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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • lmf101lmf101 Posts: 4
    My 2004 Crossfire also had a dash switch. Traded it for the 06 Limited - now thats a contrast!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I have fixed a number of rattles/noises in my Avalon. If you can better describe where you think the noise is coming from and what it sounds like, I'd be happy to make some suggestions.
    Can the noise be reproduced by pushing or gently moving any panels?
    Try pushing on the top of the dash, pushing the glovebox, air vents, pillar covers etc. Move upwards and press on the headliner, moonroof cover etc.
    Can the sound be heard from outside the car? Try driving with the passenger window open. For example, a suspension-induced noise may sound like a dash noise.
    Sounds can be deflected and also travel, so sometimes the source of the noise is a distance away from where it sounds like it is coming from.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    If if were to come, it would likely be a replacement to the Avalon so there would be more separation from the Camry

    Agreed. The new Camry is just like the Avalon albeit a tad smaller in terms of performance and luxury. So it naturally makes sense to make the next Avalon or whatever is replacing it to move higher up the luxury and power quotient.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    ...just one problem. The Crown is a SMALLER car than either the Camry or Avalon. Check the dimensions on the Japanese website. For this reason I think it is unlikely to be an Avalon replacement and more likely to be a more sporty RWD alternative like the case with Lexus ES and Lexus IS.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, it probably isn't going to come to the US as I said was the most likely scenario.
    Japananse market sedan.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    What a lot of folks don't know, I guess, is that the Avalon (as well as the new Camry) are more 'American' than most of what GM, Ford, Chrysler make. The Avalon designed in Calif., engineered and built in Ky., almost entirely American as opposed Mexican built Fords, Canadian built Chevys, and German sourced Chryslers. And the cars that Toyota/Lexus puts on the US market are specifically designed for the US market - meaning generally larger (and softer) cars. So what Toyota does in Japan has very little to do with what it does here, and expect it to stay that way.
    I only wish that Toyota would make us a RWD Avalon, but can't imagine that they would actually do it - the Lexus dealer is already losing LS sales to those customers that put more value in $25k than they do the better vehicle dynamics and upgraded fit/finish of the LS. The Avalon as a RWD car would create even more of a problem for Lexus. As it is the Avalon is larger and quicker than the current LS (new LS460 coming), and also leaves the ES and GS300 in the dust. To make the Avalon any better, creates more problems for that higher priced (and more profitable) Lexus brand.
    The Avalon's competition (other than Lexus)- more likely the 07 Camry, the Azera, the 300, and possibly that relabelled DTS called the Lucerne (with the V8). But, I wouldn't expect Toyota to make any major changes in the Avalon (other than cosmetics) over the next several years.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    Thank you for your offer to help. Although I'm not complaining, we are experience somewhat of a heat wave in the Boston area ( 50's ), so as soon as it gets cold enough, I'll try your suggestions and post my findings. Also, my Avalon is going back to the dealer on Tuesday to, once again, have them try to fix this.
  • My 06 touring now has 2500 miles. Although I still find the car superb and fun to drive, it has developed two of the major issues on these posts. First the transmission started having problems finding a gear. Several times I have punched it at a speed in excess of 45 mph and the rpms have gone all the way to redline, held for two seconds and then the car finally found a gear. Dealer is very closed mouth about this and will not acknowledge or deny an issue.?.?.? The other is the engine knocking. It does sound very much like one of the newer diesel motors. The dealer states that it is the quality of gas these days and states I should use a fuel injector cleaner immediately before the injectors become "varnished". Not likely in 2500 miles. Anyone have any luck at all in getting either of these issues resolve recently?
  • Any changes over 2006 model.

    (sorry if this has been discussed already - - couldn't find anything)
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I had the same transmission issues you describe. You may see some of my previous posts on this forum. The dealer eventually reset the transmission management system to factory default and the problem seems to have gone away. The alleged "intelligent" adaptive transmission apparently can develop an irregular shift pattern, and needs to be reset to restore "normal" operation. Pretty dumb in my opinion, and obviously a software bug. I recently drove an ES330 and it had the same problem only WORSE.
    Re engine knocking - I switched to synthetic oil and the engine runs quieter. It still has some of that diesel knock initially when cold, but it warms up within a few minutes and the knock goes away.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    The Crown name is used ubiquitously on several different models in Japan - a bit like Oldmobile used to plaster Cutlass over everything a few years ago.
    The particular upper-level Crown model shown on under Concept vehicles, is called the Crown Athlete in Japan and is built on the same platform as the Lexus GS430 and depending on grade, is available with either 3 liter V6 or 4.3 liter V8 engines. The luxury version of these Crown models (Crown Majesta) are considered just below the Celsior (LS430) in status in Japan.
    While I don't think they will be Avalon replacements because of their smaller size, I wouldn't rule out Toyota bringing the Crown to the US in addition to the existing Avalon.
    What confuses me is that Toyota and Lexus already have a very crowded and somewhat cannibalistic selection of models in the $30k - $40K segment. Where is there room for the Crown?
    The distinction between upper level Toyota models and Lexus models is already blurred, and as Toyota has recently learned with the new Avalon, Lexus and Toyota buyers do cross shop the brands in that segment, taking sales away from the more profitable Lexus models. The new Camry looks like it could eat into Avalon sales, so perhaps the Avalon XL will disappear. The new ES350 needs to move upmarket away from Avalon without crowding the GS300 which is saddled with a smaller engine than the IS, Avalon or new Camry and costs more money. A GS350 would threaten the GS430 in performance... perhaps the GS300 will go away - all very complicated and very interesting to watch!
  • slider7slider7 Posts: 33
    Look up piston slap, then call your service manager for an appointment and have the Factory Zone Rep there as well. Get thick-skinned. Conversation, excuses, and fuzzyfeelgoods costs them nothing. It's the gas, it's the engine breaking in, it's the additive you use, that's normal for this type of vehicle, you're not putting the gas cap on tight enough, its the "lead piston" on start up, we'll refund your extended warranty and give you a free 100,000 mile warranty, blah, blah, blah.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Alan, but in the same vein you would be amazed how many people have no clue that Lexus is made by Toyota.
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Thought I would list my two cents worth of my impressions with my '06 LTD. My impressions were based on comparisons to my '99 Chrysler LHS (I am still using for long trips and for parking at the airport)which has 151K miles and my wife's '05 Sienna LTD AWD. Had a chance to make a business trip from NY to VA and NC this past week. Put on 1200 miles in 3 days. Gassed up in NJ and VA as they have the lowest prices. Used regular gas, as always. First tank gave me 31.0 MPG with an average speed of 69. Second tank was 30.7MPG with an average speed of 67 (had lots of traffic)

    Comfort - no stiffness after the 450 mile straight thru drive except for one stop for gas.
    Good visibility.
    Very quiet interior. Especially noted when passing trucks.
    Like outside dichromatic outside mirrors at night.
    Headlights gave good coverage at night - both hi and low beams.
    Small XM antenna on rear deck works well. Only real drop out was going through Baltimore tunnel. Worked so well that CD's didn't get used.
    Rear deck screen sure helps with low setting sun behind you.
    Pickup and quiet engine are wonderful.
    Good legroom for driver.
    Laser cruise control works well. Wouldn't buy a car without it anymore.
    Like extra sweep of wipers when cleaning the windshield.
    Like backlit buttons on steering wheel.
    NAV worked well even though I don't need it for this frequently traveled trip.
    Center handrest is at perfect height for me. I like that it slides forward for more comfort.
    Heated seats work well. Have to wait till warm weather to see how blowing air through the seats works.

    Annoying things:
    Regular brake pads make brake dust. Hopefully can get ceramic pads for the LTD when needed. My ceramic pads on the LHS lasted for 110K miles with little brake dust.
    Garage door buttons should be backlit like steering wheel buttons.
    Why is the XM radio limited to 10 characters? My Delphi XM radio shows all the info.
    Exterior miorrors should fold in.
    Some road noise from Michelin tires. But tires stuck well to the road in rain.
    Much easier to enter info into NAV on Sienna with touch screen. Joystick is not real easy for big fingers. Some voice commands work well and some not so well.
    Need extensions on visors when used on side windows to cover the sun.
    Speedometer should go to 120MPH so speed reading could be spread out more.
    Outside temp should be displayed all the time next to the compass heading.
    Trip info screen should be a one button selection like to get to climate and audio screens.
    Reset of trip info, MPG, distance should be manually reset by driver, not when filling the tank.
    Can't get door locks setup to lock at 12MPH using directions in the manual. Have to have dealer take care of it at 5K oil change.
    Wish trunk was somewhat larger.

    I like the car. It was a good decision to buy it. Now if I can only combine the good features of the Sienna, LHS and Avalon. Let's see what lasts longer - LHS or Avalon?
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    tkaz -

    Excellent summary - I agree almost exactly with your impressions. A couple of things -

    I have chromed the wheels on my 05 Limited, and the brake dust does not stick to the wheels - no problem with brake dust whatsoever.

    The sun visors do slide backward to help block the sun from the back/side. My old 2000 Avy has sliding extensions, which I wish the new one had, but at least with the new Avy you can slide the entire visor back and forth as needed.

    Happy motoring.

  • hi guys

    are there anyone who can get me thoes stock side mirrors with LED turn signals ?
    cuz my limited avalon dosent comes with that only the parking light under the mirror !
    plz if someone could find me used ones in blizzard color would be appreciated


  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Thanks for that input on the visors. I missed that feature.
    I like the look of the chromed wheels. Haven't found anyone near me that does it. Would you mind saying what it cost to have done?
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    Does anyone know if you can get a spoiler kit for bottom portion of the car.....i.e. front, back, and both sides?
    And if much?
    Also......good question about having the rims chromed?
    How is that done? How long does it take? How much?
    Thanks in advance!
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Tony -

    I exchanged my rims for chromed ones, same style. Took 1 or 2 days waiting to get them (I kept the car), then an hour or so to do the exchange. They keep the original rims. Cost me about $700 including labor, balancing, etc.

    Had it done at Service Tire Co in Van Nuys, CA. Obviously in LA there are a zillion places to get wheels. Don't know about where you live.

  • Any changes over 2006 model.

    (sorry if this has been discussed already - - couldn't find anything)
  • jjr1jjr1 Posts: 16
    Went to service dept. for noise. Prior to going had two mechanic friends listen to noise, both thought it was a lifter. Both said they would not be concerned. Service manager said knock or tick not from bottom of engine and possibly a lifter. We drove another Avalon (XL) and noise seemed to be nearly the same. The manager said lifter noise (mild) would not affect engine life. He said an old saying is a noisy lifter is a happy lifter. Considering all of this and mind you it is not a loud noise, I think I will give it some time. As one of my mechanic friends said
    that if it is something bad it should get worse while still
    in warranty.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Expect a 6 speed auto instead of five.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the 3.5 liter in the Avalon and IS now, and the Camry this spring - the first really high performance engine Toyota/Lexus has done and would expect it to supplant the 3.0 and 3.3 liter engines in both lines. The current 4.3 V8 also to be phased out with a 4.6 that is anticipated at 330hp or so will certainly give the LS a little more competitive punch. It would seem logical for Lexus to use the Avalon platform for a new ES350, but at that size and with that engine (and assumming a price of $40k) don't they cost themselves those more profitable LS sales - in the same way that a number of Av owners couldn't justify the extra $25k (or more)?
    Expect that the new Camry, especially with the V6, to open with rave reviews and to poach not only Avalon sales but also Lexus - as the waters become more muddied. As you say, interesting to watch!
  • The Avalon length is similar to the new Lexus LS460, 3-4" longer than the new Camry, and 3-4" shorter than the new Lexus 460L. This is the Avalon's niche. Distinctly longer than Camry, and best value for its length. They had to create a stretched version of LS to keep up with Mercedes... and to keep some distance from Avalon.

    Will there ever be an Avalon L? Most likely not. That would definitely infringe too much into Lexus territory.

  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    Recently there was a discussion in regards to what mpg people were getting vs what is posted on the label.
    The following is copied from the Toyota Question and answer web page.
    It may well answer some of the questions as to why you and I don't get what is posted on the label.
    It is just a controlled test so that the playing field is level for ALL cars.

    "The EPA fuel economy tests are conducted in a laboratory that simulates conditions to allow repeatable test
    results. Tests are conducted at an ambient temperature between 68–86°F with the vehicle’s air conditioning
    turned off. The highway mpg test simulates a 10-mile trip with no stops and an average speed of 48 mph.
    The city miles-per-gallon (mpg) test simulates a 7.5-mile trip with 18 stops and an average speed of 20 mph.
    Both EPA tests simulate driving on a level, dry, straight road. Though the tests reflect a portion of real-world
    driving conditions, actual driving is highly variable. The EPA results serve as a guide by which all vehicles can
    be compared. Many vehicles, when driven in real-world conditions, may not achieve the EPA-estimated fuel
    economy figures."
  • Check to see if anyone have a 2005 Avalon Service Manual that gives information on internal engine parts. If the 3.5 uses forged pistons instead of cast, that could be the cause of the engine noise on cold start ups. Forged pistons are stronger than cast and to control heat expansion they are "cam ground". This means that they are oval when cold and become round when they heat up. This can cause a rapping noise on a cold engine. If the pistons are cast, I would put up with the noise knowing that they would be more durable in the long run.
  • I think you mean you'd put up with the forged. I asked my dealer's parts department and they didn't know.
  • My 2005 Avalon XLS with 7K miles on it isn't doing as well as the Buick that it replaced during its first 7K. I like the Avalon for its spacious back seat, visibility and a number of other things. It has a way to go to measure up to how my Buick Regal behaved. I'm still stumped as to why the Avalon transmission hasn't learned when to shift and which gear is appropriate for the grade, load and power applied. Meantime I've accumulated rust stains all over my garage floor from rust that continues to drain out of the twin misalligned tail pipes. Anyone know how to remove rust stains from concrete? I guess I should be grateful that I don't have the engine knocking issue that has been taking up a lot of space on this board. :confuse:
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I have read others are getting rust stains from the stainless steel exhaust system.I don't know of the product name but the chemical needed is sodium bisulfite. It is acidic but it combines with the rust oxygen and then dissolves. Don't add an alkaline cleaner, or bleach as these make the rust harder to remove. I would go to the hardware place and ask for a rust remover.

    I have seen rust at the end of my avalon tailpipes. I know 316 stainless and some some other lower grades do not rust. I believe the cheaper grades of stainless do rust.

    Short drives cause moisture to condense in exhaust systems.The metal does not get hot enough to heat it up enough to pass through and dry the pipes. In normal steel exhausts, short trips, cause excessive muffler system corrosion.

    I trust the listing of stainless exhaust system is not like the first item listed on the 2005 window sticker re HP. ange1
  • angeange Posts: 158
    You probably can order them from a USA toyota dealer. I had my right one off because it was not lined up straight.They are easy to remove and replace.The lower bolt hole was drilled off line. A little grinding to enlarge the opening got it straight. ange1
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