, plus some of the previous generation and a whole pile of Tacomas of similar years.

    I wouldn't call this one urgent, especially considering the miles on some of these (really old at this point) trucks.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Merry Christmas md4runnerman, I have an 03 4R ltd v8 (bought new) and have just replaced my Bridgestones (OEM) at 40k. They were good street tires, but not much good in snow and ice (I live in Colorado). I looked at many tires and unfortunately there aren't many choices with the 265/65/17. I finally checked with Consumer Reports and ended up with the Goodyear Wranglers. Great traction especially in our last blizzard but the downside is terrible gas mileage. I went from a solid 16 in town to 10 to 12 and 15 on the hwy. I have had my fuel injectors cleaned, I cleaned the throttle body and mass air sensor and had a diagnostic done. The culprit must be the tires. The Wranglers are much heavier and a little bigger than the Bridgestones. I am trying to decide whether it is worth the time and money to buy another set of street tires and change every season. Jollygreen1 (HH-53).
  • Bob, you gave me advise earlier concerning the gas mileage problems on my 03 ltd V8 4R. Refer to replay #2058. Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas. Mike (Jollygreen1)
  • md4runnerman, Jolly, & Others,
    Ref the tire discussion: For what it is worth... My 2006 4R has the Bridgestone Dueler H/T as OEM. Like Jolly, I really got to test them in the Colorado blizzard the past few days. The tires and the vehicle performed very well in about the worst snow conditions possible. Of course, it is difficult to compare what the performance on this vehicle might have been with different tires because I haven't driven it with anything other than the OEM tires.
    However, I did put Michelins (forgot which model) on a 94 Ford Explorer Sport (4WD), and Michelin Cross-Terrains on a 99 Olds Bravada (AWD) that I had until I bought the 4R.
    I find the Bridgestone H/T tires to be a bit more aggressive in heavy snow than I recall the Michelins being. But, what I really liked about the Michelin Cross-Terrains was that they were a great tire in normal highway driving (including rain), were a very satisfactory tire in snow conditions, and seemed to me to be a better tire on ice than the more aggressive snow tires. (Recognizing that nothing is great on ice if your speed is too high.) I've been in heavy rain a few times with my Bridgestone H/Ts when the 4R seemed to hydroplane at around 45 - 50 mph on an interstate highway. That has worried me.
    Jolly mentioned gas mileage. I got better gas mileage and a smoother ride with the Michelin Cross-Terrains on my Bravada than I did with the OEM Michelins that came on the car. That might or might not be true on a 4R.
    Other Snow Issue: As bad as the blizzard was here in Colorado last Wednesday, I had no trouble getting around in the 4R... except for visibility!!! The weather often was at or near zero visibility, but the most serious problem was the wiper blades icing up and being absolutely ineffective. Defrosters worked fine, but I had to stop about every 200 yards in the last 10 miles on the way home to break the ice off the wiper blades. They would then clean the windshield for only a few minutes before they started icing up again. When someone invents a wiper de-icer, all these vehicles will be much safer.
    Jolly... Merry Christmas and Cheers from an old AWACer. (You know how we like maintaining control.) :)
  • w1pw1p Posts: 3
    I appreciate the response. It snapped when I slowed to below 10 MPH to pull in a driveway.Occurred very fast, caused me to hit a concrete filled short pole.Caused a lot of body damage.
  • w1pw1p Posts: 3
    My 95 4runner. 4 speed auto, will not shift when cold and i usually have to let up off the gas to make it shift on the highway. Trans problem or sensor?
  • We drove from the "burbs" of Chicago, leaving on the 13th for Durango Colorado and arrived home late Friday night and thought I'd share my feelings on my 4Runner.

    Driving out west we averaged 18.8 mpg, actual. Since this was our first road trip in my 4R, I thought this wasn't too bad considering we had a head wind all the way to the Rockies. In the Rockies, I was impressed with the power the V6 had, didn't shift into 3rd gear that often and really had all the pep we needed considered we were loaded with luggage and presents.

    You all I'm sure have heard about the winter storm that hit Denver and surrounding area's?
    Well we left Durango to come home on Thursday, the day after the storm. Durango didn't get the snow like they did to the north and east so we headed towards Wolf Creek Pass but they were blasting the mountian for avalanches. We turned around at Pagosa Springs and headed southwest into New Mexico hoping to take I-70 through Kansas then north home. At Pueblo Colorado, I-25 was open north to Denver (finally) but I-70 remained closed. I-25 should have stayed closed but the powers to be opened it.
    Folks, there are peoples homes in Denver that the snow on the roof meets the snow on the ground!
    After 13 hours, made it to just north east of Denver off of I-76 and spent the night, Brighton Colorado.
    Early Friday we left Brighton and I-76 was a mess! I-80 was even worse with more cars and trucks in the ditches than I ever care to see again. The mpg coming home was 21.5 actual but that was with a slight tail wind and "down hill" to home.

    Bottom line is that even with the crappy Dunlop (factory) tires, this truck handled very well in the mountian passes and ice packed highways. 4 wheel drive worked great as I had to "play" with it if you know what I mean. The DAC (downhill assist control) worked very well going through the truns and passes in the Rockies. I'm pleased with the mileage I got also.

    Cons would be the VSS which would kick in every time the back wheels spun...rather annoying sound but I could shut it "off" with the center diff lock button "on".

    Can Toyota make a softer windshield?!
    It's rather hard to avoid salt from being kicked up from the trucks/cars ahead of you but my windshield is littered with tiny white holes from the salt.

    Happy to be home but hopefully, someday Durango will be home.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This is a known problem. It is the seat back in the rear on the driver's side. Put some black electrical tape around the part the seat-back locks in to. It should help!

    Also, there is a TSB out on it.

    Good luck!
  • This is a correction on my last entry concerning my Goodyr Wrangler RT/S tires. I mentioned somewhere they were heavier than the Bridgestones. I looked up the specs and they both way in at 39lbs. So, I guess weight is not my mileage problem. Maybe it is rolling resistance. I agree the 4R has some nit noi problems such as the wiper blades freezing up, dirt and rocks collecting in the rear doors, seats not adjusting back far enough etc. I have 40k on my 03 ltd V8 and have driven it cross country a few times. It is very quiet and comfortable. I am lucky not to have the vibration problems some have had. I might buy another one if the gas mileage can be improved. Looks like us Coloradans will have another opportunity soon to drive in the snow. Happy New Year guys and gals and keep our servicemen and women in your prayers.
  • Jolly,
    I'm pretty sure that wiper blades freezing in the kind of weather that we just had in Colorado is not a problem unique to the 4R. Additionally, I wouldn't discount a 4R the next time you need a new vehicle because of gas mileage. My experience indicates that the 4R is as good or better than any other 4WD SUV in or near its class. If you don't do a lot of towing, I recommend you consider the V6 next time. I'm very happy with the performance and gas mileage of mine. :shades:
  • drex1drex1 Posts: 41
    I have the same problem with the rear seat on my '96 4Runner. The noise is particularly pronounced when it is very cold outside. Do you have the TSB reference?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "But would the Cross Terrains make a better snow tire." Sorry, I can't say.

    I put dedicated snow tires on mine in the winter (Nokian Hakkapeliittas). With the Dunlops, I found that starting up was on in the snow, but stopping and turning was downright scary.

    Given how little snow you get in MD, I'd say either would work. Just use extra caution during those few snow days you get.
  • Hi,

    I'm new here, need an answer to a suspension problem. I have a 1998 4runner 4cyl, stick. 200k miles with lots of dirt road driving. I have a problem with the car swaying uncontrollably from side to side. Only happens above 60mph on a level road. I had new shocks put in and that didn't affect the problem. Letting up on the accelerator stops the swaying.

    My mechanic has no clue, he recommended the new shocks.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Did you ever get the misfire problem fixed? I am having the same problem now and my mechanic recommended the same course of action as yours.

  • I have a 1992 4Runner. When front windshield washer pump is activated, the RPMs drop to at/below idle and vehicle sort of sputters. Fuel pump has just been replaced- and I still have the problem. This vehicle has been to the dealer several times at great expense. Any ideas? :confuse:
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    I heard of some strange electrical problems but this one has beat them all.

    First off you need to find (or the dealership) what else in on the same circuit as the windshield washer pump. It should be a dedicated circuit to ony the washer/wipers. I take it that when just the wipers are used, everything is fine?
    It could be as simple as a shared ground. That is when the washer pump is activated, where it gets it's ground, the same ground point is used for the fuel system or related system. The draw from the wipers and washers is so great that it starves any other operations from functioning properly.

    You can try this depending how mechanically inclined you are.
    Find which wire is the ground for the washer pump. Now attach another wire to that and fasten the other end to a good ground... say the battery negative.
    See if the problem still exists.

    Good luck and let us know.
  • Seems fine with only the wipers on. I will try to sort out the grounds.

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