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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • I just purchased an 06' Toyota Avalon XLS from Westbury Toyota. I come home and go on the website to look more into the cars feature and I see that the car is supposed to have a smart key? Mine has a remote and you need to put the key in and turn to start it up. There is no push button start. Since I bought this yesturday is there a way for me to have the dealership give me a car with the smart key which they didnt tell me comes with the car? :cry:
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Forged pistons are used mainly in racing applications. They are generally lighter and much stronger than a cast piston to take severe use. They also need different rings. It's possible the '06 Avalon has them, but not likely. Cost is much higher per unit than cast and there is the noise factor as you mention (forged has about 8 times the space of cast between the piston and the cylinder wall when cold, thus the noise). Any knocking is probably something else. Hope this helps....
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    Only the "Limited" trim line has the push button (keyless)start feature.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    Any brochure or online info source clearly states that the smart access push button start system only comes on the limited model. In the 05 model it was an option.....on the 06 it is standard on the limited model only.....
    oooopppsssss......the dealership can do nothing for you....
    Hate to say it....but buyer beware.....just enjoy your XLS anyways...... Happy Motoring!
  • FYI, Smart Key was also standard on the '05 Limited.
  • ME TOO. I LOVE my new 06 Avalon Limited, it's black and is VERY nice, and Toyota is a fabulous maker. I will never buy another car unless they go really down hill. My 06 has zero problems, and I bought it $3500. under MSRP, and EVERYONE looks and comments on it, It is very beautifil, and gets many eyes. I love the push button start, the auto lights, wipers, etc. The heated and cooled seats are great too.. My fav part is that I can start it for warming up from inside the house, and I never have to get out of my houseshoes, it's all warm and cozy when I go out to get in it. I bought from Landers Toyota in Little Rock Arkansas, and they TOO are faboluos, and the only dealer that I have EVER been to, where the are honest, don't try to financially knock you legs off, and they really are working for YOU. and one lesson should be, "these people who are buying cars and then dissatisfied with the finish inside, back glass, etc.. ARE YOU NOT ABLE TO LOOK AT THE CAR "BEFORE" YOU BUY??? DUH- check it out. I told our salesmen to juat leave me alone, go away, and let me LOOK... I have FOUND ZERO problems. Hope this helps!
  • smart key comes on the limited, not the XLS ;)
  • Loud rattle,
    I had the same problem with a 99 XLS. Was there almost from the start of driving it off the lot. Took many trips before a good old boy mechnic in AL figured it out. Toyota could not. Said I must be hearing things. It was the turntable on top of the strut, once replaced rattle was gone ;)
  • had similar problem with 99 AV XLS. Turned out to be the turntable on top of the right strut. Was there almost from the moment I bought the car new. :confuse:
  • I got my Avalon a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd post my experience so far. I was considering the Maxima and the Avalon. The Maxima bundled the stability control option with a sunroof, and I could get the Avalon with stability control without a sunroof, so since I wanted the stability control, the Avalon won out even though I think you get more bells and whistles for the money with a Maxima. (I'm tall so no car with a sunroof works for me.)

    I am actually enjoying the car more each day I drive it. The car initially seemed to ride a lot harsher than I remember my test drive so I checked the tires and they were inflated to 44PSI! Lowering that to the recommended 30PSI made the car handle and ride like I remembered it: great. Very quiet and everything works with no problem.

    The only annoyances are pretty minor: I think Toyota's 'flagship' ought to come with Bluetooth at this point. I would have rather had rear seats that fold down as opposed to reclining. No coin holder. Nothing in the storage compartment to hold CD jewel cases in place.

    One interesting episode related to a feature: The owner's manual points out that the car's response to the remote door lock/unlock can be customized. You can choose to have the lights flash, a beep sound, both, or neither. My wife and I find the beeps from seemingly everywhere these days to be annoying so I wanted to turn that off. Unfortunately, the user can't change this. The manual says the dealer has to do it. I went to get this done and the service department wanted a $90 service visit for this. I made it pretty clear that I had no intention of paying that much money to set a feature that should have been user adjustable in the first place. Eventually the service manager agreed to do it for free, but it took them ages to figure out how to do it. It took a call to Toyota HQ for them to find the right spot in the diagnostic computer's menu for the option.

    Overall a fantastic car initially: plenty fast, smooth, not a sports car but handles well, plenty of room, quiet, nice quality interior. No buyer's remorse here.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    Thanks for the input. I had my car back at the dealership yesterday for the third time and received a call from them in the afternoon informing me that although they can hear the rattle, they can not isolate it and, therefor, are unable to fix it. They have documented their findings and the work they've done to date (taped rear shade, moonroof, glove box) and they have acknowledged the rattle still exists and they are unable to fix it.

    I will call Toyota today to schedule an appointment with their regional rep. Unfortunately, I'm loosing complete confidence that this issue will get resolved.
  • njnynjny Posts: 34
    I posted about this exact issue in October 2005 see post #9608. Still not resolved, bringing it back to the dealer this week to check out while I get my 10,000 mile service.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Don't know if this helps or not, but my 2002 Avalon developed what sounded like a dash rattle which seemed to move across the base of the windshield. It took me many frustrating months to locate. I eventally tracked it down to 2 things:

    1) The plastic panel between the hood and windshield below the wipers was moving up and down causing a rattle. I remove the panel and insulated the entire underside circumference with self-adhesive rubber weatherstripping so the panel was firm when in place, and the hard plastic didn't come into contact with the metal below it.
    2) The wiper motor bracket under the panel was also loose. I tightened it while I had the panel off.

    This fixed the "dash rattle". The plastic panel on the new Avalons appear to move around too and could be a possible source of a rattle.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    just had the occasion to take my early '05 to the dealer for a relatively minor (but bothersome) oil leak. Must be happening often enough that the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) #EG065-05 was issued 12-23-05 - it reads as follows:
    Some 2005 model year Avalon vehicles may experience a small/slow oil drip from the bank 1 VVTi oil supply line on the front of the engine. The oil pipe has been improved to prevent this condition.
    Bank 1 is the firewall side of the engine, and the tubes they are talking about move oil to/from the cylinder heads.The fix involves a timing gear cover, some gaskets, and the oil pipe subassembly.
    The TSB also notes this problem is covered by the 60k mile powertrain warranty.
    If you have an early Av you might want to check with Calif. and find out if your will need the repair.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    As noted above had to take my Touring in for an oil leak - the dealer was nice enough (suppose he didn't have to) to provide me an '06 Av XL for the day.
    What a difference in the way the cars handle and steer. The XL almost overboosted steering with negligible road feel, but a bit better on absorbing the bumps and Botts dots at the expense of some more body lean etc. Didn't remember the Ltd. I test drove (along with the Touring I bought) being anyway near this soft and I thought the XL felt a little down on power.
    In any case, happier now with my decision to go with the Touring trim - wouldn't buy the XL I just drove - simply too soft and non-communicative
  • Is anyone aware of a full list of the avalible voice commands for the 06 Avalon? My 2004 Accord has about 700 and you can call out a radio station or a temp for the heater but I can't seem to do this on the Avalon. Seems like the voice activation is not as up to date as it should be.

    Thank you,
  • Your question is answered in the owner's manual.
  • This should help to disable the "I agree" and it looks as if a hardeware workaround is in the the works by a company named Coastal E Tech, or something like that.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    This should help to disable the "I agree"

    I wonder if anyone in this forum has been bold enough to try this mod, except for the author (n0v8or) himself. A most impressive piece of work, but I certainly don't have the balls to try this.

    Anyone else?

  • With all the work involved in literally tearing apart the interior of the car, I really can't believe that the final result--not having to press a button after starting the car, is really worth it.
    I could almost see going through this IF it also allowed you (or a passenger) to use the POI/destination features while the car is moving.
  • I know exactly what you mean. I have a 05 Black Limited with tinted windows and side molding. This baby is sweet :shades:. I get comments on it ALL the time. My husband drove it out of state and can't stop talking about how good it looks and how well it handles on the road at high speeds. I love everything about this car!!!! :P. Happy Avy driving to all.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Probably more truth here than Toyota would like to admit. But Hyundai is so far behind it might take a decade or more to ever approach Toyota in the US marketplace overall. The Azera is a good start at luxury sedans but the Avalon will probably outsell it 10 to 1 this model year. And we all know Toyota loves to improve each model change so the standard bar will continue to rise for everybody. Interesting comments, certainly...
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    And not only the Azera competing with the Avalon, but also the new Sonata vs. the Camry - a competent car (esp. with that much improved V6. Drove one a few weeks back for a few days, and except for what I thought to be a cheap looking interior - very impressive. Think, however, that what will continue to hurt Hyundai in the US is that 'Korean Car' perception and its effects on resale values. That said, for buyers that look to keep cars for longer than normal and in view of the Hyundai warranties - all of Hyundai's offerings are certainly viable (and competitive) alternatives. Makes you wonder why the US manufacturers continue to miss the boat?
  • There is a way to make the NAV system in my Solara allow input while the car is in motion. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this with the Avalon? The Solara method involves inputting several commands on the touchscreen, including touching unlabelled sections of the screen.
  • Makes me glad I don't have the NAV system. If I did, after looking at all this breakdown, the I agree page wouldn't seem so bad. :sick:
  • Think, however, that what will continue to hurt Hyundai in the US is that 'Korean Car' perception and its effects on resale values

    I priced similarly equipped Camry, Hyundai, Altima and Accord. Hyundai took their pants off . Not only much less expensive similarly equipped, but the 100,000 warranty is a heck of a deal.

    For those who don't think Korean cars measure up to their social image, please remember people felt the same about Japanese cars not that long ago.

    Also, as a general rule, most buyers of Japanese cars are "value" buyers - wanting the most bang for the buck -
    i.e. many are budget minded- to put it politely.

    You only have to look at the comments on this forum to see that perceived "value" is a large part of the incentive to buy Toyota.

    So if Hyundai out-values Toyota, many, many of you will go there.

    I bought the Hyundai for a family member. I can assure you that it has 16K trouble free miles - which is a lot better than many Avys have done.

    Hyundai has also followed Toyota into the generic styling race which seems to appeal to a lot of people.

    It appears that we are fast approaching the age where the best maker of cheap but acceptably styled cars with a few toys will be at the top of the - pardon the pun - heaps.
  • retired7retired7 Posts: 133
    I have a 05 Ltd w/VSC. Would like to carry tire cable chains just in case while driving in winter conditions through Cascade mountains. Page 360 of 2005 owners manual describes chain selection and installation. Anyone out there use cable/tire chains on front tires?
    Also, noticed when parking Ltd for 2-3 weeks (this happened to me twice), electronic key will not allow car doors to be unlocked and opened, needed to use mechanical key both times. Could be a problem when parking car @ airport, locking personal items in trunk or glove box and removing mechanical key for security; parking attendant will not be able to start car. Any comments appreiciated...

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Hyundai has a nice lease deal now, so you can get one for 27 months and not worry about any resale value perception problems.
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