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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    My '06 Avalon's accelerator stuck wide open for about 30 seconds yesterday while driving through a school zone. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know how to fix it? :P
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    I agree with your concern. Unfortunately, I do not think you will receive any useful replies or advice from Toyota, because such an answer would potentially expose them to liability in the case of an injured child.

    Here is what I would do:
    Ask Toyota if they have a video or drawing that shows the extent of the maximum deployment of the curtain airbag in the rear seat area. The sales team at another dealer is a good place to start. If they ask you why you want this, claim that you are comparing the airbag effectiveness of the Avalon against competitive models before deciding which car to purchase. This will appeal to their marketing instincts instead of their legal concern instincts.

    Then you can judge for yourself if it is possible to mount the child seat such that his/her head is outside the deployment zone.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    FWIW, on my 04 Highlander my calculated mpg reading is always 1/2 mpg to 1 mpg lower than that displayed over the Nav. However my nav also displays a trip odometer which matches the odometer on the console so I don't think the discrepancy is due to the odometer reading low. I think the difference with the car's computer is that it is not counting gas spent while idling in park in its mpg calculation. That's just a hypothesis but I've noted that the more idling/warming up I do, the greater the difference is and vice versa.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    " I think the difference with the car's computer is that it is not counting gas spent while idling in park in its mpg calculation."

    Sure it does. Try filling up (the MPG will reset), then drive down the road for a mile. Pull over and sit and idle for 2 minutes and watch the MPG drop. I have a gas station at the top of the hill near my home, I fill up and then basically coast down the hill, there is a traffic light at the bottom. If I get stuck on red or there is oncoming traffic stopping me from making my left turn, the MPG drops almost as quickly as it rose from the downhill coast.

  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Very not funny - unfortunately a few folks out there might take this seriously.
    Actually, in between the 'minutia' that you find of no value in, I have gotten several things not so minute from contributors to this forum:
    1) how about that steering column recall that did effect my car, that Toyota has yet to notify me of, and had to do with 'possible loss of control'.
    2) that hesitation in the tranny is normal
    3) a post from you, I believe, telling me how to save some money on things like $50 wiper blades and $7.00 oil filters.
    So, when I read a number of posts griping about apparent inaccuracies in the trip computer, and have an explanation - there may actually a few folks out there who may find the post useful or possibly even reassuring - some probably not, especially you and zekeman's rich uncle. I, personally, have no use for learning about the intracacies of adding all sorts of electronic doo-dads to my Av - but, no matter, apparently a lot of other folks do. Different strokes for different folks.
    Think your response to Pat's invitation for something more 'scintillating' is irresponsible.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    How old are you? You sound about 18-20.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Thank you. My first car was a 1966 Opel, bought used in 1998 by my Daddy and Mummy!
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Yes, I've noticed it goes down when I am idling at a light (while in gear). I don't put my vehicle in park while I'm waiting at stoplights so not sure about that.

    Perhaps it doesn't count idling at the start of a trip. For example, try starting it in the morning and let it warm up for 10 minutes and see if the mpg changes. Then at the end of your drive, sit for another 10 minutes in the parking lot and see if it changes.

    Though I have not performed rigorous experiments, I know that the lowest discrepancy I got was about 2/10 mile when I was on a road trip and basically filled up and didn't stop until I needed gas again. And, as I said, the discrepancy gets higher the more idling and less driving I do. Of course it's possible that the Highlander has a different mechanism than the Avalon.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    I was pretty close then!
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    Great idea! Thanks!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    There is a complaint filed with the NHTSA, as follows:

    Make : TOYOTA Model : AVALON Year : 2005
    Crash : No Fire : No Number of Injuries: 0
    ODI ID Number : 10137603 Number of Deaths: 0
    Date of Failure: September 18, 2005
    VIN : 4T1BK36B35U...

    Visit the NHTSA website at
    enter the ODI number 10137603 to find the complaint and print off a copy of the complaint.
    Take a copy of the complaint to the dealer so they know you are not the only one having the problem. If they, or Toyota Corporate don't help then you may want to file a complaint too, also at the above URL.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Is this post directed to anyone in particular or are you making others aware that a complaint was lodged?
  • sigdsigd Posts: 1

    I have a 2005 Avalon XL: I have a knock under a load every morning for the first 10 minutes. It then gets quiet but is still there.

    I had it in the dealers for 3 days. They said they could not hear it.

    This is not a gas knock. It is very loud when cold under a slight load until it warms up. It then gets quiet but is still there.

    I searched the internet and found several people that have this problem. One said the dealer replaced #4 and #1 bearing on the cam and Toyota knows about this and is sending repair kits to the dealers.

    It seems a few out of spec bearings were used during manufacture.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    "Perhaps it doesn't count idling at the start of a trip. For example, try starting it in the morning and let it warm up for 10 minutes and see if the mpg changes. Then at the end of your drive, sit for another 10 minutes in the parking lot and see if it changes."

    Done all of that, I park in a park and ride lot waiting for the bus and on hot days I sit in Park and idle, same on cold days, and the MPG decreases the longer you idle, just like at a stop light. What I was trying to tell you nicely was that your supposition is wrong it continues to calculate MPG, and at idle in Park or Drive it's recording fuel used and no additional miles driven so the MPG is decreasing.

    I can even tell you (not that this would be a surprise) that it decreases more rapidly when you have just filled up and driven few miles than after you have a few hundred and sit idling, it has less miles to calculate against so the MPG degrades faster.

    Works the same on my 2003 Avy.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    Is this post directed to anyone in particular or are you making others aware that a complaint was lodged?

    No he didn't realize Javis was making a bad joke in response to Pat's comment about spicing up the


  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    OK you guys got me. :cry:
    I had read about this complaint on the NHTSA and I thought Jayvis was serious. I take it back, strike it from the record.
    As you were, gentlemen.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    alan s - like the ??? behind your post - because I would be willing to bet that no such thing actually happened to jayvis -just a strange sense of humor.
    The NHTSA website you reference is fascinating: fact is that by sorting by year/make/model/component you will find the same type of complaint on almost every car manufactured! Included: ES, 530, Accord, Camry, 300, 500, G35, A4,S430 etc. - mostly single complaints just as in the one on the Av. Not to mention multiple other compliants on mostly safety related issues, again for every car made including the Av's worthless brakes, engines, transmissions (at least according to the complainers). Things do happen strangely sometimes in cars these days simply because of all that new technology common to all of them - certainly beyond the understanding of the people that drive them and in some cases, the people that are supposed to be able to fix them. Kind of like those Windows exclamation points accompanied by the infamous 'Windows has encountered a problem and cannot continue'. If we were to take seriously all those complaints (and especially those that appear one time for the 90000 Avs that Toyota has put on the road), we could never buy any car. We could go back to horse and buggies except that I heard that NHTSA has a few complaints on them too.! What we really need is Ralph to abandon his presidential aspirations and come protect us again.
    A good friend of mine drives a '65 Mustang every day, big V8 and an absolute deathtrap compared to the cars of today. Weighs about 2600 lbs. so it accelerates well enough if you can control the axle hop, doesn't have anything approaching real brakes, no steering feel, handles almost as well as a Hummer, has no safety systems worth mentioning and is continually leaking something. Wonder how we ever survived?
    Point of all this: there are no such things as perfect cars, people do complain sometimes legitimately sometimes not, and today's car, despite how complicated they have become, is 10 times safer, 10 times more reliable and durable, and 10 times costlier.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Ay ay, Captain!
    I agree with you on all counts except for your comment on Windows which REALLY doesn't have anything approaching real brakes, no steering feel, handles almost as well as a Hummer, has no safety systems worth mentioning and is continually leaking something. Of course that is another story and another forum... ;)
  • image

    guys i still wanna know whats the best tires PSI pressure should be ? i chicked my tires and they were 50psi ! lowered to 40 still theres bump feeling then again lowered to 32 psi bumpy feeling is gone ! but the steering is little firmer now :(
    so i wanna know whats the best psi ! the tires spec says Do not go above 40 psi !

    also the steering go to the right very slightly so do i need to tell the dealer about it ? does it needs a new allginments ?
    anyhelp would be appreciated !
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    another friend of mine has a brand new Nissan Titan & gets stuck in some really heavy traffic on a very hot day - all of a sudden a transmission warning light comes on and the trans stops working altogether. Towed back to the dealer, they do get an error code from the truck's computer but, of course, can find nothing wrong with the trans. The fix - 'rebooting' the truck's computer and now everything's fine - except for his confidence in his truck. That kind of thing -the basis for the Windows analogy.
  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    A strange sense of humor? At least I have one. You're being very stiff el capitan.
  • jayvisjayvis Posts: 76
    The BEST advice available is to READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL! Toyota knows more about this car and it's tires than anyone on this forum.
  • Concerning your auxilary input adapter for your Avalon which you hit the 'tape' button to listen to your device ( presumably an MP3 player or an IPOD )

    1. What exactly did you buy (make, model, brand name, part number etc) for an auxillary input device? (hopefully its a non cassette adapter)
    2. WHat mode car and year and which type (JBL or Non Jbl) stereo - do you have?
    3. As I understand this, you have your input adapter connected to the wires of your tape deck, rendering your useless tape deck, totally useless, correct?

    This IS EXACTLY what I want!
    I want to hook sirius radio and an aux input to that wasted tape deck space. I own a 2005 Avalon 7 speaker non-jbl radio with a 6 disc changer. I love my disc changer, but I want sirius and and mp3 cabality too. Ive always wanted to rip out the tape deck and install a sirius radio there, and when I want to listen to the radio, I can just hit the 'tape' button on my car and listen to sirius. I dont have an 'AUX' or 'Sat' button on my radio, my Avalon radio didnt come with these options.

    It shouldnt be too hard to figure out the wiring for the external cassette. If you remove the cassette, there should be wires connect to it, presumably it would have a. power b. inputs for sound ie left sound, right sound c. live wire (is there a tape connected to the unit) d. wire for controls ei fast forward, reverse, etc e. ground.
    I wish I were smart enough and handy enough and technical enough to figure out which wires go where and what colors go with what functions, is there anyone out there that has hacked or can figure out what wires make the tape deck work and how to remove the cassette deck and install a sirius radio and/or an ipod 30gb in that hole?

    Please help make this happy avalon owner even happier by letting me enjoy my music and the NFL!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    jayvis- my post 9566 certainly not intended to be humorous - your suggestion that the Av had throttle problems (in a school zone, no less) definitely not funny and as I said in that post, irresponsible. Why - because somebody out there was bound to take it seriously - and sure enough somebody did - even to the point of searching thru NHTSA archives to find a single complaint and then, of course posting the complaint. Now putting something official like that up has a whole lot of folks concerned about something that is not likely a problem. Why - because we have 90000 or so Avs on the streets with maybe 6000 miles on each of them - that's 540 million miles of possible throttle problems and it has happened maybe once (as far as NHTSA knows) . Probably a greater chance of of getting hit by a low flying 747 than having a stuck throttle create problems in your Av! You gotta understand human nature - it is easier for most folks to believe the negative.
    As far as no sense of humor - guess you don't read the majority of my posts or this stuff just shoots right over your head. Humor subjective, of course but I guess you may not understand who Ralph is and what he did to the auto industry, or see anything slightly funny in NHTSA reports on horses!
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    So... then why do I have a discrepancy between hand-calculated value and the computer? As I noted, in my case, the trip-odometer displayed on the nav matches the one displayed on the instrument cluster. Any theories?

    I guess the only other variable would be that the gallons displayed on the pump is different than the fuel consumption calculated by the vehicle...
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Tape deck connector (wires to radio)
    1............-.......shield for audio signal wires
    2........white.....right channel signal + channel signal - channel signal + channel signal -
    6........white.....mute +
    10 -

    Other wires (not to radio)
    11....yellow...switched +12V (acc) +12V (battery)

    The "data" wires are Toyota proprietary, and probably are used to transfer information about track, side, etc.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    your really seem stressed on this one - refer back to my original post 9533 and subsequent posts from 3puttmax.What you are assuming to be correct (miles driven show on the speedo, either odometer, or nav) is not correct. If the odometer says you have driven 300 miles you may have actually driven about 310 (3% error). So when you fill up you need to divide your gallons into the correct actual miles - not what the odos etc. show. Then, you should come out with a computer calculated mpg very close to hand calculated - IF you consistently fill the tank to the same level. Would guess that this odo error may vary from Av to Av (I have observed errors approaching 4% on mine, 3puttmax a little less than 3). Only way I know of for you to check this is to drive a well defined distance (highway mileage markers are generally very good) and compare what the markers say you have driven versus what your car thinks it traveled. Promise you the markers are correct.
    Also promise you that a gallon is always precisely 128 ounces, and that a car that is allowed to idle away an entire tank of gas will display 0 mpg, as well as showing no odometer error because you never went anywhere.
    If you can't get it from this - heck, don't worry about it - you have a great car that has some power and does remarkably well on a tank of gas. Enjoy it!
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    I had decided that complaining about the rear window distortion on my '05 Avalon was unlikely to be productive, and could be lived with. However, I'm having second thoughts after a two-day trip covering 2500 KM (1500 miles) when the regular rear-view check became increasingly irksome as the white lines did their recurring, distracting dance. More bothersome, it seemed, was the fact that the distance of following/overtaking vehicles was difficult to judge due to the changing shapes thereof. When a vehicle enters the 'squish zone' it may well seem to be further behind than it is in fact. I think that there could be a safety related concern.
  • drh3drh3 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2006 Avalon Ltd, less than 400 miles at this point it has the same rattle coming from the rear passenger shelf area. It only occurs on rough or bumpy roads. Have you had any success resolving? Just returned form the dealer they say cannot isolate the problem, even though they acknowledged the rattle in a test drive.
  • weird today i just got a rattle from the rear shelf but it goes away when i press on the end of the shelf behind the electronic sun shade ! i could stick somthing fat in there and would make it go away hope so .

    if anyone got the way on how to remove the whole rear shelf it would be easier !
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