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"No Start" Problems



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    when you pulled the plugs, are they wet with fuel, or dry?

    Is your fuel pump pumping?
  • Thanks for the troubleshooting direction. Are the ignition switch, solenoid or starter motor normally sensitive to cold temperature though? Anyway I will try your tips this weekend, as I have been out of town since your reply. However, I have now been successful at getting it to start if I just patiently keep trying the ignition. Sometimes it takes up to about 8 times, but it will turn over, even when the temperature is in the teens. Any additional thoughts? Thanks again.
  • billc8billc8 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Acura MDX and a 1994 Mazda Miata.

    The same thing has happened on occasion to both cars.

    For no apparent reason after a short drive after the engine
    is turned off it will not start. If I leave it sit for five
    minutes, it will start right up. This has happened several
    times. Today the Miata kept trying to fire by would not start.
  • phulphul Posts: 1
    started my car in am let it warm up while scrapping ice off window, backed out of driveway about 10ft car stalled tried to start, turns over but seems to be no fuel, left for couple of hours tried again, turns over still seems to be no fuel has about 140,000 kms. was running fine till now. what do u think?
    thks Phul
  • having trouble with my truck starting after sitting too long. fuel pump on and has 62 psi at port. drops about 1 psi a minute. want to check FPR but cant find it. saw pic of one from auto part store site. please help. tired of getting up in middle of night to start truck.
  • drove truck home from work ran fine next morning wife went too start it and it just cranked would not start would this be a fuse for fuel pump or fuel pump thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    No start condition is either no fuel or no spark. So you would have to check for either one that's missing.
  • Parked and will not start. Turns over fine. Has gas.
    From what I can learn on the net, there is a fuse for the fuel pump # 13- 30 amp.
    There are two connecting wires that my be corroded underneath and have lost thrie contact.
    The fuel pump is in that tank.
    I am not a mechanic, but would like to try to solve the problem myself, therefore I hope someone can walk me thru the checkout proceedure and save me some money. Hoping it isn;t the fuel pump $ 386.00, plus the price of a mechanic.
    Thanks for any input available.

  • hg2255whg2255w Posts: 1
    My car would not start. Replaced the battery and coil pack. Problem later diagnosed as a bad crankshaft sensor. Replaced it but did not disconnect hot post on battery. Upon completion of replacing part, car still will not start. Could the new cs sensor have shorted out or what else could be wrong. Please help!
  • eric14keric14k Posts: 1
    I took my Lexus 300 ES in to have a transmittion replaced. My Lexus being in good shape I never had a problem with starting the car, or any other engin related problems.Then Approximately two days later, when I, got the car back from having had a transmittion replaced. The following morning, the Lexus would crank, but would not fire. Please, can anyone help eliminate some of the possibilities of what the problem could be?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited April 2010
    Take it back to the guys who did your transmission (transmittion). It is very likely they didn't connect some wiring back up tightly. They should fix it for you.

    They will probably have to send a tow truck to tow it back in.
  • sullivanb1sullivanb1 Posts: 1
    My daughter bought this car on thursday, midnight on friday, i get a call that it wont start...can hear the fuel pump, and that is it...nothing. If it is the security system, I should at least hear the starter, right? This car is going back to the dealer on monday, but the warrenty and insurance towing is only like 25 miles...It so happens the car is 100 miles away from the dealership. After just buying the car, she doenst have the money! I drove this car on three differnt occasions the last month, we really checked this car out. It has to be something so simple, I am just missing it... :mad:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    You might check for a defective or misaligned neutral safety switch (automatic transmission) or a defective or misaligned clutch safety switch (manual transmission). You can also try to start in neutral and see if that works (for the automatic).

    And no, you won't hear the starter if this is a security system problem. You might try another ignition key if you have duplicates.

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  • This started out as an intermittent problem Now it is permanent. The buzzer for the open door works when key is inserted but no other dash lights or indications. At first you would turn the key to on and the dash lights and gauges would work but once key was turned to start everything died. Everything stays dead but could be reset by disconnecting negative battery cable. Reconnect negative battery cable and dash lights work until key is turned to start. Also now the problem can not be reset. No dash lights or guages no matter what I do. I have replaced the ingnition switch, neutral safety switch and had the battery and starter tested at auto zone. Both the battery and the starter checked out fine. No ideas on what else to check. :mad:
  • tamltaml Posts: 2
    day 1. drove car to work. no problems. came home. 2 hrs later out to go to the store, wont start.
    day 2. car still wont start. called friend. jumped car. started. let run about 10 to 15 mins. turn car off, restarted with no problems. 1/2 hr later, out and checked car... started. inside to get ready. out to leave, car will not start. neighbor over to jump, wont work after several attempts. a little later, another friend tries, still no luck.
    day 3. battery out and to the part store for testing, blown cell and not putting out enough amps/volts. new battery bought and put in. car still will not start.
    day 4. friend with portable tester checks several things, nothing showing as bad. onstar diagnostics check shows no problem with anything. all lights, radio, heat, wipers ect work, car just will not start. PLEASE HELP i am so upset and stressed over this! also tried jumping after battery change incase alt needed help.
  • Have you chhecked the starter?
  • tamltaml Posts: 2
    yes, starter checked too. (i think the hubs checked it) would have been the next logical step!
  • Car just quits wile driving. Will not restart for atleast 30 minutes or more...can hear the fuel pump and starter engage when trying to recrank...... any trouble shooting suggestions?
  • So after fueling up I got in my Tahoe turned the key to "Start" In doing so all the lights on the dash (Turn Signals, Brights, ABS, Check Engine etc.) light up but there is no response. The starter does not click. However there is a random clicking sound under the dash.

    Prior to all this, the fuel gage was not working properly, and the speedometer was off by about 10mph. Also the ignition would turn to accessory without the key needing to be in.

    From what I am reading on this site I am expecting either the ignition switch, or the starter. Something crazy electrical is going on.

    Please Advise!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sounds like your battery is bad, or has a ton of corrosion on the battery terminals causing a high resistance.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would start by checking the ignition system. I had a 2000 Intrigue that did the same thing. I had to replace the ignition switch.
  • Short story, simple problem(?), limited references...

    92' Isuzu Trooper,
    SOHC 3.2L,
    Man Trans,
    CA Emissions,
    Electrical problems (no spark),

    (originally belonged to my younger sister)
    for a couple of years the speedometer and odometer would suddenly quit while in motion, then come back after turning off the car and restarting (sometimes), and occasionally had a starting problem for her (p/s pump leaking on the alternator)

    I bought it from her for $500 the beginning of last December. The starting issue increased in frequency even with a new AND Clean alternator.
    -Put it in a shop the Last week of December.... and it's stayed there nearly 4mths... A week after arriving there it stopped starting consistently.

    -Crank sensor was bad (replaced)
    -has no spark
    -replaced good ignition control module and good ecm
    -has no spark
    -checked all wiring (supposedly), connections and relays
    -no spark and they gave up

    I have copies of their trouble shooting trees and flowcharts with notes - if you or anyone you know is familiar with troopers (and/or) this list of symptoms I would really like to get back on the road soon
  • kekassingkekassing Posts: 2
    my friends 96 explorer would not start last week and would not stay running after removing jumper cables alternator was replaced and now has no power when you turn on the key no lights, starter response, or power window/doors. will jumpstart and continue running under its own power as long as you do not turn it off. battery and both terminal ends were recently replaced and all fuses are good
    . need pointers of wher to look next
  • indyjohindyjoh Posts: 1
    I was working on my truck yesterday (2001 Ford Explorer sport trac) trying to find a leak in the AC vacuum supply line. I removed the air cleaner housing & outlet tube, unplugged MAF and crankcase ventilation tube (to get to the reservoir globe). I found and fixed a leak in the AC supply line. When I had the air cleaner housing off yesterday, I had run the car for a few min to check if there was vacuum in the AC supply lines. The car started running rough then, so I shut it off. Put everything back together, but now the engine won't start. Battery and Alt are new. Oddest thing. Can't figure out what I might have done. Any ideas???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Bizarre. Any chance you yanked too hard on that MAF or somehow contaminated it?

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  • dies when driving and wont crank intermitantly i can jump the starter and it will start the speedo also jumps around when it acts up tried a ignition switch didnt fix it i dont get any power from the ignition switch to the relay on the big yellow wire any ideas
  • what other info do you need
  • I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus SE...ok i was driving home from work then my car started slowing down and it eventually stopped...i tried to start it back up but it would turn over but nothing lights and everything else are still working it just wont start...anyone know what this could possible be
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