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"No Start" Problems



  • Mine did the same thing the other night!!! My husband said he thinks it is the fuel Pump!
  • About a month ago I was driving, about 30 mph and my Tahoe died. Had towed to shop where it immediately started and continued to start. (and no I did not try to restart after it died) They said if they could not duplicate then could not fix.

    Last week it would start then immediately die. Later that day it started and has been running/startiing fine. Yesterday I went to an appointment then to the grocery store. Came out of store and would not even try to turn over after multiple tries. No sound at all.

    Additionally, while sitting there in my non-running Tahoe the door locks would sound like they were trying to lock or unlock. After about 5 minutes, and calling my husband to come pick me up, I tried again and it cranked right up!

    Also have problem with windshield wipers not working occasionally, usually when it is raining, but the 2 have never seemed to be connected and do not occur around the same time.

    Anyone out there have any idea what could be wrong with both the starting problem and/or the wipers? I know it is an old auto but has only 68,000 miles but now I am afraid to drive off in it unless I have a back up ride available.
  • what's been checked already for the starting problem? not much info here (could be thermostat to a long list of items)

    wipers- might check fuses first, then relays, if that doesn't work, might have to pull the wiper motor to bench test and or pull fuse box to check good connection from back of your wiper fuse
  • So my 1997 Toyota Avalon has had trouble starting lately. There is no clicking sound, it will not turn over but after repeated attempts and some waiting, it will eventually start like nothing was ever wrong. This Happen intermittently, about 1 in 8 starts, but is becoming more frequent. I feel it happens more often when I am parked facing uphill on a slant, but I could be imagining not aspect. My mechanic (who is trustworthy) says battery and alternator are doing well, he replaced the starter because that is the most common problem, but the starting issue persists. He mentioned a couple sensors that could be the problem but I am at a loss for what to do next...

    Any suggestions?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    has anyone suggested the obvious---the ignition switch?

    The starter and starter relay could have been easily checked without a replacement.

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