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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • I just considered it part of my cosmic luck, but I got my first hood paint chip and my first windshield chip (different sides) on the same 4 hour interstate trip after only 1500 miles. Still awaiting my first door ding at 3000 miles.

    It did strike me as odd that I did not recall any impacts to cause this damage. Never had a chip in either of these places during 45,000 miles in my previous Maxima.

    Now that I have these badges of honor, I'm just hoping the second ones are a long way off.
  • chodiechodie Posts: 13
    Do you still have the ping at start up. I have an 06 and mine does the same thing. Is this normal? What does Toyota say? thanks
  • Hi Ed,

    This is quite the hot topic, and I'm sure with all the knowledgeable folks on here we can get around this "small irritation" somehow! When I took delivery of the car my salesman offered a "tutorial" of the navigation system from a techie who was a specialist supposedly with the system. He said it would be much more in depth than the usual quick one over when I took delivery of the car. I am going to call and make that appointment tomorrow and see if I can squeeze any information out of the guy. As for our system, if I am not mistaken it is originally made by Fujitsu Ten, which mfgs all of the other Toyota systems as well. From what you mentioned, and what I have seen on other forums, most Toyota model navigation systems with the touch screen interface have the override screen, but since ours is set up differently with the remote console buttons for operation of the nav, it is more difficult to figure this out! I have to admit it is a fun little project though. I never would have figured how to get to the diagnostic screen without the great info on this forum. In any case I'll try like the rest of you to get some information from the dealer and hopefully we can get around this somehow. :)

    Take care,
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Sorry to hear about your paint chips. On the Toyota Avalon the door dings are programmed to come on at around 4500 miles. Actually all paint chips, windshield chips, and door dings are part of the ECM software which also tells the cars' transmission when to hesitate. This programmed "events" happen so quick that they are transparent to the user. Enjoy.
  • ub2ub2 Posts: 17
    My 06 has 4500 miles on it and one chip in the front bumper. I could swear that it happened when I was washing the bugs off the front. I get real close with the spray wand and saw the chip fly off. Could be toyota need a more sterile painting environment.
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Great find, nolava50,

    There are likely some useful clues in those Cadillac forum posts, particularly if our Nav units have the same heritage as those in the Caddys. I'll take a look on the Cadillac Division site to see if the Nav screen shots and controls look familiar.

    Before they discovered the "override" button, the Prius and Sienna guys/gals had developed a hardware "hack". It uses a timer and relay that disconnects the speed sensor signal from the Nav (which fools it into thinking you have stopped for 20 seconds or so). Once the Nav takes a new satellite read (every 20-30 seconds) it realizes your position has changed so restores the lockout. The timer re-connects the speed signal for ~1 second every 15-20 seconds to give you a fresh 20 seconds to work with. All of the the construction details and test results are available on the siennaclub site forums. A minor downside is that the nav becomes "lost" during the time you have the speed signal disconnected. However, once you or your passenger is finished, the connection is restored full time, and the Nav recovers your true position from the GPS.
  • regisregis Posts: 94
    Thanks motownusa. I've registered with

  • Clay,
    Wow, got my wires crossed...for some reason I had Denso on my mind. But, whichever make it is, the intend was to spur looking in a different direction. I have read on this forum about trying the diagnostic screen, but those who got there (I guess you have made it there?) found no means of a bypass. I did read the fix someone made to trick the system with a switch to fool the unit into thinking the car was stopped. I had also read that someone said they though the dealer had some way to turn this feature off, so when I read the info from an insider about a "special" .bin DVD I thought we may have something similar which Toyota uses which opens the ability to set the system. Beyond my knowledge base, but if available I'm sure many of us would like to get their hands on it. I'm thinking of asking my wife (Japanese) to write to Toyota Japan or Fujitsu and tell them we are moving back to Japan and want to bring the Avalon with us to see if there is a bypass (not required in Japan). I doubt they will tell us anything...but like you said, with so many of us looking eventually something will come up! :)
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    I preferred the Ivory interior too, but after seeing a demo w/ivory interior with only 400 miles on it, and noticing how prevalent and visible the scuff marks and dirt showed up on the door sill plates and the lower half of the door trim, wife and I instantly decided on the slightly less handsome, but far more practical grey interior (we have two young kids). Take your pick - both are nice.
  • My mother has the Sirius radio option on a 2006 Avy. The antenna is above the rearview mirror on the inside of the windshield.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    If Mom's car is a LTD the small black box behind the rearview mirror is the sensor for the rain sensitive wipers.
  • gerry100gerry100 Posts: 100
    Kick the dilithium crystals a few times.
  • I'm thinking of asking my wife (Japanese) to write to Toyota Japan or Fujitsu and tell them we are moving back to Japan and want to bring the Avalon with us to see if there is a bypass (not required in Japan). I doubt they will tell us anything...but like you said, with so many of us looking eventually something will come up! :)

    Hi Ed,

    When your wife writes the letter, maybe she can also ask about the Left-to-Right side Steering Wheel Conversion Kit? I've been wondering if this option is something one could install oneself, or requires Dealer service. ;)

    By the way, a Hispanic wife would have warned you about your reverse handle; no lava = doesn't wash! Fortunately, as you will soon find out, avalons wash easily (Stoner's helps on inside glass, we found).

    Best wishes,

    havalongavalon :)
  • If Mom's car is a LTD the small black box behind the rearview mirror is the sensor for the rain sensitive wipers.

    Do you know for a fact that the Satellite antenna is elsewhere? Jeff, what side of the mirror is the black box? On the LTD it's towards the passenger side. Anyone else know?
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    The little black box behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side is for the rain sensitive wipers. I've taken it apart and can confirm that. BTW I took is apart myself to fix the fact that the wipers came on in a mist and continued to operate. I was able to improve the situation considerably.

    I have no idea where the Satellite antenna is but it's definitely no the black box behind the mirror on the passenger side, I don't even have a satellite antenna on my LTD.

  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    HOW DID YOU DO THAT? On my LTD the default mode is interval if the system is defective some how. On dry days, putting the wiper on "auto" sets up an interval wipe mode on my car. I hesitate to try the "auto" selection lest I scratch what must be an expensive (sound deadening) windshield.

    I have very little confidence that Laurel (Carmax) Toyota has a clue about fixing this problem.

    Anybody else with this problem?? :confuse:
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    This issue has been discussed previously. The wipers on my LTD will take a swipe when I start the car and the sun is out nice & hot. It's only done it about six times total; someone mentioned something about the fact that the infrared device is reading moisture, or something like that. Since it's something that I would never get to occur again if I took it into a dealer and only frustrate me, I ignore it. There are just some things that are too minor to worry about. And I doubt seriously you would scratch the windshield unless it ran constantly and you had sand all over the place.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    "This issue has been discussed previously." Where, precisely? I have tried to search this problem but have come up empty. What is the secret?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Type "rain sensing wiper" into the search will bring up all postings with that phrase, including some regarding "phantom" wipes.
  • Other than the Landcruiser and new 2006 4Runner, was the Avalon one of the first Toyota models to incorporate the voice activation as part of the navigation system? I just got to thinking if maybe there is a voice command which could override our system as well as trying to play around with the controller to do so. Just an idea.

  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    A secret word to allow full Nav operation while moving . . . . an interesting concept I would not have thought of.

    It's worth a try. The worst that can happen is that we give the knowledgeble Totota/Denso Techs who monitor this forum a little mirth to brighten their day.

    I tried the words "override" and "test mode" for starters.
    "Override" was not recognized and "test mode" downshifted the CD changer by 1 CD.

    Would anyone care to contribute some other words/phrases to try? Perhaps a few Japanese words as well.
  • n0v8or,
    Since it is a Japanese unit, perhaps "Hirake goma" (Open sesame) :surprise:
  • I like it! I knew this would spark some amusement considering the voice activation part of our systems is much less than perfect sometimes. I've had my Avalon a little over a month now, and for the first week every time I would try a command I would turn my head upwards and try to speak right into the microphone as if I were yelling at it or something... but playing around with it over time I seem to have better luck just speaking while looking forward in the normal driving position. It seems to recognize commands better that way, at least in my experience. It's probably safer that way as well... :D
  • I have a 2006 XLS and I do have Sirius. The black box (kind of triangular shaped) is placed next to the rear view mirror on the passenger side. When I took delivery of my car several weeks ago, it was pointed out to me where it was located. It is a great place because you don't even notice it while driving and doesn't affect any of the windshield visibility.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Hmmm, I think I am starting to experience "Sirius envy" or something! I have XM and am quite satisfied, but my antenna was factory installed in that most bizarre location of "side of trunk lid!" Wonder why they couldn't have done the same thing as they did for the Sirius fans? Or at least mount it directly in the middle of the trunk lid behind the rear window? Have to admit it really bothered me at first and I intended to move it, but I think it bothers me a little less each day. Oh well... :confuse:

  • hi guys tomorow i am going to pick up my new blizzard LIMITed avvy :)
    its fully loaded and installed toyota Parktronic sensors :D
    iwill post up my review of my first 1000 k :D :shades:
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    Speaking of less than perfect comprehension of voice commands, we were goofing around with the navi and my husband said to it, " I love you" and "she" replied, "System is showing ATM machines" :surprise: . I then said, "I'm jealous" and the reply came back," System is showing courthouses" :surprise:
    YIKES.....I think I will call her Christine....
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Don't forget to post Pics :D
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Why don't you move it from the present location?
  • We just bought a new Avalon LX today. :) Its a real beauty, but my wife did not want the gps factory option. :confuse:

    I would like to look into getting an after market GPS. Has anyone tried to do this?

    My wife is a Hospice Nurse and I think a good navigation system would make her life easier as she drives around central texas.

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