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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Do you have a coupe or a convertible?? The headrests in the convertibles are part of the roll-bar system, and can't be removed, from what mechanics have told me.
    I would LOVE to remove them....but have seen photos of stripped-down-to-the-metal rear seats, and it looks impossible. :(
  • I have the coupe model. I guess you have a big decision whether to modify the roll bar or not. :cry:
  • Wife on Saturday leased red '07 SE Conv. Only option is power driver's seat. 36/36. Went to local Philly suburban mega-dealer -- friend of family is a sales manager there. With no $ out of pocket = $380/mo incl 9% lease tax and GAP ins. She does not like to negotiate these things. Went without me; I'm still out of town and will be for next two weeks. Was she taken?
  • Hi anditer. the reason why most consumers are financing or paying cash for the Toyota Solara rather than leasing it is that Toyota has not been providing any sort of lease support on it. I can give you an idea of what this car's current residual value is, however it won't be very useful because it calculates lease payments differently than other banks. The residual value percentages that TFS publishes are for base models. It places restrictions upon what options can be residualized and caps on the ones that it allows. The system is so confusing that TFS provides dealers with a list of the actual dollar residual values of the vehicles that they have in inventory rather than having them calculate them themselves. For what it's worth, TFS current residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Solara Convertible with 15,000 miles per year is 60%.

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  • I'm the FNG here as I just bought my 2007 Solara Sport Convertible on Saturday after a protracted search. I paid $28,434 (delivery included) for one with adjustable seat, mats, and "trunk junk" - cargo net, first aid and road assistance kits. That's $1,343 above dealer invoice (adjusted for the options above and excluding the $589 holdback) and $2,383 below the $30,817 sticker. I worked them for 5.99% financing for 4 years on $15,000 of the purchase price too!

    I had to work very, very hard for that price and one lesson to pass along to other members here is to be careful about any dealer who tells you that they'll sell a car for some amount or % above "invoice". I couldn't understand why the invoice price that I was given didn't match the one in the Consumer Reports printouts until I got to the dealer and saw the printout. Toyota's "invoice" price for this Solara includes about $800 of what I regard as fluff - a $500 "TDA" or "TSA" charge (AKA dealer prep, advertising, ad nauseum) and a $300 "floor planning charge".

    These are supposedly non-negotiable, at least until you get up and start to leave. If a newbie can give some advice, it's 1) do your homework on prices before you shop; 2) don't let your emotions get involved; 3) get lots of quotes so that you can get a feel for who will work with you and who couldn't care less; and 4) if you're getting jerked around or "worked" by one or more amateur psychologists get up and leave. Oh, and 5) always buy your convertible on December 28 when no one else wants one!
  • I just bought a red SE V6 Solara convertible at Darcars in Silver Spring in Maryland. It had added options of power front seat and floor mat package; I got it for $400 under invoice through Car Bargains. With the advertising cost, dealer fees it came to $25.8K. The dealer folks were super cordial and helpful, I went in with my check from the credit union, so it went very smoothly. :)
  • I bought my first Toyota, last week. It's blue streak metallic and I love the color! I would ONLY buy that color, so they had to find one and drive it here. I bought it for 27,000, but the Pontiac I traded in wasn't paid off. I owed 5,500 on it and they gave me 4,500 towards it. I paid a grand to the Toyota dealer and that kept me from going upside down on my loan. I'm really happy to have this car because my Pontiac was ALWAYS in the shop. :lemon:
  • kjac95kjac95 Posts: 1
    i am desperate to see a photo of a blue streak metallic solara convertible....can anyone help? has found one but it is hours away and i need to wrap my brain around the color before i okay the purchase. thanks for your help.
  • yorksladyyorkslady Posts: 6
    Got 2007 Solara Convertible Silver SLE MSRP: $32,149.00 for $26,488.00 at Power toyota of Cerritos in California. They have the coupon on their web site. They still have one red and 2 silver left.
  • faverfaver Posts: 1
    Hi; I am planning to buy a Toyota Solara convertible in Philadelphia. The car dealer proposes and MSRP of 30K and a purchase price of 29K. I qualify for tier II with a downpayment of $4500. It's a 15K miles deal for 36 months. He's proposing a monthly payment of $450. Do you know what is the money factor and the residual value? I need those nbrs to see if this is a good deal. What do you think?
    Thanks for your help
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    horrible, 4500 down? thats really high for a down payment, and yet still be at 450, Should be a bit lower, I know that being in the 2 tier is a little more, but not that much. I would do what I did, have several dealerships email,fax the quote, and you choose the best one, get them to stir up competition. Tell them right off the bat you are 2nd tier. Tell them your willing to put 0 down, then, you see the raw deal without the downpayment, then, you can decide if you want to put more down to make the payment lower!! You get a better deal that way.Also for every thousand put down it takes off about 20-30dollars off your payment. Start simple, 0 down,2 tier lease deal, this isnt a bad deal at all, but you can probably do better. I called like 5 dealerships, and now their fighting for my business.
  • Hi CarMan -
    I'm looking at buying a 2006 SLE convert from a private party who has an existing lease. The lessor won't assign title to a 3rd party at time of payoff, so lessee gets stuck paying sales tax and floating his $$ while we get the title transfered to him. My credit union won't release funds for my note until we have his title in hand. I then get to pay sales tax on my purchase. (this sounds like double taxation, but that's another topic).

    Do you or anyone have a creative work-around for this situation?

    Thx in advance,

    kflanigan in Taxable MN :shades:
  • sterlingdogsterlingdog North CarolinaPosts: 6,984
    Here's a new one for you: While purchasing a new Toyota Solara convertible, the dealership left off the payoff on my current car when they did the paper work. I kept telling them that this was a wonderful deal. They called when we got home with the new convertible to ask that we bring the car back and redo the deal. We did so because my lawyer doubted that we could keep the car even though the dealership made a mistake. Have you ever heard of such a situation before?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    "They called when we got home with the new convertible to ask that we bring the car back and redo the deal. We did so because my lawyer doubted that we could keep the car even though the dealership made a mistake."

    Paperwork mistakes happen all the time... I think your lawyer's advice is pretty good. After all, the loan is in your name and the dealer surely won't pay it off, if that wasn't accounted for in the paperwork. You don't give the payoff amount, but a car dealer isn't going to eat several thousand dollars over an obvious mistake.

    Of course, if you then thought the deal wasn't very good, you could just give them back the car..

    Now, if they called you back and said, "We really meant to sell you the car for $30,000 instead of $29,000.", that would be a different matter.



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  • Hi,
    I picked mine up on Dec 3rd.
    HID headlamps (QI), Traction Control (VS), Special color (PC), Wheel Locks and floor mats.
    Price before tax was 29,750 ($275 over edmunds Invoice approx), no doc fees, 7% taxes plus $355 in title and registration (Legitimate DMV fees).
    My on road price was US$32,111/=

    This is one great car and it is replacing my S2000 - 180 degrees opposite of my S. While that was all visceral and fun, this is all comfort and soft and luxury! I drove 300 miles round trip yesterday in about 2 plus " of snow and it drives like a dream.
  • I traded in my 04 Solara SLE V6 coupe for a red 06 SLE V6 coupe with 11,600 miles. Paid $21,200..... Ive heard Toyota is gonna drop the Solara.
  • I was wondering if anyone could tell me if dealerships would pay me $1,000 below Kelly Blue Book trade-in for my car in cash? I have some serious stuff that has happened and I don't care I need the money. Its a 2003 Toyota Celica GT-S, its got 108,118 miles on it. Cars in emmaculate condition. Paints chipped on the front and has some dents. Could some one give me a run down of how to sell this car and I mean like in 3 days quick. Thank you very much.
  • Try They buy your car independently, even if you don't buy from them.
    The kicker is to see if you got a facility really close to you. Other dealers are known to buy without selling you one, but they all go by the black book values. So does Carmax, based on quite a few reports I eread on the internet but, they are worth a try.
    Try to fix up the paint chips and give it a decent wash and wax yourself - Use a good engine degreaser under the hood. After cleaning under the hood, make sure to ride around long enough until all the degreaser is fully evoporated. Otherwise, it will get smoky under the hood.
    Good Luck.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    Please give me the name of contact person and name of dealership. Is there a risk of traveling 300miles on a telephone quoted price only to find a higher price when you show up?

    did they include freight and doc fees in their quote?

    do they waive doc fees for everybody?

    So, how much was your car over invoice or below MSRP before Tags, Tax and title?

    any hidden charges?


  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Hi Flugel,
    My apologies - I didn't see your reply until yesterday. I am guessing you bought yours already. If not, feel free to post back and I will be happy to answer your questions.
  • h_hursth_hurst Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about the Blue Streak Metallic on a new car. Can you tell me how difficult it is to keep clean? Also, how easily does it show swirl marks? Thanks a bunch! :blush:
  • laurieplauriep Posts: 1
    What are people paying for the Solara convertibles in NC? Thanks, Laurie
  • roofie1024roofie1024 Posts: 11
    I recently purchased a 08 Solara Coupe SLE 4 cylinder, blizzard white,leather package,high intensity headlamps and floor and trunk mats. OTD $26,269.62.
    I thought this was a good price. I bought it fromToyota of the Desert, Cathedral City, CA. Dealt with the internet lady and she was great. Emailed me the price and found me the car and I picked it up. No hassle at all. Love the car was driving a 99 SLE V6. This is a great car. Charlie
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    Have you noticed much difference in the power of the 4 cyl vs. the 6 cylinder you had been driving? Also, what have you experienced in mpg, etc after going from the 6 to the 4?
    I debated the 4, but went with the 6 earlier this year. Otherwise, same as yours. You'll love the blizzard white!
  • roofie1024roofie1024 Posts: 11
    I have not had it on highway yet, but can't tell any difference in town even with air on and we use that a lot in SoCal. I will let you know more later. Charlie
  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    Woohoo! Got my car today in the Mistic Blue color with tan top, ivory interior, NAV, stability/traction control, floor mats (they threw that in). We decided to lease it since I've heard problems with the top leaking and since they'll be coming out with a hard top version. We leased it for 3 years at $500 even - we got it for $29,500 out the door. We feel it was a good deal and just love the car. There were no add ins that we've seen for the states located in the southeast. We live in the Orlando area and purchased it at Toyota of Orlando.
  • I am in the process of negotiating prices on a SLE Cov (Mistic Blue with black top and gray interior).

    MRSP: 33,033.
    cash price: 30,639
    tax (6%) 2,002.50
    doc fee $329
    OTD: 33,175

    Taxes take it back up to MSRP???

    Also, they had a 2008 SE that had everything the SLE had on it, except for the wood grain look and leather seats...(6k miles) for 25,995 and he said he would have the seats covered in leather for me. taxes etc. would make the total price $28,232.

    Are these good deals? If I don't add the sales tax to the price....I think they are great...
    Do dealers ever pay the sales tax for you? I am new to this negotiating!
    Thanks!! :shades:
  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    You can negotiate anything ... get the price down to cover the sales tax. We didn't purchase - instead we leased for 3yrs. The sticker was $34k and we were able to get them down to $29.5k. We leased because 1) not sure how much I'd use the convertible; 2) heard of problems with water leaking in; 3) they're coming out with a hard top convertible in 2 yrs. The monthly was as high as $600+ but when the guy left the room, I went to his side of the desk to the computer and saw that the residual was low and that the money factor (similar to an interest rate) so we were able to negotiate it down further. I hate the whole negotiating experience too - we blew threw the first sales guy when he came in with the first set of numbers. I guess he didn't think I had done my homework before I went shopping. Be willing to leave and try another dealership if they have a car you like. We started our negotiating with 3 dealers thru their internet sales department and played them against each other. Good luck!
  • solara31solara31 Posts: 14

    Did the salesperson tell you a hardtop convertible is coming out? If so, they lied to you. The Solara is being discontinued in a couple of months, so no hardtop is coming out for the Solara (someone else said the same thing a couple of months ago).
  • tominnhtominnh Posts: 5
    I cant imagine why so many of you are looking for brand new Solara convertibles. When i check, I can find 10-15 VERY low mileage Solara for as much as $6-7000 of MSRP. Knowing they are being discontinued, I just bought a used SLE V6 coupe fwith 11,000 mi or $21,500 and when i need to replaced it, I'll search autotrader again! BUt, that's just me. I traded in a 04 SLE V6 that had 1200 miles when i bought it for $21,500 TOO . Those cars are you there.
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