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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • tdxtdx Posts: 12
    Thanks for the useful information. The Toyota version is out, I saw it at Best Buy yesterday. Salesperson didn't even know they had them.

    Can you tell me how the unit connects to the JBL system? I pulled the head unit and I didn't see any available ports. I was hoping I could use the tape unit connection instead of the CD since I don't think I'll ever use a tape. Also, have you found a good place to mount the iPod? I have one in my Sequoia but there's all kind of places to mount it there. I haven't found a good location in my Avalon yet. Again, thanks for the information.
  • Some of the reasons I like the Av is that it has loads of room, a nice dash layout, plenty of power, and still gets decent mpg. It seems you guys average about 28 mpg when cruising at a constant speed on the hwy. In my 2000 300M, my best mpg was on a 100 mile trip on a relatively flat highway going about 65 mph without the ac on. Tires were at my usual 34 psi. I got an outstanding 31.1 mpg and it included about 15 miles of of hway driving at 40mph with 2 or 3 stop lights. With AC on, I would get about 28.5 on the same trip. So to save gas, don't use the ac unless you really need it. The M weighs about the same as the Av and is very similar in size. The AV has a better 0 to 60 times probably due to the 5 speed compared to the M's 4 speed, , but my M could fly from say 30 to 80 in a pinch. I just bought an 02 300M Special, so I won't be buying an Av anytime soon but will follow this thread and any improvements Toyota makes to the Av as it may be my next car purchase in 2 or 3 years. Then again, if gas it at $6 a gallon, I may consider a Camry SE hybrid. :)
  • Ahhh, captain2, nice to see you do your homework. I respect that. No harm taken -- I love all things mechanical, and Toyota does an excellent job in that respect. However, my point is that plenty of other manufacturers do an equally good job -- and in some respects better job -- at making things move along the earth. Everything has its pluses and minuses (unless it's a Trabant). GM is too often badmouthed for their mechanicals, and in my experience I'd put GM engineering along with Honda and Toyota as the best in the world of the reasonability priced bunch. I added this post because I think too many Toyota owners think they discovered the wheel because they get decent mileage and they overlook the negative (such as camchain replacement). On the other hand, because GM is having financial troubles it's easy to pile on the abuse. I've owned products from both GM and Toyota, I'd put them neck and neck, but good luck getting the general public (or the media) or believe that.
    Anyway, the Avalon is a nice car. I like a big rocketship sedan. Just don't be too shocked when you see an Oldsmobile coming past you in the desert at 100+ mph!
  • ---- Haven't seen too many 88's (or any GM products this side of a Vette/GTO) doing burnouts either - but at least I have a car that can do it!

    Just have to say: I recommend you take one of those "old fashioned" 3.8s out for a test drive. I can still leave a good 15 feet of rubber with my tired Oldsmobile -- a fact that aggravates my wife to no end. And as far as burnouts: try a new Grand Prix or an Impala with the 5.3 V8. It'll smoke the front tires for a looooong way. Torque down low is the way launch off the line....
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    consider the Av engine Toyota's first real effort at a high performance engine - now making its appearance in the Lexus IS at 300 hp, and soon apparently in an ES350. This engine is really what makes this car what is hasn't been in the past - a car with some spunk and personality!
    The jury is still out on this engine, of course, but if it may be what Nissan has had for years with its VG35 series V6s, the best V6 in the industry! Sounds like Splasterhound had some valve,head, or cylinder damage due to a broken timing belt on a Camry. Timing belts - not a good idea - anything that crtical that should be replaced on 50k mile intervals is a bad design. To my knowledge, all the mainstream manufacturers have experimented and/or are using them. Timing chains are common to the Av V6, the Nissan V6, as well as most those pushrod 'American' V6s and 8s- and certainly a better approach.
    Point well taken on the character of the torque curve and how it effects drivability in 'normal' rpm ranges. The VVT engines will,however, provide a greater efficiency at all rpm because it does adjust valve opening durations around engine speed and load. That swift kick in the butt the Av engine produces at about 4000 rpm and the fact that it will willingly continues to pull like that past 6000 is amazing (and a lot of fun). In my mind, the American manufacturers are well behind the curve in engine technologies - having produced 'lazy' low rpm, relatively high torque, comparatively rough running, iron horse engines ever since I can remember. The newer Gm/Chrysler/Ford V6s in this size category are just beginning to 'experiment' with VVT even in the ones that still have pushrods - the 3.8 (as we now know it) will soon be history, competition will make sure of that.
  • Yes, I installed it myself. It was very easy. However, I did use the instructions for the XM sat (posted earlier on this forum). This shows exactly what trim you have to remove to get to the head unit. The ice link comes with all of the cables you need. It comes with two cables that (for the Avalon), you connect together to form a single cable. Then you unplug the cable from the back on the head unit and plug it into the ice link cable. Finally you connect the other end of the ice link cable to the head unit. I routed the cable to the glove box, where I put my ipod. Dension has a choice of either a cable or a cradle. I chose the cable, so I could put the ipod in the glove box, completely out of sight. Finally, the way it works now, as long as the ice link is connected (it does not matter whether the ipod is connected or not), the CD does not function. Since my entire music collection is on my ipod, this does not matter to me much. However, it would have been nice to have the CD functional for the occasions when you want to listen to a new CD that is not yet on the ipod.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Not to interrupt anyone thoughts on acceleration...but...if you can make torque in a gasoline engine at higher rpm's you can take better advantage of transmission and final drive gear ratios. Low rpm works (as in an electric motor) but higher rpm gives greater flexibility in most applications. It's really the 5 speed and the high rpm torque delivery that let the Avalon hit those 0 to 60 and the 1/4 mile times.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    had a 3.8 in a late 80's Buick for about a year which I guess is why I remember that engine as being so unremarkable. - but why is it that our wives lose their sense of humor as the years go by?
    I'd have a lot more respect for Detroit's usual answer (displacement) to hp issues if they had taken that 303 hp in the GP and the SS and routed it thru the correct set of wheels - would be willing to bet as FWD that they are a torque steering handfuls. Have the same issue with the Av, although the inevitable TS is so well contained that it is almost undetectable. But, I guess if they did that, I really would have a Lexus LS. The Avalon is that quiet and smooth with a fit/finsh that is pretty darn close!
  • ub2ub2 Posts: 17
    what did you think no one would catch on image
    Image hosted by
  • what do you mean by "what did you think no one would catch on "???
  • My 2006 Avalon Limited is one month old. I am joining the list of those with loose fog lights. I am having a problem on rainy nights of glare spots on my wet windshield. There is some sort of film or etched surface that shows up as splotches and 5 vertical lines. The dealer tried to get it off with "STONERS". didn't work. tried with "No Touch Glass Stripper" after multiple applications some of the splotches disappeared but not the vertical lines. The dealer called me to say the Toyota Rep ordered a new windshield and will check the car this week. If he can't solve the problem they will install a new windshield while I wait. If this works I am pleased with the agency (Freehold Toyota) New Jerasey and the Toyota Rep. Anyone have any glass problems?
  • ub2ub2 Posts: 17
    It's just that I didn't believe that picture of 46.4 mpg by oz4. In post # 9383 I was showing how easy it is to alter a photograph.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    what do you mean by "what did you think no one would catch on "???

    I thinik he is implying that some of the earlier posted screen images were also altered in Photoshop.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    I have not noticed anything similar. And there have been no shortage of rainy nights this week in my locale.
    The fact that the Toyota Rep quickly authorized a replacement suggests to me that he knows this is an unusual case. If he thouight there might be another 2000 windshields out there where owners would ask for replacement, he would have trried to avoid setting a precedent.
  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    FYI, JBL does not refer to the Avalon navigation system. JBL is the manufacturer of the Avalon's premium stereo sound system.
  • My husband and myself are strongly considering buying a new 2006 XLS and have been reading all of the different comments on the mpg. The 26 mpg that you got, was it only city driving, a combination or hwy miles? I hope that you do not get better mpg when using higher octane, because we intend to only use 87 and every now and then fill it up with 89 octane. Good Luck. Incidently, how do you like your new Avalon?
  • I know this question wasn't directed to me but just to help. I have had my 06 XLS for about 5 weeks now. I am getting between 25-27 mpg with a 60-40 mix of highway to city driving. I am using 87 oct only and from what I have read this only makes a slight power difference not a mileage difference. I also have kept my AC off with this last tank of fuel and I'm averaging 29 mpg over the same road/driving conditions.

    I came out of an 04 Acura TL to the Avy. I love this car!! Smooth quite and just as powerful as the TL.

    Hope this helps.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Just thought I'd inject a little dose of reality into all these high gas mileage discussions. I have an 05 Limited. Out on the highway (I5, LA to Seattle & back) I get around 28 - 29 mpg in real driving (just under 80 mph when speed limit is 70). Under ideal conditions, travelling around 65 mph, I have gotten just over 30 mpg.

    Around town, in 100 % city driving, short trips to mall, grocery, etc., I get about 16.5 mpg. Toss in a little freeway driving, can get nearly 20 mpg overall. I initially used premium, now using regular. Can't really tell if there's a difference in mileage, but power still seems quite strong.

    Just want to alert those who haven't bought the car yet that in full-on stop & go city driving, mileage will be well under 20 mpg. Still love the car though.

  • endovitendovit Posts: 31
    All kinds of stories and questions here so I'll post mine as well. Looked seriously since Jan 2005 for an Avalon. Three dealers in my home area (Omaha) either didn't have them or had colors I disliked. Was planning on trading in my 2000 Camry, which by the way had NEVER been in the shop since I drove it off the dealer's lot. Problem was none want to give me what I thought the Camry was worth and on top of that, all 3 dealers here wanted sticker for the Avalon. Went back to the dealer in Kansas City Kansas where I bought the Camry years ago. What a great dealership. Got what I wanted for my Camry and an additional $1500 off the sticker for the Avalon Limited. Had to order it though. The dealer was up-front that you really can't order an Avalon. They come with packages for regions but he got my selection through. Phantom Grey Ltd with all the bells and whistles except no NAV, no spoiler and I didn't go for the increased security system. Order was first placed in June of 2005 (for a 2005 model). Got a call at the end of the July that they could get the car, but it would be a 2006. I was actually overjoyed - my wife being on the other side of the spectrum because we had a wait a bit more. The car arrived in late September 2005. I've got 1400 miles on it now. Just a few issues that the local dealership is taking care of: scratch on the window, rug in the passenger area not quite place right (wrinkle), no rattles - no jerks in the tranny - no strut problems - virtually a great car. I had a rude awakening when I went to change the oil. Not your run-of-the-mill oil filter. In fact, had to get it from the dealer. Then tried to slide under the beast. That's a trick all of its own. I have one problem that seems to mystify even the reps at the 800 number. I got the laser cruise option. When I'm running down the interstate and set the cruise - then decide to go a bit quicker, it doesn't go up just 1 MPH like the book says, it goes up to the next MPH equally divisible by 5. For example, if I've set it to 63, one bump upward on the lever and I go to 65. One more little bump upward and I go to 70. I got 'em scratching their heads over this one.
    Another little story about the laser cruise. The darn thing really, REALLY works good. Decided to test it just a bit - going down the interstate with the the laser cruise on, I headed for the exit with a much slower car in front of me. The system sensed the car and even put on the brakes. I read about this before trying it but I just had to see if it actually put on the brakes and it certainly did.
    Lastly - a word on NAV. The salesman and dealership I purchased the car from couldn't have been more up-front on everything. What straight up people they've got. Anyway - Why buy NAV for $1600 with a $250 every year update when you can get GPS systems from $333 to $999 that you can update for free over the internet and move them from one car to another?
    At any rate, took a few months to get the car I ordered. Even with the minor problems, I am simply overjoyed and probably a Toyota owner for life.
    Now, if I could just find a repair manual that wasn't priced at an arm and a leg.....
  • edc1edc1 Posts: 2
    Being too tall to fit into an Avalon XLS or Limited, I am considering a 2006 Touring model but concerned about the "Sport Tuned" suspension system and the ride. I would appreciate any feedback members of the forum could provide relative to "feel" and "sensitivity" of the Touring model. Do you feel every bump in the road, is it really that stiff, how does the ride compare to other Avalon models, etc.

    I thank you in advance for your help with this concern.

  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    finding one without the sunroof may be a problem - have had my Touring now since April and 14000 miles - and absolutely love the car and have had no problems at all with it. The Touring suspension is definitely tighter and you will actually feel a few bumps and the steeriing has much more 'feel'. More like a 'sports sedan' in the mold of a TL but still not nearly as much road and engine noise as that car. There will always be some sort of tradeoff handling vs. ride- the terms are almost contradictory. My personal feeling is that the Touring is an ideal compromise but it is still heavily biased toward the luxury ride side of things - a sports car and an Avalon two different things. The other trims very cushy, more isolating, and even quieter but certainly at the expense of road and steering feel. About the only thing I can suggest is to drive both - it's kind of a question of what you like.
  • Don't bother, all of 2005/2006 are the same size. If you don't fit XLS or Limited, then you won't fit the Touring.
  • I'm very interested in this. Please rate on a 1-10 scale the ride with ultimate sport being 1 and luxury a 10. Place the TL, Av Touring and AV XLS on the scale. feel free to add BMW and Buick or Lexus to the mix.

  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Now, if I could just find a repair manual that wasn't priced at an arm and a leg.....

    How's $10 sound? See message #8861 in this forum.
  • ub2ub2 Posts: 17
    For what it's worth, when it came time to get a new car, I went to the internet going over every make. When I came to toyota, I started looking over the makes. The more I looked at the avalon the more I new this was the car. I could hardly wait to get to the dealership the next day. I decided the touring had what I wanted. Somewhere in there I missed the sport tuned suspension. Thinking they all had the same suspension I took a test drive. I thought my eye teeth were going to come out of my head. I thought no way. So I started over. Somewhere in there I went back to avalon and discovered that only the touring had the struts welded together. Proud to say that I am the new owner of a XLT.
  • See, I knew somebody smarter than I am would have a good idea. I'll see if I can get the console apart and find that wire. Sounds pretty straightforward... (famous last words!) Thanks for the pointer.
  • maryjmaryj Posts: 53
    This matches my mileage exactly per the info screen. My only problem is that my MPG screen is about 3mpg over whenever I do the manual math thing. 16.5 is about my average in town driving. I got 31 one time, driving about 68. Anything over 68 reduces my mpg.
    I do like the seats and the engine is a go-getter, styling is a winner. I complained before about my driver window rattling whenever the door was shut with it down an inch or so. Finally, today I stayed with the repairman and "we" found a bracket broken which rattled when the door was shut. Part was ordered.
  • If you manage to figure out how to get the 2005 Avalon nav system to be fully functional while the car is moving (gee, what a concept...) PLEASE let us know. What an aggravating "feature" that lockout is...
  • ednovakednovak Posts: 55
    I have one problem that seems to mystify even the reps at the 800 number. I got the laser cruise option. When I'm running down the interstate and set the cruise - then decide to go a bit quicker, it doesn't go up just 1 MPH like the book says, it goes up to the next MPH equally divisible by 5. For example, if I've set it to 63, one bump upward on the lever and I go to 65. One more little bump upward and I go to 70. I got 'em scratching their heads over this one.

    If I remember correctly, the laser cruise control on the Avalon is exactly the same as the one on my Sienna. If that's the case, it is working as it should. When in STANDARD mode, it will bump or reduce the speed in 1 mph increments but when in LASER mode, it will always bump up or down to the next 5 mph increment (e.g. 62 bumps up to 65, 65 bumps up to 70, 62 bumps down to 60). Wish it were otherwise but that's how it's programmed. You may have been reading the wrong section (Standard vs. Laser operation) of the cruise control description. Weird that Toyota didn't catch it. Sounds like none of the staff bought the top level models..
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    just opinion, of course, and limiting myself to sedans:
    G35 2,BMW530 3, M35 4, TL 5, GS 6, Touring 7.5, XLS.Ltd. 8.5, LS 9.5. Kind of unfair some of these cars will hit $60k pretty easily. Lexus/Toyota has always produced 'softer' vehicles more to what is generally agreed as American driving tastes, the LS will outhandle any Av and the luxury/quality is second to none, from the Lexus dealers perspective I think the Avs (in any trim) get uncomfortably close to the LS, the BMW/G35/M35 are wonderful driver's cars ,meaning that some ride and noise issues must be compromised, the TL is tougher to classify because it really tries to be what a G35 is but fails due to limitations of its front wheel drive. The Chrysler 300 is the only 'Detroit' model that I think will stand in this group also at about a 5, it is a big car that really feels good being big but I couldn't get around a harsh V6 and the interior quality- drove a Touring version. Would not have included the Av in this group prior to 2005 - not enough engine! All great cars, sport does not necessarily mean good, luxury bad or vice versa - kind of depends on what floats your boat!
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