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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the touring is significantly 'tighter' than the other trims. you do feel bumps etc a little more, and the steering does have more feel to it. All should be better than your '03. Avs have always been about isolating the driver, the touring less so but as in my previous post 8943 - not a sports sedan even in the Touring trim. Reason why I bought the Touring is because it had specifically what I was willing to pay a little more for - the charcoal leather, 17" wheels w/Michelins, the HID headlights ($961.00 ea. to replace, by the way), the 'aluminum' trimmed interior, the tighter suspension. Can't tell you, however, whether the heavier shocks/springs in the Touring translates into increased durability of the suspension components - logically I guess it should. In your case, if you like that isolated feel in your '03 you may actually prefer the other trims. Sounds like a test drive or two!
  • Laura,
    Thanks for the positive feedback. I will say Hi to our salesman. As far as the rattle I think that I am having the same problem as you and it seem to be at 50+MPH and in the same location as you. Try this, raise your rear head rest and I think the noise will disappear. Also, I have the Ltd. and getting more cushion added to the front seat due to the fans in the seat they put very little cushion.
    If any one is looking at purchasing they will do $250 over invoice.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113

    You have full control of your Audio and Climate systems when the blasted "I Agree" screen is present. If you actually touch the "Audio" or "Climate" buttons on the NAV control head it takes you to that sub-system. The climate and audio systems are working in the background as soon as you start the engine and are independent, fortunately, of the NAV system. If you just adjust the temp range or change the radio station a little mini-window pops up over the NAV screen so you can see your adjustments being made. That is pretty cool (again, pardon the pun...) Also, make sure you check out JOEDBOB post in Message #8973, see below.


    Thank you for the tip in your earlier post; I wasn't aware of that shortcut. I admit to not having started on the NAV manual yet. I think I will try your suggestion and see if it makes this thing easier to live with for a bit. I guess you still have to deal with the "I Agree" screen if you want to access the NAV system? I still like my idea of signing a form one time and be done with it! :)
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My service advisor said they couldn't add cushioning to the seats because of the ventilation system. Let us know how it works out.
  • Many observations raised in this list have been about features common to all 2005-6 Avalons, but a lot of comments focus on features that are only available in the Limited. To assist those who are considering the value of spending more on the Limited over the XLS or Touring, and which Limited options to select, I summarize here the typical issues that have been raised on Limited-only options and their Pluses and Minuses, as I have gleaned from reports by posters.

    +/-- keyless entry/start
    Positive: convenient
    Negative: engine could keep running; expensive to replace key fob

    +++ memory seats & mirrors
    Positive: very convenient if more than one driver
    Negative: none

    +/-- cooled seats
    Positive: very cool !
    Negative: uncomfortable, insufficient padding

    + front seat extends
    Positive: extra support for very long legs
    Negative: none

    +/- self-leveling headlights
    Positive: latest technology
    Negative: expensive to replace

    +/-- sound absorbing windshield
    Positive: nice in principle
    Negative: is it really quieter or necessary? what is replacement cost?

    +/- wheel spokes
    Positive: distinctive
    Negative: harder to clean

    +/-- laser cruise control
    Positive: convenient in principle
    Negative: stops and starts very abruptly; for light traffic only

    +/-- rain sensing wipers
    Positive: latest technology
    Negative: inconsistent, too sensitive / not enough

    +/- rear window curtain
    Positive: nice if car behind has high beam on
    Negative: gets stuck sometimes

    Points in favor: 12
    Points against: 13

    In summary, the latest-technology features available in the Limited only, are certainly attractive in principle but seem to be prone to misbehavior (such as the rain-sensing wipers) or secondary problems, such as cooled but less padded, less comfortable seats.

  • I have a new 06 limited avalon, silver pine mica and also wanted the door guards! but was told by my dealership that they are not able to get them for was part of the original deal (but they didn't realize they couldn't get them?? dont sound kosher to me!)....anyways, its not yourself that one worries about hitting doors...its other people at parking lots who have older cars and dont care about someone else's property who takes pride in their vehicle!

    judi :confuse:
  • I found out by accident in my 2006 limited that if you have the back window netting raised to block out sun/glare..once the gear is put into reverse, it automatically lowers itself, so the back windshield is much more visible for backing up! nice feature... :D

  • MSTEM:

    So what you are virtually telling me is that you can have full functionality of climate/audio controls as long as you press their respective buttons? What about like info display and what not, does that work too?
  • lbs1lbs1 Posts: 16

    Yours is just one of the problems with the Avalon 06 Navigation system.I brought the car back to the dealer with the following letter and was told this is the way it’s supposed to operate. Love to hear from anybody else having problems.

    When we put an address into Destinations and we are within .1 (528 feet) to .2 (1056 feet) of a mile from the address, the voice announces “you have arrived at destination - end of guidance “ Sometimes I am on a different street. The navigation manual states that there can be occasional positioning errors of up to 300 feet but these errors are much greater. When driving home, guidance stops at the beginning of Willow St.( 2 blocks from my home). I recently deleted my Red St address in “home” and reentered it - each time I did the final entry for the Red St address a message comes up saying destination is Willow St. This area is 20 years old and close to the city. The GPS in my 99 Acura never had a problem with these addresses or any other addresses.

    . The satellite seems to follow my location on the map pretty well when just driving or under guidance .altho recently I was at my office and it said I was on a street in the next office complex.

    When press map/voice button to establish numerical location, it’s wild. We live at number 10-according to this location finder we live at any number between 42 and 85- rarely the same number twice and never 10. The same is true of other destinations- not only are we delivered a distance away, but the house numbers of our destination don’t match. This is particularly problematic in the EMERGENCY mode. How could police/ambulance find you when the address listed is the wrong street or the right street but the wrong number.

    Also the computer is kind of jittery-it slips into French or kilometers without prompting. When entering an address, I might press a letter and it jumps to another letter-sometimes it goes into a guidance mode without my asking. I know it anticipates but this seems to be over anticipating.

    I’ve tried the voice activation with variable success. When I say home she usually starts talking about gas stations-and ski resorts --we finally agree on home.
  • Took my 4 month old '05 Avalon XLS back to the dealer today to get a quote on adding the XM radio. They said since it had the regular radio vs the JBL upgrade it would have to be an add on unit as the radio is not set up for XM like the salesman said at the time of purchase. Also advised that I was still unhappy that the dealer couldn't answer earlier question about my frustration over the limited range and operation of the remote start unit. The remote range won't start the car outside my office about 100 feet away like the unit I added to my wife's Highlander. Service says an aftermarket unit can't be added to replace the factory unit to meet my needs. ( electrical issues they say) They admit Toyota has had numerous complaints about remote range and performance (shuts off when you approach and unlock the car) versus other competing remotes. Despite these issues I still like the car, but would have refused delivery and reordered if I had known these two shortcomings at the time. Live and learn.
  • This morning I had an unexpected problem during a left turn: I was driving with the sun on my left side and a little behind me, so I had moved the sunshade over to the left side and also slid as far as possible towards the back.

    A while later, as I made a left turn, the sun was now directly in front of me so I rotated the sunshade to the front, but since it was still displaced from its normal position, the tip of the sunshade hit the sunglass pocket above the rear-view mirror and this caused the pocket to open, which covered the rear-view mirror and interfered with my rear-view vision. So for a moment I had to fumble to first shorten the sunshade and flick it up out of the way to make room for the pocket door to close again. Not a problem, today, but could have been dangerous had I had to see into the rear view mirror.

    Moral: I may not drive with the shade displaced toward the back again -- or else I will have to remember that to bring it back to its resting position is a three-step process (shorten, rotate right, rotate up).

    Design-wise, this would not be a problem if the sunglass pocket were to be placed not directly over the rear-view mirror so as not to interfere with vision when flipped down. Something else to improve in 2007.

  • regisregis Posts: 94
    This was not a problem with my 2000 Avalon as it had a secondary visor that could be rotated left while leaving the main visor available for frontal sun blocking. I really miss this feature on my 06.
  • avvyavvy Posts: 9
    Sorry you are having problems with your Nav. Happy that you listed them.

    I have an appointment for next Mon, which is the earliest I can get there. My Salesperson wanted me to come in today, but we are in our Fiscal, so I just could not make appointment any earlier.

    I did try to program my home address and it came up with the wrong one.

    This is the first Nav. for me. My friend has the GMC Denali (if I spelled it correctly), in any case she has touch screen Nav. and never had a problem. I was very impressed with her Nav., that is why I wanted one.

    Will let you know results.
  • Your negative points are subjective. Mechanically, I've had zero problems in my LTD.
  • zekeman,

    I'm very glad to hear that you've had zero problems.

    Obviously, my list is based on reports from those who have had problems. It is not an attempt to quantify % satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It is a summary of frequently mentioned problems encountered with some of the Limited-only high-end features -- no more, no less.

  • regis,

    The secondary visor seems like a useful feature, since often one wants to block the sun from both front and side. Agreed, it is unfortunate that it is no longer available.

  • Okay got it.... I think...

    So its sort of to be expected because of the design..?

    Do you think it likely that the low frequency droning/vibration thing could be a result of damage caused by the 'bumper strips' issue with the transmission? that perhaps the recent 'Thud' is a sign that things are not good inside 'the box'.?

    thanks for your help
  • Try "". I bought door edge guards to match my Indigo Ink Pearl Limited and they are a perfect match. Just got them so haven't put them on yet, but the color is a great match.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113

    Yes, that is correct, you have full control of all the screens. I guess the best way to summarize is perhaps this: the only time you HAVE to deal with the hated "I Agree" screen is if you actually want to view the map and use the NAV features. I am now experimenting with leaving the map display off while doing local driving, and using just the Audio and Climate screens. I think this will reduce the irritation factor somewhat. Still, it's a bum design. And by the way, there is another bum design when using the Audio screen, but we can make that the subject of another rant!!! :confuse:
  • hi guys how do u really do the self-leveling headlights ?

    please tell me how !

  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    I don't think you really "do" anything... they just do themselves. :)

    Seriously, while I am new to the Avalon Limited, my understanding of the system is that they level themselves immediately after start-up. If the vehicle would have a heavy load in the trunk and the cabin, the headlights would adjust themselves to this condition. I have seen this happen once, while parked in my garage. I could watch the beam on the garage wall and the lights seem to "snap" into place. I will defer to others who might be more knowledgeable on this topic. But that is my take on the situation. Mike
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Ibis1 . .
    My experiences with the Nav are similar to yours. I have approximately 300 ft of bias from true position, so it registered my home at a location 3 houses North of actual. I successfully "tricked" the system by entering a non-existent address that would have been 300 ft South (my street does not actually go that far), and now my home is registered in the correct location on the map. Once I drive the length of my driveway (100 ft), it displays an adjacent street, but I can live with that anomaly.

    Like you, I found the voice activation feature to be both useless and comical. If I say "Go home" , or "Home", it increases the audio volume. On the rare occasions it accepts a voice command, it then asks for confirmation (yes or no). When I (or my wife) answer "Yes", it displays gas station icons and ignores the original command.

    I finally concluded the system could not comprehend my Boston accent. But I recently had visitors from Wisconsin, and their results were no better. On a positive note, comprehension is somewhat improved if I select French and speak the commands with my terrible "Quebecois" accent. Unfortunately, my wife does not speak or understand French (but she may have to learn if she wants to use this "feature"). Toyota should have provided sample .wav files of the ideal dialect on their web site. Then we could practice the English pronounciation the Nav was designed to accept.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    So its sort of to be expected because of the design..?

    No. This vibration is a design or manufacturing flaw and could possibly damage the transmission over time. The fact that most contributors to this forum have not experienced it suggests an anomaly that affects only some small percentage of Avalons.

    Do you think it likely that the low frequency droning/vibration thing could be a result of damage caused by the 'bumper strips' issue with the transmission? that perhaps the recent 'Thud' is a sign that things are not good inside 'the box'.?

    I do not consider myself qualified to answer this question, particulary since I cannot actually hear and feel this droning. I suggest you visit a transmission specialist in your area and ask their opinion. You might bring a small gift, or offer to pay them for their time. An opinion in writing from a qualified expert might help you when dealing with Toyota.
  • And by the way, there is another bum design when using the Audio screen, but we can make that the subject of another rant!!!

    Uh oh, what's wrong with the design of it?
  • I'm glad I haven't experience ANY of the problems you stated with some of the LTD features. Nothing has gotten stuck and probably everything on this car will be expensive to replace because the car itself is not cheap. No problem here with the seats. I think it's a matter of opinion and how much of your own cushion you have (No pun intended). Please tell me under what circumstances does the engine keep running with the smart start keyless start. Anything electrical could be prone to misbehavior. I wonder if some of the first vehicles made are encountering more problems than those of us who have vehicles later in the production cycle. Just a thought. I used the dual-heated outside mirrors function this morning and they work great! I love this car more every day :blush:
  • You guys make me glad I didn't purchase the NAV system, but I wish you all the luck in getting it working the way you want. I'm still looking for a good after market one with a good visibility screen. They all look so small. Any ideas?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,238
    >But folks decide they don't want to drive at the speed limit, and they make up their own laws and then blame the person who is driving the way driving was originally intended. Speed limits are designed to help us.

    Have you tried learning Japanese?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Under what circumstances does the engine keep running with the smart start keyless start?

    We have only had this experience once, at a restaurant where they insisted on parking the car for you. Not thinking, I got out with the SmartKey still in my pocket. The Valet driver was able to drive away OK, but could not figure out how to turn off the engine. I was summoned from the restaurant, went to the car, and pushed the Start button . . . no effect. Tried holding the brake pedal down, then pressing . . . still no effect. The solution turned out to be to to move the gear selector through all of the positions, then return it to "Park", and then immediately push the button again. Evidently, if you don't do the shutdown sequence properly, or wait too long after shifting to Park, the engine will not stop.
  • We had a similiar experience with valet parking. We ask the valet if he was familiar with the push button start and he said "Yes". The problem came when we went to retrieve the vehicle. We waited and waited and finally our car arrived and the valet said "I didn't know how to start the car". No one passed the information along to the return valet, although the smart key was sitting on the dash. Other than that, everyone loves the keyless entry. I had a situation with the push button on the trunk. There is a button in the glove compartment that you push if you don't want your trunk to be open with the smart key. I'm used to pushing the button in the glove compartment to open the trunk. Well, I did this and couldn't figure out why the trunk wouldn't open. I pulled out the book and this was why. I like the feature if I take the car to the shop, but it had me worried.
  • I had the "ticking" rattle you describe in my '06 XL until it was fixed yesterday. It took 2 service techs about two hours and multiple test drives to find, but it's finally gone. They had to remove the interior panel on the rear driver side pillar to fix it. There are two sections of sheet metal that meet in the corner below the back window. The service manager said he believes either a spot weld was missing or there wasn't enough clearance between these two pieces and they tap against each other when driving on rough road surfaces.. They carefully bent one piece away from the other and it fixed the problem. Now I hope to finally start enjoying my new car because it really was a distraction and annoyance. Good luck with yours.
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