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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Don’t get the impression these practices are limited to Dealers; I have caught tire and alignment shops even more often. First, unless corroborated by an “insider” these contentions are impossible to prove. Second, faced with strong evidence, the service person will claim forgetfulness, or an unintended error. Third, keeping the matter private often yields a more advantageous outcome. Let me offer a true case example. I had skidded at very low speed into a curb during a snowstorm, and the car now pulled slightly to the right. Possibly a slightly bent tie rod. I marked the tie rod ends and caster/camber bolts with paint and left the car at an alignment shop, describing only the slight pull on a sheet of paper I gave them. If I had divulged the skidding incident, this would have been a carte-blanch invitation to sell me lots of new front end parts.
    Upon return that evening, I quickly noticed the odometer had only advanced less than 0.1 mile (meaning no road test could have been performed), and all the paint marks were pristine. The subsequent interchange went like this:

    “I had marked the tie rod ends with paint lines so I could see how much adjustment was required”, “the lines are undisturbed; are you sure they did not forget to do the work by mistake?”

    (look of child with hand in cookie jar) “Let me call the Tech and have him pull the alignment rack slip.”

    (Tech arrives, without a slip, and they confer privately) “When he measured the car on the machine, he found no adjustments were necessary.”

    “Then why did you charge me for an alignment?”

    “To cover the Tech time and use of the alignment machine.”

    “If no adjustments were done, won’t it still pull to the right?”

    (confers with Tech a second time) “We didn’t feel any pull to the right.”

    “I wrote the odometer reading on the symptoms description sheet I gave you. It has only advanced less than one tenth of a mile. How did you determine there was no drift without actually driving it?”

    (yet another conference with the Tech) “If you leave the car with us for another day, we’ll look at it again, and there will be no charge for the alignment.”
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    As many of you know a discount source for Toyota parts and accessories is actually a dealer in Houston, Calvert Toyota. Parts inquiries have been answered and quoted almost immediately via Just picked about $100 worth of filters/wiperblades etc. over there, had the order already pulled and waiting with my name on it. The retail display is about average for a dealer but you could tell by the amount of inventory that the place was really designed for shipment other places. UPS must love them. Since our Av parts are not generally available yet aftermarket and/or many of us prefer genuine Toyota parts recommend everybody check it out. Save some $ perhaps?
  • Haven't been able to determine exactly what activates the auto wipers. I know where the switch is, just concerned now that the weather is getting colder. If I've got it in the auto position and it snows - gets slushy etc... and then freezes, what happens when I start the beast? Since the wiper arms are only half the length of the blade, I'm a bit concerned that they will attempt to automatically wipe while frozen to the windshield. Is there something in there that understands its cold out or should I just not use the auto setting during winter?
  • Just had my transmission oil change at the dealer in Gaithersberg MD and along with a complete inspection of my 98 Avalon with 102,000 miles on it. the only thing needing further maintenance (which I knew) was wiper blades which they installed for a total of $12. They have changed the oil and filter on my 05 Avalon Ltd and charge $20 total (inclusive of new filter and 6.5 qts of oil). I too am very hesitant taking my car anywhere for service so I always stay with the car. Some dealers are legitimate and fair.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Some dealers are legitimate and fair....

    ".....Just had my transmission oil change......"

    And I'll bet you paid for an extra 11-12 quarts of ATF for "flushing" (and a disposal fee, to boot) that either went down the drain or was sold to a re-refinery

    Nuff said.
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    Current CARQUEST promotion offers Vehicle Remote Start System
    for $45.95. (Bypass module required for some applications is $19.95)Claims 400-foot range. CarQuest store locations are listed at:
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Which actually serves to illustrate my point: there is no way that any commercially viable enterprise changes your oil for $20 - not even with rotgut mineral oils, a filter,and maybe $10 of high school kid mechanic trainee labor. These folks are entitled to make money too - so either they charged $20 to pull the dipstick and decided it didn't need replacing and/or there is an ulterior motive - meaning to keep you coming back for more - sooner or later they will win. If it is too good to be true, it generally is. Or maybe I'm just an opinionated old SOB (this is true) that doesn't understand how legitimate and fair service depts. are?
  • my front passenger side window wont work from the driver side button :( only the passenger side button :( so weird i'll tell them about this prob in the 5000m service :(
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I had the same problem. the toyota folks told me there wasn't anything wrong and it works fine. Made me feel like a dummy.I had read the manual and thought there was something wrong. Maybe locking the car and opening it several times might work. Switching the window lock at the driver side several times. Anyway it now works. ange1
  • that's why i stay with my car at all times to watch exactly what they are doing (putting on new filter, draining oil, etc.) BTW I was charged for 5 quarts of transmission oil and the total cost for the job including taking down the pan, cleaning the filter and replacing the gasket was $74. I am savvy enough to know what has to be done to properly maintain a car. I don't believe in 6,000 mile or any checkups. Transmission servicing as well as radiator flush is done every 30,000 miles. The air filter i change myself. tires are rotated and balanced (i have a lifetime contract-$60) every 5,000 miles. Brakes i keep a close watch, etc.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I had the same problem a few days after I got mine. P. 41 of the manual explains how to correct the problem. Under "To normalize the power window". (2nd column)
  • THANKS ALOT DUDE can u tell me from wher eu got ur manual ? or do u mean that thick book from the factory inside the glovebox ?

  • ok i just toke alook at the manual page 41 and it shows how to acivate and deactivate the thieft system nothing about passenger window been stuck :(

    plz help
  • riley3riley3 Twin Cities MNPosts: 29
    We had rain yesterday with snow last night so I had same concerns about wipers freezing. I read the manual and will now leave wiper lever in off position, then decide if I should move lever to mist (one swipe), auto, low speed or high speed as conditions warrant. Automatic setting can be set for sensitivity too.
    After 5,100 miles my '05 LTD transmission likes me. It is smooth and does not miss a beat. Love the car.
  • ok actuly i played in the alarm and lock unlocked the car and it fixed it self lmao !!!
    but i noticed somthing for the ppl who might get this prob when the passenger side button light indicates that means u have to do the things i did ! so when u see the passenger side button light dosent indicates that means its back to normal ! if that makes any sens tho !

    anyway i got another qustion that i really wanted to know ! since i got the car i received 4 rubbers ! in plastic ! written on them IMPORTANT ! TO PREDELEVIREY INSPECTOR : INSERT THESE RUBBER PLUGS INTO THE HOLES OF THE CENTER FLOOR SIDE MEMBER EXTENSIONS. !!!
    can anyone tell me where shall i plus thoes rubbers in !? and why is that rubbers for !

    thanks aloot and appreciated :shades:
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    I just found this blurb on a Fox 2 News website under Murray's Money Matters. For all of us that bought new Avalons, might this apply? Maybe run this by your tax preparer.....

    "This year you can write off your sales tax paid rather than your state income tax. Figure out how much you paid in local and state sales tax and how much in state income tax. If the sales tax is greater, you can deduct that.
    This may help people who made very large purchases last year, such as cars or major appliances."
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    I think these plugs prevent road salt and similar corrosive materials from entering the welded box sections of the frame. They are probably not essential in your region.

    It should be OK to wait for your 5000 mile service, then ask the dealer to insert them.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I don't deny that they were probably taking you for a ride, especially if they tried to get you to change the transmission fluid. However, the cabin air filter is something you should replace at certain intervals, not when it "looks" dirty. It will cause your HVAC to lose effiency over time and should be replaced per the maintenance schedule. So it is valid to say that you need it changed even without looking at it. According to, it should be changed first at 20K miles.
  • Thanks for the information concerning resetting the Maintainece Required light. I gave the manual a cursory read but paid more attention to the cd. The instructions were clear and they worked.
  • Lucky you - my dealer offered me $10 off coupon. When they have over a thousand cars in inventory to sell, they don't need to give away free oil changes.
  • billygbillyg Posts: 29
    I had the same problem. Found 4 rubber plugs in the glove compartment. The Toyota service manager confirmed that he should have installed them under the floor boards. He said that they are definitely required. Didn't take long for him to install them.
  • For those of you who drive in the snow have you found it necessary or worthwhile to put on snow tires or do the tires that come with the car work okay? And if you did buy snow tires, what kind did you buy? Thanks.
  • The service manager here says they aren't required in this part of the country and did not install them.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    would be interested to know from all of you, which trim you chose and why. Judging by this forum, sure seems like the majority went full boat, and don't know what the actual sales distribution is by trim - but also feel that it was a good move by Toyota to expand the offerings in the Avalon line.
    My choice the Touring: personally prefer the harder and sportier feel and 'European' interior look, and specifically did not want to complicate the car with a bunch of electronics. Love the Xenons. Still the smoothest, quietest, and one of the quickest cars I've ever owned - but not nearly so isolating as my neighbor's Ltd.
    Bought last April, now with 16k miles, not been back to the dealer except for the steering recall. 26.5 mpg overall, 70% highway - where we all drive 80 (Texas)
  • billygbillyg Posts: 29
    Get a new service manager. There are holes in the bottom of your car.

  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    The thick book from the factory inside the glovebox. Maybe yours is different from mine since we are in different countries? Here are directions from my book:
    "To Normalize the power window"

    1. Push down the power window switches of each front door and lower the windows halfway.
    2. Pull up the switches until the windows close and hold the switches for a second.

    I did this on mine the second time it happened and it worked. The dealer reset them the first time it happened. He said sometimes if the door is slammed hard or something, it will make them malfunction, so he showed me these instructions in the book.

    Hope it works for you.
  • I've had my Avalon just a week. Living in Alaska, we do get snow and ice. The Avalons regular tires did ok on snow, but not great on icy patches. (My Avy has stability and traction control). So I bought snow tires a few days ago. They are Bridgestone Blizzaks. Also used these tires previously on my Volvo S70 and wifes Olds Bravada. They are excellent. Work like studs, without the studs. Grip is very good. Pricy though. About $155 plus tax and installation.
  • You will also have to reset the automatic window (as per these instructions) and also the sunroof after disconnecting the battery.
  • denali1,

    Good to hear from an Avalon owner way up North of us temperate Canadians!

    It is reassuring that you opted for the FWD Avalon to replace your AWD Volvo S70, given your driving conditions.

    Thanks for the tip on the Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. Snow and ice are infrequent in Vancouver so I haven't used winter tires in the past, but your report of improved performance on icy patches is an important consideration. Did your Avalon come with Michelins?

  • 06ltd06ltd Posts: 25
    I am still awaiting the firmware update that corrects the problem, but I've since followed the advice in 05avforum's reply to my original post and selected the iPod UI from the Dension menu. That works just fine for the time being. Eventually the firmware update will fix this and I can wait. I'm delighted to have the iPod available in the interim.

    Thanks much to 05avforum for his advice. :)
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